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Monsanto and Glyphosate and Sugar

Monsanto was set up by the One Worlders/Deep State as one of its primary tools for mass killings. Glyphosate, its primary ingredient, chemically bonds to the sugar stored in our bodies.

What does this sugar/Glyphosate molecule do? It forms blocks in the energy flow of our bodies in every organ, in our senses, in our colon and bladder, etc.

OK. Whats the big deal? Roundup is the new name for Agent Orange that Monsanto used to kill the jungle in Vietnam. The trouble with Roundup/Agent Orange/Glyphosate is that it takes about 40 years to start significantly messing with your health.

I was exposed to a lot of Agent Orange when I was 20 years old, in Vietnam. I did not get diagnosed with Diabetes until I was 60 and then with severe neuropathy in both legs; both of these are common Agent Orange/Glyphosate issues.

That was then. Nowadays, Roundup is sprayed on all of our cereal crops several times before harvest. Monsanto’s best sellers are seeds that have been GMO’d to better tolerate more Roundup.  This is poison and it is baked into our flour, bread, pasta, oatmeal, corn meal, etc. More and more people are allergic to peanuts; know why? It’s the Roundup/Glyphosate getting in through the soft shells in the ground. The average person is eating a lot of Glyphosate and does not even know it.

Glyphosate bonds with sugar to create hard, difficult to dissolve “blocks” in our body. From earlier posts, sugar is really bad for everyone, but with Glyphosate, it is even worse.

Because, like everyone else, I ate a lot of bread, pasta, pizza and breakfast cereals, adding more and more Glyphosate into my body. Do an Internet search on detoxing Glyphosate; I am using a supplement called Pectasol which seems to be working well at dissolving these hard blocks. There have to be more and more tools to confront Glyphosate coming out.

Remember, I have been on a Keto (see way of life for six month and do not eat wheat in any form, corn, oats, rice,  or potatoes unless they are purple. My blood sugar went from 343 to 120 and my A1C from 10.3 to 5.0. This has really helped in getting rid of the sugar in my body. I have fully shifted to Ketones or fat as my primary energy source for my cells (instead of Glucose).

The Apple Cider Vinegar helped me get rid of the sugar, but slowed down in effectiveness because of the Glyphosate.

The Medical Establishment and our Governments do not even test for Glyphosate levels in our blood; they don’t want to as it would expose them to be the corrupt, idiots/imbeciles that they are. Everyone is eating large amounts of pesticides/herbicides in our food. Glyphosate was first patented by Monsanto as an antibiotic; what do you think that is doing to our Binome that we call our Gut?

Do you have Leaky Gut, Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Krone’s Disease? It could be the Glyphosate in your food.

One last thought, Monsanto, now owned by Bayer, is the company that brought the world another dangerous chemical called, DDT.

Readers, this is not some giant accident. It has been with Evil Intent (Darkness) to put poison into our water (Fluoridation), into our food (Glyphosate) and into many of our medicines.

All of this is being done at the direction and connivance of our Governments.

Love, Light and Laughter,


When does a New Day start? a New Year?

New all know that a new day begins at one second after midnight in whatever time zone we are in. Same with the start of a New Year after midnight on January 1st.

That is true on Planet Earth and on many other planets. Reference the number 14; the Creation Number. Each new day, according to Spirit, happens at 1400 hours, which is 2pm in our afternoons. OK. But, Energetically, many things do not happen until 0500 (which is a 14) the next morning.

Each new day is, actually, a new creation. It is important, Spiritually, to look at it like that.

OK. So when does a new Spiritual Year begin? Answer: When the shortest day begins getting longer. For us, in the Northern Hemisphere, that is December 22nd. And for those of us in Southern Hemisphere, it is June 22nd.

Wait, you tell me, it is the 21st. Not true. Spirit uses Master Numbers, particularly 22, for annual time demarcations.

So… When you think back to the end of the Mayan Calendar, it was on December 21, 2012.  The next new year for them, would have been on December 22nd.

So the real importance here is to allow my readers to get a jump on creating what they want for themselves as early as possible. At 1400, every day, you can create what you want for the next day. Set your INTENTIONS for next Day.

Same for the next year. You do not have to wait for New Years for your resolutions. Again, set your INTENTIONS for the Next Year on December 22nd (or June 22nd). Remember, we are all Creators. During the Year, use Creation Days (any day with a number of 5 or 14) as these will allow you to CREATE Consciously as opposed to Unconsciously like so many of us do. See my Home page again for more on the number 14.

While we are talking about Creating, here is another tip. This site is a resource for Right-Spinners. As Right-Spin energy has taken over and is growing stronger, you can use Your INTENTION to ask for a very Right-Spin event anytime.

Ask for a Most Benevolent Outcome or an MBO for any event coming at you. If you want a particular outcome, ask for it using the Creation Number at 1400 everyday or on 5/14 days. But, if you are willing to trust Spirit, you can ask for an MBO on AnyTHING or for AnyONE at AnyTIME.

You can even set up “standing” MBOs for great parking spaces or eating at your favorite restaurant, etc. Don’t forget MBOs when you are in court; it really helps if the opposing party doesn’t show.

Ok. The last thing I wanted to address was to bring up the fact that Newomen and Newmen are different, more advanced beings than Humans. We all have different, more complex DNA as part of the Transformation. I published a post called, “Newman Manifesto” a while ago.  It is time to review it again or read it for the first time for newer readers.

