The Dark Fog is Lifting

During the past five years, I have been blogging about the transition from Darkness to Light. Darkness has had the majority of power in our world for the past 6,483 years and is, finally, in the final stage of transition.

Why has this taken so long?  I had no idea, but there is a standard protocol for transitioning power when leaving an old House of the Zodiac (Pisces) and entering a new House of the Zodiac (Aquarius). It starts with transitioning the Fire Element first; this makes a lot of sense as we, Humans, are all Fire-Beings when we are born here.

Light or Right-Spin energy took over Fire on December 22, 2013, then Water in 2014, then Air in 2015 and, now, Earth (or Land, where we all live) on December 22, 2016.

Where are we in the transition of power over Earth? On August 22, 2016, next Monday, Light or Right-Spin energy will have 80 percent of the allocated powre and Darkness will only have 20 percent.

This sounds like a clean, completed transition, but it’s not.  During this 4-year long transition, Darkness got to keep an effective 60 percent of the real, available power. This is why there are so few examples of Darkness being overturned by Light in our world. Darkness will keep this 60 percent power until August 22, 2016, when it will revert to 40 percent.

Even though Light will have 80 percent of the allocated power on August 22, 2016, it’s real, effective powre will only be 60 percent.  It will go to 70 percent on September 22nd and 80 percent on October 22nd.  That will be the completion of the real, effective transition with minor, under-the-hood energies being completed on December 22, 2016.

Having said that, Light/Right-Spin will have 60 percent of the real, effective powre on Monday, next week. This will be the first time that Light/Right-Spin has been in charge on Planet Earth for thousands of years.

This is all new information to me as Darkness has been able to keep me from receiving it until just recently. Wow, Darkness has had the ability to hide things from us; what a concept, put a kind of Dark Fog out there to keep people from reacting to wrongness.

Here’s an example of what this is; politicians lying to us about many things and we just accept it and say to ourselves, “all politicians lie.” Somehow, it’s OK if someone has spent 30 years lying to us. This Dark Fog has been supported by the 60 percent real, effective power employed by Darkness/Left-Spin energies.

That changes on August 22nd, next week; the Dark Fog disappears and will be replaced by a Light Clarity. Remember, Darkness is Fear, Force, Control and Resistance to Change/Maintain the Status Quo. Light, on the other hand, is more Freedom, Choice, Truth, and Change/Disrupting the Status Quo.

This will apply to politics, business, government, and everything; it will be like the proverbial “Scales” falling away from our eyes.  We will all be able to see our world around us in a new LIGHT.

So… the Shift is really happening on Monday morning and will move to 70% in September and 80% in October.  After that, we will live in a world where the 80/20 rule still applies, but it will be 80% Light versus 20% Darkness.  Start looking for all of our organizations/institutions to start falling away and to be replaced by new ones with more freedom, choice and truth for the individual.

Darkness has been all about the Collective. The power of mass fear, force and control.

Light will be all about the Individual. We can only GROW from the effort that comes from within.

Look for things to do a startlingly different 180 in how we see/view things around us.  People, WE, will no longer be fearful and continue to allow ourselves to be manipulated and pushed around. The Shadow Government will lose it’s grip, but won’t be able to do anything about it.

Note: when talking to Spirit, it is very similar to Googling something; if you do not ask the “right” or correct question, you get nothing or too many answers.  But, when you ask the right question using the right key words, you get wonderful answers.  Bottom line: if you do not ask the right question, you are not going to get the information that you are seeking.

This is a work in progress.

Love, Light and Laughter,


We have a MESS; How can all of This be Cleaned UP?

The simple answer is MAJIK. Majik is the Right-Spin or Light version of the energy we all refer to as Magic; Magic is Left-Spin or Dark.  It is pronounced the same way, but has a very different energy.

OK. Dark Magic has had 80% of the power for the past 6,483 years. On December 22nd, 2012, we entered into Aqurian Energies, which are 80% Light or Right-Spin. Each House of the Zodiac is 2,160 years long; so four years is a relatively short transition.

So… By December 22nd, 2016, all of the energies in our world will have completed transitioning to 80% Majik.

What is the difference?  Darkness is all about Fear, Force, Control and resisting Change-for-the-better (Light). Light is all about more Freedom, Choice, Truth, Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility and Change-for-the-better. Light is all about individual growth and Darkness is all about collective growth; this is why Big Government has grown so enormous.

Why does it take so long for better changes to arrive?  Left-Spinners resist changes; they love the status quo.  Left-Spinners make up around 95% of the world’s population.

90-99% Dark energy people make up around 10% of the people.

80-89% Dark energy people make up around 20% of the people.

70-79% Dark energy people make up 30% of the people.

60-69% Dark energy people make up 25% of the people.

50-59% Dark energy people make up 10% of the people.

That leaves 5% of the people who have 51-99% Light energy.

OK. On December 22nd, 2015, Light started the final transition (Earth energy) and on January 22nd, Light had 10% with another 10% each month. So… on July 22nd, Light had 70% and on August 22nd, it will have 80% which is the maximum. Light has already transitioned to 80% for Fire, Water and Air energies (2013, 2014, and 2015).

If Light is at 80% in August? Why will it take until December 22nd for the transition to be completed?

It will take another four months for Light to have an operational buildup of powre to be “in-charge.” Having said that, Light will take charge immediately in several key areas.

Darkness will have 20%; it will still be a force to be reckoned with, but the 80/20 rule will now be dominated by Light/Right-Spin/more Freedom/more Truth/more Change-for-the-Better.

OK. What about using Majik to clean up the Mess?

