The Dark Leaders are Leaving Now

In July, Light has the powre, finally, to start taking the Dark Leaders out.

For Americans, this means Obama, Biden, Clinton, Bush and Boehner in our perpetual ruling class. For others, it means the leaders of Iran, Syria, Iraq, Turkey and, of course, ISIS and Al Qaeda. More generally, it means taking out the leaders of the Mosques – the Imams, wherever they are.

Taking these leaders out is important, but a side-show. The main effort will be to set the Earth Changes that I keep talking about in motion. Yes, look for the Trigger events of the Twin Volcanoes, the Mexican City/Los Angeles Giant Earthquakes and the coming collapse of China; these are all going to happen before Christmas.  Light will have 67% of the powre in our world on November 1st. The new broom will sweep clean; it has a lot of Darkness to clean up/out.

2016 will be a year of great catastrophes/calamities in many places of the world. Places of relative safety include Canada, the United States (not California), Europe and Australia.  Why? These are all bastions of embedded Light, particularly the US and Australia. All of these places look fairly Dark right now, but are receiving a lot of Light Powre now and going forward.

I do not write this to scare you, but you must be prepared.  If you are strong in the Light, do not be too concerned; you will be protected and will proper. If you are strong in Darkness, bend over and kiss yourself goodbye as you have a “Ticket to Ride” the whirlwind. It will not be comfortable for the people in the middle.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Light is putting it’s Powre into Big Picture issues First

I keep saying that Light is taking over. It is true, but Light must wait until the 1st of the new month to use the incremental increase in powre from the previous month.

May was the shift month, but Light was not able to use it’s superior powre until June. In July, Light will be able to use the increased powre from June. The shift is happening much slower than many of us hoped for, but it is happening. Each new month brings a 20 percent increase in Light’s powre over Darkness.

In July, Light’s primary focus will be to degrade the power of Islam in our world; Islam is 100 percent Darkness and all (ALL) of its adherents are Dark. Yes, I know that could mean as many as 2 Billion people.

There is some good news for Light Beings individually. Light will have some powre to start healing us physically and financially. This healing powre will be increased in August and the healing should be completed in September.

Be patient Light Worker; the changes, they are coming.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Light is Pushing Back against Darkness

Happy Flag Day!

Here we are in mid-June on a triple-14-day. In May, Light began it’s push to achieve dominance over Darkness. In June, Darkness is being overcome. In July, Darkness will begin to be defeated. To quote Churchill, it is the end of the beginning. By the end-of-the-year, it will be much more clear that Light and Right-Spin and Doing-the-Right-Thing are in charge.

This has taken far too long to happen from my perspective, but, it is, finally, happening. To Spirit, this timeline is incredibly rapid, but to we, Humans and Newmans, it is very slow.

OK. What to look for? When Humans worships a “God”, that God is a Local God that is created here on Earth. This is true of the Greek, Norse and Egyptian Gods and applies to Jesus, Mary, Buddha and Allah.

The multi-God paradigm is long-since been depowered; the worshippers have moved on and no longer send their creative/worship power to those Gods. These Gods have faded away into nothingness and they no longer have any power to reward their worshippers.

This is not true of Christians, Buddhists and Muslims; their Local Gods continue to receive worship power from their believers and, as such, have power to reward their followers.

This is changing this month.  This Blog writes about the on-going war between Darkness and Light and the coming ascendancy of Light.  Guess what? Allah is Darkness.  Allah is a Dark, Local God. Effective today, June 14th, Allah is being cut-off from the worship power being sent to Him. Who, or what is doing that? Light! Because, finally, today, it has the power to do so.

What about Buddhists and Christians? Simple, they are both of the Light and Buddha, Jesus and Mary will continue to receive their worship power. Unlike Allah, they will still be able to reward their believers.

Allah still has lots of power, but is no longer being re-charged. Eventually, Allah will run out of juice like a discharged battery. When that happens, Allah will become another nothingness Local God. Oh Shit, oh Dear!

How long will it take before Allah loses most of its power? Fortunately, worship/belief power is always in motion and is difficult to store. Without re-charging, Allah has about three (3) years of power depending on how its spends it.

Does Darkness have the power to counter-attack Light and re-connect to its worshippers? No! This is something that Light and Darkness have been battling over for the past 30 months; in that time, Light has cut-off Darkness numerous times and Darkness has successfully re-established contact. Now, today, Darkness does not have the combat power to do so again.

This is a huge development.  Darkness has lost its hegemony! The outcome of the battles in the Middle East between Sunni and Shiites or between the Saudis and Iran does not matter any more. The great contest between Islam and Christianity has already been decided; Western Civilization will continue it’s march forward. After all, it is based on the Light in the New Testament.

