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A More Detailed ROADMAP

Phase 1:  Giant Earthquakes (14 Richter) California and Mexico; Major Cities in both, largely destroyed and/or sink into the sea. All of Baja California sinks into the sea. Violent, destructive eruptions: Montserrat & Vesuvius. Many other, undersea volcanoes erupt.  Also, part of the Philippines and Indonesia sink. California will become the Isles of California; San Diego, Santa Barbara, the Redwoods. Much of Northern California and the Wine Country will be spared, but the Cascade Volcanoes will all be erupting.
Phase 2:  China: Giant Earthquake, 3Gorges Dams breaks. China bucks and sinks into sea. Also, the rest of Philippines and Indonesia (except Bali). Parts of Southern Japan, Eastern Russia and North Korea sink.
Phase 3:  All of Saudi Arabian Peninsula sinks along with Israel, parts of Lebanon, Syria, Southern Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and India.  All of Central America sinks. All of the Western Caribbean (Jamaica, Cuba, Cayman Islands, Haiti/Santo Domingo and Puerto Rico sink. Rest of Japan.
Phase 4: The Earth will slow down, stop, briefly, and start spinning in the opposite direction; Sun will rise in the West. This is a Magnetic Pole Reversal and lots of water will slosh around from West to East. The West Coast of the US will be hit by tsunamis several 100 feet high.  Same for the Western Coasts of Europe, Great Britain and Ireland, Africa, Mexico, South America,  India & Australia. The Globe Expands/Pops from 25,000 to 40,000 mile circumference, suddenly. The Amazon River becomes the Amazon Sea.  Africa sinks leaving 3 big islands: Kenya, South Africa and a piece with Madagascar. All of Northern, Western and Central Africa sinks. The Great Giza Pyramid’s top sticks out 6-8 feet above the waves. 
Eastern Long Island will be relatively safe. The Hudson River will flow from West to East flooding the NYC/NY Harbor/Eastern Long Island area (say 20-30 foot tsunami). The Eastern side of the Great Lakes will all experience tsunamis of around 100 feet. Western Florida will have tsunamis, but will be relatively small (around 100 feet). Same for most islands.

The World will be a mess and many of us will die, but not all (300 million survive). The oceans will be 80% (land=20%) and the Continents will be 1,000 miles further apart.
When?  Sometime this year, possibly/probably.  Could start in June, but could be delayed until July or August for Phase 1.  Not sure of the timing, but Spirit wants me to put the warning out; it is coming soon. The timing on the phases could be as little as 30 days, but could be longer, say 90 days, but is all based on a creschendo of cascading energy events. The first 3 Phases are being used to create enough energy to do the Polar Reversal and Global Pop.
All of the above is totally separate from the Mini Ice Age/Grand Solar Minimum that is now, descending upon the planet; it is going to become much colder, much dryer in places and much wetter in places. Flooding and large hail will destroy much of our food, housing and transportation. We must shift to growing crops in large buildings covered with strong metal roofs or underground or within a shielded energy dome (see
Right Spin/Light energies will be at 80% by July 1st and get to their full strength by September 1st. There will be a significant push back against Darkness which has had 80% of the power in the worlds for past 10,800 years.  Darkness is Left-Spin, hence, the planet/orbital shift in spin from Left-Spin to Right-Spin (Magnetic Pole Shift).
Read about Joshua and the conquest of Jericho in the Old Testament; the Sun (and Moon) stopped in the sky for a day. This was a spin/orbital shift that is recorded in our cultural, historical documents.
During these events, the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Europe and Australia/New Zealand (except their West Coasts) will be, largely, unaffected. Their major challenge will come from the cooling of the planet. They must stop this wrong focus on Global Warming; it is GLOBAL COOLING that is coming.

Love, LIght and Laughter,


We have More Powre than Moloch!

The Shift of the Ages has, finally, occurred. Today, at 5am, I could use 25% of the powre in our world against Moloch, who only has 20%. Let that sink in.

Moloch is the real, power name of the Devil or Satan. He is also the real name of Allah and Jehovah. Christianity, Judaism and Islam are ALL called the religions of the “Book,” meaning they are all related to each other via the Old Testament. Abraham is the father of the Jews through his son, Isaac and, also, the father of the Arabs/Muslims through his son, Ishmael. For Christians, the Old Testament is part of our Bible.