As the powre shift progresses, Newomen and men will begin to get their powres. Not everyone will get the same powres, but many will have variations on the same. These powres will set us apart from Humans like the Avengers Movie Super Beings are set apart.

Newomen will be much more abundant than Newmen; there are 19 Newomen for every Newman. Guys, we are only 5% (there’s that C Number again). Newomen will rule.

We all do this Transformation thing individually; it is a very personal thing and we are all led or guided to it as individuals; it is not now, and never will be a thing for the masses.

According to Spirit, there are 330 thousand (330,000) people on Planet Earth who have put themSelves on the Newoman/Newman Path. Among the Seven Pleaidian Planets, there are more than 5 million (5,000,000).

Do not be concerned. Many of the most powreful NewBeings  are here, on Earth. Also, Pleaidian Planets are all ruled by women who are the most Spiritually Advanced Being on their planet; all political powre is held by women. Men tend to still do most of the military fighting in their war for survival against the Reptilians. We are part of that War, whether we know it or not.

It is important for You to Wrap the Newman Manifesto MESSAGE around Your MIND. We will be getting our Powres Soon and the Pleaidians will be announcing their presence to us, on Earth, soon. We NewBeings, both on- and off-planet will be working closely together to defeat the Dracos/Reptilians. This is an Existential fight, the Dracos intend to exterminate all Beings who can resist them; they have already done so on two Human worlds that they conquered.  These two worlds have been retaken and are being repopulated.

Note: the militaries of the world are busy exploiting from an Intel perspective, one of the Reptilian Hives (50 miles diameter and 5 miles deep) that has been discovered in Antarctica. There are four more that our Governments do not know about; near Perth, Australia, near Cairo, Egypt, in the Alsace-Lorraine regions in Europe and in central New Mexico, USA. In 2011, the Pleaidians figured out a way to destroy them all very quietly. Remember, Pleaidians are among us and we are very valuable to them.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Visioneering is a New Powre

We have all heard of, and tried to do something “They” call Manifesting. As all Humans are created in the image of their creator, Humans were allowed to create as well. See my Home Page on the number 14 and Creation Days.

When using Manifesting, we were supposed to put photographs up on our mirrors or on the refrigerator to keep us focused on what we want. To create anything, it takes two energies; focus and will-power. My trouble with Manifesting is that it never worked for me.

Why? As a strong Right-Spinner, Darkness had found out who and what I was when I was in my Teens. Darkness put strong blocks up (within my body, using sugar) to prevent me from Manifesting, being wildly successful or rich and even, health and physical limitations. Ever since I can remember, I have had “weak” lungs and tended to get the flu (lungers) in my lungs before it went away. It also includes vision and hearing loss. Darkness has “messed” with me all of my life.

OK. This is beginning to change for the better. Light/Right-spin has taken over starting in September, and is getting stronger, every 15 days (9/15, 10/1, 10/15, 11/1, 11/15, 12/1, 12/15) until the end-of-the-year. 2018 is the final transition year from Pisces to Aquarius; in every shift of an Age there is a five-year waiting period (12/2012 to 12/2017) with the major power shifts happening in the sixth year. That five-year window is there for the collective mind to create a new world for itSelf (5 is really 14 which is the Creation Number).

So… Here we are in early October and I am seeing signs that Darkness is beginning to lose it’s grip on me and my body.  Soon, perhaps as early as 10/15, I will be able to start Visioneering.

Whoa. What is Visioneering? What Manifesting is to Humans, Visioneering is to Newmen/Newomen. Visioneering is Manifesting on Steroids; it is about 10 orders of magnitude greater than the strongest Human Manifestation.

As a Newoman or man, you may want to create improved youthfulness, health, wealth and happiness for yourSelf and your loved ones. You will soon be able to do so. Darkness is losing its grip and cannot continue to block us; our powres are growing too strong and getting stronger with each passing day.

So…Start Envisioning things that you want for yourSelf. Find them on the Internet and Book Mark them; the Internet is a wonderful focusing tool. I use Opera; it has a robust, free VPN and I put things that I want to keep seeing in my Speed Dial.

Money is mostly digital now. It should be easy to Visioneer more money in your Bank Accounts.

Here’s to being Free from Darkness.

Love, Light and Laughter,


How to Protect YourSelf against Infectious Dis-ease

Bill Gates is supposed to have said that “30 million Americans will begin to die soon” of a Pandemic that will sweep across America.  Not sure what pandemic he is talking about, but it is most likely the new version of the Chinese Bird Flu that is killing very many in China.  Supposedly, it has entered the United States and has spread throughout the world.

In the 1850-80s, Pioneers migrated westward in Wagon Trains to populate our American West. How did they survive that journey of months going from contaminated water source to source without all dying of dysentery? The answer: they all started as Wagon Trains from one place; St Joseph, Missouri. When these pioneers purchased their wagons and draft animals, they also purchased one or more water barrels. The instructions that came with the water barrels were to put/place a silver dollar in the bottom of each water barrel and leave it there for the entire journey.

OK. What did this do, Chemically? We all know that water has oxygen in it (how else to fish live?). When high grade silver (coins, chains, crosses, etc.) is put into the water, the oxygen is attracted to the silver to make silver oxide (this is what is called Tarnish), but instead of being a dark surface blemish that must be cleaned with silver polish, it is suspended in the water.

