About Newmen

There is a new category of Aware Beings on Planet Earth.  Until recently, the highest level of aware-being was Human.  That is no longer the case.

Humans have evolved into Newmen, of both sexes.  There are, now, about 500 Purple-energy Humans who have transformed themselves into Newmen.

All of the Newmen have evolved from advanced Humans; Humans who have been Adepts and Ascended Masters in many lives prior to this one.

Are you ready to become a Newman or Newoman?  If so, I will know about you when you contact me.

For those interested in Newmen and Newomen, see my Newman Manifesto post.

Contact me at:  merln@outlook.com

I live in St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands and it is getting very purple, very quickly!!!

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6 Responses
  1. Madonna says:

    Hello, just wanted to say, I loved this post. It was inspiring.
    Keep on posting!

  2. Fascinating perspective- thank you- I found this web site from a Google search and did not anticipate such fantastic information- Nice job!

  3. I simply wanted to inform you how much I actually appreciate every little thing you’ve shared to help improve the lives of an individual in this subject material. Through your current articles, I’ve gone out of just an inexperienced to an expert in the area. It’s truly a homage to your endeavours. Thanks

  4. Wiley Henness says:

    Are you kidding? Damn, yes you are, this should be required reading. with your permission, I will make that happen.

  5. Doug DeLong says:

    Thank you for a remarkably simple way of explaining what is so vastly complex. After reading several of your posts I feel like things that I have heard for so long are all starting to come together into a plan that actually is practical and makes sense. Something speaks remarkably true to me about this site so thanks again.

    PS: Our skies in Phoenix are filled every night with hovering orbs that are hexagon / hexahedron in shape. They are amazing to view and I have recorded many hours of footage that you can see on my YouTube Channel – SkywatchUpdate. Would be very interested in your take on these objects over the Phoenix night sky.

    • Dave says:

      Doug, I appreciate your comment. We, here on Earth, are in the midst of what has been called “The Shift of the Ages” and we are being watched very intently by Spiritual Beings and temporal, Space-Friend beings. The Space-friends are based on the Dark Side of the Moon and our Government and the Russians took pictures of the Space-friend bases, but never released them (Apollo missions orbited the Moon). Believe it or not, the US Government actually sent an atomic bomb to the moon to test it in low gravity-low atmosphere. On the way to the Moon, the Space-friends hi-jacked it in full view of the Astronauts and NASA.

      These Space-friend beings are, or have been, more advanced Spiritually and Technologically than Humans, here on Earth. They have been watching and helping whenever possible for about 700 years. They have bases on the bottoms of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and our submarines have tried to destroy their ships – unsuccessfully.

      We are getting closer to the time when the Space-friends will announce their presence to us in a dramatic fashion; like landing in Central Park. These beings are very similar to Humans and can walk among us and blend-in. They cannot breed with us; at least not yet. These beings are not the “Greys” who are a captured race of beings who work for a very dark race called the Reptilians. The Greys were here in the time of war between 1940 and 1960; they were scouting our Planet for the Reptilians. The Greys actually had a Secret Treaty with the United States Government where they could kidnap Americans for reproductive experiments in return for technology transfers. The Space-friends are non-violent and did not feel they should act until they had enough facts. After determining that the Greys were scouting for the Reptilians, the Space-friends compelled the Greys to leave.

      The bad news is that the Reptilians are on the way to try to conquer Earth, but they are about 100 years out. They are what you could call advanced Raptors with Space Ships and have successfully invaded more than one Human planet. The good news is that we, Newmen, have evolved very quickly to advanced FIRE-being powers. We have found a “short-cut” to becoming advanced physical beings even “leap-frogging” past the Space-friends watching us. This is not quite clear to them yet.

      And yes, we have “leap-frogged” past any ability the Reptilians have to harm us; they will be transported to a difficult planet to colonize. The bigger question is what do we do about the planets the Reptilians have seized without permission?

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