So, who is this Moloch and how does he fit into this story? Remember, when Abraham was asked, by God, to sacrifice his son, Isaac? Abraham was so relieved that he did not have to sacrifice Isaac, but, supposedly, he substituted a lamb instead. Who is this God who was demanding Human, Child sacrifice? His name is Moloch and you can read all about him; he is the ancient God of Child Sacrifice and Abraham was sacrificing to Him. Guess what, Moloch was not placated with a Lamb; some other child was sacrificed to him. What does that mean? The sacrificed children are used sexually, ritually killed on an alter and, then, eaten as part of the ceremony.

This story of Abraham and Isaac goes back 3-5 thousand years (look at the Jewish calendar). It is safe to make the connection (the dots) that the Jews have been sacrificing children to Moloch for that long. Same for the Muslims. The Jews have been thrown out, as an entire people, from all of the countries of Europe over the past 1,000 years. What could be so revulsive as to make an entire population so unwelcome? It is not the money; it is the child sacrifice to their God. This is what has driven Anti-Semitism through the ages.

On this site, I write about Darkness (the Devil, Satan, Jehovah, Allah) as being in charge of our world for the past 10,800 years. That is, approximately, how long child sacrifice has been going on for. But, it wasn’t just Children and included captured men and women; think the Mayans and Aztecs and their bloody God.

So, Darkness had 80% of the power in our world. That means money, wealth, land, titles, health, immunity from retribution and political power (enslavement). We all know about “selling” our soul to the Devil; it is out there in plain sight. But, how, exactly, does one do that? Simple, you had to start sacrificing to Moloch. If you wanted riches and power, you had to join the secret society of pedophiles and cannibals that ritually sacrificed our children to Moloch. The powerful invited you in; power begets power. This worship of Moloch went from father to son (and to daughters as well).

Enter the Catholic Church. They ruled Europe for hundreds of years during this rule of Darkness. They excluded women from being priests; all of the pedophiles were welcome. Where did they do their sacrificing to Moloch? In the Cathedrals, of course; down in the catacombs. Where do you think all of those gargoyles and demonic figures came from? It is surely, not of the Light. We all know about the Marquis of Sade; do you think, maybe, he was a Child Sacrificer to Moloch? He was caught and made an example of, but the ruling elite of Europe, the United States and the World have all been sacrificing to Moloch for 1,000s of years.

You may wonder how the abortion movement got to be so powerful? What was happening to all of those aborted fetuses? Yes, they were being eaten by the Satanists. It has gotten so outrageous that demands are being made to kill children just after being born. Who could, possibly, want to do that?

Do not despear, as of 2019, Moloch has lost most of his power; he is at 20%, now. His opposition, Light and Right-Spin are ramping up in powre and, today, got 25% each. Both are more powreful than Moloch. By June 15th, both will have 40% each; twice as powreful as Moloch. This is why all of this is coming out now; the Satanists/Molochists are being exposed and will be punished. Retribution will be the Spiritual level as well; think having to experience, in long duration, the pain/feelings that you have inflicted on others (Hell).

For those of you who stayed with me thus far, here is the so what. One of the biggest problems all of us have, me too, is the internal voice that lies to us, especially about timing. While Moloch had 80% of the power, he could mess with us. He could mislead us. He could, even, influence his people, the Left-Spinners, to do awful things like being a terrorist bomber. As Light had 20% of the powre, we could get truth at least 20% of the time. For those of us more powreful in Light/Right-Spin, Darkness/Moloch could only mess with us 20% of the time. That is no longer, the case; Moloch cannot mess with Light Beings or Right-Spinners at all. Moloch’s power over us is GONE!

Here’s how to stop Moloch from messing with you now. First, invoke Light or Right-Spin, or both, “I am a powreful being of the Light/Right-Spin.” Use his Name. Say “Moloch, go away.” or “Moloch, I terminate your access” Say whatever works for you at least three times, but as many as nine times. We have the powre to do this, for the first time, now. We must, all, shut the door, disallow access, to this Evil Being.

Love, Light and Laughter,