This silver oxide is then available to our bodies to kill bacteria, viruses and parasites. It can be used as a liquid that you drink or sprayed on your skin topically. It is wonderful for attacking inflammation on our skin and in our bodies.

This is similar to colloidal silver that you can buy at the health food store, but this is pre-electricity and does not need electrolysis. It is all natural and the silver oxide molecules are very small and can get into the smallest cells.

Yes, this is useful against any bacteria, virus or parasite. Better yet, it is free; just place some high-grade silver into a container full of water and let is sit for 12-24 hours. I use a 1 quart (1 liter) glass jar with a silver dollar in the bottom. The silver water tastes a bit metallic and starts working immediately.

So…If you still believe in Doctors and anti-biotics (that don’t always work anymore), continue to trust that you will survive that trip to the hospital. More people die by malfeasance in hospitals than drunk driving and accidental shootings combined.

I believe in Silver Water and Apple Cider Vinegar and eliminating sugar in all of its forms over Doctors, Hospitals and Big Pharm/Monsanto. This is how I plan to defend mySelf against all dis-ease, sickness or other Darkness inspired actions.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Newman/Newoman Symbol

I call this a Six-Pointed Thingee in a Cube (Hexahedron).  For instructions on how to build this for yourSelf, go to the Transform YourSelf – Guided Meditation page.


Suppressed Technologies are Being Released!

We are all starting to read about our Space activities over the past 30 years. You can read about a deep underground colony on Mars. You can read about Secret Space Programs (SSP) involving both the US Air Force and the US Navy separately with different masters. In both of these SSPs, we have space ships that travel much faster than we ever thought and have anti-gravity capabilities and can be “cloaked” as with the flying Aircraft Carrier in the Avenger movie. Is it any wonder that our politicians are talking about creating a new military arm for Space? We have hundreds of Space Ships and thousands of military forces spread around our Solar System and near Space. The Moon has already been colonized/militarized by both Humans and friendly, Alien Visitors – the Pleaidians. Ditto for the Asteroid Belt and several of the moons orbiting our larger planets.

Whether we like it or not, there is an intergalactic war going on around us. What is bringing high level government people from both the Nation States and the Deep State to the newly discovered, Enemy Alien base in Antarctica. This is a recently destroyed base with millions of dead Reptilian bodies; who destroyed them and how could it happen and our world not know about it? I call them the Overlord Reptilians, but others are calling them, Dracos. These Reptilian invaders are not just attacking Earth, but many of the advanced worlds in our part of the Universe to include the Pleaidians who are the forefathers of all Europeans.

The United States seems to have been chosen to provide forces from Earth to fight in the coming battles. The activities around the Reptilian base in Antarctica will form the basis for more military forces from NATO, Russia and, perhaps, even China after regime change.

This brings me to the title of this post; suppressed technologies are being released. Many new ideas have been waiting on the “drawing board” for the shift in Energies that has just occurred. I have a web site full of them (Revitae Technologies) and, I am sure, there are more of them out there. These technologies can, now, be brought into the world to make everyones life easier and more productive, not just for secretive defense purposes.

The Dracos take over planets for their EXCLUSIVE use; they exterminate all life forms that could resist their domination. Fortunately, their excesses have formed a very effective resistance and they are losing the war in this sector of the Universe. This is going to be a very long war; the Dracos have been very successful in conquering other worlds and have huge resources to draw upon, but not near us for the moment.

Again, whether we like it or not, we are being drawn into the war against the Dracos. We are one of the more significant battlefields as our planet has rich resources in heavy metals. What that means is that we must be incorporated into the defense forces of the Federation of Planets. Further, we must, somehow, become part of the Federation politically.

OK. How? The Deep State has been an ally with the Dracos for much of our recorded history. The Deep State, and it’s forces, are being destroyed now on Earth and in Space. Some few people within the Deep State have realized the error of their ways and are helping the Forces of Good (Right-Spinners). Do not look to the United Nations (UN) or the European Union (EU) to be involved at all as they are deeply controlled by the Deep State and will be dissolved. With the advent of the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, the Cabal/Deep State central banksters are losing their grip on world finances. As I have written about before, the Pleaidians will be announcing their presence soon, probably with a joint appearance of advanced spacecraft of the United States. Surface wars on Earth will be prohibited, repressive regimes (Yes, to include Islam) will be toppled and peace will be enforced from Space. 

None/No-thing of this is happening by accident; it is all about the shift in Energies from Left-Spin, which supported the Deep State, to Right-Spin, which supports Freedom, Truth, Choice, Integrity and Order (much less Fear, Force and Control).

Stay tuned.

Love, Light and Laughter,


The Grip of Darkness is Loosening

OK. It is September 16th, Right-Spin energy is at 80% and has just gotten a little boost in power/volume/gain on the 15th. What does this mean.

Darkness had no difficulty identifying those of us who are strong Right-Spinners; we were like Lighthouses in the Dark. When it had 80% power to mess with us, it did. So if you have Diabetes, brown, red or rough skin issues, cataracts, limited hearing, bowel or colon issues, bladder issues, joint issues, Arthritis, and others, Darkness has used the sugar that you freely put into your body to mess with you.

