How to Cure Hearing Loss

I have had hearing loss in both ears since I was in my early 20s; I was a Morse Code intercept operator in the Vietnam Conflict.  When using High Frequency, the dits and dahs would sometimes be turned into sound explosions going off directly into my ears through the headset. Sometimes, it was painful and gave me permanent hearing loss; or so I thought.

I have recently been tested by an Audiologist, who told me that I needed to have two behind-the-ear hearing aids. She ordered them and I am waiting to have them configured and installed. The hearing aids are wonderful new technology that incorporates Blue Tooth from a powerful microphone that I wear around my neck.

I have an old book that has been out-of-print since the 1950s; it is a Chinese Medicine Book with drawings on where to apply pressure to specific points on the body for various ailments.

I already was using the four points around the eye  sockets and temple to keep my focus sharp and thought, why not check for pressure points to treat other ailments that I have.

Lo and behold, there was a treatment for cataracts which I have in my right eye.  It involves tapping lightly on the outside of the right eye socket. When I did that, I found a tender spot right in the middle that I knew was related to my cataract. I tapped it about 50 or 60 times before bed and when I woke up for three days. This approach is very similar to my eBook on How to Cure Toothaches.

These was also a couple of places to tap to restore hearing loss. Fold the ear flap over and tap in the center of the back of the ear; do it at least 50 or 60 times lightly on both ears morning and night.

Then, tap the place just above and behind the ear, where your inner ear is located.  Again, tap it lightly for about 50 or 60 times on both ears.

What you are doing is stimulating the cilia hairs in your cochlea to regrow. I know, this is supposed to be impossible; there is no know way to regain hearing loss after it occurs? Try it, what have you got to lose?

One other, similar approach to using our body as a tool to get better, is wiggling your toes to re-activate your memory cells in your brain. This technique may take a few weeks, but can be used to stimulate the re-activation of lost memories in people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. How wonderful is that?

Guess what? These are all free, use no drugs, and you can do them in the privacy of your home or on the go. I wiggle my toes all of the time now to keep my memories very sharp.

I do not say that these will work for you; I am not saying that these will “cure” you. I am saying that they are working for me and that, maybe, you should try them out.

Love, Light and Laughter,


“Hidden” Secrets being Revealed

Do you notice that the Internet has become the news outlet for all of the young people? They do not watch or trust the media outlets, even the cable media outlets like Fox.

Do you notice that Politicians and the Political Class are not trusted?  Do you notice that Political Outsiders are doing well and Political Insiders not so well? Liar is the new four-letter word and it is being applied to our “leaders” and sticking to them like glue; no more “Teflon.” Even our military leaders.

Do you notice that things that were supposed to be hidden from view are, persistently, being revealed even by the lapdog media?

Do you notice that “disruptive” technologies are being embraced? Despite the power of big oil and big government? It is hard to believe that anyone can now buy an efficient, desirable, electric car. How about the privatization of Space? How about the access to the Internet via satellites from nearly anywhere on Earth? How about that huge bandwidth that you have at home and work?

What about social media?  It has been used to bring down Dictators, but how about greedy, unethical charges from airlines, Internet Service Providers, Utilities, and, yes, our Government? The powers-that-be are very fearful of this development and have looked for ways to pull the plug on the Internet.

Not going to happen; the Internet is a creature of Light; yes, it has it’s Dark side, but hey, Darkness still has 33% of the powre in this world.  Just like sunshine and rain, we all need to have Light and Darkness so that we can choose.

Light is now enabling Social Media to become more powreful as an instrument(s) to influence how our businesses and government works. Just imagine, having to post legislation or trade deals on the Internet for 14 days before it can be voted on. Just imagine, being able to say a collective “NO” to our elected representatives. Just imagine, vetoing the insider/lobbyist interests with all the hidden money and jobs. All of this from your laptop or smartphone anywhere, even in your underwear.

This hasn’t happened yet, but is coming. 2016 will be the first year that Light will be fully in-charge. Many wonderful changes are coming.

