Why Now? Why 2014?

Hopefully, you have visited my Home Page and understand the importance of the number “14.” It is the number that we are allowed to use to create things. Yes, the number “5” is also “14,” but, is less powerful.

We can create on “14” days, but we can also “run” or “execute” on these days. We can also do “mid-course corrections” on these days.

The most powerful “14” days are the triple 14 days like tomorrow, 10/6/2014 which breaks down to 1+6+7 or 14.

When it comes to years, most of us just drop the 20 part and use the 14 part as we all know that we are in the second thousand years since the commonly accepted calendar was started. Spurt drops the 20 as well and this is the first, and only, natural “14” year in the 21st Century.

This is the year that Aquarian Light energies are taking over from Piscean Dark energies and we all had to wait until the end of September which is the 9th month. Nine is always the number of completion.

Are there other important years in the 21st Century? Yes, 2023, 2032, 2041, 2050 and so on separated by 9 years; these are all “5” years, but in reality they are “14” years. They are powerful, but not quite as powerful as this year; 2014.

So… What important things are Humans creating this year? The most important creation is the diminution of Fear and Force and Control; I frequently describe this as Darkness. For all of us on Planet Earth, the way things have been for thousands of years is losing its grip; the expectation of greed, corruption, crime, crooked politicians, crooked judges, the good-ole-boy network and the domination by males in our society is changing.

Aquarian energy is symbolized as a woman standing at the top of a mountain with a water jug; this woman is seen to be pouring water onto the conical tip of the mountain and each water droplet is allowed to find its own way down the mountain. Notice, it is not a man holding the water jug and each water droplet can go down its own way.

Contrast that with the energies of the last three ages we have passed through; the Taurus symbol is a bull, but really represent herds of cattle; the Aries symbol is a ram, but really represents flocks of sheep with a male Shepard, or course; and Pisces has two fish representing a school, but as we have all seen over the past 2,160 years, the schools of thought were dominated by males and their hierarchical structures.

So…Now that we are, finally, being influenced by Aquarian Light energies, what does that mean? Have you noticed that a college degree is becoming more and more worthless; not worth the huge debt to get? Have you noticed that we are all losing our faith and trust in our governments, especially big government programs? Do you think Social Security or other old age pension systems will be there?

If my information is correct, most of the people on the planet will not be allowed to stay; because of their Darkness, they will be forced to leave. Whether there is 300 or 500 million left, it is not going to be the 7,000 million that we keep being told about. If this is true, there will not be enough people to pay for all of these government programs and if Fear, Force and Control are going away, how will they be forced to keep giving Big Government all of their money that it demands.

If each droplet of water can find its own way, that means that there will be much more freedom to do things differently. New technologies, like those on my invention site, will be allowed to come into the world. For the hierarchical structure types, this will mean a huge loss of control and they will view our world as CHAOS. Literally, they will not be able to stand the coming changes.

It is time to bring out all of those changes that you have been trying to do, but couldn’t. The time of resistance to change-for-the-better is over; that too, was Darkness.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Many will begin to Use Their Powres Today

The new, Light templates were installed from June to August; these templates were Powred-UP in September and, now, Fire-being powres are being given to all, ALL, ALL people who have at least 70 percent Light in their energetic make-up.

OK. What does this mean? Remember, if you have 70% Light, it still means that you also have 30% Dark which means you still have a lot of fear. So… Today, many, perhaps as many as 300 millions people on the planet, will start to get “Hero” type powres as in the TV show.

Now, I am not saying that millions of you will be able to fly today, but maybe by the end-of-the-month. What I am saying is that many millions of people ARE getting powres (or powers) and the world WILL be changed. Just imagine, all of these millions will no longer be powerless and they will all have a significant orientation towards freedom, choice, integrity, self-reliability, self-responsibility, truth, love and change-for-the-better. Review my post on Majik Wands; they will now begin to work.

People will begin to get Adept powres today and by the end-of-the-week those people who have transformed themselves into Mahatmas will have those powres.  For those people who have transformed themselves into Earth-beings, those powres will be installed and operating by 10/10/2014.

So… Many, many of us are getting Adept powres, even those who have not transformed themselves (see my Transform Yourself page). Those who have transformed themselves into Vertical Master, Horizontal Master or Mahatma will get additional powres and those who have transformed themselves into an Earth-beings (Keeper, Grower, Miner, Smelter, Builder and Transformer) will receive astonishing new powres.