This is done by using sugar to create structures within our bodies that limit the flow of energy at our pressure points; this causes more pain and more dis-ease and things get worse over time.

OK. What is happening now is that the hard, sugar structures no longer have enough Dark energy to maintain their structural integrity; they are dissolving in our bodies. This means, that the limits that have been imposed on us are starting to go away. We will begin to see and hear more, our joint pain will get better, our bladder and colon issues will get better. Even better, the sugar that is stored in our bodies, after decades of buildup, is starting to be targeted for cleanup by our Right-Spin directed bodies.

Right-Spin energy will be boosted again on the 1st and 15th of October, November and December and should be a full powre on January 1, 2019. With every boost in powre, the sugar (demon) structures in our bodies will fade away and we will be more powerfully, healthy.

Many of you are waiting, impatiently, for your powres.  Think about it, until you get rid of the Dark Limiting structures that Darkness has placed in you, it will be difficult to get and use your powres. Stop eating sugar, bread, pasta, grains, flour, breakfast cereal, rice, or potatoes.

Here is an exception or two.  When you eat Purple Potatoes or Purple Rice (Forbidden Rice), your liver converts them to Brown Fat as opposed to White, Sugar Fat. The Brown Fat attacks  and destroys the White Fat around our middle. Anything dark green or purple is great to eat. Think about adding Omega 7 from Sea Buckthorn Berries (not the big Pharm processed fish oil); this will help release the white fat everywhere. You can get Omega 7 from Macadamia Nuts, Anchovies, Sardines, Herring, Tuna and Salmon, but get the supplements as well.

This is not license to eat white or sweet potatoes or white, yellow or brown rice; not.

This is essentially, wonderful news. We are in the clean out the stables stage of getting rid of Darkness in our bodies. Once we are cleansed, we will get our powres and can begin to use them.

Love, Light and Laughter,


More on Sugar

Sugar comes from Darkness; it is all about Fear, Force and Control, but at a fundamental, what we eat perspective. The Medical World already knows that sugar is the fuel for Inflammation. It also knows that Cancer cells eat 10 times more sugar than regular cells; if you starve the cancer cells of sugar, they die.

What about Blood Pressure? If you are a Diabetic, you have a high A1C, which is a 3-month moving average of your Blood Sugar; that is BS, it is a snapshot of your background sugar storage in your body. What goes along with Diabetes is higher Blood Pressure.  Think about it, if you have a lot of sugar floating around in your blood, your blood is going to be a lot thicker, like syrup. In order to pump that syrupy blood to all of your cells, your blood pressure must be increased. The Docs do not know what causes Hyper Tension; its the sugar.

A bit more complex, but High Cholesterol, particularly the LDL and Triglycerides are also related to sugar. If you dump sugar from your diet, your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers will drop to “normal” or below.

Same for heart disease, strokes, bowel related issues, rough or bumpy skin issues (the Docs call them “Skin Blisters”, but they are really Sugar Blisters or Bumps). I am not sure, but my Spirit Guide tells me that sugar is the primary cause for ALL of our diseases.

Whoa, you are saying that sugar is the number one enemy to good health and the Doctors do not know it!!! Yes, Darkness has pulled off this Big Lie for all of our lives and the lives of our parents and grandparents. The Doctors are taught nothing of this in their schools. They even give out Diabetes drugs so that you can continue to eat 300-500 grams of carbohydrates (sugar) per day and still control your blood sugar. What happens if it does not work so well? They put you on more, different drugs and then, more and more insulin shots. The one thing they do not tell you is to stop eating sugar.

Of course, sugar is in nearly everything you eat; that is also part of Darkness’s plan. And then, there is the Roundup which is sprayed on all of our grain crops; Monsanto called it Agent Orange in Vietnam. Unless it is Organic, most Wheat, Corn, Oats, Barley, Soy and Ripe (Canola) is contaminated with Glyphosites from Round Up. This also applies to Potatoes, Rice and Peanuts. In the United States, they actually spray Round Up on all of these crops just before harvesting; so…. most of the processed foods that you eat have been poisoned.

One of the primary goals of Genetic Modified Organisms (GMO) was to make them more tolerant of the RoundUp herbicide.  Did you know that Glyphosite, it’s primary agent, was originally patented as an antibiotic? Round Up actually kills all of the bacteria in the soil and our vegetables cannot get the nutrients from the dead soil.

The other Big Lie is our Governments telling us that we should be eating a low fat, high carbohydrate diet; that is a high sugar diet. Before 1950, the establishment going back 200 years told us to eat a hight fat, medium protein, low carbohydrate diet.

So…You see, Darkness has been in charge for the past 8,640 years. If was fairly easy for Darkness to put poison (sugar) in our diets and modify what Doctors were taught. And then, there is Big Pharma; that is also very Dark.

Light/Right-Spin has taken over. This is all very good news, we are waking up to the Big Lies of Darkness. There are 20 million people searching for Keto or Ketogenic on Google; soon there will be even more.

Collectively, we are starting to realize that SUGAR is POISON.

Love, Light and Laughter,



What about RF or WiFi Energy Sickness?

As I have been writing about sugar and inflammation issues, I thought I would wade into the radio frequency (RF) and Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) issues related to our health, vision, hearing, brain, tumors, etc.

