Angel of Death is set loose

Today, February 12th (2/12 is a 14-day), the Grim Reaper has been charged to bring home the Darkest-of-the-Dark By that, I mean all of those people who are 90 percent or above Left-Spin; it also means those with 10 percent or less Right-Spin. Feel free to substitute Darkness for Left-Spin and Light for Right-Spin. This is going to happen worldwide to every country, nationality, race and religion.

It may take as long as five (5) days for the return to Spirit programming to be installed and we should all start seeing rich and powerful people of both sexes, , but mostly men, dropping dead after that. Look for all of the Darkest-of-the-Dark to be departed by May 12th. By that time, the 89-80 percent and the 79-70 groups will be in the queue. For Americans, yes, this means Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, Boehner and many others. For Islam, it will be a decapitation; but that, somehow, seems appropriate.

Light is taking over and it is sweeping clean; no powerful Dark people will be staying. They are not welcome. As I have written before, the 59-50 percent Left-Spinners will be allowed to stay on the theory that they may be able to move towards the Light (Right); they will have until the end of 2021 to do so.

And so, it begins.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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  1. Eve says:

    So what is the litmus test for your light/dark ratio ? 🙂

    • Merln says:

      It is really quite simple. If you are a right-spinner, you have had to be a “closet” right-spinner to show all of the left-spinners that you were like them; this was the only way to “get ahead.” Many of us right-spinners have said the Hell with It recently and come out of our closets.

      The vast majority of people here with us are left-spinners; more fear, more control, more force (as in law enforcement), more laws, more regulations, less freedom, more government, less transparency, less truth, less self-reliance, less self-responsibility, more government programs that breed dependency. If you want to be dependent on government handouts, you like big government; you like having the government force money out of the well off to pay for the lazy or poor or unfortunate or needy.

      If you keep getting up after you have been knocked down, you are a right-spinner. If you are a quitter; you are a left-spinner. If you believe in individual rights/responsibilities; you are a right-spinner. If you believe in group or minority rights and that you “deserve” special treatment; you are a left-spinner. If you are a “victim”; you are a left-spinner.

      When I say left-spinner, I mean someone who has clearly chosen Darkness; these people are not on the fence (they have a ratio of at least 60 percent which can move upward rapidly. Same for right-spinners; they are at least 60 percent. That leaves 20 percent in the middle who are inclined towards Darkness or Light, but who can move in either direction and frequently do.

      So… this group in the middle will have an opportunity to go with the new powre – Light/Right-Spin or they can fall back into old habits of fear, force and control.

      I hope this provided a better understanding.

      LLL, Merln

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