Say we start losing millions of people in dis-ease or catastrophes; will we have to find some way of disposing them or burying them? No, there will be strong Majikans who will be able to help out in this problem.  What about growing food? Or fishing? Or ranching?  Majik will change how we do many things; manual labor was part of the control that was imposed by Darkness.

There will be far fewer of us here after the changes. Majik powres will dominate everything that we do; the old ways of doing things will have to be re-examined in the Light of these new, Majikal ways. This will apply to food, shelter, transportation, education, banking and finance, health and wellness, our jobs, our military, our police and our judges/courts. From the breakout above, only people who have 50-59% of Dark energy will be allowed to stay here. Combine that with the Light energy people and that is a total of 15% of the existing world population.

Our communities will be governed by local leaders. These local leaders will tend to be strong in Majik and have new, perhaps, astonishing powres. it will no longer be about money, family name, titles, wealth in land or commerce (all of these are manifestations of Dark Magic). Leaders of the Light (or Right-Spin) will rule; again, more Freedom, more Truth, more Individual orientation and rights and less collective rights and orientation. We only grow into better beings on an individual basis.

In the future, being a victim is not going to get you much. You will be expected to get up, dust yourself off and move forward and, hopefully, learn from your experience. We are all tested and grow as individuals.

I have written about Energy Vampires or energy suckers; this concept is well known to many of us, but Darkness has put a “fog” up around this concept and Magically suppressed any discussion of it publicly or culturally.  The best that has been done is to tie it to Blood sucking Vampire, which are totally fictional and very popular amongst Left-Spinners.

Energy Vampires are real and they take energy from both Right-Spinners and Left-Spinners.  They prefer the energy from Light beings and use their “acquired” energy to boost their efforts towards success, whatever that means to them.  Energy Vampires are both male and female and most successful people around us are these kind of people.

Energy Vampires will all be leaving us soon; they will not be tolerated in a Light-Dominated World. Ditto for Dark Magic Adepts/Sorcerers/esses.  Bye, Bye and Good Riddance!!!

Earth Changes can happen at any time now; listen to that voice inside of you. If you are told to leave,  or do something different, suddenly, pay attention. The times, they are a changin’.

Love, Light and Laughter,



More on the Pleiadians

We are getting closer to joining the Federation of Planets and fielding our own Starships. Yes, the Federation of Planets and Starship Command are reality and the Star Trek show was based on that reality.

There are seven Pleiadian planets that are inhabited by “Humans” and they all orbit the same giant Sun, Alcyone, that our Sun orbits. So… you could say that we are all part of the same system. We, Earthlings, are not alone. We are being watched and protected by a Flotilla of Starships that is in orbit around our Sun out beyond Neptune.

Do the Pleiadians have a base closer?  Yes, they have several bases in what we call the Asteroid Belt and a large maintenance base on the Dark Side of the Moon.

Does NASA and our Government know about this? Yes, this is suppressed information; when we went to the Moon, we orbited it several times on each visit.  We have pictures of and collected communications from the Starfleet base on the Moon.  The Pleiadians did not interfere with our visits to the Moon or make any provocations until we tried to send weapons to the Moon; then, they intervened and hijacked the weapons enroute. They ensured that our visits to the Moon were peaceful; that applied to the Russian visit as well.

We are far-out on the fringes of the Alcyon system and have been subjected to varying degrees of Light and Darkness dominion (see the Michael Experiment). So…Even though many of the people of Earth are based on Pleiadian Warrior/Colonists that were “landed” in Europe 3,600 years ago, we are different as the energy of our planet, Earth, is very different. For more information, see Reptilian Wars.

Because of this difference, we, Earthlings, are a bit more creative and evolved in different ways from our Pleiadian forefathers.  Our technologies have taken us in different path and are of GREAT interest to the leaders of the seven worlds and to Starfleet Command.

Pleiadians live amongst us, go to our best Colleges and Universities and work alongside of us at our best technology companies, especially the computer, communications, cell phone and military ones. How do they do this? They look very much like us; all white European stock comes from the original 50,000 who landed here 3,600 years ago.

While the Pleiadians are harvesting our new, different technologies, they are far ahead of us in Space technologies and have been fighting for us against a common enemy for several thousand years. The Pleiadians have a firm set of rules when dealing with Federation Planets and those Planets not yet in the Federation, like Earth.

Our technologies can only be used to defend our Planet and only the Starfleet units here in our Solar System can use them. There is a detailed accounting system to credit Earth for technologies and natural resources taken, such as mining the Asteroid Belt.

But, like all militaries, there are transfers between Starfleet units and a lot of buzz is being generated about Earth-based technologies and our approach to new and different technologies. This buzz is creating a willingness to grant Earth a provisional status as a Federation Planet, but with strict Quarantine requirements.

The Federation of Planets is based on free and equitable trade and they want to start trading with us. They will provide us with the technology to build fast Starships for trading and are already interfacing with the US Military at Area 51 in the Nevada Desert.

Make no mistake, the Pleiadians will impose a peacefulness on our Interstellar Trade. Significant trade imbalances are not tolerated. Do they have things to trade with us that we want? Yes, many things.

This common enemy is called the Reptilian Overlords and they keep trying to invade and conquer this area of Space. There has been extensive combat between the Pleiadians and the Reptilians over our planet and the other seven.

Nibiru, the home planet of the Annunakis, is a mobile, scout-planet for the Reptilian Overlords. It has been in orbit around our sun, well out beyond Pluto for around 50,000 years. It is so far away from our Sun to make it easier to escape orbit when it goes mobile again.  Think about it, it is so cold on the surface of their world that no one could like on its surface.  Where do they live? In the interior of their world; Earth, too, is hollow and supports a great diversity of life.