We have had to wait until Aquarius Light was able to assert itself over the remnants of Piscean Darkness; that happens today, October 1st, 2014. Following the Schools of Thought is no longer required; go your own way Light Being.

What I am talking about here is a HUGE revolution in Human affairs; there will shortly be a large minority of Light Beings who cannot be pushed around by the authorities. All of the authorities are Dark beings who still think that they can rule through the barrel of a gun or the court systems; you know, law enforcement. They are going to make you – force you to obey their laws. NOT. Review my post on Newman Manifesto.

Now. Please wait until you can crawl, before you can walk, before you can run. Most of your will, but some will push their energetic envelopes and get themselves in trouble. Don’t despair, just think of the fun you can have messing with the jails. Your powres will continue to grow and you will be able to get yourself out, even if we do not come to get you out.

What do you think is happening in Hong Kong now; this is the beginning of Aquarian Light in motion.

Love, Light and Laughter,


The 99 Percenters are Leaving

One of the themes of this site is that all of us are made up of a combination of Light or Right-Spin and Dark or Left–Spin energies. In our world, both are required to make things happen. As an example, high pressure weather systems spin clockwise or to the Right; they bring blue skies and lots of sun. On the other hand, low pressure systems spin counter-clockwise or to the Left and they bring much needed rain. But, they also bring lots of wind; sometimes in the form of tornadoes, tropical storms and hurricanes.

OK. I am one of those who is 99% Light or Right-Spin. I have some Left-Spin energy, but it is less than 1 percent. Most of us have at least 5 percent of either Darkness or Light and the “normal” is at least 20 percent.

I have written about the the new, Light Templates that are being powred up; they will be fully operational on October 1st. We think of October as the tenth month as in 10, but the root word in October is Oct which is eight; energetically October is a combination of 1 from the ten and eight or the number 9. Nine is the number of completion. If you go back in history, stock market crashes happen frequently in October; now you know why. It is hidden in plain sight.

OK. The new templates are fully operational; so what? The old, Dark templates will be dissolved; the old ways of doing things and expecting outcomes based on past performance no longer apply. “This is the way it has always been,” no longer applies.

The old, Dark structures like the US GOVERNMENT, UNITED NATIONS, EUROPEAN UNION and Government (in General), as we know it, will disappear.  There will still be Order, but without the fear, force and control that we have now. Light is Order and is taking over.

I started this post by saying the 99 percenters are leaving. I am not referring to myself or others like me who have lots of Light. I am referring to all of those beings here on Earth who have 99 percent Darkness or Left-Spin. As you might guess, there are not too many of these beings walking around; there might be as many as 10,000 out of the billions of people here. Most of them are men, but about 2,000 of them are women.

These are the leaders on our planet; they have acquired wealth, position and political power. These beings are the oligarchies or leading families in every nation; sometimes they are out in-the-open, but, generally, they prefer to rule from the background using puppets.

These are beings who have worked the hardest to advance fear, force and control in our world; they are the enemies of Light. Guess what? Light knows who these beings are and they will be the first to be given a ticket to ride. Ride where? Into the Sunset, Die, baby die. GOOD RIDENSE!!!

It will start with the 99 percenters and move quickly down to the 80 percenters and take about 5 years to get to 60 percent. By that time, there will only be 300 million of us remaining. The beings “Left Behind” will all be beings with at least 40 percent Light; we will still have Dark Beings, but they will not be leaders. Someone has to be around to do the cooking, cleaning. and lifting.

Light, Love and Laughter,


More about the Templates

I’ve written about the new templates that were installed over the summer. Yes, the installation was completed on August 31st and yes, the template are being powered up during September.

My problem is that I am not seeing any changes in my own little reality and I have been fussing with my internal information about why.  Here is a clarification that I have received.

The templates that are being powered up first are the collective templates; the big picture templates. We are seeing one result of that in the vote today on Scottish Independence. That is a definite break with the past, Dark, Status Quo, whether the vote is yest or no.

Look at the indecisiveness of the US Government over the Southern Border and ISIS/ISIL. How about Ukraine and the seeming stalemate there?

This powering up of the collective templates will continue through the end-of-the-year and the power of the US GOVERNMENT, the EU, the UN, the Russian Federation and other One-World Organizations will be greatly diminished. Rule through the power of a gun or sword will no longer be supported by the new energetic templates.

