Earth Changes are Being “Formed”

Earth is at a place that it hasn’t been in for nearly 13,000 years; we have entered the Aquarian side of the Photon Belt which surrounds Alcyon. This belt is in the form of a toroid, similar to how a doughnut appears. The Photon Belt is an area of intense Light.

Traditionally, whenever this happens there is a flip-flop of the dominant power in world from Darkness to Light. In the past, this flip-flop occurred every 13,000 years and wiped out the civilizations on this planet. That is why our records of achievement are only 5-6,000 years old.

What we are experiencing now is a transfer of power from Darkness to Light; for the past several thousand years, Darkness had 80 percent of the power and now, Light is taking the dominant powre position at 67 percent.

Why not 80 percent? Because the Michael and Lucifer Experiments are over and Spirit/God decided that all planets in the Multi-Verse (Nine Universes) would be governed by a new ratio of 67 percent Light and 33 percent Darkness.

OK. It’s not 80 percent but it is still twice the power that Darkness has.

But, Merln, you keep writing about Light taking over, but when and where? Well, we actually entered into the Photon Belt/Aquarius on December 22, 2012, but the energy had to be transitioned into before Light (or Right-Spin) could use it. This transition has been slowly building up enough power/powre for Light to take the actions it wants.  To most of us, it looks as if Darkness is growing in power as we watch ISIS on the march and Iran spreading its tentacles, but Light is bidding it’s time for action.

By mid-May, 2015, Light will have enough powre to start the Earth Changes that I have been writing about since 2011. Yes, the trigger events will happen first.

This is the time to start preparing for massive changes in our world. If you are a Darkness oriented Left-Spinner, you and millions (or, perhaps, billions) like you will probably not survive. Yes, you are immortal and your soul or essence will not die, but you will have to chose another planet for you next re-birth.

Love, Light and Laughter,


May is the only “5” or “14” month in the Year

OK. It’s Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and we are about to enter into the May energy envelope. Each month has it’s own energy and May is set up by the only two months that have five letters, March and April.

What is this? It’s a lesson in practical numerology. May is the only month in the year that is directly associated with the number 5; it’s the fifth month. As readers of this blog already know, any 5 is really a 14 and 14 is the “Creation” number.

Alright. What is so special about May, 2015? Like it, or not, 2015 is THE year of transition from Darkness/Left-Spin energy to Light/Right-Spin energy.

For those who don’t know, Darkness is characterized as Left leaning; D-A-R-K is also L-E-F-T. Darkness is also all about fear, force, control and resistance-to-change-for-the-better. Darkness is also Chaos and, in keeping with it’s focus on fear, force and control, it is also Destruction (especially of Civilization).

From an esoteric perspective, Darkness is also pure potential and is the source of everything that has been, or ever will be Manifested; all things Manifested are of the Light. Darkness actually created Light one moment when it asked itself if THIS was all there IS. Ever since, Darkness has been trying to put Light back in the bottle.

Wait a second, aren’t Conservatives all about resistance to change? Yes, in a world dominated by Darkness and Big Government/Collective approaches, the Right has tried to maintain independence, self-reliability and self-responsibility and, yes, sometimes, the Right has tried to preserve the wrong things. But, remember, most of us are oriented towards Darkness as it has been the dominant energy on Earth for the past 6,480 years.

OK. Got it. What is Light? Just like Dark is Left, L-I-G-H-T is R-I-G-H-T; this is where the terms Left-Spin and Right-Spin come from. Left-Spin is counterclockwise and Right-Spin is clockwise. Light is the opposite of fear, force and control; it is Order, Freedom, Choice, Truth, Love, Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility, Integrity and Civilization.

Many people in our world are missing the Civilization gene; it can be characterized as the Consideration Gene or thinking of others as well as ourselves. Left-Spinners frequently have this problem as they are so focused on fear of not getting what they want or on, somehow, missing out on something that they feel entitled to.

OK. Right-Spin is taking over; Light is taking over from Darkness. Wait a second, isn’t Darkness in the ascendancy now? Isn’t Islam on the march? Aren’t Muslims killing Christians all over the place? What about Russia and Iran getting a Nuke? What about Obama giving the farm away?

I admit, it does not look so well, right now. My internal guidance tells me that THIS is the Darkness before the Dawn; THIS is the high-water mark of Darkness. THIS is a far as their stored Dark energies will carry them as the energies are not being replenished.

