It’s Labor Day; So what’s new?

In my last post, I wrote about new Light templates being installed by the end of August. Yes! That actually happened.

What does that mean? I have written extensively about the impact of Darkness and Light in our world. Back in March, Darkness morphed into Turquoise and Light morphed into Aqua. As these colors are so close to each other, it allowed people to move back and forth easily; those who wanted to move towards the Light quickly could and vise versa. As of today, that easy transition is no longer available. Yes, it is now Darkness and Light again and the easy movement is gone or no longer possible.

In many previous posts I have described Darkness as having 80 percent of the power while we were in Taurus, Aries and Pisces and that we had moved into Aquarius as of December 22, 2012. Many of us expected to see immediate changes in the energies around us and were disappointed that everything always takes longer than we want it to. Think of a Super Tanker turning around and going the opposite direction; it takes many miles / kilometers to do so. This is what has been happening to the energy shift. The Dark templates were created using 80% of the power so they were very strong and remained in effect until the last day; yesterday, August 31st. OK. It’s now September 1st, have the new Aquarian Light templates been installed and have the old Dark templates been dissolved? Yes!!!

This means that all of those blocks that we have been trying to get rid of and couldn’t are now gone. If you have significant levels of Light, Darkness was able to identify you and put 80% level Blocks around you; this included sex, relationships, money, success, health, and, even, powers / powres. Now, all of those blocks are gone because Darkness could no longer sustain them. Yes, you can have money, success and health as well as all of the rest. Starting today, allow yourself to have what you have wanted for a long time.

So… We have new freedom, truth, choice, integrity templates and the old fear, force and control templates are gone. Does everything change for the better over-night? No. There is momentum and it could take as long as 90 days for the old Dark, man-made, organization and institution templates to lose all of their power, but by December 1st, 2014, the US Govt, Vladimir Putin, the UN, the EU, the One Worlders, the Islamite Jihadists, the Police / Security Forces / Law Enforcement, the Courts and Prisons, the Insurance Industry, the Medical / Health Establishment, Big Pharma, Big Education and, even the Military will be very much changed for the better. The energetic templates that supported their existence are no longer available; they will deflate like balloons growing smaller and smaller and eventually dropping to the ground to be stepped on. Everything, even business, will change for the better. The coming elections in the USA will be a giant wave of change. Who knows, we might be able to get rid of the feckless, Muslim-in-hiding, Barack Obama; maybe he’ll get sick and die or maybe we can impeach him. Either way, he needs to be gone; he is way too Dark.

The CHANGES are Here!

The 777 day has passed. It was a super Creation Day where big things could be created.  What happened? What was created?

To start, Money is now controlled by Beings of the Light (Aqua). Ok, what does that mean? For anyone alive on Earth for the past several thousands years, and that includes anyone reading this, Dark Beings have been in charge of Money. What this meant was that People who were oriented towards Darkness (you know, Fear, Force and Control) tended to receive most of the money. It also meant that if you were oriented towards the Light, you were only allowed to keep a small amount of money; just enough to live on.

Well…..that dynamic was changed on 7-7-2014. Now, all of those $Millionaires and $Billionaires who acquired their money through the use of Dark power (and that is nearly all of them), will experience a significant change; it is they that will no longer be able to hang on to their acquired wealth. The Money Angels have two missions; one is to give money to one group of people and the other is to take it away.

Now, people of the Light (Aqua) who were kept so limited, will begin to receive money, success and wealth easily. The flip side is that people who have so much will begin to lose it. Is this going to be a gradual thing? No, it will take about 90 days.

Wait a second, are you saying that there will be a huge transfer of wealth from one group of people to another and it will only take 90 days? No, but the process will be complete in 90 days and the transfer should be completed by the end of 2014.

You say, this is impossible. This is an Energy thing and it is being administered by Angels who are very intelligent and know where everything is hidden. There is no way for beings of Darkness (Turquoise) to hold on to wealth anymore; their accounts and deeds are turning into sieves that will no longer hold money energy. Yes, this means that a HUGE financial collapse is coming this summer; the DOW will be at 5,000 by end of August.