The Annunaki were driven off by their Overlord Reptilian Masters after they arrived and were unable to take their stash of diamonds and gold with them. That is why Nibiru is still in orbit around our Sun. Their mobile planet technology requires natural diamonds and gold to function and they have used up their own resources.

Meanwhile, the Pleiadians arrived and defeated the Reptilian Overlords here on Earth. As part of that effort, the Pleiadians have isolated the Annunaki and prevented any further contact with Earth. What to do with the Annunaki world has been a big issue for the Federation of Planets; it is an enemy world that has been conquered by the Overlord Reptilians. Having said that, they are reptilian, they are shape-shifters and they spread their DNA around many of the peoples of Earth; the Blackman, the Redman, the Brownman and the Yellowman. All were created as slaves by mixing the Annunaki genes with primates that were evolving here on Earth. The Annunaki were the ancient Gods or India, Sumer, Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Norse, the Aztec, Mayan and Incan and the Jews.  En-Lil was Jehovah and En-Ki was Yahweh to the Jews and the famous “Covenant” was made between Abraham and En-Lil before he returned to Nibiru. Abraham was the High Priest to Jehovah/En-Lil.

En-Ki is still here. He lives in the Hollow Earth with members of the Lost Tribes. He calls himself, Zorra, the Father God now, today. How is this possible, you ask?  Being a mobile planet, Nibiru does not orbit a Sun normally; with no orbit to define time, the Annunaki evolved a very long life span of 50-60,000 of our years. It was easy to think of them as Gods as they had advanced technologies and lived, seemingly, forever.

There are many implications that flow from this information. The Annunaki would like to return to Earth to pick up their diamond and gold hoards. The Annunaki are not our friends or allies; they created millions of slaves as cannon-fodder for their 30,000 year civil war between En-Lil and En-Ki. We have moved on and do need them anymore. What are the Pleiadians going to do about Nibiru? What are they going to do about the millions of mixed-gene Annunaki-Primate people?

Our world is evolving whether we like it or not. Events from outside our Solar System are driving this evolution. Ready or not, we will be joining the Federation of Planets, provisionally, soon. What does that mean for our Governments, our Religions, our Technology and our view of Ourselves? BTW, All Federation of PLanet leaders are Spiritually Advanced Females; men have a primary role in their militaries, but have no political power.

Talk about changes that are coming!?!

Love, Light and Laughter,


What about the Globalists? The Elites and their Agenda?

The Globalists are also called the One Worlders, the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, the Bohemian Grovers, the Council of Foreign Relations and the people who meet at Davos and Sun Valley and other Globalist meetings like the G-7. Don’t forget about all of the bought politicians, judges and generals.

These elites know what is best for all of us; they are the movers and shakers. They brought us the United Nations, the European Union, the World Trade Organization and all of these “Free” Trade agreements that have hollowed out the economies of the West and transferred wealth and jobs to the East.

Everything was working out well for THEM; they were achieving their goals. First they took everyone’s guns away; it started in Europe, then Canada, then Australia and New Zealand, then Britain and now, they must take the American guns away.  You cannot impose tyranny on populations that can resist; that is what the 2nd Amendment was all about.

But…All of a sudden, things are not going so well.  The Americans cling to their Bibles and Guns and the British said no to losing more jobs and taking in millions of more Muslims. Common people have been gulled into following their Elites down the Yellow Brick Road, but woke up when they saw millions of Muslim Refugees storm into Europe at the invitation of the Globalists. Where are all the jobs going to? Of course, to the cheaper, unskilled, Religiously-controlled, new citizens.

Why did this happen? You ask. The Globalists do not want you thinking for yourself; you are supposed to do as they say.  Christianity allows the individual to seek out their own answers and allows people to have Freedoms, own land and try to keep their wealth.

Christianity was not working for the Globalist agenda. They decided to support Islam as their preferred vehicle and setup the Islamic State on the Sunni side and did a deal with Iran on Shiite side. In Islam, there are no freedoms, especially for women.  The Imam is a local dictator and enforces Sharia Law with an iron hand; you know, Honor Killings, etc.

So…The world is having a struggle between what the Globalists want for us (Themselves) and what the Liberty Loving want.  The Globalist want One World, controlled by them (the UN, the EU, the WTO, WHO, NAFTA, Big Governments, Socialism, etc.). For readers of this blog, the Globalists are all about Fear, Force, Control and resisting Freedom and Liberty and the Individual.  They are the Collectivists; they want to rebuild the Reptilian Hive. All Globalists are VERY DARK, HEAVY LEFT-SPINNERS.

So… People who want individual rights and freedoms and liberty are Right-Spinners. On July 14th, Right-Spin energy, finally, took over from Left-Spin energy. Yes, Muslim Terrorists did pull off a successful attack in France on Bastille Day.

This will bring on the Revulsion Stage; the peoples of Europe have, finally, had enough of where their Elites have been bringing them to.  It does help, a bit, that Right-Spin energies are supporting this effort.

In France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK, the people will start demanding that all Muslims GO HOME to wherever they came from. People have been tolerant because it was just another religious experience, but are now waking up to the fact that Islam is a political movement that intends to put Sharia Law in place wherever enough Muslims can force it in. The Mayor of London is a Muslim.

People of the West, even here, in the US, are waking up to the realization that Islam (Darkness) is at War with us all.  The Good News is also that they are waking up to the mess our Elites have created for us in their drive for total control and dominion of Everyone.

Remember, the Elites have all of the money and, they think, all of the power. They are not thinking of you; only of Themselves. THEY are the enemy of Freedom and Civilization.

Love, Light and Laughter,


What do you know about Maxwell’s Equations?