OK. Back to topic. May is the only Creation Month in the Year. We think of May Flowers and the Springing of Spring. It has taken until the end of April, but Right-Spin energy is fully empowered and will be actively opposing Darkness starting in May.

Why May? Because it is the Creation Month; if you are going to start a major project, like cleaning up the mess left by Darkness, May is the time to do so. Every day in May is a Creation Day. The existing single, double and triple Creation Days in May are more powerful. See my Home Page for more understanding.

Where does one begin? Start with the Major Dark Actors like Putin, Obama and the leaders of Iran and ISIS. Simple, take them off the board, send them back to Spirit where they can do no more harm. Does Light/Right-Spin have the powre to do that? Yes, in May and beyond.

What about the Major Dark Forces like Islam with it’s stone-age approach to women? That too, is losing it’s power; it has had 80 percent of the power behind it since it’s inception around 1,100 years ago. It has been spread by the sword ever since and we are seeing that again today. It is OK to kill anyone who is an “infidel” or unbeliever, or, especially if they are women, turn them into sex slaves. Jihad is a core tenant of the Quran; there is nothing extremist about it. Islam is not a religion; it is a political movement, a theocracy that does not allow other beliefs to exist after it has seized power. In Saudi Arabia, you can be sentenced to a year in prison for having a Bible, even if it is on a memory stick or on your hard drive.

If you are a Muslim, you must bow down toward Mecca at least four times-a-day. Why? Mecca is where the Quaba is; it is a six foot cube of Obsidian with hard, sharp edges and corners. This cube of Obsidian feel from the heavens in this configuration and is the Home of Allah. So…if you are a Muslim, you must bow down and worship Allah, in his Home. This cube is also the Home of Darkness; Allah is Darkness. This makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Alright. What can be done about Islam, Darkness and Allah? Simple, cover them in water as the ultimate cleanser or utterly destroy them in catastrophic earthquakes or both. This is what is going to happen to the Muslim peoples and lands. Whoa, are you saying that this is going to happen to all of the -istans, Iran, the Saudi Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, Northern and Western Africa, Somalia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei? Yes, yes, yes and yes.

What about the Muslims living in the West? They will be sent back to Spirit as well; Darkness will be “rooted” out. Wow, that will be a major change in our world!

I have talked a lot about Darkness, but the change that is coming is all about Light; fear is losing it’s grip. Force and control are being replaced with enlightened consent based on Order. The whole concept of Law Enforcement is so Dark as is the notion that ignorance of the Law is no excuse with thousands of pages of law and regulation. Our current Laws will be replaced with common sense Laws that every Kindergarten Kid will  know and understand. We are moving into a much BETTER Place.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Right-Spin Energy is Something NEW

For thousands of years Humans have been talking about Light and Darkness, Good and Evil or Good and Bad or Right and Wrong or Angels and Demons and most of us have tried to be on the Light or Good or Right or on the side of the Angels.

OK. Now, we have entered Aquarian Energies and I have written about the Light taking over. While that is true, the Light has taken over, there is a more profound shift that is occurring; Right-Spin is a discreet energy that is coming into its own powre.

Many of us have watched Bill O’Reilly talk about the spin stopping and we all know what “Spin Doctors” do in the Media; they obfuscate or confuse or just plane lie.

What is Right-Spin energy? Next time you watch the weather and they talk about a High Pressure system, it spins clockwise or to the Right. Similarly, Low Pressure systems spin counter-clockwise or to the Left. This tells us that there are, and have been all along, these two types of energy in everything. What I am saying is that EVERYTHING is composed of a combination of Left-Spin and Right-Spin energies; rocks, plants, water, air, animals and Humans. In the weather systems above, Low Pressure systems bring wind and rain and High Pressure systems bring sunshine and warm, dry air; both are absolutely essential for the Earth to be fruitful. Same with the Left- and Right-Spin in Humans; both of these energies must be present; we call our Left-Spin energy Demons and see the synergy with Darkness (fear, force, control and resistance-to-change) and our Right-Spin energy Angels and see the synergy with Light (freedom, choice, truth, love, and change-for-the-better).

