September is a Change Month

September is back-to-school month. It is the traditional end-of-Summer/Labor Day in the US. It is also the 9th month or Completion (numerologically).

I have written about the Great Return/Darkest-of-the-Dark and Great Reckoning programs; they are running, but not visible yet. The Chinese Economy Bubble is being bursted/pricked and 90 percent of the wealth in Asia will be gone overnight. All-of-a-sudden, there will not be enough money to make things, for jobs and, even, for food. Because there is no money, prices will fall to rock bottom; this will happen in Europe, Russia, Iran and the rest-of-the-world. The US will be impacted, but not as bad as the rest; the dollar will be the last currency standing (other than Bitcoin).

The US and the World have been printing money like crazy for the past six years; do we have any serious inflation? Yes, food prices have gone up and so has rent, but “officially” inflation is below 2 percent. What has been happening is called Deflation where the value of things is going down except the Stock Market Bubble.  When the Chinese Bubbles burst, the Stock Market Bubble will burst as well and we will all enter a new, Great Depression. That is the Great Reckoning program; it will transfer all of the wealth from Dark Beings to Light Beings over the next three years. Light Being, do not be too concerned, things will be getting better for you soon.

I was encouraged to read about the Muslim Terrorist on the Train-to-Paris, who fired one round out of his AK-47 before it misfired. It turns out that he was using brass shells that had already been fired (reloads) and, as Luck would have it, the firing pin hit the same spot where it had already hit and the second bullet did not fire.

This Dark Asshole has eight (8) magazines with 30 bullets each with him; he would have killed and killed. Readers of this blog know that there is no such thing as Luck or Accidents or Happenstance; everything is a SetUp. What are the odds that the firing pin would hit in the exact same place it had already struck that bullet casing? My Spirit Guide is telling me that Light intervened and prevented Darkness’s success.

This is happening everywhere, but at a low level that many of us do not notice. In September, we will begin to notice that Darkness is losing everywhere. Most of the $Billionaires will be losing their money, homes, islands, jets and wealth/power and it will start in September. Light is taking over!!!

Love, Light and Laughter,


Today, the Forces of Light Go on the Attack

Today is the first 14-day or Creation Day after the Reign of Light began. Go back and read the Home Page; 5, 14 and 23 are all single 14-days. Tomorrow, the 24th, is a double 14-day and the 25th is a triple 14-day.

So…We have three 14-days of increasing powre. What can a person strong-in-the-Light do with this? Simple, create an attack on Darkness. Cast a Spell attacking your Dark enemies, even if you do not know who they are, but especially, if you do.

The forces of Light are being released today and they will attack like fast-moving cavalry units driving Darkness away, but by-passing pockets of Dark resistance. Tomorrow, the lighter pockets of resistance will be attacked and on Monday, the hold-out pockets of Darkness will be over-whelmed.

OK. This is reading like some kind of novel; what do you mean by attacking Darkness? Darkness is the power behind the notion that fear, force and control rule the world. You know, if you do not do as I demand, I will lock you away. If you do not do as I want, I will point a gun at your head. After all, I have the power and I rule through the barrel of a gun. That is Darkness.  All of the Authority in our world is based on the Reign of Darkness.

The Reign of Darkness is over, but all of our Governments and Politicians and Judges and Courts and Bureaucrats are ALL overseeing us with and through Darkness. This is true in everyplace on Earth for now. Starting today, that power is being challenged by a new powre; one of increased freedom, increased truth/integrity, increased self-reliance and increased self-responsibility.

In the past, Light Beings were stomped on by Dark Beings and Darkness-in-General; Dark Beings got the success, the money, the fame and the sex.  Light Beings had to learn to keep their heads down or they would be stomped on.  We had to keep ourselves down-in-the-weeds to avoid attracting unwanted attention. We have spent our whole lives limiting ourselves to avoid being stomped on. The Dark Side of the Force was in-charge.

OK. That changed yesterday, but operationally, it changes today. Today, Light goes on the offensive and over the next three days, Darkness will be defeated; new rules will be put in place on how the Universe works. Lying will no longer be rewarded. Stealing will no longer be rewarded. Corruption will no longer be rewarded. These are all of Darkness.