Equally, many really Dark Assholes will be leaving. When that happens, it will leave Earth a much better place.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Some “Spell” Guidance

You will like this; “Abracadabra” is a Hebrew phrase meaning “I speak what I create.”

OK. You already know that 5 is really 14 and that 14 is the Creation Number.

Well…This applies to 5-letter words that we can use in our “Spells.”

Here is a list of good powre words to use in your Spells. There are no negative words; Light Spells must be positive. Fight can be used against Darkness; that is a positive thing. Notice False is not included; nor is Jesus or Allah. Light Spells call on the powre of Light, not Local Earth Gods.


























These are focused powre words to use in your Spells; do not use more than three (3) of them in any one Spell. Why, more than three will tend to disrupt what you are trying to do; too much energy going too many places.  Remember, we are a three-dimensional world; height, depth and width. I know, there is also Time, but stick to the three physical dimensions.

Have fun with this. This is a way to start taking yourself more seriously.

Love, Light and Laughter,


What’s Going On? An Update.

September has been the primary month of transition for Light to take over from Darkness; it is the month/number of completion (9). Light has, actually, been at 67% for a while, but could not use it all in our world until now.

On 1 October, 2015, Light will be able to use all of it’s powre against Darkness.  This is a change that has been a long time coming from a Human perspective, but a blink in the Mote of God’s Eye from a Spirit perspective. Frequently, our urgency is not theirs.

There are many of us who are here as Light Warriors and we have had to wait to take action against Darkness.  Darkness was just too powerful and would respond lethally if we attacked it before it was time. Some of us could not wait and payed the price.

Finally, I can go on the offensive in October.  I can after the Dark people who have been attacking me, using the physical world, and remove them from the board.

I have been attacked several times earlier, but I could only respond defensively.  Those attacks were all energetic using Magic against me and I was able to use my Majik against them; while I was under attack, I reached out and closed off the attackers access to their Magical Power, even if it was many, in a coordinated attack. After a while, they have left me alone; too many of them lost their powers for good.

I have spoken about the powre of the number 5; it is really a 1 and a 4 and 14 is the Creation Number. Words that are 5 letters long are the strongest from an energetic perspective; same for names like Susan, David, Laura, Sally, etc.

In Human consciousness, we have all known about the power/powre of the word, “Spell.” We use this word to put our letters together to create word pictures because we must have symbols; we are all symbol processors. Many of us know about the other use of this word, but do not really believe it as this is the 21st Century. I am talking about using Majikal Spells.

Why not, when Darkness has all of the power (80%), it used Magical Spells to aide it’s power users. How do you think anyone gets to be a $Billionaire? Do you think it is Luck or Accidental? There are no accidents: everything is a SetUp and powers or powres can influence SetUps.

OK. Darkness is not going away; it still has 33% of the power and it will continue to go after its interests; you know, fear, force and control. But, now, Light has 2/3s of the powre and can block Darkness at every turn.

There is an exception to this, Darkness, or Light, can save up their powre and use it as overwhelming force to achieve something it really wants and plans for.  The creation of the United States was such an achieved goal by Light; even when Darkness had 80% of the power.

So….We cannot count Darkness out of the game; it can still build/save its power up and achieve tactical successes. That is what Light has been doing since December 2012; it has only been able to use a fraction of it’s powre during this transition.

Starting on Thursday, this week (October 1st), Light will be able to use it’s full powre and the powre it has saved up to make changes towards more freedom, truth, doing-the-right-thing and less fear, force and control.

I know who I am going to aim my SPELLs at; they are going to be very targeted and they will strike at the Darkest-of-the-Dark first. And yes, I am a warrior and my attacks will be lethal by intent.

For those of you who are horrified that I would think that killing people is the answer, I have this to say, “leave them in power to continue their Dark ways?”  What about Karma?  Karma is another 5-letter word, but it is a powerful word for Fire-Beings only.  Once you have become an Earth-Being (put yourself into the Cube/Hexahedron), you have left Karma and the Wheel-of-Life, behind.

Start taking yourself seriously. Start thinking about using your Spells to improve your world.