So…there are animals that are oriented more towards Left-Spin than Right-Spin? Yes, Killer Whales, Tiger Sharks and Bull Sharks are definitely more Left-Spin, same with Coyotes and most pest types insects (ants, termites, roaches, mosquitoes, etc.). Most creatures that live in Hives are Left-Spinners, but the Honey Bee is an exception; Killer Bees are definitely Left-Spinners.

What about Humans? Most Humans, because we are so smart, have chosen to be born with a strong Left-Spin orientation. Why? Because Darkness, which is also Left-Spin, has been the dominant energy on the Planet for the past 6,480 years and the vast majority of us have decided we wanted our lives easier and went with the dominant power.

Is it possible to be 50/50? Yes, but most people chose to be 60/40 or higher and people who want to take advantage of the dominant power orient themselves in the 80-99 percent range; where do you think most of the $Billionaires come from?

Right-Spin powre is being empowred on April 1st, 2015. How is Right-Spin powre different than the Light taking over? The Light is taking over broadly, kind of at 10,000 feet and the excesses of Darkness are being handled, but with a lot of averaging.  Conversely, Right-Spin energy will be available to drill down and take on Darkness very specifically, like getting rid of very Dark Assholes who are still making too much trouble.

With Right-Spin energy, people like Obama, the leaders of ISIS/ISIL, the leaders of Iran can all be sent “Home” early. The strategy is called “decapitation” and, somehow, fits the present circumstances well.

Love, Light and Laughter,


New Capabilities

As an American, I grew up with the notion that we could, at least some of us, have super powers. I loved SuperMan with his X-Ray Vision that could also be used to heat things up. I was thinking about the movie versions that I have seen of both SuperMan and Green Lantern and what the message was for me.

One of the insights that I received this morning is the notion that we can use our vision as an emitter as well as a receiver. Most of us are totally clueless about how things really work in the world; take seeing, for instance. When we “look” at something and put our “focus” on it, we send a visual representation of ourselves to a point halfway to that object or person. That object or person also sends a visual representation of themselves to us at the halfway point and there is an exchange of visual representations that gets processed in our brains.

Wait a second, you are saying, at least for “seeing”, that everything has a certain amount of awareness; it must, to be able to send visual signals to everything around it (from all angles). Yes, we are all One at certain levels.

OK. You can believe me, or not, but let’s move forward with the premise. What if we can also use our eyes as transmitters of our Chi/Xi? What if we can send signals out like an X-Ray or Sonar or Radar and wait for the return?  What if we can send a Laser Beam out through our eyes? That would be a version of the Heat Ray that SuperMan has.

Let’s take this a bit further. Just as vision is viewed as a passive event, which I just explained is not so, voice is viewed as an active event. We transmit our voices out of our mouths to communicate.

Some of us have more power/powre in our voices than others; some are louder, some have more range, some have higher or lower pitches. As an example, Hitler had the power to mesmerize his audiences; this was a voice power.

What if, like the Laser Beam in our eyes, we could take voice powre and put it in a tight beam that was inaudible? Would that be a way to use our active voice powre kinetically? What a concept and the answer that I am getting internally is YES to both the vision and voice.

OK. How does one go about turning these new powres on? Easy answer, set your intention; that is how you create. This is an entirely new notion for most, if not all, but now, you can create these new powres if you choose.

Have fun with this. I am going to use it to break up a cataract in my right eye. Why not? If I can transmit out, it is the same approach as using ultrasound to break it up by transmitting inward. Who knows, I may even be able to generate a beam of ultrasound to do it from within. It all depends on how much you are willing to limit yourself.

Love, Light and Laughter,


The FEAR People are Leaving; say Good Riddence

When I say that Light has taken over, what does that mean?

It means that all of those people who traffic in Fear, Force and Control have lost their power/powre. It means that you do not have to be concerned about Identity Theft/Thieves or being robbed or being ripped-off.

If you think about it, our entire world has been running, for thousands of years, on the Fear principle; we must be prudent and lock the doors and windows and to walk in the Light (stay away from Dark corners). We must have laws that put Dark actors away in Jails/Prisons so that they cannot do more harm; but they keep being released and doing more harm anyway.

We used to have swift justice, but fear about due process has made that a mockery. We warehouse Terrorists at GTMO and release them in dribs and drabs instead of just killing them all. I mean really, they will kill as many of us as they can given the opportunity; their God tells them it is okay to kill unbelievers.

