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Happy Easter and an Improving New Year

This year Easter comes on April 4th or 44. I have written about the importance of the number 5 (really 14) and, recently, about the number 3. Both 3 and 5 are Creator Numbers meaning that days that add up to 3 or 5 are days that we can create on. 2021 is a 5 year; that means that every day in 2021 is a Creator Day.  We just left March (3) and every day in March was also a Creator Day.

Why is 3 a Creator Number? We live in a 3-Dimensional world; height, depth, and width. Look at any corner and you will see three different 90º angles (but that relates back to our 3D world. There are other “3s”. If you are a Fire Being (that’s all of us); the symbol is a Tetrahedron. Another way to describe this is to make a teepee out of 3 equal triangles (the 4th triangle is on the bottom). Tetrahedrons are made from 4 triangles; there’s more 3s. Any fire requires air, fuel, and a base to burn on; can’t burn on damp ground. In math, we have the X, Y, and Z axes.

Anyway, the point is that both 3 and5 are Creator Numbers. So May and December are also Creator Months. When you add in the 3 Creator Number (to the 5), we can all create about 2/3s of the time. And yes, November is a Master Number month.

Alright, what about 44? It is a Master Number like 11, 22, 33, etc. On Master Numbers, we are allowed to “run” or “execute” or “make it so” or “do it now.” We can create some very complex creations and hold them in readiness.  Every month has at least 3 Master Numbers; the month number and same-day number (1/1, 2/2,5/5, 12/12), the 11th, and the 22nd.

The 3s, 5s, and Elevenses are all important when we Create consciously.

What about the Rest of the Year?

We are in the last year of Transition from Pisces to Aquarius. That means that Darkness got 10% in January and February (for a total of 20%). Light got 10% as well in January, February, March, and now, April (40% and growing). Over the next four months, Light will add 40% more.

If you notice, the Great Reset plan is falling apart. Everyone is questioning the need for the masks at all and if the masks are actually being harmful to many. Yes, millions of people have been vaccinated, but about 80% of the people either can’t get a vaccine or don’t want it. It is now dripping out that the vaccines may not be safe; after all, they were all “experimental” and brought to us as a “RUSH” Job. The Deep Staters want us all vaccinated and to carry Vaccine Papers; they will try, but there will be too much resistance.

My point here is that Light now has twice the power/powre of Darkness and will be getting much more quickly. By September, Light will have four (4) times the usable power/powre of Darkness. DARKNESS is on the losing side!

Everywhere you look, Darkness is losing; the EU, Brexit, the US Border Mess, our Incompetent President/VP, the start of collapse for many of our tyrannical Governors and China. It started flooding in China last summer and it is still flooding. They have had a winter without heat (for their homes and factories). This is the country that will take over the world? Not.

You will see a clear shift in the loss of their Deep State (DS) agenda(s).  Now, that everyone is seeing how well the UK is doing after it left, many of the EU 27 are looking to leave as well. The UN and the WHO have been unmitigated disasters for the past year or two. Do we, most of us, really care what they are planning, hatching, or talking about at Davos or anywhere else? The Deep State looks like they are back in control, but look what a mess they are making of everything. The Deep State Media have lost the people and make it worse every day. This all tracks back to their amount of power; they cannot keep attacking with only 20%. They have already lost the war and don’t know it.   

Financially, pull your money out of the banks. Go on YouTube and search for safe places to hide money. Be creative. The coming collapse of the Derivatives will have the banks seizing anything over 10,000 at first, but will continue taking down to 1000. Oh, they will give you junk bonds (worthless) in return. If you are in Europe, where is the EU going to get the Trillions of Euros that it needs? Frankfurt? Not. Switzerland? Not. The Germans may be the next one out as they do not want to fund the bailouts.

The Banksters can either give us Hyper Inflation or Hyper Deflation. When the Derivative Balloon pops, we will have massive deflation. The currencies of the world will, likely, return to the buying power of 1900 (think $1 in new, Gold-backed Treasury bills will buy what 40 $1 Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) buy now). Another way of looking at it is that a new $20 bill will buy what $800 FRN buys now. For those of you who have United States Dollars, get rid of the $50s and $100s; you will only get 10% of face value when you try to exchange them (if you can exchange them at all).            