All of the people strong-in-Darkness will be leaving (dying) shortly in what I call the Great Return or the Darkest-of-the-Dark programs. The Great Return is very random, but the Darkest is much more focused. Both of these programs have added power today and will get increased powre over the next three days.

Yes, Spirit realizes that you cannot make major changes to the way people think and act; that is how they have always done things. For a major shift to occur, you have to take a lot of players off the table; that is why most of the Strong Dark Beings will be leaving (dying) and being reborn on some other Dark Planet in the Universe. Unfortunately for them, that is about 90 percent of the Earth population.

Fear not, we will still have 100s of millions left to get on with our future, but they will all have a lot more Light in them than the current situation.

For the Pleiadians: This cleansing of the Human population will include a cleansing of the Reptilian-Primate genes. It will not be necessary to take drastic action of keep these beings from leaving Earth.

Love, Light and Laughter,



Bring the Changes On!

OK. It is now time. The Reign of Light has begun.

I can now begin to bring all of those technologies listed in my site; they were all “of the Light” and I could not bring them into the world until Light has taken over. If I had attempted to activate them, Darkness would have stomped all over them (and me).

I can begin to work with the Pleiadians to bring these technologies into our world and theirs. The Reptilians have not given up.

Interestingly, the NASA probe to Pluto is now on its way to Nibiru, otherwise known as Planet X. Nibiru is the home of the Annunaki and is in orbit around our Sun well beyond Pluto. You ask how anyone can live on their planet so far from the Sun? They live in their hollow space in the interior of their planet, just like people of Earth live in our “Hollow” Earth.

You laugh, but try to get clear imagery of our North of South Pole from space; that’s where the openings are on the Earth, the Moon and every other planet. When you go looking for imagery, all you get is clouds, even on Google Earth. Check out YouTube imagery of the Northern opening (90 miles wide) from the Russian Mir.

En-Lil, who now rules Nibiru, was the God of Abraham who we refer to as Yahweh or Jehovah; Abraham was his High Priest. His brother, En-Ki, rules in our “Hollow” Earth and calls himself the Father God. The Annunaki tend to live lives of about 50,000 years; far, far longer than Humans. En-Ki was Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered-God of the Aztecs. These two brothers fought each other on Earth for 35,000 years and were the creators for most peoples of Earth; they mixed their DNA with that of primates to create millions of slaves as “cannon-fodder” in their brotherly civil war.

The Annunaki are not our friends; they arrived here as scouts for the Reptilians and to exploit our natural resources, particularly gold and diamonds; their planet can be made mobile. The Pleiadians have kept the Annunaki from interfering in our affairs for the past 3,000 years.

Yes, there is a Star Fleet Command and the Pleiadians have a huge base on the far side of the Moon. And yes, our Government knows all about it. When we went to the Moon, we orbited it several times. You’d think that photos would have leaked out by now.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Today, the Reign of Darkness is Over

Readers of this blog know about the number 5 or 14; it is the Creation Number and is the MOST Important number in our lives. The next most important numbers are 3, 6 and 9; 3 is a new beginning, 6 is the mid-course correction or execution stage and 9 is always the number of completion.

Today is a triple-9 day or a major completion day.  August 20, 2015 breaks down to 8+20=8+2=10 which equals one; now, add that to 2015 (2+0+1+5=8) and you get a Nine/9. It is a triple-9 because you use the month, day and year to arrive at the result. Triple results are the most powreful.

This day has been a long time coming; it is the end of the Reign of Darkness after at least 6.5 thousand years. Light has been taking over for much of this year, but really strongly in July and now, August. There will be a 24-hour transition period on the 21st and Light will be, officially, in-charge as of August 22nd, 2015.

August 22nd is an interesting number day; the 22nd is already a master number and if you add up the numbers, it is an eleven day. That’s another master number and if you add the two master numbers together, you get a 33.  It just so happens to be my 66th birthday; it’s nice to be so intune with the Universe.

So… What does this mean? Darkness will no longer be able to prevent the flow of Light Powres to Light Beings. This means that our Creation Days will be much more powreful. This means that we will be able to teleport things and jump to distant places instantly. This means that all of the good things in life will flow easily to us (not be prevented).