OK. Today’s post is all about what happens to all of the Bad Actors/Dark Assholes in our Prisons and Gangs and Drug Lord Organizations; all of these people are focused on using violence to achieve their ends. So… does Light want to rehabilitate them? NO, Light/Right-Spin is just going to kill them all.

Just think, you will not have to be fearful about someone/anyone assaulting you or trying to do you harm; they are all very Dark and will have no place here. Yes, they will be “forced” to leave/die.

So…if this applies to the local criminals,Gangs and Drug Lords, does this also apply to corrupt officials, police, judges, lawyers and politicians? Yes. What about the types who think it is OK to behead their captives? Oh, Yes, they will be among the first in line to leave/die.

But wait, in order to kill off Fear, you must be able/willing to kill off a huge number of people (men, women and children); yes, that is what is going to happen. Right now, we have far too many people who are oriented towards getting theirs at the expense of everyone else. We have far too many predators who think it is OK to take what they want. We have far too many Takers and not enough Makers.

Let me get this straight, you are telling me that somehow, Majikally, all of these Dark Assholes will be gone and the world will be run by people who are considerate, thoughtful, and, dare I say it, kind. Yes!

Will this happen overnight? No, but over the next couple of years; the Great Departure should be completed by the end of 2017.

How? I don’t know, but disease will be a big player. Catastrophic changes to the Earth will also be a big player; when all of China sinks into the ocean, suddenly, that’s a lot of people leaving. India will also experience sudden, massive departures from collapsed land and giant earthquakes.

OK. This is a hugely important distinction; all of these departures (deaths) will be based on the energetic orientation of the person leaving. If you are a strong Left-Spinner, you are leaving. If you have a significant amount of Reptilian DNA, you are leaving. Conversely, if you are a Right-Spinner and do not have any/much Reptilian DNA, then you are staying; you will, somehow, survive the diseases and catastrophes.

Right-Spinners are able to go within and get guidance from their Spirit Guides. They will be guided as to where to be and what to do to survive. They will also be guided to survival centers where our Civilization, but a better Civilization, will continue.

Has this happened before? Why don’t we have a record of it? Yes, this happens every roughly 13,000 years and our records do not go back that far. It sounds like it is a bit unfair. Fairness is relative; it is a Dark term. This falls in the category of “Just IS.”

Love, Light and Laughter,



Looking for a Sign?

People of Faith are always looking for some kind of a “Sign” from Spirit; it can be great or small, but helps us to carry on in our Faith.

Well Folks, we just had a dilly of a Sign from Spirit; much of the United States and Europe had an unprecedented view of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. Why are they called “Northern Lights?” Because they can only, normally, be seen in Northern Lands.

What happened was the Sun emitted a very large Spot and it arrived here, at Earth, as a 4.5 out of 5 scaled event. This, after all, was a Light event.

OK. So what? Well, Light has been taking over and has just told anyone capable of listening that something new, and different, is happening.

Call this Northern Lights event a pre-trigger; it was an attention getter for those of us who are capable of paying attention.

I have written about “the” Trigger Events; violent explosions of Mount Vesuvius and Montserrat volcanoes simultaneously, a very large earthquake in Mexico City and Southern California and a giant earthquake in China that causes the Three Gorges Dams to fail. All of these events will be far more violent than “normal.” I am talking about a 12-14 on the Richter Scale. The earthquake that brings down the Dam will actually be the first of a series of giant quakes that cause much of China to collapse into the ocean.

I have written about the significant changes that accompany the entering of the Photon Belt or, in this case, Aquarian Energy; the Trigger Events described above will be very violent and will trigger an expansion of the diameter of Planet Earth. Earth will expand from it’s current diameter of 25,000 miles to 40,000 miles; the continents will grow further apart as has happened at least three times in the past.

This expansion event will occur suddenly and cause the destruction of most of our modern cities with their high-rise buildings. Oh well, we will rebuild, we have 13,000 years until we enter the Photon Belt in Leo.

For those of you who think I am saying this is the end of the world, think again; it is the start of a new world based on freedom, truth, integrity and other Right-Spin attributes.

I do not know when this great expansion will come. I do know that the Northern Lights event was a pre-trigger and that we, all, can start to watch for the next shoe to drop.

Many of us will die, but we are all immortal in Spirit and put on other lives like putting on a new suit. Equally, many of us will live and get to experience a world governed by freedom, truth, integrity and LOVE.