OK, are there other changes coming? Yes and it is Darkness-Light oriented as well. I have referred to it as the Great Return as in return to Spirit. When Spirits come here in a body, we are given a choice on whether to come here for Spiritual growth, personal challenges or just to have fun; like taking a vacation. Spiritual growth is always hard and most of us have opted to come here and use the predominant power which has been Darkness for the past 6,480 years. Say there are 7 Billion people on Earth at this moment; 13 out of 14 of them are here with an orientation towards Darkness. Many of those will be leaving (dying) and returning to Spirit to be reborn again on some other planet.

To help you understand, all of us come here with a certain starting percentage of both Light and Darkness. The Churches refer to this as the ever-going battle between Darkness and Light, but do not teach that we all are a mix of both and that we can chose to seek more Darkness or Light. The vast majority of people who came here with more Darkness than Light have chosen to acquire more Darkness (more Money from the Dark Angels). It is a very natural thing to do; go with the power flow, not against it. So…what is going to happen now? As of 777, all of those people who have 60% or more of Darkness will be asked to return to Spirit. They will not have a choice; they must leave. Energetically, they cannot stay.

How will this work? Will the Darkest of the Dark be returned first? Yes, but anyone at 60% or more can be returned at any time. What is the timing? Diseases in different locations will carry off most of those leaving, but any kind of death works. There will be large numbers leaving through catastrophic changes. The clock started ticking on 777 and 12 out of 14 will be gone by the end of 2015.

Any more? Yes, Majik has returned to the world, again, on 777. We have all been exposed to Super Heroes; the idea that people can have exceptional powers like flying or teleporting or jumping or just being able to manifest things quickly. All of those who do not leave, even if they are still oriented towards Darkness, will be receiving Majikal powres. Those with more Light will receive more significant powres.  All of the corpses, unused cars and empty homes/building can and will be “cleaned up” Majikally.

Love, Light and Laughter,


How does/did Money work?

For those of you who have been reading my Blog, you know that I have an orientation on Darkness and Light; now Turquoise and Aqua.

Have you ever wondered how a person could amass a $Billion or even many $Billions? It all has to do with the power that you could draw upon. Every single $Billionaire on the Planet had to use Darkness to amass their fortunes. More specifically, they used Dark Angels who rewarded people who were oriented towards Darkness and punished or limited people who were oriented toward the Light.

This state of affairs existed for the past 6,480 years when Earth was under the dominion of Darkness (Darkness had 80% of the power). That has changed and, now, Aqua/Light have 66.67% of the power. Accordingly, Aqua/Light Angels have the power to reward people oriented towards the Light/Aqua and also punish or limit people who are oriented towards Darkness/Turquoise.

OK. We all know or have heard of “Guardian Angels,” but what does that mean? From a Money perspective, Guardian Angels kept the Dark Angels from taking everything and required a basic level to live. Now the Guardian Angels new job will be to prevent the Aqua/Light Angels from taking everything away from the Turquoise-oriented who have acquired so much. Fear not, the Dark/Turquoise $Billionaires and $Multi-Millionaires will be reduced to a basic level to live. They will become “Dead Broke;” I mean really.

Why is this happening? When we moved into Aquarius energy on December 22nd, 2012, we moved into an energy where Light was the dominant power and we have, now, completed the power shift or transition. Now, Light/Aqua Angels can begin to reward those people who are oriented towards Aqua and Light. And yes, it is their job to punish or limit those who are oriented towards Darkness/Turquoise.

Wait a second, you are saying that the flows of money energy are the work of Angels? Most definitely! Money is giveth and taken away; some can keep it and others watch it slip away. Money is energy and so are Angels. Traditionally, precious metal coins and cash and gems/jewels have been the province of the Angels, but our world has embraced digital money in networks and magnetic storage devices. To make this all work, the Angels enlisted a more basic form of energy called Elementals; these are also responsible for all pleasures and pains.