I recommend that you keep your USD in 5, 10, and 20 dollar denominations; you will have a better chance of exchanging them for new dollar bills/notes at face value. How this is going to work outside the United States is anyone’s guess. In the US, it will be likely that $20 bills/notes and below, will be exchanged at face value. This means any cash that you have in 20s, 10s, 5s, and 1s will be exchanged for new bills/notes that buy 40 times as much.  Coins will retain their face value, but will buy 40 times as much; that Quarter will be worth $10 FRN. Silver and Gold will go to 40 times higher as well (likely). Those old rings will really be worth something.

The Euro will collapse and disappear instantly; no one will take them anywhere near face value. German, Swiss, UK, Australian, and US currencies will be what everyone wants. Japanese Yen and Russian Ruble money will be the second tier. In spite of lots of distrust, the US Dollar, as a Gold-backed Treasury Note, will continue to be the World Reserve Currency.               

Germany has already printed the new Marks; look it up. Deutsche Bank will dissolve into nothingness at the start of the crash. Many other large banks will follow. Move your money out of the large banks and into the smaller, well-run regional banks or at home with you.       

We have all lived with constant inflation for more than 100 years. The Central Banks built in a 2% per year inflation; over the past 25 years, our money has been devalued by 50%. One Dollar USD in 1913 is only wor $0.04 now (4 cents) in buying power. Is this Central Bank inflation going to continue? No, the Central Banks (Private) will be busted up. Our Governments will print their own money and use it without interest. Interest rates will go down to a maximum of 7 percent or lower; Usury Laws will be brought back. Our new Gold-backed money will hold its value for decades. Savers will be rewarded again.    

That 400,000 unit will be worth 10,000. That 100,000 car will be worth 2.500. Or something like that. The cost of everything will drop drastically and so will the cost of labor (salaries/contracts).   

When is this coming? The Derivative Bubble can pop at any moment. The EU is doing everything it can to make Britain fail; it’s not working. Where is the EU going to get its financing? They have run out of money in their budget and do not seem able to get the Trillions needed for the Covid Relief. The Germans and Dutch are pushing back and are not likely to fund it.  China is a mess and has been in slow-motion collapse for decades. Again, it could happen at any moment, especially if the Dam breaks. Those are the two most likely ways for the balloon to pop, but there are several other “X” Factors. Notice the increasing EarthQuake activities and the coming Solar Minimum/Mini Ice Age.

Just as the Germans have already printed their new Marks, the US has already printed its new Gold-backed Treasury Notes. If Biden had not stolen the election, Trump may have flipped the switch already. Biden is a very deep Deep Stater and will not do anything to harm the Banksters; the collapse of the EU or China will force his (shakey) hand.     

Get into cash, buy silver and gold, buy reserve food, water, and something to heat your home. It’s not going to be the end of the world, but it is something to get prepared for. Link up with like-minded people, everything will be easier that way.    

The world is changing for the better!   

Love, Light and Laughter,


What kind of Creator are You?

In every religion on the planet, we are told that we are made in the image of our Creator. OK. Obviously, we as Mankind have been able to change our world to suit us in many ways. We have electricity, running water, plumbing, cars and trucks, trains, planes, and computers/phones; we have definitely changed our world from just 300 years ago.

When we are born, we come into this world as a Fire Being. What that means is that we are all born as “3” Level Creators and have powers over making and using fire like steel alloys, internal combustion, electricity (think electric burners) and computers (think Ohm’s Law – heat). We can use these creations to conquer the Earth, the Air, and the Water.

After progressing enough, some of us have become Earth Beings. See the Rotating Six-Pointed Thingy in a Cube on the Home Page of this site.

Hexahedron One is dedicated to transforming more and more Fire Beings into Earth Beings. So, what happens once you have become an Earth Being? The simplest answer is that you have become a “5” Level Creator. This is the true meaning of moving into the 5th Dimension.

For everyone who has gone through the transformation process on this site, you have moved beyond “3” Level Creating and towards “5” Level Creating. This applies to all of you who have become New Beings (Newomen and Newmen). For those of you who have put yourSelves into the Cube, you are, now, “5” Level Creators. Earth Beings/5 Level Creators have dominion over both Fire and Earth. All New Beings are “3 Plus” Creators and can use “5” Days as well; just with a little less impact.