OK. What about powering up our individual templates? What about more money, success and stuff? That starts on October 1st and will be complete by the end-of-the-year as well. This applies to all of you who are oriented towards the Light. As the new, Light templates are being powered up, the old, Dark templates are being powered down.

There is going to be a huge transfer of wealth from the old, Dark beings to the new, Light beings. That correction of 10% or more in the stock markets of the world is going to happen, but, it will be more like a 90% correction; remember, Light now has 67% control of the powre in the world and will use that in all areas of Human activity very soon. The DOW will drop to 3,000 or lower and deflation will set in; a loaf of bread will be 25 cents, not $5; a gallon of gas will be 25 cents, not $5; cars will sell for $2,500 or less; homes will sell for $15,000-$50,000. Expect these price thresholds to drop even more until stability is reached.

This is not just about a crash in the stock markets; all of the central banks are going to default on the impossible debt  that has been wreaked up. Yes, the $17 Trillion that the US owes will be defaulted on and yes, interest rates will go up to 5% soon. This will be a major player in the debt defaults. This includes the EU, China, Japan, Germany, England and all of the rest.

The college degree is worthless and will not be important in the future for a long time; technical certifications of knowledge will become the new credential. The concept of Insurance will no longer be supported by the new templates; cooperatives will replace it/them.

There will be so many people dying of disease that confidence in our Health Care System will be destroyed; this too, is not being supported by the new templates. Embrace alternative health approaches.

The courts, police and jails/prisons and lawyers are old, Dark energy and they will not be supported by the new templates. What to do with all of these “bad” people? They will all be leaving because they are too “Dark” and cannot stay. This applies to Muslims everywhere.

If you are living on government transfer payments like welfare, food stamps, social security, these “safety net” programs are not being supported by the new templates. Too many people are leaving and all of these programs are/will be unsupportable. Ask your Inner Being for grace, not your Government.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Obama IS the Anti-Christ

I am not at all religious, but there is prophesy out there about the End Times and the existence of the Anti-Christ.

These are the End Times and Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ. Obama is a Sunni Muslim who bowed/s down to the King of Saudi Arabia. He funded and trained ISIS, which he insists on calling ISIL (Islamic State in the Levant) which includes the entire Middle East.  He pulled all US Forces out of Irag and purposely stood by and did nothing while ISIS grew in strength and numbers; incomprehensible, unless he had an Islamic agenda. He refuses to call Islamic terrorism by its name and insists that we are not at war with Islam. When someone kills in the name of Mohammed, he calls it work place violence.

He has done everything possible to weaken the United States’s place in the world by withdrawal from the Middle East and North Africa, cutting the strength of the military and sowing discontent and division among Americans. This man is pure Evil.

He is the in one of the most powerful positions to be in and he isn’t even a Christian. What a great position to be in if you are the Anti-Christ. Increasingly, everyone in the world is seeing how great a Liar Obama is; another great attribute of the Anti-Christ.

OK. What do you mean about this being the End Times? I have written extensively about the coming Earth Changes. We have moved out of 6,480 years of domination by Darkness and we are seeing the end-game plans of Darkness being played out, especially in the Middle East (where Darkness/Islam is the strongest). More importantly, we have moved into Aquarius/Light energy and Light has, finally, taken over.

I am not sure how, but Darkness, Obama and his ilk will not succeed, even though it looks as if they are. Remember, the new Light oriented templates have been installed and are being powered up. What this means is that Darkness is about to start losing its battles with Light; Obama will look increasingly small and incompetent and his scandals will only grow worse. He will lose control of the Senate and will be removed from power before the end of 2015. He is being abandoned by the US Military and Homeland Security apparatus; he is too obviously working against USA interests which are also Light interests. The United States of America was created by Light and Darkness has had 200 plus years to try to destroy it. Obama is doing his very best, but even he, will be unable to do enough damage.

Do not fear nuclear weapons; they do not work anymore. Not for the US or the Russians or the Chinese or the North Koreans or the Iranians. Why do you think the US spent all of that money on GPS satellites and all of those “smart” weapons. Governments of the world will still trot out the fear of nuclear weapons for any number of reasons, but they were too expensive to manufacture and maintain and have been too difficult to detonate. Note, there is no air blast tests anymore; just underground tests where they detonate 20 or 30,000 tons of TNT/Dynamite to achieve a tiny “Mushroom” cloud.