Love, Light and Laughter,


My Timing was Off, BUT…

I get a lot of interesting information from my chats with Spirit and share what I can with you all. But, these chats are a two-way dialogue/conversation and Spirit is always asking me what I think about things here in the world.

Spirit operates at a Macro or Big Picture Level and let’s the details sort themselves out. Prayer is useful for elevating those details for a more positive outcome.

One of my concerns that I have shared with Spirit is the inadequate approach to removing “bad” actors before they screw things up further. Yes, Light is “sweeping” and will find and correct Dark things and people as it finds them.

I wanted to focus Light to get more Dark Assholes and came up with a requirement for doing “Deep” Sweeps as of April 1st, but I have already written about those. They were not enough; there are too many people who are in positions of power who need to be gotten rid of.

Who are these people? The leaders of Iran, ISIS, the Wahhabists, Al Qaeda and all of the related terrorist groups are the obvious types; all of these Dark Assholes need to be gone as soon as possible (ASAP). Other obvious types include many of our Dark Leaders in Washington, DC.

I am not saying that I have the power to kill people or send them home to Spirit early. I am saying that I have the ability to nominate these people for Spirit’s consideration/judgement; I am sorta operating like a Prosecutor for the ultimate Judicial System. Guess what?, you too, may have this ability.

So… Who am I prosecuting? Who are these really Dark Assholes?

In order, but not necessarily in timing.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

John Boehner

Joe Biden

Barack Obama (aka Obozo)

Hillary Clinton

Harry Reid

Nancy Pelosi

George Soros

A bunch of other Senators, Congressmen, Political Appointees, Staffers, Lobbyists, Generals, Bureaucrats and Labor Leaders.

Here’s the plan. The current Speaker of the House dies, suddenly and is replaced by a Right-Spinning/Light Speaker of the House. Joe Biden dies suddenly and, then Obozo dies suddenly. The new Speaker of the House becomes the new President of the US and Light has taken over with little fuss.

Hey, this is just a Wish List from a Right-Spinning, Right-Thinking Being of the Light. This is not a threat against their lives; I just wish that they would all leave/die early as it would make the world a better place. Is it Okay if I am saying that I wish you were dead without any further action?

Love, Light and Laughter,


The Pleiadians are Watching with Intense Interest

The Pleiadians all come from the same Star System as we do; they know the impact of transitioning into, and out of, the Photon Belt. We call it Aquarian Energy, but it is a very disruptive energy.

The Pleiadians have been watching us as we approached this Light Energy; they have a base on the Far side of the Moon and a Flotilla of Ships out beyond Neptune.  They also keep a watchful eye on Nibiru, also known as Planet X, out beyond Pluto; Nibiru is the home planet of the Annunaki who live in the warm, hollow interior. Pleiadian ships, large and small, have been responsible for many thousands of UFO sightings, but the “crashes” have been Gray ships that were shot down by the Pleiadians

The Annunaki and the Gray races have been conquered by the Reptilian Overlords and used as Scouts and Allied development. The arrival of the Grays and Annunaki here, in this sector of the Universe, was tolerated by the Pleiadians until their Reptilian Overlord arrived and attacked the seven Pleiadian Home Worlds; in the initial attacks, the Reptilian Overlords successfully conquered and eradicated Pleiadian Humans on two of those home worlds in the Atlas and Maia Star Systems.

After epic space battles with the Reptilian Overlords, the Pleiadians drove them out of this sector of the Universe, at least for now. The home worlds in Atlas and Maia have been repopulated.

The Pleiadians came to Earth and interfered directly, which is against their Prime Directive, because the Annunaki, Grays and Reptilian Overlords had already done so. They destroyed the forces of the Reptilian Overlords here on Earth (or thought they did) and put down a Pleiadian Human landing party of 50,000 warrior/colonists in what we call Europe. Why there? Because the Annunaki had depopulated the area in their hunt for Neanderthal females to make slave peoples from; the Neanderthal people were the most advanced of the Earth Primates and made the best, administrative slaves. We call these administrative slaves Jews, today.

In their battles with the Reptilian Overlords, the Pleiadians maintained Space/Air Superiority and kept the Reptilian Forces here on Earth in their large, underground Hives. Eventually, the Pleiadians destroyed the four Hives that they knew about, but the Reptilians had a hidden, Hive, under the ice in Antarctica which they used to repopulate their five Hives from.