OK. What about Russia? Darkness is going to lose their as well. Same with China. They will both cease to be a problem before the end-of-the-year.

So…The United States of America will be the big winner? YES! The US of A was established by Light. As was Australia. Both will survive and prosper during the coming Earth Changes, but both have a lot of Darkness that needs to be driven out.

In July, Light will be in the driver seat and the changes will begin.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Trigger Events Fast Approaching

I have written about the Trigger Events; Montserrat and Vesuvius erupting, giant earthquakes in Mexico and California and the collapse of the Three Gorges Dam which causes the general collapse of China.

What do these events trigger? The expansion of the Earth into a larger sphere; one that is 40,000 miles around instead of the current 25,000 miles around. How does this work? The land mass does not expand, but the water expands greatly.  This has already happened at least three times in the Earth’s past; we went from a sphere with little water/oceans where all the continents fit closely together (we call this Pangea). We have expanded to the point where the continents are quite far apart now.  Get ready, it is going to happen again and the continents will be even further apart.

OK. But, you say that the water will expand. Yes, about twice the volume we have now. This is true for both salt and fresh water. The impact will be limited in the oceans of the world as the planet itself is expanding, but enclosed fresh water, as in the Great Lakes, will have to go somewhere, suddenly.

In addition to all of the flooding, there will be massive earthquakes, volcanic activity and tsunamis that come with the sudden expansion. This will be a worldwide phenomenon and vast numbers of people will be leaving/extinguished suddenly.

When China, nearly all of it, collapses, that event will provide the energy for the Planet to expand. Actually, it will be a combination of all of the Trigger Events that provides the necessary Expansion Energy, but the Chinese Event will be the primary driver.

What about the water in our bodies? If that expands, we will all explode. True, but the blood, somehow, prevents the expansion within our bodies. Having said that, after the expansion, drinking the new, expanded water will force changes within our bodies to accommodate it. This is also true for our animals and fish and seafood.

We only have written History for about 5,000 years; maybe events like this one have destroyed all the records of our past. My Spirit Guide tells me that our civilization will not be destroyed this time, but it will be challenged.

This is a once in 13,000 years event and comes with the take-over of Light. This does not always happen with a take-over of Light, but is happening now. This is apparently necessary as part of the Cleansing of Darkness and the Dark Peoples of all races.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Dark Limitations Fading!

This is a blog for Light Beings. Whether we like it, or not, we have been likened to Light Houses and we have had to shine our Light out onto the Darkness around us.

I point this out so that we can all realize that it was easy for Darkness to find us and MESS WITH US.

When I say mess with us, I mean messing with us physically, emotionally and financially, and Yes, Darkness has been exercising its limits on us all of our lives.

Many of us have had to endure dental issue, hearing loss, vision loss, balance issues and more; these mostly were given to us, by Darkness, when we were growing up. Yes, Darkness had the power to change our DNA and make us shorter and fatter and balder.

As we grew older, Darkness also messed with our health, giving many of us Cancer or Diabetes or other debilitating dis-eases, but without killing us.  Darkness had the power to limit us, but not kill us.

OK. I keep talking about the Light taking over. It is still a work-in-progress, but as of June 5th, 2015, the blocks that Darkness has used to mess with us are GONE, Dissolved.

What does that mean?  Now, you can heal yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially.  How? Have a chat with your Spirit Guide and tell it that it is time for the limitations to go; all of them.

It may take 90 days or so, but you should be able to eliminate all of the limitations that were imposed on you by Darkness.  Oh, BTW, you can also get rid of the limitations that you think you imposed on yourself; that is one of the biggest Con Jobs of Darkness.

What are you saying? You mean that we can all have the true DNA that we came here with, without the modification made by Darkness? Yes, but for those who have “Transformed” themselves, they can get the new, improved DNA and Darkness does not have the power to mess with that.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Majik is coming back into the World

There are two different types of Magic/Majik; one is a dark energy used for control of people and events (Magic) and the other is a light energy which allows people to do many wonderful things for OTHERS.

This post is all about Majik. I have written about the Majik Wands and we all have them embedded in our fore arms. OK. With the take-over of Light, Majik is becoming stronger and stronger with each passing month.

Majik is a Right-Spin energy; it gives Freedom, Choice, it is based on Truth, it enables Integrity and Doing-the-Right Thing, it enables Self-Reliance and Self-Responsibility.

Majik can be used to help anyone in need; it can be used to send money, relationship help, health/healing, a job and more. It is a positive energy conduit that can be used to help people and animals. You can use it to help anyone, but cannot help yourself directly.