I ask my Spirit Guide (and keep asking) if I am safe from all of this electronic noise; I keep getting told to be unconcerned. I never sleep with my electronic devices; no phones, no tablets and no watches.

I almost never put my phone up to my ear to answer a call; I always put the call on speaker and turn the sound down as appropriate.

We have gone from Morse Code, to teletypes, to early CRTs and Mainframes to PCs, phones, laptops, phones, smart phones, tablets and smart watches; all in 50 years.

We have gone from 3G to 4G and have gotten more and more bandwidth speed for our devices.  The world is moving into the 5G era and it is causing some controversy.

OK. I ask if 5G is dangerous for Humans and I get a resounding YES! Then, I ask if it is dangerous to me; No.

Why not? Does this have something to do with being a Right-Spinner vs a Left-Spinner? Yes.

On August 15th, this month, Right-Spin energy took over as the dominant Powre in our Local Universe (yes, that includes Earth). For all of the people who are staying here on Earth; those with 59% or less Left-Spin energy (that means 41% or more Right-Spin energy), there are adjustments being made using the new, dominant energy.  Shields are being created to protect us from RF/WiFi/5G energies.

OK. How many of us are staying? 14 percent. If you believe the authorities, there are 7 billion of us on Earth; that is 7,000 million. 14% of that is 980 million and half of that is still nearly 500 million people.

Our civilization, minus the fear, force and control, will survive and flourish. We will still have instant communications and smart phones and texting and emails; just as we have today.

Our banking systems will have to go through many changes; bitcoin and the blockchain will be leading the charge. Paypal will survive; it is outside of the grip of the US GOVERNMENT.

Many of the Social Media giants are already starting to over-reach and crumble. Most of them are very Dark and the energy that they have been feeding on is going, going, gone.

Oddly enough, Google and YouTube are Right-Spin companies being run by very Left-Spin people, but that will change. Facebook and Instagram are thoroughly Left-Spin and will not survive.

The United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU) and the US GOVERNMENT (not the United States of America) will all collapse sometime in 2019-2020.

Over the next four months, the forcefulness of Right-Spin powre will continue to grow. In January, it will be operating at full powre. Despite operating with limited forcefulness, we can expect a huge downturn in the world’s financial markets in late October and significant defeats for the Lefties (Darkies) in politics in November. Whether you believe it or not, Trump is an Agent of Change for Right-Spin energy; he is not going away.

You have been born in “Interesting Times.” Is it a blessing or a curse? You will have to decide.

Love, Light and Laughter


Darkness is always at War with Light; even in our Bodies

I have been a “Light Warrior” ever since I can remember. I knew that Darkness was the status quo, don’t change-for-the-better, fear-based, force-based and the master controller.

Over time, I even knew that Darkness had messed with me physically  and financially and, even, with my Websites. Yes, even with my love life and my career.

Overtime, I learned that we were going to be transitioning into a new energy space; Aquarius and that started in 2013.  That transition to this new energy would take 5 years. See my home page; 5 is a 14 and 14 is the creation number. Here we are in August, 2018 and, yes, Light/Right-Spin has, finally gotten to 80% of the powre in our world.

What I had not realized was the level of “limitations” that Darkness had been able to impose on me or how difficult it would be to free myself  of these blocks; they were all imposed on me at an 80% level  which was renewed last year, before Darkness started losing it’s power.

I have written about sugar/sucre as poison or toxic to Humans, but it is even worse than that. Sugar get a free pass into our bodies when we eat it; it is not attacked by our auto-immune systems and it gets processed into fat and fuel for our cells. Our bodies produce a hormone called insulin to turn sugar into fat and help our cells to use it. It is not only stored as fat, but in our skin as eczema, psoriasis, and many other skin conditions. It is the raw material for Darkness to mess with our health and external energies from within our bodies.

When we eat sugar or foods that make sugar (rice, potatoes, wheat, flour, bread, pasta, pastries, etc.), it goes into our bodies as a tool that Darkness uses to make us sick. We all know that sickness or dis-ease tends to get worse and worse over time until someone dies. This is because sugar gets stored in our bodies and Darkness uses the sugar to create energy blocks in our organs, our senses, our nervous systems, our balance and throughout our bodies.

Think about it, sugar is used to fuel inflammation; both of them belong to Darkness.  If sugar is stored in our bodies, it is there to be used by inflammation.  Inflammation can be caused by energy blockages; that is where the stored sugar comes in. Inflammation is, somehow, able to mix stored sugar with toxins from the liver to create structures that  make us worse.  These structures  are built on, over time, to make us even worse.

When we are born, we are of the Light and Darkness takes on the task of killing us as fast as it can. To do this, it has two major tools; inflammation and cancer.  Both of these are fueled by sugar which includes fructose, sucrose, glucose and all of that stored sugar that has accumulated over decades.

I am a Diabetic and I realized  that I could not continue to try to manage my sugar intake and declared war on sugar. I stopped eating sugar, bread, pancakes/waffles, potatoes, rice, anything with flour in it and switched to a Ketogenic way of eating. Lots of fat (butter, heavy cream, sour cream, MCT/Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Olive Oil, all meats, fish and seafood (the more fat the better) and lots of salad greens, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and many other low-to-medium carbohydrate veggies.

After one week on this new way of eating, my Blood Sugar number went from 347 to 171 and it keeps going down. More importantly, my body started burning my fat to keep its sugar number up and I began to lose pounds and inches from all over my body.