What does that mean? Not sure yet, but Earth Beings have only been around since 2002 and most of us have not gotten any new powres or capabilities yet. Unfortunately, we have all had to wait until we got through the transition into Aquarius. The Good News is that transition will be completed by 2022.

Having said that, we will have dominion over the Earth. One of the biggest limitations that we have devoted ourselves to is mobility; being able to traverse large distances quickly and with greater comfort. We think nothing of getting on an airplane and flying around the world. There is this concept called “Jumping” and there is even a film called “Jumper.” I recommend that all of you watch that movie. Forget about the bad guys chasing the Jumpers; that is drama.

Mentally, we have to take the progress we have made in traveling to a new level – beyond Fire Being. That is being able to instantly traverse great distances by transporting ourSelves there by thought. Wow, no more airports or customs or restrictions on what we can bring with us. Wow, no jail or detention center can hold us; we will even be able to Jump out of handcuffs and straight jackets. Need money, Jump into a bank vault; just don’t leave notes or fingerprints (see the Jumper movie).

Alright, if we can move ourSelves around mentally? How about other things? We will be able to teleport objects mentally as well. Need something from the grocery store, locate it from somewhere and transport it to yourSelf. It can be gems or coins or food or wine or fuel; whatever. Again, this is overcoming, at a greater level, the limitations we conquered as Fire Beings.

Remember, we are higher level Creators. On my Home Page I write about the days we Create On. I did not realize that I was just writing for Earth Beings. We are also Fire Beings and can also Create on “3” days. Think about it, we live in a 3-Dimentional world; height, depth, and width. A Fire needs air and fuel to combust. We are man, woman and child. We have forward, reverse and neutral gears. We think of ourSelves as young, middle aged and old. “3s” are everywhere in our world.

We are all told that we have the power to Manifest. That is a 3 Level Creator power that most of us have not figured out, but obviously, some of us have; $Billionaires and Hollywood Actors and Prominent Politicians. OK, what is the new 5 Level equivalent? Visioneering or being able to visualize what we want to create. We been practicing it all of our lives by putting an image/photo of what we want on the fridge or bathroom mirror.

That is how we are supposed to “Manifest.” What is the next level up? It includes Teleporting, but also, being able to Replicate or Duplicate or Copy something and then, Teleport it. Say you find something on Amazon that you really want; it could be a new phone or TV or computer or whatever. Imagine replicating it and, then, teleporting it to yourSelf. Is that stealing? Or, it is just getting around limitation of Fire Beings. The same applies to money; need cash, replicate it and teleport it. Need digital money? Again, replicate it or add to it mentally, then teleport it to your bank account or Bitcoin wallet/holder.

Go back and re-read my page on Transformer Now. The ultimate 5 power is being able to take something, anything and, mentally, change it or improve it. That is the power of being a Transformer; we even have movies about it.

Once you put yourSelf into the Cube/Hexahedron, you enter as a Keeper. That relates to preserving our environment and preventing undue damage to our planet and ourSelves. The Keeper will have powers to clean up things that are messy; think Superfund Pollution sites, the Ocean Plastic issue, and the Covid Pandemic.

The next degree is Grower. They will have the power of growing things without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. They will have power over the weather and the amount of sun, water and warm growing conditions in certain protected areas. Perhaps, under new energy shelters/domes. These powers will even extend to protection from floods; the waters will flow around the protected areas.

The next degree is Miner. They will have the power to locate and/or replicate and transport minerals/elements of all kinds that will be needed for the many new alloys with amazing properties that are coming into the world. This is not “Hard Rock” mining; it is the easy Earth Being way. They will also have all the powres of the Keeper and Grower.

That is the bottom half of Earth Being powres. A significant jump in power/authority is achieved at the Smelter degree. They will have the power to mentally create wonderful new alloys using many new techniques that go far beyond the use of heat to smelt metals. Different types of electricity, cold temperatures, and many types of phase changing will be involved. The Smelter will be able to work with the Miners to obtain the needed components and mix/sequence them into new forms. Smelters will be able to replicate and teleport (deliver) these alloys where they are needed. Smelters will be able to teleport very large objects; think full oil tanker ships.