Majik cannot be used in negative ways; it cannot be used to cast spells which limit or control people or animals. For the past several thousand years, Light has been too weak and Majik disappeared from our world. The only magic available was the dark, controlling type like that used by all of the great Conquerors and Leaders who achieved so much so quickly.

Can Majik be used in Spells? Yes, but only with positive approaches that allow free choice. Things like, I accept the conditions of giving back before being helped; I accept the notion of Thankfulness and an embedded requirement to give back a portion of what is received to others.

You can use your Majik to help yourself INDIRECTLY. Say you would like to heal yourself, Take your Majik and put healing into a liquid, food or clothing. Now, drink that liquid, eat that food or wear that clothing and your healing powre is indirectly transferred to your body. Using liquids, food and clothing is also an effective way to help others.

Another INDIRECT way to use your Majik is to form powre groups with other Majikans. You can form a Triumvirate with two other people powreful in Majik. This is essentially a triangle of three people and the Majik of any one or all three can be put into the center to benefit all three members.

These Triumvirates are similar to the network marketing idea in that each member can form other Triumvirates with two other people and they can form with two other people and so on. Very powreful groups can be formed in this manner, but they must be maintained by choice and free will.

I am not sure when we can all begin using our Majik Wands, but, perhaps, as early as June 2015.

Love, Light and Laughter,


A new “Breathform” today

For those of you who have read “Thinking and Destiny,” you know what a Breathform is; it is essentially a  blueprint of the various energies in a Human. We call it DNA, but it is much more than that because it involves the seen and unseen portions. Not only are there unseen portions of the DNA, but what about our Auraus? What about our Prana Tubes? How big can a Prana Tube be? or How far can our Auraus extend from our bodies?

Since May 1st, I have been receiving a new Breathform; I am the prototype for all of you Earth Beings out there.

What this means is that I have been receiving new Stem Cells, slowly, throughout my body. For a Human who has lived a few decades, we all know about growing older, especially moving from our 20s to our 40s and beyond. The mechanism for growing old is based on our Stem Cells; they have a program embedded that makes the new cells older each time they are regenerated; eventually, they get too old and too tired and we return to Spirit. But, hey, we get to come back in a new body time-after-time.

For me, now, my new Stem Cells do not have the growing old program; they, essentially, will regenerate new cells that are youthful – perpetually; my new body will never grow old. I do not quite know what “never” is, but I am being given a chance to experience it.

Guess what, I am the prototype for anyone who have “transformed” themselves into an Earth Being; you know, those of you who have put yourself into a Cube/Hexahedron. For any readers who do not know what I am talking about, go to my Transform Yourself – A Guided Meditation page and do it; it is not hard to do and only takes a few minutes.

Can everyone do this? No. But most of the people lead to this site by their Spirit Guides can do this.

Oh, by the way, there are nearly 7,000 subscribers to; that’s a lot of people who have put themselves into Cubes. I have personally helped transform about 800 people with 90 percent of them being women. I bring this up so that you KNOW that WE are NOT ALONE.

We “immortals” do not have to go through time alone, like the “wandering Jew.” There are, literally, thousands of us and we will find each other and begin to make our Universe a better place. Whoa, how does that work?

Remember, we are all Right-Spinners who are strong in the Light. We are all driven by Freedom, Choice, Truth, Love, and Doing-the-Right-Thing. What’s more; we are ALL guided by Spirit and know it.

OK. We will all live a very long time and we will be able to steer our world in new, better directions; we will be able to stay the course. But what else? We will all have Earth Being powers like Jumping, Improved Manifestation and Teleporting things. Retrieving things that have been buried or are at the bottom of the sea will be possible; you know buried treasure or collecting diamonds from the seabed.

So…we will have the time and the resources to make this Earth into a paradise.

Is this paradise just for the few thousand? No, there will be hundreds of millions of us, not billions, who can stay and be part of this creation. Many of them will be given opportunities to grow so that they, too, can transform themselves.

What is my timing? My transformation will be complete on August 22nd. Your transformation will begin on June 1st and end on September 22nd.

Yes, literally, there will be many of us Jumping about before the end-of-the-year; no more airports or customs. Want a copy of Hillary’s emails? Manifest it and post it from your computer or phone. Want an exact copy of a lost work of art? Manifest it or teleport it, if it still exists in some hidden place.

Anyway, I thought I would tell you about what is actually happening to me. There have been many physical changes made to me over the past ten years or so, but I am now in the final prototype stage.