Maxwell was 24 years old when he published his Equations in their first version in 1855.  Maxwell has been called the third most important Physicist ever, behind Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

How the Hell does a 24-year-old know about Light, Electricity and Magnetism enough to publish a set of equations that are the foundation of our electrical world and are still a mystery, in-part.

Simple, it was “channeled” information; just like Beethoven, who wrote his first symphony at age 5. Today, we look at child prodigies and many of us think “Old Soul”, meaning they had experience that they were able to tap into from one or more previous lives.

It also means that they were able to tap into Knowledge from Spirit; some call this the Akashic Records and others call it a Knowing. All creative people get their creativity from within; it is something that they bring out of themselves and give to the world.

Do you know a Creative person?  Have fun with this; ask any Creative person if they get some sort of signal when the creation that they are working on is finished or complete. In my case, the visualization that I am working on “Lights Up”, like a Christmas Tree and then, I know that I can move on to the next project.

This is true whether it is a piece of Art, or writing a book, or a song, or a symphony, or a new invention. We all get our inspiration (in-Spirit-ation) from our Inner Being or Spirit Guide conversations. Frequently, we see something that “sets us off” in a new direction; this is called a SetUp. There are no accidents or luck or happenstance; everything is a SetUp whether it is something good or something bad.

I use Maxwell’s Equations in my Inventing, but there are six different Speeds of the Aether.  What we call the Speed of Light (186,000 feet/second/second) is really the Speed of Heat (Light was generated using incandescent light bulbs). There is also the Speed of Cold, the Speed of Gravity, the Speed of Magnetism, the Speed of Darkness and the Speed of Light; all of these are faster than the Speed of Heat.

This is “channeled” information, like all of my Inventions. Once validated, this information takes our concepts of Relativity and Quantum Physics and knocks them off their pedestals; they are too limited as they all talk about the Speed of Light as a Constant.

Oh My! Can a ship powered by the Speed of Magnetism be six times faster than the Speed of Heat? Can the Speed of Light (not Heat) be used to multiply the Speed of Magnetism?  Can the Speed of Cold be used to multiply both the Speed of Light (not Heat) and the Speed of Magnetism?

If yes, this means that future ships can go much faster than just the Speed of Heat. What other properties, besides speed, can we “figure” out; perhaps a combination of these properties can be used to fold time or fold space or both.

James Clark Maxwell is a distant cousin of mine in my Maxwell and Stevenson DNA, but I have been a late starter. Check out my Invention site at

Love, Light and Laughter,



Big Picture Details

Please reread the Michael Experiment post. In that post, I explain that Lucifer and Michael each got one-third of the Host of Heaven (inhabited planets) for a grand experiment to help people (Spirits-in-a-Body) accelerate their progress back to the One faster.

OK. The remaining third was retained, by the One, as the “Control” and it has a level mix of Left-Spin and Right-Spin energies at 50 percent each.  Lucifer’s third was 80 percent Left-Spin (Dark) energy and Michael’s was 80 percent Right-Spin (Light) energy.

Even though Lucifer means “bearer of Light”, He has been associated with Darkness ever since. OK. This experiment lasted 300,000 years and was terminated only two years ago in 2014. Yes, this multi-world changing event happened in your lifetime.

What happened?

Earth played a major role in the ultimate decision.  Earth was the only planet in all of the nine universes that was partially in Lucifer’s territory and partially in Michael’s.  Because Earth kept transitioning from mostly Dark to mostly Light over the 300,000 years, it developed differently than any other of the millions of inhabited planets.

About 200 years ago, Earth started sending out signals of an unusual energetic configuration; it was like popping corn in a microwave.  It started out with a pop here and a pop there, quite slowly, but it got everyone’s attention in the bureaucracy of Heaven.

Suddenly, all of the advanced Spiritual Beings from anywhere wanted to come to Earth to participate in this rapidly evolving new path.  By that, I mean that they wanted to be born as one of us here, on Earth.

I was one of these and so are you. Some of us came here in the early 20th Century; many more came in the mid 20th Century and most of us came here in the 1990s and 2000s; the popping reached a crescendo as we entered the 21st Century.

I came here to find and share a new path; see my Transform Yourself page.

When the Great Experiment was terminated, Spirit, or the One, had enough information on how to reconfigure the Multi-verse and has been transitioning the entire Host of Heaven (millions of Inhabited Planets) from 50 percent Light and 50 percent Dark , 80 percent Dark and 20 percent Light and 80 percent Light and 20 percent Dark to a new configuration of 67 percent Light/Right-Spin and 33 percent Dark/Left-Spin energies.

So… That is the big picture view.  All Spirits-in-a-Body everywhere will be operating in an energy environment that is 2/3s Right-Spin (Freedom, Truth, Choice, Self-Reliant, Self-Responsibility and Doing-the-RIGHT-thing) also called Light.  Yes, they will also be operating in an energy environment that is 33 percent (less than 1/3) Left-Spin (Fear, Force, Control, Big Government and Resisting-the-Right-thing) also called Darkness. This will take up to 9 years (or orbits) for each planet in the Multi-verse.

Here on Earth, we are ahead of the curve; we will hit the 67 percent take-over point at 2pm (1400) on Tuesday, July 13th.  14 is the Creation Number and each new day actually starts at 1400 hours despite our convention of the day changing at 12 o’clock midnight.

Any time after reaching 67 percent of the Powre, Light has the Authority from Spirit to make whatever changes it wants to make. Darkness has been in charge for all of our recorded history and has made a mess of many things and places.

I chose to be born as an American.  Why? Because Light put a lot of embedded energy into the creation of the USA knowing that Darkness only had around 200 years to try to destroy it.  Darkness has been successful in trying to destroy it, but guess what? Darkness has run out of steam; out of ammunition and out of power. Everyone is disgusted with the events coming out of Washington, DC and is demanding change.  That, is Light taking over.  The Dark status quo lost in Britain, is losing in the EU and will lose in the US Elections in November.  The Muslim Terrorists appear to be expanding, but this is their high-water mark.