I am not sure of this, but Putin is making Obama look small, weak, indecisive and, generally, incompetent. Is it possible Putin is a tool of the Light?

Love, Light and Laughter,


Islam is DARKNESS; it Must be Rooted Out

In the West, we have this belief in “freedoms” or speech, assembly and religion. We believe that what God you worship is your business as long as you do not try to impose your religion on others. We call this Civilization.

There is a problem here. Islam is not just a religion, it is a set of political laws called Sharia and embedded in Islams Holy Book, the Que ran, is a chapter on forcing non-believers to convert by the sword. This is called Jihad and this is where the Jihadists get their inspiration and “Holy” guidance. This is not an aberration or a radicalization, but is part of being a Muslim.

In the Christian Bible, there are two chapters related to St Paul called Corinthian and Thessalonian which were two Christian cities in what is now Turkey. Why are they no longer Christian,? Because the Islamites arrived and forced everybody to convert to Islam or die; just like ISIS/ISIL is doing now in Northern/Eastern Syria and Western/Northern Iraq.

Islam is also called Mohammedanism. Focus on the last three letters, ISM. Think of other ISMs like Socialism or Communism or Feudalism or Capitalism. These are all political structures and Nations have gone to war over the imposition of these ISMs. In fact, the West has already gone to war with Islam several times; they were called the Crusades and were wars of massive cultural differences. We are now at war with Islam again, but this war is everywhere a Mosque is. Wherever the Muslims go, they bring their Sharia Law with them and demand it be imposed even if it goes against existing Western Laws and cultural norms.

Anyone looking at Islam from the West must wonder what on Earth makes the Sunni Muslims feel like it is OK to kill Shia Muslims and vice versa while they are both trying to force Unbelievers to convert. Hold on to your shock factor! Shiites believe in the Second Coming of Mohammad and call this being the Mahdi. This is why Iran wants to develop nuclear weapons; they want to give these weapons to the Mahdi who is supposed to be arriving soon.  Here is the shocking part; Shiites believe that the Mahdi will be born from a man, not a woman. The Sunnis know about this belief and consider it to be blasphemous in the extreme. Sunnis do not treat their women well by Western standards, but Shiites hold women in very low regard as the Mahdi will not even be born of woman.

Islam is not a religion; it is a political ISM and cannot co-exist with other religions or cultures.

OK. This is a spiritual blog and I will add the Spiritual piece now.  I write a lot about the struggle between Darkness and Light. In Mecca, there is a structure that every Muslim must face and bow down in prayer to several times a day; it is the Qua Ba.  What is the Qua Ba? It is a meteorite that fell from Space many thousands of years ago. It was worshiped by Arab Tribes long before Mohammed. It is a black obsidian cube that is 6ft x 6ft x 6ft that supposedly fell to Earth as a cube with sharp edges and points. The Qua Ba is the home of Darkness on this planet. Praying to Allah is praying to Darkness; it really is that simple. Darkness is fear, force, control and resistance to change; does that not describe Islam well.

There is no room for Islam in the new Light templates.  Bye bye.


Its 9/11 and also 7/11; a Significant Date

The Twin Towers and Benghazi both happened on 9/11. The world was supposed to take notice of this date as a significant date. Well, here we are again and something important is happening today.

Just like the two previous 9/11’s mentioned, today is a day of destruction; it is time to destroy the old Order. Whoa, that is a tall order. What do you mean “destroy” the old Order?

Energy flows in waves for the collective. It ebbs and flows between Darkness and Light. Most recently, the flow has been in the direction of Light and new templates have been established that are heavily weighted towards Light. These are broad changes that need triggers to actually make the change(s).

Today, 9/11, is a trigger day. Light/Spirit has taken great pains to prepare those of us who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear and the in-sight or knowing to use. Everyone on the planet has heard of some reference to 9/11 in recent years and many are watching and waiting for some destructive event or events to happen today. It may or may not be what is expected, but today is a trigger day.

The new templates are all being “executed” or “run” today; they are like programs or apps that must be run at the appointed time to achieve the desired effect. The old Order which was dominated by fear, force, control and resistance to change is being swept into the dustbin of their story’ a new, much nicer story is emerging rapidly.