As a Diabetic, my Blood Sugar numbers fluctuate from day-to-day and the real number that my Doctor is interested in is my A1C. Finally, I asked him what the A1C measured;  it is a 3-month moving average that measures the background sugar in  your body. It is much more difficult to lower as it is a snapshot of all of your stored sugar.

The Doctors do not know what causes Diabetes; they just know how to give us drugs and tell us to keep eating 100s of grams of carbohydrate a day. When that doesn’t work, they add more drugs and then, insulin and then, more insulin.

So, after three months on the Keto Way, I find out that the root cause of Diabetes is something called a Fatty Liver which includes a Fatty Pancreas. These two organs get plugged up with fat and slow down a lot.

Fortunately, I have been guided to take supplements like Berberine and Turmeric which have helped clean out my liver and pancreas. I have also been using Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) regularly; this helps the liver and pancreas a lot.

OK. So now, I am eating 70% fat, 25-28% protein and 2% Carbs (less than 20 grams per day). My body (cells) has shifted from processing sugar and carbs for energy to processing Ketones. My sugar fat is being transformed into Ketones and my belly fat is disappearing at a good clip.  But….

What about all of that sugar that I have been eating for 50 years or more. How much sugar do I have that is being stored? And, how to I get rid of it?  I am just starting to realize that my stored sugar is being used against me to make me sick and sicker.

I have had a form of inflammation attack on my arms and legs for the past 4 years. It is a very virulent form of skin blisters that get red and infected and then disappear to re-appear a week or two later.  What was happening was the formation of several layers of inflammation. I tried everything, but nothing worked well.

Then, I noticed that things were getting better when I took the ACV twice or three times a day. I realized that these Eczema or Psoriasis skin formations were stored sugar.  Just like sugar, the body gives vinegar a free ride and when it enters the blood stream, it attracts sugar and carries it away. This apparently applies to the sugar structures that Darkness uses against us in our skin, organs, senses, etc.

Apple Cider Vinegar, and perhaps, other vinegars are a way to get rid of the potentially massive buildup of sugar in our bodies and get rid of those physical blocks and energy blocks that Darkness has inflicted on us for decades.  The blocks on your money, success, health, youthfulness, manifesting/visioneering, sex, etc. may, actually, be within your physical body.

Be patient, the stored sugar has been built up over decades, give yourself some time to get rid of it. I take two ounces of Bragg’s ACV with twelve ounces of water three times a day. It is not wonderfully tasting, but my skin disorders are healing very rapidly and, I believe, that my background sugar storage is being reduced rapidly.  My Spirit Guide tells me that all of the Limitations that Darkness has imposed on me are being lifted with the dissolution of the sugar blocks.

Will have my A1C tested in about a month.  I will let you know.

Love, Light and Laughter,


More on Sugar as POISON

It is now well documented in Diabetes circles that sugar is the primary fuel for inflammation.  Think about that.  If you have an open sore, the inflammation present is being fueled by that sugar you had in your coffee (really all of the sugar you have been eating for years).

In yesterdays post, I spoke about being on a Ketogenic way of life now.  I was a sugar addict and have built up lots of sugar-fat around my middle over the years.  I have learned that sugar gets stored in the liver and this is sometimes an issue.  I have also learned that sugar can be stored in our skin.  If you have rough skin or skin with “blisters” or bumps on it; that is probably stored sugar.  I know, it is very hard to get rid of.

Remember, inflammation is fueled by sugar.  Where does sugar come from? Processed sugar from cane or beets or corn (high fructose syrup) are the easy answer, but also from wheat (bread/pasta/crackers/cookies/etc.), potatoes and rice.

Do you know that one of the best ways to kill a cancer cell in a lab is to deprive it/them of sugar. This whole sugar thing is a giant lie by Darkness.  The Medicos have all learned that carbohydrates are good and that we should all eat many serving of carbs per day.  At the same time, they tell us to stay away from the fat.  Diabetes is an out-of-control sugar disease that they give us expensive meds for or have us shoot up with Insulin.  But, do they tell to stop eating carbohydrates? Not many. Again, carbohydrates  are mostly found in sugar, wheat, potatoes and rice. Stop eating these foods.

Do you know that it is the sugar in all of us that is making our bodies acidic?  A pH neutral body has a pH of 6.5; below 6 is acidic and above 7 is alkaline.  Sugar drags many of us down into the low 5s and even into the 4s.  OK. So what?  Every cancer patient is acidic.  Cancer cannot grow in an alkaline body. Most diseases cannot thrive in an alkaline body and begin to whither away/disappear.

All right, how does one go about getting rid of all of this poisonous sugar? Shift to eating a lot of fat (good oils, butter, cheese, cream, sour cream, high fat yogurt, ice cream made with Stevia, meats with lots of fat, eggs, oily fish, etc.).  Try to keep the protein to 25% and the carbs to no more than 5%.

What happens after about a month is that your body realizes that you have made a fundamental shift in your food processing.  Instead of the protein being made into sugar, it begins to be made into Ketones/Fat instead.  Soon, all of the protein is transformed into Ketones/Fat. Your body, which still thinks it is addicted to sugar, goes looking for stored sugar to put into the blood stream.  It finds it in your stored sugar-fat around your middle, in your liver and in your skin.