For those of you who have wondered why the United States never went to the Metric System? The answer is quite simple; Light would not allow it as the Metric System is Dark.  In the US and British system, water froze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and boiled at 212 degrees Fahrenheit; both of these add up to 5 and a 5 is really the Creation Number, 14. In the Metric System, water freezes at Zero degrees; this is a negation of an important Creation event everywhere in our world.

You may think this is unimportant nonsense, but the number 14 is a critically important number for all of us.  See my Home page.

Love, Light and Laughter,



The Dark EU is Unravelling

What is Darkness? Fear, Force,Control and Resisting Doing-the-RIGHT-Thing. Right is Light and Left is Dark; these are not accidental contructions.

Today, the world woke up knowing that the Brits have taken their country back from the EU despite all of the warnings of calamity by the Establishment (read: Dark Assholes). Just think of the millions of deals that have been made to keep the Establishment in power and in money. Just like in Washington DC and any other Capital !!!

OK. What happened? On Wednesday, June 22nd, Light, finally, got to 60 percent of the powre.  That means that on June 23rd, the Brexit Vote day, Darkness actually had less than 40 percent.  We all heard how the Stay vote would win and even at 4pm London time, they Media released that the Stay crowd was winning by 52-48.

Light has been telling me to be unconcerned and that the Brits would regain their freedom.  The next piece of information that I get is that Germany will leave the EU quickly as well as all of the other producer nations. The EU will collapse rapidly as a political entity.  What else? The UN will also collapse rapidly as it is very Dark. Throw in NAFTA, the World Trade Organization and the TPP and TFA efforts.

What about all of the Dark Companies? They are on the hit list also.

What is Light? Freedom, Choice, Truth, Integrity, Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility and Doing-the-RIGHT-Thing. Light was there for the Brits and they embraced it.

So…We have all seen what happens when Light gets the upper-hand; we have an improbable event happen on the world stage; all the bookies were betting against it.

In my last post, I opined about what Light would be doing as it gets stronger. Light is telling me that it can do whatever it wants to do after it has 65 percent; that happens on 7/7/2016.

Whatever my track record has been on timing, consider yourselves (yes, you and the World) warned. Start listening to that Inner Voice or Spirit Guide; the changes, they are coming and it will NOT be pretty for many of us.

Love, Light and Laughter,



June 22nd – This is the Shift Day for People and the LAND

For many reading this Blog, I have been writing about Light/Right-Spin Energy taking over since December 22, 2012. It turns out that I have been correct, but not in the way I perceived it.

Light has been taking over for the past 3 plus years; first all of Fire in 2013, then all of Water in 2014, then all of Air in 2015 and now, all of Earth (Land and People and Things, Structures and Organizations of People).

So…Today, Light/Right-Spin has 60 percent of the powre over People, our Laws, our Money, our Governments, our Financial System, our Medicine, our Judicial System, our Education System, our Businesses (yes, including Wall Street), our Military and our Religious and Semi-Religious ISMs.

In the USA, we are in the midst of a Presidential Campaign where one Party wants to name an Enemy – Islam and the other wants to take everyone’s guns away. Remember, Dark forces have already taken everyone’s guns away in Britain, the EU, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The only people who have guns in these places are the criminals and the terrorists and, yes, the police. Can you count on the Police to protect you and your loved ones?

Obviously, I am a Right-Spinner and cherish the notion of being able to be Free from the tyranny of Big, Dark Government; that’s why I am a gun supporter, even in no-gun zones. The Second Amendment was put in place as a way to keep GOVERNMENT in check and Government has gotten out-of-control everywhere.

When Light takes over and strong Right-Spinners get their new powres, will there still be people with no or lesser powres? Yes, these people will still need to have guns to protect themselves against diminished attacks by Darkness.

Ok. It is June and Light/Right-Spin has 60 percent of the powre.  By July 7th (7/7/2016), which is a Triple-14-Day, it will be 65 percent. Between 7/7 and 7/22, Light’s control will grow to 70 percent. This is not just People, but the Land that People live on.

Some background; Darkness has had 80 percent of the Power over everything for 6,483 years. This has created some Dark stains on our world. What is Light going to do when it takes over? It is going to go on a Clean-Up Rampage; you know, the new broom sweeps clean.

Readers of this Blog going back to May of 2011, have read about significant Earth Changes that have been scheduled on Planet Earth.  My timing may have been off, but the substance is valid.

If you live in San Francisco/San Jose/Sacramento, the Great Central Valley or the Los Angeles Basin, find a place to visit between 7/7 and 7/31. There is going to be great, even gigantic earthquake activity. This will spread south to Mexico City where it will be leveled.  This will be the start of what I have called the “Trigger” Events. Monserrat and Vesuvius will both explode violently. There will be giant earthquakes in China and the 12 Gorges Dams will fail.  That will send 130 miles of 500 feet depths of water south destroying all of China along its rivers.  Worse, when all of that water weight is shifted suddenly, the plate supporting all of China will buckle and China will collapse and be inundated with water from the Pacific.  I am talking about the relatively sudden demise of 2 Billion people.

These Trigger Events will set up an energy release within the Planet that will, in turn, cause a sudden expansion of the diameter (and circumference) of the Earth; it will expand from a 25,000 mile circumference to a 40,000 mile circumference; it will go from a smaller sphere to a larger one.

This is the mechanism of how we have gotten to be what we are from a smaller planet that we call Pangeia.  We have had at least three of these expansions in Earth’s history.