Whenever there is a shift in power between Darkness and Light, the Angels and Elementals are deeply affected. This shift in power is actually happening right now; new templates are being installed and the old, Darkness-oriented templates are being removed/fading away. The shift in Money Angels will occur at midnight on July 7th, 2014; an incredibly powerful 14-day. Angels also administer the energy we call Success or Luck or Fame and these too, will be shifted on 7-7-2014 (7-7-7). Fame and Fortune go together; now you see how.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Our World Appears to be so DARK

All of our systems appear to be malfunctioning at a systemic level.

Our Governments are way to big and intrusive. They appear to be corrupt, incompetent and unaccountable. Our Education system is wildly expensive and is, no longer, worth it. Student loans have made many young people members of the “company store.” Our Medical/Health systems are far too expensive and everyone is experiencing “rationed” care in the form of increasing wait times. Insurance has ruined the Doctor-Patient relationship. The Police and the Courts seem to be focused on “shaking us all down” for fines and letting the murderers and rapists out for over-crowding. Elon Musk has released his patents because the only people who win are the big companies and the lawyers. What about the release of terrorist commanders? What about the US training the ISIS in Jordan? What about this continual need to feed the Military-Industrial Complex? We are, finally, coming home from Afghanistan and, now, we have “military” issues in the Ukraine, but the Europeans are not biting so we now manufacture a “crisis” in Iraq.

Folks, this is the Darkness before the Dawn; it really could not get much darker without going over the edge. Fortunately, we are not going over the edge and are about to pull back and move towards safety. We moved out of Pisces on December 22, 2012. We were ruled by Darkness for the past 6,480 years and all of our laws (codes, statutes, rules), organizations and institutions were based on fear, force and control, other names for Darkness. It has taken 18 months for the new, Aquarian energies to take over. Don’t ask me why 18 months, but there is always a brief transition from one energy to another; after all, we will be in Aquarian (Aqua) energy for the next 2,160 years at a minimum.

So how is Aqua/Light different? Simple, it is based on order, but intelligent, informed, responsible, voluntary order. But wait, what about all of those people who are not intelligent, informed and responsible; how will they function without fear, force and control? Again, simple, they won’t. They will not have a choice. They will no longer be welcome here on Planet Earth and will have to leave (die). Vast numbers of these fear-based beings will be leaving and returning to Spirit to be born again on many other Planets, but not Earth.

Earth is like a hot-air balloon that is getting ready to lift off (ascend), but it cannot because it has too many sandbags tied to it’s basket. Each sandbag represents millions of low-energy beings who are dragging Gaia down and they must be cut. Only when enough low-energy beings have left, can Gaia ascend.

In a recent post, I wrote that new templates would be installed between June and September; that is still true, but the installation date is actually June 22nd and the templates have been in preparation for the past 18 months. The first significant impacts of these new templates will be felt on July 7th, 2014 (that is a 7+7+7). You say that adds up to 21. No, it is the most significant day of this decade; it is a 14 day that actually makes six different 14s and they are all made from 7s.

What do I mean by “impact”? It will be like we have been hit by several good-sized meteors; all of our laws, organizations and institutions are going to break down and it will appear that chaos reigns. Out of chaos will come order, but without fear or force or control. Yes, we will still have the Internet and Smart Phones and Apps and Credit Cards/Digital Money. Money will still flow so we can buy food and pay the rent, but banking will change. Governments will change. The Social Contract will change; handouts will cease to be. Instead of turning to Big Government, those who remain will get sustenance and guidance from within; this has always been the case, but Darkness has fooled a lot of people.

Over the next three months, we will all experience the Shift of the Ages at the start of a new Great Year cycle.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Energy Centers/Chakras – What they mean?

On this site, I write about the five Platonic Solids and what they mean; the Tetrahedron is the Fire-being shape, the Hexahedron is the Earth-being shape, the Octahedron is the Air-being shape, the Icosahedron is the Water-being shape and the Dodecahedron in the Spirit-being shape.

We are all born here as Fire-beings and our MerKaBas are made up of two phase-shifted Tetrahedrons. For those of you who have transformed yourselves into Newmen/Newomen, you have put yourself on a path of becoming an Earth-being and higher levels of attainment. This is also a path to becoming a 4th Dimensional being and higher.