It is the story of freedom, choice, truth, self-reliance and change for the better and that program has been installed and will now, run.

What is this program being run on? In our case it will be run on the entire planet on both the surface and the hollow, interior world. But it is far more extensive than that; it will also be run in our Solar System and the other star systems orbiting the same sun as we do, Alcione, and the other star systems  that Alcione orbits.  This called a local universe and there are nine of them in our Milky Way Multi-verse (we are the furthest out, Ninth Universe). And yes, there is a Central Sun or Star-Body that everything orbits around.

What changes will this bring? And how long before we start to see them? Fear will start to lose its grip on people, organizations, institutions and states starting today.  Go away and leave me alone will grow in power. The Power of Governments and rule through the power of a gun will be diminished greatly by the end of the year. The Sovereign Power of Individuals will increase; those who cannot handle that sovereign power will leave in large numbers. This is not a reflection on goodness or badness, but how much Light they have; those with too much Darkness (fear, force and control) will be very glad to leave as quickly as they can.

Happy 9/11!!!

Love, Light and Laughter,


LIGHT has taken over; Have Money, Success & Stuff

Those of you who have found this site are all oriented towards the Light. You may be down in the 60-70 percent range or higher, but you are at the right place.  If you want more light, ask for it; it is really that simple. 

In my last few posts I wrote about the template changes that were being made.  In September, which is the 9th month, but really means the 7th month, Light is pouring a lot of energy into its new templates.  One of these new templates is the Newman/Newoman template for powering up the new approach to Fire- and Earth-Being Powres. Some of you have transformed yourself into Newmen and Newomen years ago, like me, and we have all been “told” that powers/powres are coming and we continue to wait.

Finally, the waiting is nearly over. I am receiving my powres now and soon, so will you. I am a Dragon and am also getting my Dragon powres as well. This is a great question to ask of yourself; are you also a Dragon?  Or perhaps, a Dragon Rider? Dragons can make themselves any size from very large to very small, they can be undetectable, not just invisible and they can “jump” wherever they want to go instantly. And yes, they can emit fire; they are not to be messed with. If you are a Dragon Rider, you can do all of these things with your Dragon.

My new powres include enhanced manifestation which includes manifesting things digitally (using bits and bytes), teleporting things, jumping and transforming things. Shortly, I will be able to transform this 65 year old body into what appears to be a fully functional, 27 year old and keep it that way for a very long time.

Majik is, finally, coming into the world; it is the source of all of these wonderful new powres. Majik has not been seen in our world since the end of Leo, 10,800 years ago; that is how long the legend of Merln has lasted. AMAZING.

Love, Light and Laughter,


It’s Labor Day; So what’s new?

In my last post, I wrote about new Light templates being installed by the end of August. Yes! That actually happened.

What does that mean? I have written extensively about the impact of Darkness and Light in our world. Back in March, Darkness morphed into Turquoise and Light morphed into Aqua. As these colors are so close to each other, it allowed people to move back and forth easily; those who wanted to move towards the Light quickly could and vise versa. As of today, that easy transition is no longer available. Yes, it is now Darkness and Light again and the easy movement is gone or no longer possible.

In many previous posts I have described Darkness as having 80 percent of the power while we were in Taurus, Aries and Pisces and that we had moved into Aquarius as of December 22, 2012. Many of us expected to see immediate changes in the energies around us and were disappointed that everything always takes longer than we want it to. Think of a Super Tanker turning around and going the opposite direction; it takes many miles / kilometers to do so. This is what has been happening to the energy shift. The Dark templates were created using 80% of the power so they were very strong and remained in effect until the last day; yesterday, August 31st. OK. It’s now September 1st, have the new Aquarian Light templates been installed and have the old Dark templates been dissolved? Yes!!!

This means that all of those blocks that we have been trying to get rid of and couldn’t are now gone. If you have significant levels of Light, Darkness was able to identify you and put 80% level Blocks around you; this included sex, relationships, money, success, health, and, even, powers / powres. Now, all of those blocks are gone because Darkness could no longer sustain them. Yes, you can have money, success and health as well as all of the rest. Starting today, allow yourself to have what you have wanted for a long time.