Most of Humanity lives near the oceans; with all of this water sloshing around, it will be catastrophic. There will also be many severe earthquakes in many places. When it’s over, the Earth will look like a different planet; the land will be further apart; the Amazon Basin will be the Amazon Sea; much of the Middle East will be under water; all of Northern, Eastern and Central Africa will be under water; anywhere close to the Himalayas will be destroyed by savage earthquakes and all of Central America and the islands of the Western Caribbean will sink into the sea.

There are some bright spots;  most of North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand will be spared most of the physical damage, but look for populations to be cut by two/thirds or more.

OMG, are you saying that this is happening this summer? Probably, but Light will have all of it’s powre by October 22, 2016. This scenario, or something close to it, is going to happen this year.

Why?  Simple, most people on the planet have chosen to come here as predominantly Dark, Left-Spin beings as Darkness had 80 percent of the power until just recently; Most people chose the easiest path. With Light, Right-Spin taking over, all of those with 60 percent (or higher) Dark energies will not be allowed to stay; that is about 90-95 percent of the 7 Billion people here.

This has nothing to do with being Good or Evil or Kind or Upright or, even Civilized; it is all about what energetic choices you made before you were born and whether you moved towards the Light while you have been here.  Having said that, people strong in Darkness tend to be the takers and love using fear, force and control to achieve their ends; think Muslim Terrorists.

Love, Light and Laughter,


June – Status Update

I have been writing about Light/Right-Spin taking over for a while; it has, but not in the way I thought.

Light energy took over in Fire first, then Water, then Air and is now taking over Earth/Land.  This last is, of course, where people live.

So Darkness lost all of it’s power over the Fire, Water and Air in the first three years since we entered Aquarius back in December 2012.

OK. Light/Right-Spin energy has been taking over the Land since January 2016. Remember, it all started on December 22nd, 2012 and so, the energetic shift dates are the 22nd.  In January, Light seized 10 percent from Darkness; same for February, March, April and May for a total of 50 percent.

On June 22nd, Light will have 60 percent, in July, 70 percent, in August, 80 percent, in September, 90 percent and, finally, on October 22nd, 100 percent. Note: the US Elections are on November 8th and Darkness will not be a player at all.

As it took nearly four years before Darkness gave up all of it’s power, Light will have the same time with 100 percent of the powre before dropping back to 67 percent of the powre in everything.

This is all wonderful information on big issues but, what does it mean for US?  We all live on Land and Light has been able to influence what is happening to us via Air. We see that Light has been taking over in some areas, but Darkness still rules among the peoples of the World.

THAT HAS CHANGED. We are now at around 55 percent Light/Right-Spin; that is enough for changes to be made in people, things of people and organizations/structures of people.

I experienced a release/departure of Dark Entities that have brought me limitations throughout my life. These entities, I call them Demons, have been responsible for limiting my height, my weight, my vision, my hearing, my dental/teeth health, my Diabetes, illnesses in general and money/finances. They have probably limited me in success and my love life as well.

I spent much of the night feeling the release/departure of these Demons. They did not go willingly and made a lot of noise and discomfort as they left; I growled and coughed and wheezed for about two hours. Apparently, they had to leave by 5am on this 14th day of June (14 is the most powerful/powreful number in our Universe – it’s the Creator Number.)

I write this to you so you will understand what is happening to you as the Demons get driven from you by Light/Right-Spin.

What does having these Demons begone do for you? Whatever limitations that they imposed on you will cease to be; your body will revert to it’s original DNA template.  It will be easy to be the weight and physical fitness that you want to be at.  Your money, wealth, health, youthfulness and love life will be more and better.

Remember, we beings of Light are like Lighthouses and we put our Light out all around us.  We have been very easy to find and mess with.  Darkness has been messing with us all of our lives in things small and large; it has done so on a very personal level with these Demons.

Because we are like Lighthouses, the Energy Vampires can find us and suck our energy; this too is changing as the energy that they suck will now poison them.  Look for the departure of all Energy Vampires before the end of the year.  Yes, there are 1,000s of them and includes most $Billionaires, Politicians, Judges, Police Chiefs, Prosecutors, CEOs, Generals, Doctors, Professors; yes, most really successful people and many of their family members.

There are exceptions as Light has protected some of it’s successful people like Donald Trump and other disruptive people.  If the Status Quo doesn’t like them, they are of the Light.

In the USA, Light has started taking over on the East Coast and is moving Westward; Boston, New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Miami and Philadelphia and Cleveland have been seized by the Light.  They just don’t know it, …… Yet.

By Labor Day (September 5th), Light will have seized all of Europe (to include Eastern Europe and Russia), all of North America and all of Australia and New Zealand. Dramatic changes are upon us.

Carpe Diem!


How to “Spell”

Bob commented on my Majik Spell words post:

ok so you have this list of words of power, now what, how do you put them to use? I suspect you are intimating that they are used to access the so-called dark energy that is infused throughout and links the universe. That is all well and good, but show me how to access it and put it to use.

OK. Majik is coming back into the world.  Magic is Dark and has been here all along. Most really successful people have been using Magic for thousands of years even as they tell us, “there is no such thing as Magic.”

Every single one of the $Billionaires, except Trump, is an Energy Vampire who steals energy from Right-Spinners and then, converts it into Dark Magic to boost their own Dark Powers.  This is true for many CEOs, Judges, Bankers and, especially, Politicians.

You don’t really think getting to be President or amassing 1,000 $Million is some kind of accident? Magic/Majik is here and has been here for millions of years. Magic has been the predominant type of power used by people powerful in Dark Energy (for the past 6,483 years, Dark Magic had 80% of the power).