OK. What does this have to do with Chakras or Energy Centers? When we are born, we are actually in our Heart Chakra; that is where the processing center is. That is where decisions are made; not the brain.

As you become an Earth-being (see my Transform Yourself – Guided Meditation page), you transport yourself into your Throat Chakra. As you become an Air-being, your home is your Third-Eye. As you become a Water-being, your home is your Crown Chakra. Whoa, we’ve run out of Chakras. Not true, we all have a connection Chakra with our Spirit Guide; it is 6 inches above our Crown Chakra and it the location we move to when we become a Spirit-being; this allows us to be with Spirit and still be here in the PHYSICAL where all the fun is.

This is an insight that I have had for a while and wanted to share.

Love, Light and Laughter,


New Templates being Installed in June-August

First, to address all of the “bad” stuff happening out there; this IS the Darkness before the DAWN. An old cliche, but apropos.

On June 1st, the new Aquarian energy templates began to be installed in our world; they will take approximately 90 days to be fully installed or until September 1st, 2014.

I’ve written about templates, but will give the full explanation here for new readers. Whenever we move from one House of the Zodiac to another, there are always energetic adjustments. For example, the herbs, plants, bark and roots that healed us in the old energy, do not always heal us the same way or even at all, in the new energy.

On December 22, 2012, we moved out of Pisces and into Aquarius; we moved out of follow the leader (follow the school) energy into go your own way energy. For many of us, we wanted the energy shift to be instantaneous, but it has taken 18 months and will be complete on June 22, 2014, the Summer Solstice.

Our world has been in Taurus (Herding Cattle), Aries (Flocking Sheep) and Pisces (Schooling Fish) for the past 6,480 years. These are all follow-the-leader energies and explains why we have such a male-dominated, hierarchical structure in our world. We are told to go to the authority figure for answers and to never trust ourselves. Think about the importance of the word “School” in our world; we go to schools and there are schools of thought and we “school” together like “bait balls” or Lemmings going over the cliff.

After each transition from one of these “follow-the-leader” energies, the basic energetic templates did not change significantly; everyone knew what a bed or table or house, but in Pisces we did get a whole host of new things that needed templates; trains, cars, trucks, airplanes, electricity, appliances, mainframe computers, communications networks, PCs/Macs, the Internet and Smart Phones/Tablets and Apps. These, and many others like them, all came in the last 100 or so years of Pisces where there was significant overlap with the energies of Aquarius/Light.

Ok. Look around yourself. You see stuff like walls and floors and ceilings, buildings, transportation vehicles, beds, tables, clothes, electronic devices, shoes, etc. These are all examples of slowed down energy to make physical things for our use. All of us are the same and everyone and everything is based on an energetic template. Each template can have many variations.

Here’s the deal, for the past 6,480 years, we have been in energy that was dominated by Darkness; fear, force, control and resistance to change. We have, now, moved into Light/Aqua and many of the old energetic templates which supported fear, force and control will not be renewed.  As an example, the US GOVERNMENT will cease to exist. Same with the EU, the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, the WHO, the WTO, NAFTA. This will also apply to all of the Central Banks whose primary function is to reduce the value of money/ create inflation.

All of our institutions and organizations will undergo significant changes; the Medical/Health community, the Education community, Insurance, Law Enforcement/Courts/Lawyers/Politicians, Banks, the Business community and the Military. By the end of 2014, all of these organizations and institutions will have undergone major changes to make them free-er with far more and better choices for everyone.  Many of these old energy organizations will not be able to transition and will just fade away. Our world will be changing in many new and wonderful ways over the next six months; embrace the changes.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Great Changes; About to Begin

The energetic balance in our world is changing, now.  In May, the forces of change are finally making themselves felt.  Changes are starting to occur that people are wondering why they did not happen sooner.  For example, in the world of politics, why did it take so long for the Select Committee on Benghazi? Or why did it take so long to deal with Lois Lerner and the IRS Targeting. These are both wonderful examples of corruption and stone-walling and cover-up.