Builders are the next highest degree; they have the powre to build new concepts as working prototypes for people to try. This includes tweaking things, mentally, along the way using “real-time” feedback. Think we ways of building houses, motors, generators, power generation plants, farming, manufacturing, education, courts, police, medicine. Many new things will be coming.

Transformers have all of the powres of the Keeper, Grower, Miner, Smelter, and Builder plus a few that they do not have.

For everyone who is still a 3 Creator, you can create on “3” days (this includes all 5 Creators as well). That means all of the days in March or December are Creation Days for you. The 3rd, 12th, 21st, and 30th are your Monthly Creation Days. Multiples of 3, like 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, and 30, are also your Creation Days. There are also Month and Day combinations like 1/2, 1/11, 1/20, and 1/29 or 4/8, 4/17, 4/26 or 12/9, 12/18, or 12/27. Your next “3” Year is 2100.

New addendum for 5 Creators: The concept is already there for the 28th day of the month; it is a multiple of 14. Just like for the 3 Creators above, multiples of 5 or 14 are also Creation Days. The 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and 30th are also Creation Days. May and October are both Creation Months. 2021, 2030, 2039, 2048, 2057 2066, 2075 etc. are Creation Years (every 9 years).

3 Creators have Creation Days about 1/2 of the time while 5 Creators have Creation Days about 3/4s of the time. So, not every day is a Creation Day, but there are a lot for Conscious Creating.

Ides of March

In my last post, I wrote about the first counter-attack by the forces of Light. This post will elaborate.

There are approximately 100 million people on Earth who are strong or very strong in Dark Power; they are our Shepherds and we are their Sheeple. While Darkness had 80% of the power, this was the way it was.

Now, Darkness only has 20% of the powre and we all are in the last year of transition from Dark Dominance to Light Dominance.

I have written several times about the coming Earth Changes; they are upon us now. Starting on March 15th, 2021, the changes will become visible to all.

The Great Dam in China will, finally, collapse killing 100s of millions of people. This mass movement of water weight will trigger massive rolling, like a roller-coaster, earthquakes throughout China. These, in turn, will trigger a collapse of China into the sea. It will no longer be the South China Sea, but the China Sea. Oddly enough, Taiwan (Formosa) will survive intact.

This collapse of China will trigger massive changes in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India. Pakistan, Iran and all of the “Stan” countries west of China. The rolling earthquakes will be incredibly devastating.

Think about it, this region has at least half of the peoples of Earth; perhaps, two billion will perish.

The collapse of China will trigger a massive Cascades Earthquake and Tsunami which will, in turn, trigger a series of giant earthquakes along the San Andreas fault in California and Mexico. Between the quakes and Tsunamis, many millions will be lost there too.

California, Oregon, and Washington State are the complex of Darkness in the United States (along with Illinois and New York); they will be devastated. The Central Valley of California will become a shallow sea; goodbye Silicon Valley (Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, et al). The Los Angeles basin will collapse to a depth of 4,000 feet of water leaving islands where Santa Barbara and San Diego are now. Baja California will collapse and the Sea of Cortes will expand northward towards the Hoover Dam/Lake Meade linking up with the Pacific around San Diego island. These Earthquakes will be in the 12-14 on the Richter Scale; no living person has ever experienced these.

The San Andreas Fault extends down to Mexico City and turns east heading towards Montserrat. Mexican cities along the fault will experience Earthquakes in the 12-14 range as well (Guadalajara, Mexico City, Puebla, and Vera Cruz). Monserrat will be nearly destroyed as an island in a massive volcanic eruption.

For whatever reason, Mount Vesuvius in Italy is linked to this. When Monserrat explodes, so will Vesuvius. The Vesuvius eruption will trigger a series of very large earthquakes along the Atlas Mountains. These, in turn, will begin the collapse of Northern Africa into the sea. The sands of the Sahara will be the seabed.