Anyone strong in Light Majik (only 20% of the powre) had to hide their powre as they would be sought out and killed.

That was then and this is now.  Now, Light Majik has all of the powre (100%) for the next three years; it’s a complicated transition of powre. After that, Light Majik will have 67% for the foreseeable future (next 300,000 years).  Being strong in Dark Magic is not going to be as fun as it was; only 33%.  They will have to pick their battles very carefully.

The list of Majik Powre Words that I provided have nothing to do with the practitioners of Dark Magic; they are all powre words to be used by Light Majikans.

So, how does one use these Powre Words?  Anyway you want!!!!!

You can speak them aloud or silently. You can string them together to create a more powreful spell. You can write them in chalk or on a PC or phone. You can put them into emails and send them to others.

Remember, these are Right-Spin words.  What is Right-Spin? Easy, freedom, choice, truth, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility, and doing-the-right-thing.

You use these Powre Words to help others; to assist others, to heal others; to make others whole. These words can be used to help with money, sex, relationships, health, well-being, turning around a negative situation and countering a Dark Magic attack or spell.

Yes, you can use Majik to counter-spell a Magic spell.  Remember, these Dark Magic Assholes are very adept at it, very experienced at it, even if they are having to use much less power.

One thing any Majikan can do when being attacked by Dark Magic is to reach out and take the Dark Magic power away from the attacker; they will hate that.

So… Does one have to memorize this list of powre words? No, not at all. Only those who want to get powreful in Majik need be concerned. After Light has completed it’s takeover, many of us will be powreful in Light Majik and will be called “Evo’s” as in the TV Series Heroes.

That will be a natural event that we grow into. So…Many of us will just turn into powreful beings as part of getting up every morning. If you want to make yourself into a more powerful being? Pay attention and memorize these Powre Words and learn how to use them.

It will be by trial and error and groups coming together to share their knowledge, but the basic list of words is here.

There is another word that I am adding here: Cocoa as in chocolate.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Status Update?

I have been writing about Light Taking Over for the past several years; it has been taking over, incrementally, in  little pieces.

Many of your know about BitCoin; it is a cryptocurrency that is not controlled by the Dark Powers that be. It is designed to be distributed, individualized, non-centralized and uncontrollable. Doesn’t that fit the definition of Light or Right-Spin?

The basis of the BitCoin is something called the Block Chain and it will used for honest, trusted voting  and commerce in many things soon.

The Dark Assholes have tried to stop this concept, but have been unable to do so.  Why? It is coming from the Light as Light has been ramping up. You do know that the Internet and all of these wonderful smartphones and tablets and Broadband and WiFi have all come from Light/Right-Spin??? Light wants more communication; it wants to shed more Light on everything.

I have been saying that Light has been taking over, but, it has been doing so invisibly for the most part.  The foundation for change had to be established.  On April 23, 2016, that foundation was completed. Now, in May, Light/Right-Spin can begin to use it’s full powre in a visible way.

Majik can now enter the world as the dominant powre; up to now, Magic has been the dominant power which was based on fear, force and control.

You say, there’s no such thing as Magic?

How the hell did our Muslim Obama get elected twice? How is a criminal, who should be in jail, running for President as a Democrat. BTW, she will be indicted soon; her Dark Mojo is gone. So is His.

BTW, the Democrat Party is very Dark, but hey, so is the Republican Party and so is the US GOVERNMENT. But, this is true for most Governments on the planet; remember, Darkness has been in control for the past 6,483 years.

All (but 1) of the $Billionaires, many of the Politicians, Bankers, Judges and Actors are Energy Vampires who suck energy from Right-Spinners to get added energy to get ahead.

Donald Trump is a Right-Spinner; he is the exception. Just look at how the Dark Insiders are afraid of him and what he will do to their cozy, broken system in Washington DC.  He has already said that he doesn’t want their experts and will bring his own. Guess what? He is bringing Right-Spinners with him.

You say that I am nuts? Here is an important stat; 95 out of 100 people are Left-Spinners and most of them are at least 60 percent Left-Spin or higher. It doesn’t matter what color or race or religion they are, if they are more than 59 percent Left-Spin, they will not be welcome on Earth very soon. That includes the white or caucasian race.

Does that mean they will have to leave? YES, and not by Space Ship. Mosquitoes are Dark little beings who force themselves upon us; the females must suck our blood to reproduce. Won’t it be ironic when Light uses Mosquitoes and other Dark beings to kill off those who need to leave. #Zika.

What does this mean? All of the Dark Assholes will be gone soon and our world will be a much better place. There will be truth, trust, a feeling of well-being and a knowing that we can move forward, on the right path, quickly.

In the United States, two-thirds of the population will be leaving; in other places that ratio will be much higher. Why is the US so special? Because Light/Right-Spin energy was used to create it over 200 years ago.  Even though Darkness has taken over in that time, the Light foundation is still intact and is growing stronger everyday.

Note: there are more than 14,000 subscribers to this blog. Spirit tells me that more than 25,000 Humans have transformed themselves into Newmen/Newomen. That is Good News; it means that Newmen/Newomen are not alone. We may live thousands of years in young-looking, healthy bodies, but there are thousands of us to work and procreate with together. Yes, we are a new evolution of Man.

Find and read the Newman Manifesto again.

Love, Light and Laughter,



Majik Spell Words

This is site of Right-Spin Majik.  I have already provided information on how to use your Majik wands and now, I am providing powreful words that you can use in your Spells.

Go to my Home Page and click on the sub-page called, “5-Letter “Spell-ing” Words of Powre” or use this link.

Love, Light and Laughter,


A Physics Lesson

We know a lot, but do not know a lot as well. Take this concept of the Law of Relativity, you know, E=MC2, where E equals Energy and M= Mass and C=the speed of Light.