It also means that it will be the beginnings of “bad” times for Dark Beings; oh Shit, oh Dear. Light will run (execute) the Great Return program where billions of people who are oriented towards Darkness will leave Planet Earth for somewhere else. As part of the Great Return, the Darkest-of-the-Dark and the Great Reckoning  program will also be running. With Darkness being in-charge for so long, all of the money and wealth was concentrated among the Darkest, Most Powerful families; you know, the Rockefellers, the Bushes, the Clintons and many more. All of the $Billionaires got their wealth from Darkness and Light will, happily, take it all away. In three years, all of the Dark Riches will be gone; they will go from Private Jets to Clunkers if they are allowed to stay.

Who is going to get all of this booty? Simple, Light Beings, especially strong Light Beings.

What about the world? Obama, one of the Darkest-of-the-Dark, has made the US weak and feckless everywhere; he has done his job well. Hillary will be indicted as early as the end of August and a new American President will make America Great Again.  This is all happening with the help of Light now that it has, finally, taken over.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Where is all of this Voter Anger coming from?

The chattering class is amazed at the success of the Political outsiders like Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carli Fiorina and Bernie Sanders; the politicians are not doing so well.

Why now? Where is all of this anger coming from?

Obviously, there is a distrust of the political class; they are known for promising what the voters wants and not delivering. It used to be that lawyers could not be trusted, but then most politicians are also lawyers.  Now, everyone knows that politicians cannot be trusted as they are not trustworthy; the Bar has been lowered to record lows.

Here is the answer; its simple. All politicians are Dark Beings; it is all about fear, force and control. All Political Parties are also Dark; it is all about taking from one group to give to another group and the taking is done by force by the barrel of a gun.

OK. I keep writing about the take-over of Light and Right-Spin energies. We are actually starting to see this in our world. Masses of people are telling the Politicians that anyone is better than them; if you have been a politician, you are not going to be trusted. If you have been on the Dark Side, you cannot be a leader on the Light Side.

Just look at what is happening to the Liar-in-Chief, Hillary Clinton; she will be indicted by the end of August.

It is still early yet, Light did not really start the take-over until August and will not complete the take-over until the end of October.

In my last post, I wrote about the Darkest-of-the-Dark leaving; look for initial results on August 21st. The times, they are a changin’.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Darkest-of-the-Dark Program is Running

Light is taking over and is growing stronger everyday. Finally, Light is strong enough to start targeting people who are strong in Darkness; you know, our world leaders and $Billionaires.

According to my Spirit Guide, the following program is now running.  All of those people who have at least 95 percent or more Darkness  (meaning that they have 5 percent or less Light), will be sent back to Spirit early.  This means that they will die.

I write a lot about Darkness and Light; it is like sunshine and rain. Both are essential and everything is made up of both of them. The properties of Darkness are fear, force and control and a resistance to change-for-the-better; Darkness is also a Left-Spinning entity and that applies to the Left politically. The properties of Light are freedom, choice, truth, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility and change-for-the-better. Light is a Right-Spinning entity and that applies to the Right politically.

All things are a mixture of both Darkness and Light. This applies to animals as well; Tiger and Bull Sharks are Dark; so are Coyotes; so are Killer Whales. In this world of ours, approximately 90 percent of all people are oriented towards Darkness (made up of at least 60 percent Darkness).

Why so many? Because Darkness had 80 percent of the power in the world right up to June 2015; if you were strong in the Light/Right-Spin, Darkness messed with you in many ways. If you were strong in Darkness/Left-Spin, Darkness helped you in many ways.

When we were planning this life before we were born, most of us chose to come here as Left-Spinners as that was where the power was; why chose unnecessary hardship unless that was one of your goals or you had a multi-life orientation towards the Light.

OK. Those people who have the most Darkness are the most successful people on our planet; they are the wealthy and powerful.  They are the rich and famous. They are the dynastic families that attend Harvard, Yale and Princeton. They are the movers and shakers.

Think about it. If Darkness was 80% of the power in the world (and it was for 6,480 years) and you were composed of 95% Darkness, then you could draw on that Dark power better than someone who was only 70% Darkness (30% Light).  Just imagine how difficult it has been for people who were 95% Light.