There’s more and all of it is happening in 2021. Most of Central America collapses into the sea and takes most of the islands of the Western Caribbean (Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola (Haiti and Dominican Republic), and Puerto Rico). Western, Central, and Eastern-Central Africa collapse into the sea. Kenya and South Africa will be large islands. All of the Saudi Arabian Pennisula will collapse into the sea; this will include Israel and the Sinai.

For whatever reason, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, and South America are largely spared.

Our world will soon be a very different place.

So, what about the 100 million people who have been favored by Darkness? Light has a special program for them; they will begin to leave on the Ides of March and will be gone (mostly) by July 4th (actually June 15th). This 100 million is spread out among all the peoples of Earth; one third in China, one third in North America, and the last third everywhere else.

I have written about 85% of the people on Earth being 60% or greater in their orientation towards Darkness – Fear, Force, and Control. These are the people leaving; they are no longer welcome to stay. It has nothing to do with how “good” or “bad” they have been; it is all about how much Light they have in their energy mix. And, what they have been doing with their Dark Power; some have been very Evil.

Fear not, we are all “immortal” Spiritual beings who drop our bodies like an old overcoat and return to Spirit to wait/rest until we get a new body somewhere – on one of the millions of habitable planets. Most of these people will not be returning to Earth anytime soon.

It will be a stressful year; it already is. This is analogous to the metaphor of a “broom sweeping clean.” The people of Darkness and the structures of Darkness will be energetically cleared/cleaned. It will be over as soon as possible and we all will begin living in the New “Golden Age.”

Events like these occur once or twice every 26,000 years; mostly once. We do not have any memories of these catastrophic times or even those past civilizations. The shift in energy dominance that is happening now is a large shift that impacts all nine of the local universes in our Multi-verse. We are in the Ninth at the outer edge. Darkness will be limited to 20% in all of them for a very long time – AEONs.

Love, Light and Laughter,


(no longer Apprentice)

Darkness has been “Cut-off”

Everyone knows that Darkness and Light have been battling each other forever. D-A-R-K equals L-E-F-T equals M-A-L-E; yes, politically too. L-I-G-H-T equals R-I-G-H-T equals Female. Many four-letter words are all Dark; fill in the blank. There are exceptions like Love, Just, Care, and Help.

I have written about the hierarchy of Darkness: Decoys,, Vampires, Holders, Worshipers and the Priests/Priestesses. What makes these people different from the vast majority of Dark oriented people on this planet? I mean, if there are 7.000 million people here, 85% of them are at least 60% Dark. Do the math, 10% is 700 million, so 85% is nearly 6 billion (5,950 million). The number of Dark officer ranks listed above, is around 100,000; they are our leaders or the ruling elite. The rest of the Dark peoples are their slaves.

The remaining 15% o the people can be broken into two parts; 10% are in-the-middle and float back and forth between Darkness and Light and 5% are people, oriented towards the Light. Pretty amazing that only one-in-twenty (1-in-20) of us are of the Light (Right-Spinners). These are the people Darkness considers to be enemies; they have free will to oppose Darkness.

So, being an officer of Darkness gets you what? For the tiny elite, all millionaires or billionaires or politicians, judges or CEOs, they get great wealth, power, and immunity for any of their wrongdoings (think Biden and Hillary).

What else? More important than anything else is the direct communications that they have with Demons and Darkness It Self. If you are a Priest or Priestess of Darkness, you are one of about 500 people and you speak directly to the Dark Lord. As you go down in rank, you get your guidance from Demons, but you are guided on what to do and when to continue the Dark Plan.

This may be a new idea to many, but how does one get to be a Millionaire; that is 1,000 times 1,000. And yet, we have about 100,000 millionaires. To be a Billionaire, that is 1,000 times 1,000,000 (million), is much more difficult. You need some real power behind you to get to $Billionaire; most of them are either Priests or Priestesses of Darkness.

I have written about a shift that occurred this year; Darkness is limited to 20% and Light will be getting 80%. Light will be limited to 40% this year (Transition), but will have full 80% next year.

So, now, in February, Light has 30% that it can use against Darkness. One of the things that Light has done is to “jam” the communications between Darkness (and Demons) and the Dark Lord’s elite officers (Priests/esses, Worshipers, Holders, Vampires and Decoys).