What is the Speed of Light?  You say, it’s 186,000 feet per second per second; everybody knows that.

They measured in a famous experiment back in 1906, didn’t they? What were they using to generate the Light? In incandescent light bulb. Wait a second, doesn’t that use tungsten filaments to generate resistance, to make heat so bright that it puts out a lot of Light.

So… It turns out that they measured the Speed of Heat. Wait a second, it is Light, isn’t it? OK. Fast forward to 2016; we are all buying LED devices. What is LED? Light emitting diodes which put out a very bright light without Heat. I wonder, if the LED Light was measured, would it be faster than the Light coming from an incandescent light bulb.

OK. Here’s the Physics Lesson.

Take a corner, any corner; it is a shape where three planes come together. Each of those planes are 90-degree planes and are perpendicular to each other.

Every corner has a point where the three planes meet; what is that point?  It can be called the Zero Point and that is where Zero Point Energy (ZPE) can be found. It is also the place that you try to get to when you meditate; yes, use the corner as a guide to get to that deep place.

So now, visualize a corner with the point furthest away from you. The right-hand plane is always the plane that contains Heat and Cold energy. The left-hand plane is always the plane that contains Dark and Light energy and the Horizontal-plane is always the plane that contains Gravity and Magnetic energy whether it is the ceiling or the floor.

Let’s talk about Heat and Cold first. Cold is an energetic particle or wave that travels in the direction towards the point and Heat is an energetic particle or wave that travels away from the point. Wait a second, isn’t Cold just the absence of Heat? No, this is an example of absolutely knowing something that is just not true. Heat travels at 186,000 Feet per second per second (what we call the Speed of Light).  Cold travels at twice (2x) that speed. Oops, E=MC2 is kind of tossed out the window?

What about the Dark/Light plane? Light travels towards the point and Dark travels away from it.  Light particles/waves travel at four (4x) times the Speed of Heat and Dark particles/waves travel at three (3x) times the Speed of Heat.

What about the Gravity/Magnetic plane? Magnetic particles/waves travel at six (6x) times the Speed of Heat and Gravity particles/waves travel at five (5x) times the Speed of Heat.

So…In our three-dimensional word (height, depth and width) which is made-up by corners everywhere, there are six fundamental energies; Heat and Cold, Dark(ness) and Light, and Gravity and Magnet(ism).

Spirit gave Man(kind) dominion over three of these meaning that he/she could exercise some control over them; they are Cold, Light and Magnetism.  The other three we call, Constants; Heat, Darkness and Gravity.

Each of the three pairs of energy are equal and opposite, even if they do travel at different speeds. The faster particles/waves are smaller and have less mass than their counterpart pairs so that they are equal when they meet. Yes, they all have mass.

Cold can be made less cold by adding Heat and Heat can be less hot by adding Cold. This equally true for Darkness and Light and, this is important, it is equally true for Gravity and Magnetism.

The mechanism for adding Gravity to Magnetism or vice versa is one thing that has eluded us. Why, because we were not yet ready for the knowledge.

That is changing now. This fundamental shift is happening now, as Light takes over from Darkness. Being able to teleport, or jump are powres (and later, technologies) that operate using the shifting balance of gravity and magnetism.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Who and What are the Energy Suckers?

Many of you know about Energy Suckers; I call them Energy Vampires.

This is a phenomenon of Left-Spinners sucking the energy of Right-Spinners.  The Energy Vampire cannot suck the energy of Left-Spinners; only Right-Spinners.

Again, many of you have figured out who these people are and avoid them whenever possible. Some of you have figured out how to “shield” yourself from these Vampires.

Here’s a “Shielding” program we should teach our kindergarteners:

“My energy is my own, no one may take it without my permission.”

“My energy is my own, no one may give me any unwanted energy without my permission.”

Just say, “install and run” after saying them aloud. It really is that easy.

OK. We have all run into these Suckers; why do they do it? and how come this is even allowed?

Remember, Darkness has been in charge for the past 6,483 years with 80 percent of the power.  We light beings are fairly easy to identify as we are like Lighthouses and put our Right-Spin energies out in beams of Light .

So Darkness said, “if they are going to put beams of Light out, I will set up a group of Dark Beings who’s main function is to vacuum up that Light.”

So… there are about 10,000 Energy Vampires on Planet Earth now. Most people have no clue that these Dark Asshole Beings even exist and there is nothing that points to their existence at all, except the concept of Blood-Sucking Vampires.

What do they do with the Light that they suck up?

Firstly, they make themselves look like they are Right-Spinners so that they can get close to us; yes, to feed on us.

But, the main purpose of sucking our energy is to convert it to Dark Light so that they can use it to get ahead. Every single $Billionaire is an Energy Vampire. How did Carli get from being a secretary to a CEO? Most successful people, especially politicians, are Energy Vampires; Hillary, Bernie, Lyin’ Ted, 1-for-46 Kasich and, yes, Bill and Chelsea as well. Believe it or not, the Donald is a Right-Spinner.

This applies to the Wall Street types and our Judges; most of them are Energy Vampires and have gotten to be successful by using stolen energy as Dark Magic. I know, Magic does not exist, but do you really believe that?

How many times have you had your energy sucked?

Here’s the good news.  Starting in January 2016, the Light that they sucked had an additional property; it started to make them sick.

So… Here we are in May and every time that an Energy Vampire feed on one of us, they were getting sicker and sicker. Just imagine, 10,000 of the most wealthy and most powerful people in the world are all terminally ill and they don’t even know why.

BTW, in May, Light has all of it’s powre available for the first time. The time for changes has arrived. The times, they are changin’.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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