I have written about Darkness and Light a lot on this website.  People do not seem to understand that everybody and everything is a combination of Darkness and Light; that means people, organizations and things.

Most of us are quite comfortable “sitting on the fence” between these two forces; these are the people who we think of as ‘salt-of-the-Earth” or “Good” people. These are the people who like some freedom, but also like to be fearful and told what to do or think.

For the past six and a half thousand (6,480) years, Darkness, now Turquoise, has had the vast majority of ruling power in our world and most people chose to be oriented towards that power when they came here. Say there are 7 billion people on Earth today; 13 out of 14 of them are oriented towards Darkness/Turquoise. What does that mean? All of these people have at least a 51 percent orientation towards fear, force and control and 75 percent of these have a 60 percent or higher focus.

It is called “go with the flow” or “go with the power” and most people came here (were born) with an acceptance of using Darkness as it had 80 percent of the power. That is changing now. We officially moved into Aquarian energy on December 22nd, 2012, but the energetic momentum flows have not changed until now, in May, 2014.

Now, Darkness/Turquoise has only 33.333 percent of the power and Light/Aqua is using its power/powre to make increasingly bigger changes.

I have written about templates; these are underlying energetic forms that define everything in our physical world.  Think of bed, table, chair, couch, TV, knife, fork, house, car, airplane, computer, smart phone, Internet, credit card, bank account; these are all based on energetic templates. There are many different types of each of these, but again, are all based on an underlying energetic templates.

For the past six and half thousand years, these templates have been based on the dominant energetic force – Darkness, now, Turquoise. What does that mean? It means that these things could be taken from you. It means that you had to protect these things. You had to be fearful of losing them. It means that you could use force and control to take these things away from people. Think ruling through the barrel of a gun or a sword. Think of paying taxes or going to jail. Think of Big Out-of-Control. Governments at the local, State/Regional and National levels.

So…. Why has it taken so long for Light/Aqua to assert itself? New templates is the answer. All of the templates for everything in our world have been changed to reflect freedom, choice, truth, self-containment and change-for-the-better. What does this mean? It means that what you create is yours; it cannot be taken away. Yes, you can chose to give it away, but it cannot be taken away. Thieves, rapists and politicians cannot take what they want or steal your money or stuff.  Re-distribution in the name of fairness is a template that no longer exists.  Fairness, itself, is a template that does not exist anymore.

What about the force used by the Government? The Law Enforcement Community, you know, those people who force us to obey the statutes and regulations even if there are too many of them and they do not make sense. Jails and Prisons? The corrupt Court System? The worthless United Nations? The templates for all of these have been changed or dissolved as well. In the near future, we will not need policemen, or jails or prisons or permanent legislators or lawyers or doctors or judges.

Whoa! What about the thieves, rapists and politicians? Won’t they be running amok? No, they are all significantly oriented towards Darkness/Turquoise and they will be departing (dying) in large numbers. Light/Aqua is a new broom and it will sweep clean.

Once this process begins, it will become very visible to everyone and it will accelerate. These people will die and be replaced by Light/Aqua-oriented people.  Most of the people who have all of the success and wealth got it with Dark power; there will be a reversal and they will lose it. It will be astonishing and breath-taking in its scope.

Those people who survive, the Light/Aqua-oriented people, will wake up one-day, and realize that we are all in a new “Golden” Age and in a world where Majik has returned.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Humans have changed; it’s actually happened

We all keep hearing that the Earth is billions of years old and that modern man has only been around for a few thousand years, at least, here on Earth. So…We tend to think that major changes in mankind must be made slowly, over time.

That is the view of the evolutionists; survival of the fittest, but gradually,over time.  There are scientists, however, that believe mutations can come along that can change things much more rapidly. The issue is the survival of the mutation and the spread of the mutation to a core group.

I am the first of these mutated Humans, but I wasn’t born with mutated DNA; I learned how to transform my own DNA. It did not involve any labs or test tubes or microscopes; it was all within me.