Stay with the new way of eating and force your body to burn up all of the stored sugar.  Don’t feed it any additional carbohydrates that you can avoid.

What happens? All of a sudden, with the sugar going or gone, your inflammation disappears as well.  Your pH value goes up to 7.5 or even 8.  The hardened skin and blemishes (which are sugar), start to disappear as well; they are forms of inflammation being fed by sugar reservoirs on/in your skin (brown/red spots, bumps, patches, lines).

This has all happened to me.  This is my experience and I am sharing it because it may be of value to you.

Sugar = Inflammation = Infection = Bad Complications

Sugar = Long Term Inflammation = Cancer

Sugar is POISON and should be avoided completely.

Ketones/Fat is the best thing for all of us to eat over the long term. Even when we are eating all of those carbs, the sugar must be converted into Ketones to feed the brain. Try to minimize the sugar and go straight for Ketone production.

If you want to make yourself more alkaline now, consider taking a small amount of baking soda (bi-carbonate of soda) in water, two or three times a day.  Check your pH level with strips found in any drug store. 7.5 is a good target. Take it easy, it is not a race.

Love, Light and Laughter,




Sugar is Darkness/Left-Spin; Don’t Eat IT

Sugar has only been with us since the 1500s; it was one of those new finds in the “new” world.  Since then, sugar has found its way into most of our foods. Most of us are addicted to sugar in its natural form, or through starches made from wheat, rice or potatoes.  All of these are sugar, as they get converted to glucose in our bodies.

One of the attacks that Darkness has been running on me is Diabetes; my blood sugar count has been in the 350s for a long time.  Because I am a Newman, my liver and kidney functions have not been negatively affected; “normal” people would have been on dialysis or dead already.

Finally, in May, I realized that sugar, in all of its forms, was poison and I started a Ketogenic  way of eating; 5% Carbohydrates, 25% Protein and 70% Fats.  I eat a lot of eggs, bacon, butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil, olive oil. With my steak, I eat a lot of Bearnaise sauce and with my eggs and asparagus, I eat a lot of Hollandaise sauce. I drink a lot of water and unsweetened coconut milk which has 1 gram of carbohydrates and 4.5 grams of fat per 8 oz serving.  I add dark cocoa powder and a few drops of Stevia.  Go to Pinterest and search for Keto recipes.

I also eat as much cream as I want; yes, even double cream when I can find it.  Make ice cream using stevia instead of sugar. Yes, you can use the eggs as well. I use Half and Half in my coffee all the time. Whenever, I feel hungry and go looking for a snack, I eat various, wonderful cheeses as much as I like. Remember, 70% of food intake is supposed to be fat.

My blood sugar dropped to 171 after the first week, then to 158 and 147 by the third week.  What happened was that my body was shifting to burning sugar as my primary fuel to burning fat or Ketones.  I lost weight and inches rapidly, especially in my gut.  What happened next was all that sugar created fat started releasing sugar into my blood steam to keep my sugar number high; I stabilized in the 170s for a while and then dropped to the 150s and am now, on the way down.

You only make fat when you are eating carbohydrates. Fat is converted to Ketones immediately and, once you have made the transition to Ketones as fuel, protein is converted to Ketones as well.

While in the transition from sugar to Ketones, much of your protein is being converted to sugar. That and the drawing sugar from your sugar-fat keep your blood sugar number high for a while.

The wonderful news is the drawing down of your belly fat, which is all sugar-fat, as your body tries to keep the sugar numbers up.  Quickly, your protein shifts to converting to Ketones and the only way to keep the sugar numbers high is to draw even more from your sugar-fat storage.

I have gone from a 38-inch waist to a 34 in two months. I am looking forward to a 32-inch waist soon.

During this year of transition from Darkness having 80% of the power to Light getting 80% of the powre, I have eliminated many Dark energies from my environment and am looking forward to August, when Right-Spin will, finally, get to 80%. Many of the limitations that Darkness has imposed on me in terms of health, success, money and technologies will be lifted soon.  This will be true for many of you as well.

Back to sugar as Darkness.  As Darkness started to lose it’s powers, it put sugar in nearly everything that we eat.  Why? To make as many of us sick and dependent on Dark Services like Government, Big Medicine, Big Pharma and Big Educrats. There is an epidemic of Diabetes going on all over the world. What is Diabetes? Too much sugar.

I have stopped eating sugar in all of it’s forms.  I no longer have to produce a lot on insulin and my Pancreas is getting a long overdue rest.

This blog is dedicated to Right-Spinners as a resource. If you are a Light Worker or any kind of a Right-Spinner, you need to consider moving to a Ketogenic way of eating.

Sugar (and Potatoes, and Wheat/Bread/Pasta, and Rice) is POISON.

STOP putting this Poison into your body.

This is all coming from my Spirit Guide; yes, Spirit is telling me that sugar is Darkness and yes, it is a long acting Poison.

Love, Light and Laughter,




Volcanic Activity to Rapidly Increase – 5 Fold

We have all started seeing the increased Volcanic activity in Central America and Indonesia.  What a lot of people do not know is that Mount Vesuvius is getting ready to explode like it did when Pompeii was covered in a Pyroclastic Flow.  Same thing for Mexico City; it’s new volcano  has been growing very quickly and is also getting ready to explode.