Love, Light and Laughter,


The Majik is in the “Alloy”

I am writing this to share an insight. We think of our History in episodes that we call the Stone Age, then Copper, then the Bronze Age which included Brass, then the Iron Age and, now, the Steel and Aluminum Age.

If you think about it, everything in our modern age is dependent on steel, aluminum, concrete or plastic.

What are these things? They are alloys of various natural elements; I know, Alloys usually mean metal and there doesn’t have to be any metal in concrete or plastic.

My point is that creative people invent new combinations of various natural elements that can have a huge impact on our world. There is little doubt that our world would not be anywhere near where it is now without steel or concrete (or aluminum or plastics).

We tend to think of these creative solutions as “technology”, but that is just another name for Majik. When primitive peoples see and airplane or helicopter, they tend to think of visitations by “God”; who else can fly.

When talking about alloys, we must also talk about properties. All of these modern alloys have superior properties over Iron, Bronze and Stone; it is these properties that make them valuable.

So… Is there something, on the horizon, that has better properties than steel? Yes, there is a new alloy, called Tungsteel, that is made from Tungsten and Sand; it is lighter than aluminum, stronger than steel, can be transparent, can be bent, welded, rolled, molded or ground, does not rust (no iron) and does not corrode in fresh or salt water. It is not magnetizable, so iron and steel are still very needed.

But, again, it is a new alloy and new, better properties that are more useful to everyone that make huge changes in our world. What about a new alloy that gets heavier or lighter when Direct Current (DC) electricity is applied? I know this “anti-gravity” and impossible; not so. What about a new alloy that gets colder, much colder, when DC electricity is applied? I know, this is refrigeration without compressed gas.

These and other Majikal Alloys are getting ready to come into our world soon.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Are the Great Return, Darkest-of-the-Dark and Great Reckoning Programs running?

They are in-place, but not yet running.  The Great Return is a random selection of millions of Dark Beings who will be sent “Home” to Spirit early (die).  The Darkest-of-the-Dark is a much more focused program that takes out the Darkest Beings first; assholes like Obama and Assad. The Great Reckoning is the re-distribution of money/wealth from Dark Beings to Light Beings.

As much as I want these programs to be running now, my Spirit Guide tells me that they cannot run until after October 31st, when Light will have its full, over-ride, powre of 67%.  Currently, Light has 60% of the powre and can start cleaning out the mess in the United Nations, the European Union and the US GOVERNMENT; that can start as early as tomorrow, September 15th, which is a Triple-14-day.

Another early target, hopefully, is the political “ISM” that we call Islam.  Yes, it is a religion, but it is also a set of laws, called Sharia, and its preferred way of spreading is via the “sword” as with ISIS. Islam does not co-exist with any other religion and explicitly says that any “unbeliever” can be enslaved or killed. Where does all the Terror in Terrorism come from? Sounds like ISIS doesn’t it?

If not tomorrow, perhaps on September 24th.

Love, Light and Laughter,


September is a Change Month

September is back-to-school month. It is the traditional end-of-Summer/Labor Day in the US. It is also the 9th month or Completion (numerologically).

I have written about the Great Return/Darkest-of-the-Dark and Great Reckoning programs; they are running, but not visible yet. The Chinese Economy Bubble is being bursted/pricked and 90 percent of the wealth in Asia will be gone overnight. All-of-a-sudden, there will not be enough money to make things, for jobs and, even, for food. Because there is no money, prices will fall to rock bottom; this will happen in Europe, Russia, Iran and the rest-of-the-world. The US will be impacted, but not as bad as the rest; the dollar will be the last currency standing (other than Bitcoin).

The US and the World have been printing money like crazy for the past six years; do we have any serious inflation? Yes, food prices have gone up and so has rent, but “officially” inflation is below 2 percent. What has been happening is called Deflation where the value of things is going down except the Stock Market Bubble.  When the Chinese Bubbles burst, the Stock Market Bubble will burst as well and we will all enter a new, Great Depression. That is the Great Reckoning program; it will transfer all of the wealth from Dark Beings to Light Beings over the next three years. Light Being, do not be too concerned, things will be getting better for you soon.