Back in May of 2002, I figured out how to re-configure energetic elements within my Inner Heart.  I have written a post on how to find your Inner Hearts. The Inner Heart is the 14th Chakra or Energy Center and it is also the control center for all of your body’s energy flows. Making changes in your Inner Heart makes changes throughout your body; that is where you go to make changes to your DNA.

I have a guided meditation for any of you who want to go to your Inner Heart and change your own DNA; I will post it as a new page on this site.

Ok. I am the first X-man, but in the past 12-years, Spirit has sent me 650 others who have transitioned into being X-men as well. Perhaps X-men is a misnomer as more than 625 of these new Humans are women.  I call these new X-beings, “Newmen or Newomen”.

This site is called Hexahedron1 as I was the first being to put myself into a cube; Plato refereed to the cube as a Hexahedron and it is one of his Platonic Solids and represents the Earth-being shape.

We all come here as Fire-beings and our energetic shape is the Tetrahedron or four-sided triangle. For those of you who know what a Mer-Ka-Ba is and what it looks like, it is two Tetrahedrons merged and phase-shifted with one representing female, one male and the merged two, Spirit.

I transformed myself from a Human Fire-being to a Newman Earth-being and you can as well. It is a matter of going into your Inner Heart, finding the screening room and installing the Newman/Newoman software. Even if you are not yet ready to put yourself into the cube, by installing the software, you put yourself on a new path. As I keep writing, it is all about Intent.

I am a mutant, but a self-directed one; I chose to transform myself. See my post on Newman Manifesto. My DNA is not 12 or 24 strands, it is 72 and much of it is invisible in this physical world.

Why am I writing this, now? Am I painting a target on my back? No. It has taken the world 12-years to get accustomed to my new Earth-being energies; by that I mean it has taken 12-years to have these new energies integrated into the old energies so that they could be used.

Finally, I can begin to use the powers/powres my Spirit Guide has been telling me about. For any of us beings here, 12 years is a long time to wait, but Spirit is amused at our impatience; it was but a blink of an eye. Having said that, it is a huge change in mankind here on Earth as well as on the thousands of other Human planets in our Multiverse.

What’s the big deal? We all have a piece of the Hologram that is Spirit when we are born; Human have a much bigger piece than Dolphins, Cats, Dogs, Horses and Whales. Everything; Chimps, Gorillas, Orangutans, Cattle, Sheep, Chickens, Sharks, Wolves, Bears even down to plants and rocks have a small piece of this awareness. Yes, we are all One.

By transforming yourself into a Newman/Newoman, you get a much larger piece of the Hologram than Humans; it is about 1000 times larger or ten orders of magnitude. Newmen are above Humans like Humans are above Dolphins.

Having said that, all of us Newmen have been Human first; none of us were born with this mutation.  We all know what it is like to be Human and not know what to do or where to turn to for answers.

Newmen/Newomen are much more “connected” to Spirit and KNOW where to go for answers and allow themselves to “guided” what to do.

Another important difference is that transforming yourself can only be accomplished by beings that are oriented towards the Light or Aqua; you must be a believer and practitioner in freedom, choice, truth, integrity, self-responsibility. You MUST be a Right-spinner. No crooks or corruption allowed.

As of today, no bullets, guns or bombs or SWAT Teams can harm me. They cannot capture me or inject me or lock me away; whatever “they” try to do on me, they end up doing to themselves.  It is a wonderful “boomerang” effect that applies to the sniper pulling the trigger or the pilot shooting a missile and those up the chain-of-command who ordered the action.

In the coming days, all 650 New-beings will have this same powre and others less defensive. Just imagine, instead of 5 or 6 X-men fighting the bad guys, it will be 650 and they will all be self-directed from within. Ruling through the barrel of gun or a knife, sword or spear is over.

Love, Light and Laughter,


What is “Dark Matter”?

This is a comment on the following article a friend sent me.

The Fifth Element
by Owen K Waters

The legendary Fifth Element holds the key to the answer to one of today’s top mysteries in the worlds of physics and cosmology. Scientists estimate that 84% of the matter in the universe is composed of invisible dark matter, but they have no idea what it is. With a short venture into the world of metaphysics, you are about to find out the answer!