So…the 95-99.9999 Dark Percenters are leaving first and they will be ALL gone in 90 days. On September 6th, the 90-95 Dark Percenters program will be started and they will have 90 days until all are gone. On October 5th, the 85-89 Dark Percenters program will be started and so on until all of the 60 percent Dark and higher are all gone.

People with 59 percent Darkness and less will be allowed to stay. If you are Darker than that, start moving towards the Light, if you want to stay. Freedom and truth will become much more common.

Reread this post. It is only talking about Darkness and Light; not good and evil. There are many “good” people who are oriented towards fear, force and control as that is the way our world has been working for thousands of years. Yes, even those good people who many consider to be “salt” of the Earth beings will be forced to leave.

When Light takes over completely, our world will be a very different place. Instead of fear, force, control and lies, it will be a place of freedom, choice, truth and much more unconditional love.

Love, Light, and Laughter,


Do you know what a “SetUp” is?

First off, there are no accidents. There is no luck. There is no happenstance.

Everything is arranged. Everything is a SetUp.

We all have Spirit Guides and it is they who arrange everything for us.

Oh, we still have “free” will and can choose to do something different than what is expected of us. Frequently, we make things harder on ourselves.

Free Will is not really about avoiding “SetUps” so much as choosing whether to move towards the Light, the Darkness, or staying on our current Path.

Most of us are unable to see the SetUps coming at us and they just happen giving us a choice on how to react to them. Those of us who are connected with our Spirit Guides can ask if any SetUps are coming.

This is an important concept as you can ask if the coming SetUps are positive or negative. If they are negative, you can ask if they can be avoided or delayed.  Avoiding or delaying them is possible, but you cannot do anything about them without first having a discussion with your Spirit Guide.

I am getting it this topic as it is important in talking to your Angels. If you are strong in the Light, the Angels will be responsive to you in helping to create positive SetUps for you and negative SetUps for your enemies (you know, the Dark Assholes).

It is still the responsibility of your Spirit Guide to put the SetUp in your Path, but the Demons frequently created negative SetUps for Light Beings. Now, the tables are turned; Angels can create negative SetUps for Dark Beings (Angels now have 67% of the powre).

Whoa! I am not saying that you should use all of your time getting vengeance; you should definitely spend a lot of time setting up positive SetUps for yourself, your family, friends, business, etc. But, it is OK to work on negative SetUps for the really Dark Assholes in your life.

Just to be clear, Dark is Left-Spin;  Dark is oriented towards fear, force and control; Dark is resistance to change for the better; All Energy Vampires (you know who they are) are Dark Beings who cloak themselves in stolen Light so that they can look like us.

Bottom Line: Talk to your Spirit Guide. Find out about coming SetUps. Change them, if appropriate. Work with the Angels to create the SetUps that you want.

Love, Light and Laughter,


China will “Crash” Again

It’s all about the Derivatives Stupid. Not calling you stupid, but the financial world; there are $700 Trillion worth of derivative trades out there. This is why the central bankers have kept the interest rates at zero or as close to zero as they can.  If interest rates get to 3 percent, there is not enough money to pay the interest on the margin calls.

Who is behind all of this insanity? Mostly, the central bankers and bankrupt states in Europe, the developing world and, of course, it includes the United States. But, hey, it also includes China, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela, Brazil and all of the rest. They have all spent more money than they have and the piper will get his due.

Think about it; the US owes $18 Trillion and cannot pay it. Oh, they are paying the interest on it, but at near to zero percent for the past 5 or 6 years. We are talking about $700 Trillion.

OK. To China. The latest 30 percent drop in the Chinese Stock Market was all about Derivatives coming due and a margin call by the Overseas Chinese (Headquartered in Singapore). Guess what? More are coming due in July and China does not have the funds. There will be a 60 percent “Crash” in China and a 30 percent “Crash” in the Eurozone. There will be a 22 percent “Market Correction” in the US Stock Market, but as more Derivatives come due, with no money to pay them, the entire system will “CRASH” down to about 3000 on the Dow Jones (a 5/6s loss in value).