I was encouraged to read about the Muslim Terrorist on the Train-to-Paris, who fired one round out of his AK-47 before it misfired. It turns out that he was using brass shells that had already been fired (reloads) and, as Luck would have it, the firing pin hit the same spot where it had already hit and the second bullet did not fire.

This Dark Asshole has eight (8) magazines with 30 bullets each with him; he would have killed and killed. Readers of this blog know that there is no such thing as Luck or Accidents or Happenstance; everything is a SetUp. What are the odds that the firing pin would hit in the exact same place it had already struck that bullet casing? My Spirit Guide is telling me that Light intervened and prevented Darkness’s success.

This is happening everywhere, but at a low level that many of us do not notice. In September, we will begin to notice that Darkness is losing everywhere. Most of the $Billionaires will be losing their money, homes, islands, jets and wealth/power and it will start in September. Light is taking over!!!

Love, Light and Laughter,


Today, the Forces of Light Go on the Attack

Today is the first 14-day or Creation Day after the Reign of Light began. Go back and read the Home Page; 5, 14 and 23 are all single 14-days. Tomorrow, the 24th, is a double 14-day and the 25th is a triple 14-day.

So…We have three 14-days of increasing powre. What can a person strong-in-the-Light do with this? Simple, create an attack on Darkness. Cast a Spell attacking your Dark enemies, even if you do not know who they are, but especially, if you do.

The forces of Light are being released today and they will attack like fast-moving cavalry units driving Darkness away, but by-passing pockets of Dark resistance. Tomorrow, the lighter pockets of resistance will be attacked and on Monday, the hold-out pockets of Darkness will be over-whelmed.

OK. This is reading like some kind of novel; what do you mean by attacking Darkness? Darkness is the power behind the notion that fear, force and control rule the world. You know, if you do not do as I demand, I will lock you away. If you do not do as I want, I will point a gun at your head. After all, I have the power and I rule through the barrel of a gun. That is Darkness.  All of the Authority in our world is based on the Reign of Darkness.

The Reign of Darkness is over, but all of our Governments and Politicians and Judges and Courts and Bureaucrats are ALL overseeing us with and through Darkness. This is true in everyplace on Earth for now. Starting today, that power is being challenged by a new powre; one of increased freedom, increased truth/integrity, increased self-reliance and increased self-responsibility.

In the past, Light Beings were stomped on by Dark Beings and Darkness-in-General; Dark Beings got the success, the money, the fame and the sex.  Light Beings had to learn to keep their heads down or they would be stomped on.  We had to keep ourselves down-in-the-weeds to avoid attracting unwanted attention. We have spent our whole lives limiting ourselves to avoid being stomped on. The Dark Side of the Force was in-charge.

OK. That changed yesterday, but operationally, it changes today. Today, Light goes on the offensive and over the next three days, Darkness will be defeated; new rules will be put in place on how the Universe works. Lying will no longer be rewarded. Stealing will no longer be rewarded. Corruption will no longer be rewarded. These are all of Darkness.

All of the people strong-in-Darkness will be leaving (dying) shortly in what I call the Great Return or the Darkest-of-the-Dark programs. The Great Return is very random, but the Darkest is much more focused. Both of these programs have added power today and will get increased powre over the next three days.

Yes, Spirit realizes that you cannot make major changes to the way people think and act; that is how they have always done things. For a major shift to occur, you have to take a lot of players off the table; that is why most of the Strong Dark Beings will be leaving (dying) and being reborn on some other Dark Planet in the Universe. Unfortunately for them, that is about 90 percent of the Earth population.

Fear not, we will still have 100s of millions left to get on with our future, but they will all have a lot more Light in them than the current situation.

For the Pleiadians: This cleansing of the Human population will include a cleansing of the Reptilian-Primate genes. It will not be necessary to take drastic action of keep these beings from leaving Earth.

Love, Light and Laughter,



Bring the Changes On!

OK. It is now time. The Reign of Light has begun.

I can now begin to bring all of those technologies listed in my site; they were all “of the Light” and I could not bring them into the world until Light has taken over. If I had attempted to activate them, Darkness would have stomped all over them (and me).