Partially right. He doesn’t address the manifested (Light) and unmanifested (Darkness). The manifested is the physical and the unmanifested is energy that can be called “pure potential” ready to be used for anything. He, and others, call this Dark Matter, but all matter is manifested and is the work of Light.

Look at a corner in a room; it doesn’t matter where the corner is or it’s orientation.  There are three planes coming together; height, depth and width or our three dimensions. The right-hand plane is always two energies; hot/heat flows towards the corner and cold flows away from the corner.  We tend to think of cold as the absence of heat, but it is a separate distinct energy with its own properties. The left-hand plane is always Darkness and Light; Light flows towards the corner and Darkness away. The horizontal plane (either floor or ceiling) is always Magnetism and Gravity; with Magnetism flowing to the corner and Gravity away.

These are the fundamental forces in our world.  We, Humans, have dominion over Light, Heat and Magnetism; the three that flow towards the corner. We create the Light, Heat and Magnetism primarily by use of electricity, but we have sure burned a lot of wood and coal as well. So, what happens when the light goes out? The darkness comes back very quickly. Same with when we stop heating something, it becomes cold automatically. Cold, Darkness and Gravity are constants that we can only overcome with Heat, Light and Magnetism. I know, you are thinking of an airplane, but it uses heat and electro-magnetism in its engines. Another oddity is air conditioning, but that is based on compressed gas and heat exchangers which require electricity which must use magnetism for generation.

As we Humans become more advanced Spiritually, we have figured out how to travel in trains and cars and how to fly and how to cool our spaces with Air Conditioning.  This only comes with growth in the Light; all technology comes from the Light (Creative Force). Now, there is a lot of thinking and talking about the Zero-Point-Energy (ZPE) field which is “pure potential” and is what he called the God Field. This is the unmanifested stuff waiting for Intention.

To access the ZPE or God Field, we Human must become more focused in the use of our Intention. Yes, we are all creators, created in the image of our Creator and, yes, we can all manifest stuff, but some of us are better at it than others. So….there is something else going on.

Intention has two forms; one spins to the Left and tends to stabilize creation.  It also destroys. Left is also Dark or Fear, Force and Control with resistance to change-for-the-better. Right spin Intention is the creation force; it is life giving and drives new ideas, concepts, inventions.  Right is also Light or Freedom, Choice, Truth, Love, Responsibility and change-for-the-better. Both kinds of Intention are required, but, in our world, 13 out of 14 people are oriented towards Left Spin Intention.

The problem with this is that we have just moved into a space where Right-spin Intention will dominate for thousands of years; Left-spinners will be leaving in great numbers over the next five years.

Love, Light and Laughter,


The Language of Light

One Earth, we have many languages and associated cultures. Some of these, like English and Spanish, are spoken by 100s of millions of us.

In other postings on this blog, I have shared ideas on the morphing of Darkness to Turquoise and Light to Aqua. I have also discussed the slow build-up of Light over the past 2-3 centuries.

During the past three Houses of the Zodiac, Taurus, Aries and Pisces (3 x 2,160 years), our world was in a space where 80% of the power was focused on fear, force and control; I call that Darkness.  But, as we moved closer and closer to the Photon Belt (Google this), more and more Light from it was being felt in our technological development.

Technology is just another name for Majik which is how to “spell” the Majik of the Light/Aqua. We started seeing this Majik with steam engines for manufacturing and railroads. That forced us to develop what we call analog measuring devices like thermometers and speedometers.

More Light kept coming and we developed the gasoline and then, diesel engines for the transportation revolution of the 20th century. These depended on the development of petroleum and steel, Then came jet engines and computers and, subsequently, the Internet and Mobility.  These depended on the development of the digital world.

What is the digital world? It is the world that we live in now and is based on binary code (Ones and Zeros) which allows machines to talk to machines; use devices-to-devices if you prefer. This language is the Language of Light; it is based on English, but can be translated easily to hundreds of Languages.

Bottom line: the Digitized Internet is the Language of Light.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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