So… We have new freedom, truth, choice, integrity templates and the old fear, force and control templates are gone. Does everything change for the better over-night? No. There is momentum and it could take as long as 90 days for the old Dark, man-made, organization and institution templates to lose all of their power, but by December 1st, 2014, the US Govt, Vladimir Putin, the UN, the EU, the One Worlders, the Islamite Jihadists, the Police / Security Forces / Law Enforcement, the Courts and Prisons, the Insurance Industry, the Medical / Health Establishment, Big Pharma, Big Education and, even the Military will be very much changed for the better. The energetic templates that supported their existence are no longer available; they will deflate like balloons growing smaller and smaller and eventually dropping to the ground to be stepped on. Everything, even business, will change for the better. The coming elections in the USA will be a giant wave of change. Who knows, we might be able to get rid of the feckless, Muslim-in-hiding, Barack Obama; maybe he’ll get sick and die or maybe we can impeach him. Either way, he needs to be gone; he is way too Dark.

The CHANGES are Here!

The 777 day has passed. It was a super Creation Day where big things could be created.  What happened? What was created?

To start, Money is now controlled by Beings of the Light (Aqua). Ok, what does that mean? For anyone alive on Earth for the past several thousands years, and that includes anyone reading this, Dark Beings have been in charge of Money. What this meant was that People who were oriented towards Darkness (you know, Fear, Force and Control) tended to receive most of the money. It also meant that if you were oriented towards the Light, you were only allowed to keep a small amount of money; just enough to live on.

Well…..that dynamic was changed on 7-7-2014. Now, all of those $Millionaires and $Billionaires who acquired their money through the use of Dark power (and that is nearly all of them), will experience a significant change; it is they that will no longer be able to hang on to their acquired wealth. The Money Angels have two missions; one is to give money to one group of people and the other is to take it away.

Now, people of the Light (Aqua) who were kept so limited, will begin to receive money, success and wealth easily. The flip side is that people who have so much will begin to lose it. Is this going to be a gradual thing? No, it will take about 90 days.

Wait a second, are you saying that there will be a huge transfer of wealth from one group of people to another and it will only take 90 days? No, but the process will be complete in 90 days and the transfer should be completed by the end of 2014.

You say, this is impossible. This is an Energy thing and it is being administered by Angels who are very intelligent and know where everything is hidden. There is no way for beings of Darkness (Turquoise) to hold on to wealth anymore; their accounts and deeds are turning into sieves that will no longer hold money energy. Yes, this means that a HUGE financial collapse is coming this summer; the DOW will be at 5,000 by end of August.

OK, are there other changes coming? Yes and it is Darkness-Light oriented as well. I have referred to it as the Great Return as in return to Spirit. When Spirits come here in a body, we are given a choice on whether to come here for Spiritual growth, personal challenges or just to have fun; like taking a vacation. Spiritual growth is always hard and most of us have opted to come here and use the predominant power which has been Darkness for the past 6,480 years. Say there are 7 Billion people on Earth at this moment; 13 out of 14 of them are here with an orientation towards Darkness. Many of those will be leaving (dying) and returning to Spirit to be reborn again on some other planet.

To help you understand, all of us come here with a certain starting percentage of both Light and Darkness. The Churches refer to this as the ever-going battle between Darkness and Light, but do not teach that we all are a mix of both and that we can chose to seek more Darkness or Light. The vast majority of people who came here with more Darkness than Light have chosen to acquire more Darkness (more Money from the Dark Angels). It is a very natural thing to do; go with the power flow, not against it. So…what is going to happen now? As of 777, all of those people who have 60% or more of Darkness will be asked to return to Spirit. They will not have a choice; they must leave. Energetically, they cannot stay.

How will this work? Will the Darkest of the Dark be returned first? Yes, but anyone at 60% or more can be returned at any time. What is the timing? Diseases in different locations will carry off most of those leaving, but any kind of death works. There will be large numbers leaving through catastrophic changes. The clock started ticking on 777 and 12 out of 14 will be gone by the end of 2015.

Any more? Yes, Majik has returned to the world, again, on 777. We have all been exposed to Super Heroes; the idea that people can have exceptional powers like flying or teleporting or jumping or just being able to manifest things quickly. All of those who do not leave, even if they are still oriented towards Darkness, will be receiving Majikal powres. Those with more Light will receive more significant powres.  All of the corpses, unused cars and empty homes/building can and will be “cleaned up” Majikally.

Love, Light and Laughter,