I can begin to work with the Pleiadians to bring these technologies into our world and theirs. The Reptilians have not given up.

Interestingly, the NASA probe to Pluto is now on its way to Nibiru, otherwise known as Planet X. Nibiru is the home of the Annunaki and is in orbit around our Sun well beyond Pluto. You ask how anyone can live on their planet so far from the Sun? They live in their hollow space in the interior of their planet, just like people of Earth live in our “Hollow” Earth.

You laugh, but try to get clear imagery of our North of South Pole from space; that’s where the openings are on the Earth, the Moon and every other planet. When you go looking for imagery, all you get is clouds, even on Google Earth. Check out YouTube imagery of the Northern opening (90 miles wide) from the Russian Mir.

En-Lil, who now rules Nibiru, was the God of Abraham who we refer to as Yahweh or Jehovah; Abraham was his High Priest. His brother, En-Ki, rules in our “Hollow” Earth and calls himself the Father God. The Annunaki tend to live lives of about 50,000 years; far, far longer than Humans. En-Ki was Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered-God of the Aztecs. These two brothers fought each other on Earth for 35,000 years and were the creators for most peoples of Earth; they mixed their DNA with that of primates to create millions of slaves as “cannon-fodder” in their brotherly civil war.

The Annunaki are not our friends; they arrived here as scouts for the Reptilians and to exploit our natural resources, particularly gold and diamonds; their planet can be made mobile. The Pleiadians have kept the Annunaki from interfering in our affairs for the past 3,000 years.

Yes, there is a Star Fleet Command and the Pleiadians have a huge base on the far side of the Moon. And yes, our Government knows all about it. When we went to the Moon, we orbited it several times. You’d think that photos would have leaked out by now.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Today, the Reign of Darkness is Over

Readers of this blog know about the number 5 or 14; it is the Creation Number and is the MOST Important number in our lives. The next most important numbers are 3, 6 and 9; 3 is a new beginning, 6 is the mid-course correction or execution stage and 9 is always the number of completion.

Today is a triple-9 day or a major completion day.  August 20, 2015 breaks down to 8+20=8+2=10 which equals one; now, add that to 2015 (2+0+1+5=8) and you get a Nine/9. It is a triple-9 because you use the month, day and year to arrive at the result. Triple results are the most powreful.

This day has been a long time coming; it is the end of the Reign of Darkness after at least 6.5 thousand years. Light has been taking over for much of this year, but really strongly in July and now, August. There will be a 24-hour transition period on the 21st and Light will be, officially, in-charge as of August 22nd, 2015.

August 22nd is an interesting number day; the 22nd is already a master number and if you add up the numbers, it is an eleven day. That’s another master number and if you add the two master numbers together, you get a 33.  It just so happens to be my 66th birthday; it’s nice to be so intune with the Universe.

So… What does this mean? Darkness will no longer be able to prevent the flow of Light Powres to Light Beings. This means that our Creation Days will be much more powreful. This means that we will be able to teleport things and jump to distant places instantly. This means that all of the good things in life will flow easily to us (not be prevented).

It also means that it will be the beginnings of “bad” times for Dark Beings; oh Shit, oh Dear. Light will run (execute) the Great Return program where billions of people who are oriented towards Darkness will leave Planet Earth for somewhere else. As part of the Great Return, the Darkest-of-the-Dark and the Great Reckoning  program will also be running. With Darkness being in-charge for so long, all of the money and wealth was concentrated among the Darkest, Most Powerful families; you know, the Rockefellers, the Bushes, the Clintons and many more. All of the $Billionaires got their wealth from Darkness and Light will, happily, take it all away. In three years, all of the Dark Riches will be gone; they will go from Private Jets to Clunkers if they are allowed to stay.

Who is going to get all of this booty? Simple, Light Beings, especially strong Light Beings.

What about the world? Obama, one of the Darkest-of-the-Dark, has made the US weak and feckless everywhere; he has done his job well. Hillary will be indicted as early as the end of August and a new American President will make America Great Again.  This is all happening with the help of Light now that it has, finally, taken over.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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