Have fun with this. Start dreaming BIG Dreams.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Today is the TIPPING POINT

It’s mid-May, a natural 14-creation day in the Creation Month (the 5th month). OK. Light has been slowly building up its powre and has been altering outcomes towards Light gradually. Notice that the “Left” had unexpected reverses in the Israeli and British elections; L-E-F-T is also, really D-A-R-K and yes, R-I-G-H-T is also L-I-G-H-T. While this is true, there are still many Dark Assholes on the Right politically, but nearly all on the Left are very DARK.

It’s OK, you can change your Spots, but you must change your Spin first.

Effective today, Light becomes much more overt in its use of Powre; it is stepping onto the heights and declaring itself King-of-the-Mountain. It will take on Darkness more overtly everywhere; especially in the Middle East and among Muslim populations in the West.

Darkness will be seen to be the loser in any contest from now on. Dark Leaders will begin to exit whether they have completed their “mission” or not; Darkness can no longer provide them longevity, health and wealth. Just imagine, politicians dying in office; it’s almost unheard about.

It’s not quite the natural tipping point in the year, but today is the TIPPING POINT where Light, finally, takes over.

OK. What does this mean for you? You have used the meditation to Transform Yourself into an Earth Being; when are you going to get your powres? Short answer, sometime this year (2015), but first you must go through a DNA and Stem Cell upgrade that can take as long as 90 days to complete. Look for this to begin on June 1st.

Along with a physical DNA change, you will also experience a financial DNA upgrade; yes, Darkness has had nearly a total lock on giving money to its followers, but not anymore. Expect vast transfers of wealth from Dark to Light Beings. There are a few Light Beings out there with great wealth, but they have had to hide their Light behind a good Dark facade.

Poor Nepal, three large earthquakes. If the roof-of-the-world is shaking, oh my, what else is coming for that region? Short answer, lots more. Whenever Light takes over from Darkness in one of these 13,000 year cycles, there is always a need to cleanse the world and Light almost always uses catastrophic changes to do so. This time is no different; there will be huge changes in the land masses of our planet. In the end, the sea will be covering much more land than now; water is the great cleanser.

Love, Light and Laughter,


How does one move towards the Light?

The Light has taken over. OK, Light has most of the powre in the world, but it is a brand new change.

Most of us still think that Darkness rules; just look at Iran and ISIS running amuk in the Middle East.

Say that I am oriented towards Darkness, but I have at least 40 percent oriented towards freedom, truth, self-reliance, self-responsibility and making changes for the better. Is there a way that I can increase my Light orientation?

Yes. Anyone, no matter how Dark they are, can always move towards the Light by just saying aloud, “Give Me More Light.” It really is that simple. Just set your intention to ask for and receive more Light.

The trick is to get down below 60 percent Darkness as anyone who is higher that 60 percent will not be allowed to stay on Planet Earth. So…If you are at 70 percent, get moving; you want to gather as much Light as you can quickly to get down to 60 percent.

Here’s another way to gain more Light.  Set your intention to change yourself from a Left-Spinner to a Right-Spinner.

How does one do that? Simple, set you intention to change and begin to spin clockwise or to the Right. Be careful, one does not want to get too dizzy and fall down. Start spinning to the Right in groups of 9. Go slowly at first, but aim for three groups of Nine (or 27) morning and night (for a total of 54).

Be careful, this exercise will transform you from a taker into a maker. It will also allow you to receive a maximum flow of Light.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Light has TAKEN over; what does that mean?

It means many volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis; the two active volcanoes and the earthquake in Nepal are just the beginning.

Oddly enough, this activity will not be focused on the “Ring-of-Fire”, but, primarily in Asia. Mount Fuji and other Japanese volcanoes will explode with great violence causing multiple giant tsunamis. Yes, I know, that is the Ring-of-Fire, but it will travel West into China and South into the Philippines, Brunei and Indonesia. It will skip over Indo-China and strike India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. In general, the mountainous regions of Western Asia will be hit hard.

Iran will be especially hit hard. Iran has been very active in doing the will of Darkness and will be punished severely.

Why these areas? They are the “Darkest” regions of our planet. Communism still reigns in China and Islam has taken “root” throughout these regions. Yes, Islam is closest to the Heart of Darkness.

This seismic and volcanic activity will extend to the Saudi Arabian Peninsula, and to many parts of Africa.

Light is not just cleansing the land, it is cleansing the people. Billions of people who worship Allah will be killed off; they are all oriented towards Darkness and will not be allowed to stay here on Earth.

My timing information of often off, but I am getting that there will be an earthquake/volcanic activity every month for the rest of the year. The Earth is purposefully ramping up it’s internal resonances in preparation of the coming Planetary Expansion.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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