Wow, you mean they are operating without instructions now? It will be effective on March 1st (Light will have 40%). The Dark Plan that they have been working so hard to achieve will be rudderless. They still have a very good idea of what to do from past efforts, but will be unable to be told what to do to counter any moves by the forces of Light.

Great! What else?

Light is not only blocking the Dark communications, it is pushing more and more power into those communications channels; think of this as a form of positive mind control. The Dark Officers are all very open to receiving instructions from Darkness; now, instead of receiving Darkness, they are receiving Light. Light is sending Love instead of Hate.

Alright, what is that doing? It’s like shifting to Keto; can’t eat the carbs and must eat a lot more fat. Their steady diet of Dark instructions and inspiration have disappeared. What’s even worse, their protections/immunities have been interrupted; their health, wealth and youthfulness is no longer guaranteed. They can be caught at their lying and cheating and stealing; something that putting more light on the subject always does.

Wow, this is happening to all of the 100,000 Dark Lord Officers on Earth? Yes, starting Monday, March 1st; thinks ides of March.

All of these Dark Elites will become sick. If they already have health issues that they were saved from, things will get much worse quickly. Everything will begin to go WRONG for these Dark Assholes. A better thing could not be more appropriate (other than death).

Think of the old elites who keep on going in good health and a remarkable youthfulness (for their age). Think Soros, Biden, Hillary, Cher, and many others. We may be seeing many of these old people age dramatically (or drop dead) in a few weeks.

All of the Dark Lord’s senior officers drink elixirs to keep them youthful; that is another subject. That’s another thing that is being blocked; the elixirs will no longer work no matter how much is taken. There will be rapid aging.

What has been described above is the first major offensive against Darkness and his officer corps/elites. Light has been stopping the roll out of the vaccines; too many people are dying too soon afterwards. The Dark Media is still trying to tell us all to be safe and get it, but the word is getting out despite them.

To the world, it looks as though Darkness has won the day and the elites will continue to keep all of the power and money. But, just as a jammer can shut down a communications channel in the military, it will be effective against the Dark Lord and his.

Be watchful. Many will be leaving their positions of power and wealth and most of us will be wondering why?

Love, Light and Laughter,


More on how Darkness Works

We are in the last throws of Darkness being in-charge of our world. They think they are still in charge and that is not going to change. This is how it’s always been and there is no reason for it to change now.

To help us all understand how Darkness works, I am going to describe the rank structure of the Dark Forces. Yes, it is kind of a military rank structure.

Energy Decoys I have written about Energy Decoys; this is the lowest rank of the Dark Officers. They must have enough Darkness in them (at least 85%) to begin advancing. They are kind of apprenticed to an Energy Vampire. They begin sucking/stealing energy from Right-Spinners but in a passive, low volume manner. They do not want to alarm their prey. Even though they are strong in Darkness, they look like they are Right-Spinners; they camouflage or cloak themselves in Light/Right-Spin energies. Gradually, over time, they take more and more energy and become an Energy Vampire. Energy Vampires are active energy suckers; they can drain the energy out of an unprotected Right-Spinner in seconds.

Energy Vampires Decoys and Vampires can be of either sex. There are many Light or Right-Spin people out there. Frequently, Energy Vampires put themselves into positions as bosses, particularly bosses interviewing new help. They identify the strong Light/Right-Spinners and send them to their fellow Vampires. We must understand that we stick out like a sore thumb; we are like a lighthouse on a dark stormy night. The Decoys and Vampires can see us, identify our strength and target us easily. You may think you have picked up an attractive mate for the night, but it is you who have been picked up. Sex is a great way to suck powerful energies.

Remember, 85% of the people on Earth are 60% or more of Darkness. They do not even know there is such as thing as a Decoy or Vampire or higher. So, the very idea that an Energy Vampire exists is not believed by the general public. It is certainly not part of the public discourse. And yet, the concept of a Vampire caught the public eye, why?

Energy Vampires get more and more stolen energy; this gives them a kind of Magic that they use for more money, sex, and power. They use this Magic for advancement along their paths. Many Corporate Vice Presidents are still energy vampires. After they have moved up the scale to 90%, Energy Vampires become the next higher rank – Demon Holder.