My point with this Post is to help you understand that Earth is considered to be an Enemy World by the Pleiadians. But, it is also considered to have Friendly Pleiadian Human populations. If it were not for these Pleiadians Humans on Earth, the Pleiadians would have dropped big space rocks on us a while ago. They would have destroyed the Reptilians-Primate Slave populations and repopulated Earth with Pleiadian Humans like they did in Atlas and Maia.

So…They are in a quandary; what to do? Fortunately, from their perspective, they do not have to do anything as Earth will be going through Major Changes related to the new, Photon Belt energies. I have written about these Earth Changes that are very near. Many of the Enemy Peoples will be destoyed by these impending Changes.

Why are they “Enemy” peoples? Because the Annunaki and Grays put Mind Control and the Hive Swarm DNA into their slave peoples. This is why there are so many people who are easily lead by the Politicians and a decided tilt towards “Big” Government in so many. The Pleiadians are not going to let these Enemy peoples leave the Planet; it is as simple as having the wrong DNA.

OK. I am going to switch gears and talk about the Darkest-of-the-Dark again. There is an entirely new paradigm being played out now; everyone with a 60% or more orientation towards Fear, Force and Control (Darkness) will be leaving; Light will sweep clean. This is the same group where most of the Reptilian-Primate slave peoples fit; those who survive will have more options.

The Pleiadians are well aware of the interplay between Light and Darkness during these transition periods (Photon Belt) and realize that circumstances may take care of their problem or at least make it more manageable.

The Pleiadians are amongst us; they are watching and waiting with great interest in our shared outcome.

Love, Light and Laughter,



Update on my Last Post

Getting information from Spirit is very much a process of interpretation with all of the Human/Newman biases that get in the way. The other problem is timing as the “what” that is happening is supposed to be “accurate.” but the timing is always up-in-the-air.

Having said that, the timetable for the take-over of Light is accurate; it started on March, the 1st, 2015 in Western Australia.

OK. Here’s the part that I misinterpreted; as of April 1st (Fools Day), the Darkest-of-the-Dark removal program is put in place everywhere. This programs does not have to wait until the “Blanket” Sweep has occurred; it goes into effect worldwide on April 1st.

So…We don’t have to wait to get rid of these really Dark Assholes, especially, in the Middle East or Washington DC. Spring and Summer 2015 will be an eventful time on Planet Earth; for those of us staying, we will, finally, get to see a change in Mankind with a major diminishment of fear.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Light has Taken Over; How and When?

I knew Light started it’s take-over of Planet Earth on March 1st, 2015, but I assumed it was happening everywhere, all at once. Wrong assumption.

Light started it’s “blanket” take-over in Western Australia on March 1st. By “Blanket”, I mean addressing areas of Dark excess uniformly whether they be “big” or “small.” It will take until the end of March for this blanket sweep to be completed and will include all of New Zealand. Why start “down-under”? Because Darkness had not yet had enough time down there to make a large mess; the clean-up was the easiest.

OK. Where next? Light will sweep Northward into the Pacific Island Nations and Eastward across the Pacific. It will sweep North America, to include Alaska and Mexico, from the West in April and May and Central America, the Caribbean Islands and South America in June. Light will sweep the Polar Regions (both Northern and Southern) in July.

In July, Light will sweep Eastward across Greenland, Iceland and the Westward edge of Europe, Norway. By the end of August, all of Europe from the European parts of Russia, to Eastern Europe and Greece will have been swept.

All of this time is a time for growing stronger and Light will need it for the Middle East, Africa, India and China. In September, Light will sweep the Caucasus, Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa. In November and December, Light will sweep Siberia, India, Tibet, China, the Koreas and Japan; saving the most populous places on Earth for last.

Alright. I have written about the departure of the Darkest-of-the-Dark; how does that fit in? After the general blanket sweeps, the next 30-days get re-swept for the people who have 90% and higher; those who did not get picked up in the general sweeps will be sent back to Spirit. The next 30-days after that, those with 80% and higher and so on until all the Dark oriented people who have 60% or higher have left.

So…this will be a multi-stage event that may last well into 2016 for India, China, the Koreas and Japan.

Note: With the exception of Indonesia and Malaysia, the core areas of Islam are all being saved for later in the year, when Light will have it’s greatest strength. Yes, Islam, in all of it’s forms, is Darkness.

Love, Light, and Laughter,