This is just the beginning.  The large “Calving” of the Ice in Antarctica has been caused by several large undersea volcanoes exploding under the ice.  This has NO-THING to do with Global Warming; that is a bullshit, political movement. We  have already entered into the new Global Minimum; yes, a new Mini-Ice Age. It is snowing in places all over the Northern Hemisphere where no snow has fallen in recorded history; yes, in June, July and August.  Start building up your grain and other food storage now.

There is a huge increase going on in undersea volcanoes right now, but this is not being reported in our “controlled” news media.  More new volcanoes are coming in both the undersea and on land. Look for new volcanoes coming to the surface in Russia.

When the magma starts flowing more freely, there will be more and bigger Earthquakes.  In the Pacific Northwest (of the US), the Cascade Volcanoes are already getting bigger and more dangerous.  They will all become active with many eruptions in the coming years.  This includes Mount Ranier.

The “Big One” for California is coming; sooner than anyone really imagines. Right-Spinners, it is time to start planning your exit from the Central Valley (and Silicon Valley/Sacramento) and the LA Basin. Yes, Texas, and surrounding States, is/are a good place to move to. California is getting ready to transition into the Isles of California.

To our Canadian readers. Apply for immigration visas or Green Cards now. Most, if not all, of the crops will be destroyed by snow and unseasonable cold. Canada will be in a perpetual state of Winter soon.  As will the Northern States in the US. Plan you move south now; don’t wait to become a refugee fleeing the cold.

OK. What about Yellowstone? Is that Super Volcano going to erupt and destroy the US of A? My information is no, not for a very long time.

What people do not understand is that the United States is a recent creation by Light/Right-Spin, even though the Left-Spinners seem so very much in charge.  That is changing rapidly; look for many thousands of the Darkest Left-Spinners to be indicted for Child Sex and Trafficking charges.  Hillary, Bill and Obama  as well as many Congressmen, Senators and Shadow Government operatives will be among them; how the Great and Powerful have fallen. Right-Spin energies are taking over.

Look for a financial Tsunami to hit Wall Street around Halloween; it will be the beginning of a decades long, worldwide depression. It will also be the end for the European Union and the United Nations; they are both very Left-Spin and are no longer being supported by the new energy.

This is not a rosy view of the future; there will be mass starvation, increased volcanic/earthquake activity, more and larger Tsunamis, and large-scale deaths from dis-ease and political/religious turmoil.

BUT……..How else is Light/Right-Spin going to get rid of so many Dark/Left-Spinners. Remember, they are 95% of the population and Right-Spin energy is going to be a new broom that sweeps clean.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Ebola has begun it’s Rampage

In past posts, I have written about the Great Return; it has, finally, begun.  In Africa, three Ebola patients escaped and had contact with 600 people.  Those 600 will have contact with 12,000 who will infects millions on the “Dark” Continent.

Ebola will spread throughout Africa, the Middle East, India, China and Indonesia. It will make itself felt in Europe; particularly in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, England and the Netherlands.

Ebola will seem to target Muslims because, as a group, they are very Left-Spin or Dark energy. The Q’uba in Mecca, is the home of Darkness on this planet; One cannot get much Darker than that.

The Great Return is the mechanism whereby Right-Spin or Light energy will be cleaning things up as it takes over; the old adage of a new broom sweeping clean.  Right-Spin or Light energy has 50% now and will have 80% of the energy on this planet by September 1st; Darkness has 20% and will not be getting anymore.  Anyone who has over 59% (there’s that 14 or Creation Number again) of Left-Spin energy will be required to return to Spirit to wait for another life on some other planet.

Approximately 90% of the people on Earth will be leaving in this manner. There will be approximately 300-500 million of us that survive and we will congregate in the United States, Australia and New Zealand; these will be the survival centers where civilization, food, and a continuation of our technology will be.

The surviving Nations of Europe will have 10-15% of their existing populations. Australia and New Zealand will be reduced to 15% of it’s current population.  The United States will shrink down to 75 million, but that will include the millions of Canadians who head south fleeing the permanent winter.  We are in a 99-year Mini-Ice Age or Solar Minimum; it will be impossible to grow food in Canada or the Ukraine.

Yes, the permanent Winter will also impact Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and Scandinavia. This, too, is part of the Great Return.  And yes, China will soon not have enough food for itself and will not be able to send food to North Korea.

China will be destroyed soon.  Not by Nuclear weapons or even war, but by over reach or hubris. The Three Gorges Dam will fail in a severe Earthquake and release the 120 miles of water that is 500 feet deep by 500 feet wide into China’s rivers. When this gigantic weight is suddenly shifted, all of China will buckle and sink beneath the waves.  This will take the Koreas and Japan with it; the South China Sea will extend up to Siberia.

Make allowances for the coming Earth Changes; these too, are part of the Great Return. Use the Search bar on the left top of this site.

This may seem to be too much doom and gloom, but this site is for Right-Spinners and most of us will survive and thrive wherever we are. Just know that you must start moving to one of the three survival sites. Southern Europe will be repopulated later.

This is not about being good or bad; it is about the energy that you chose to have here before you were born.  When Left-Spin energy had 80% of the power here (up until 2018), it was always easier to come here with that dominant energy.  Now, it will be easier to be born with Right-Spin as the dominant energy.

Enough for now.

Love, Light and Laughter,