Sell now and buy gold; bonds will be worthless and stocks will take ten years to begin appreciating again. The Euro will collapse along with the Yen, Yuan and the Ruble. The IMF and World Bank will be stripped of their funds by the cash-strapped Donor Nations. As worthless as the US Dollar is now, it will be the only major currency left standing. The US will default on its $18 Trillion debt and pay pennies on the Dollar to its domestic debtors. Foreign debtors will not get anything. You Europeans will be using German Marks and British Pounds soon.

The Biggest Bubble of All Time (the $700 Trillion) is collapsing and all of that digital money will be wiped out leaving the world a much poorer place; Capital will be scarce and highly valued again.

Don’t be too alarmed; there will still be good companies and products, but their value will plummet. Imagine what losing 85% of the money in the world will do; it is called DEFLATION. Bread will go to one dollar and, then, 50 cents, and then, 25 cents; same for housing, salaries and transportation.

This Depression will dwarf the Great Depression of the 1930s and it will last about ten years. It is not going to be fun, but the survivors will be able to handle it. This is part of the Great Earth Changes that we are all beginning to experience.

This is all related to the take-over of the Light. It will be Very Difficult for Dark-oriented people and not-so-difficult for Light Beings.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Something “New” Happening Tomorrow

I have written about being tattooed with a scar in the shape of a “7” on my right leg. At the time, I asked my Spirit Guide if “Seven” was going to be important to me and got a big “Yes” for me and many others.

That scar is fading now, suddenly, as we pass through July.

This 7th month is the shift month energetically; this is the month where Light begins to make it’s presence felt. I know, Darkness looks as if it is in the ascendancy everywhere, but the tide has turned against Darkness and it is ebbing.

While Darkness has been dominant (for the past 6,480 years), it had many helpers; we refer to these by many names like Demons, Imps, Devils, Sorcerers, and, generally, as Dark Beings. Some of these have been people, but most have been Energetic Beings.

Because Darkness had 80 percent of the power in the world, these Demons had the power to possess people and make them do things that they would not normally do. We have all heard about the Rite of Exorcism and many Medicine Men and Women know how to expel Demons using sage and feathers.

What is happening on the 22nd? Angels will replace the Demons as the dominant Energetic Force on the Planet. Will the Demons go away? No, they will still be here, but with only 33 percent of the Powre as two-thirds of the Powre now belongs to Light.

Will the Demons still be able to mess with Light Beings? NO. All people who have at least 51 percent Light in their makeup, will be under the protection of Light and the Angels. Those who are still oriented towards Darkness will still receive help from Demons, but at a much reduced level.

So…Why are you telling us about this? Simple. It is time to envoke the aide of the Angels. You can pray to them for assistance or just ask your Guardian Angel for more help. Some of us talk to Archangels on a regular basis. All Archangels have Armies of Angels.

My point is that Angels, now, have the powre to make significant changes in our world; they actually have the powre to drive out fear, force and control and to allow freedom, choice, truth and selfless love.

This change is actually happening tomorrow; tomorrow we get a better place and this is just the first step in many better things to come.

Love, Light and Laughter,


A Personal “Shift” for Everyone

If you are strong in the Light, what I call a Right-Spinner, then Darkness has been messing with you for all of your life. You may, or may not know this, but I am guessing that you do.

Darkness has put a lot of it’s power into blocking you and deceiving you and out-right lying to you.

OK. I keep writing about the take-over of Light and it really is happening; just not as fast as I would like.

On July 14th (14 is the Creation Number), Light will have enough powre to end the blocks, deception/lying that Darkness has been using against you for many decades.

Here is what you can do starting tomorrow. Believe it or not, you can give yourself Success, then Health, then Wealth, then Youthfulness, then Sex and, finally, Powres.

Whoa! What the hell do you mean? Answer: There is finally enough Light that you can use it to overcome the Darkness that has been used to LIMIT you all of your life. Yes, you can get rid of the LIMITS. Try it, you will like it.

Once you give yourself these Light-driven changes, it will take about two-weeks (14-days) for the changes to be noticed.

This applies to all people who are heavy on the Light-side, even if you are not yet a Newman or Newoman.

What happens will depend on how you are using your Creation Days; you may be Creating Bad Stuff for yourselves. Now is the time to make that self-talk more positive and to believe that you can make your life into what you want. Be kind to yourself; you deserve it.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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