Demon Holder Wow, Demons really exist? Yes, but they need a Human host to move around. When an Energy Vampire become strong enough, they are given a Demon. The Demon takes over and begins guiding their host to do more and more work for Darkness. Who are these Demon Holders? Corporate Presidents/CEOs/University Presidents/Senators/Governors and the like; all very senior leaders in our world.

Worshiper As this Dark being gets stronger and stronger, he/she gets more (and stronger) Demons. At some point, these Dark beings are invited into the Dark Temple to be a Worshiper. It is a signal that you have arrived; you have been noticed and rewarded by Darkness. Who are these people? The $Billionaires, Supreme Court Justices, leaders of the House/Senate, CEOs, the most senior bureaucrats, and the like. The next rank is the highest.

Priest and Priestesses All along this path, Darkness is watching and evaluating. It knows what strengths and weaknesses are present. It has been able to give great wealth, privilege, and power. From the ranks of Worshiper, Darkness promotes Priests and Priestesses. We have all heard their names in the Media many times.

Now, you know why our world is so very DARK. Darkness has been in-charge for more than 10,000 years.

OK. If 85% of the people are oriented towards the Dark, how does that work? Do they have some kind of marker? Can we call most of the people on Earth, the Dark Seed? Yes. What percent of the people are Light Seed? 12.5% or 1-in-8 are Light Seed.

Wow, there is an 85% chance that you will marry and have kids with a person of Dark Seed lineage. Yes, if both parties are Dark Seed, their children will be Dark Seed. If both are Light Seed, their children will be Light Seed. If there is one of each, it becomes a matter of chance. Say in a one-of-each union, there are 3 kids; there will be at least one Light Seed child, but possibly all three. Families can be a mix of both Light and Dark Seed members. Do you ever wonder how you are so different from your siblings or a parent.

Here’s the thing. Light Seed and Dark Seed are wired differently. This is not a software or firmware change; it is a hardware change. Is it any wonder that people on the Left do not understand people on the right or vice versa. The amazing thing is that the divide seems to be 50/50. Why is that?\

In 2021, we are in the last year of transition from the Age of Pisces. Darkness had a significant reserve of power that it used in 2020 to steal the election and cover it up. Result? Biden is President of the US. Now, in the new year, Darkness only has 20% of the power. Light also got 20% in January, but will get additional blocks of powre (20% each) in February, March, and April. How Light can use that 80% to 20% in 2021 remains to be seen. In 2022, Light will have the full use of its 80% unencumbered.

Darkness looks like it has won the war, but only won a battle. It lost on Brexit which was a hard-fought battle. Darkness does not have any reserves left and cannot hold all of its positions. The Chinese take-over of the world is not happening. The Great Reset/Global Lockdown is not happening. Too many people know that Biden stole the election and is NOT legitimate. The take-over by the Deep State/Big Government is now being resisted by many states. The failure by the Judiciary has fundamentally destroyed the trust in that institution.

This is not just happening in the US; Europe is exploding in protests against the Great Reset lock-downs. France, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain and, even, Germany may leaved the Euro and/or the EU. The Germans have already printed their Marks again.

My point is that the old world where Darkness controlled everything has ended. Big changes are coming. What they are is unclear, but things will get better for everyone soon.

Love, Light and Laughter,


More on 2021

Yes, this is the final year of transition from Darkness Dominance to Light Dominance. And yet, it looks like Darkness has taken over the United States.

I have berating Spirit for allowing this to happen. Why? Is Light an incompetent? Does Light not have the power to intervene?

Here’s what I got as an explanation. New information. On January 1st, this year, both Darkness and Light got a 20% allocation of power/powre. So for January, they were still equal. On February 1st, tomorrow, Light will get an additional 20%. On March 1st and April 1st, Light will be getting the rest of her 80% allocation of powre.

This is a new powre sharing agreement that was imposed on both Darkness and Light. Light will be able to use the additional powre immediately. By April 1st, Light will have its full allocation of 80%. Starting tomorrow, things are not going to go well for Darkness.

Actually, just like the blatant election steal, the Dark Assholes think that they can do whatever they want “out-in-the-open.” Look at what they tried to do to Gamestop, another big steal? It didn’t turn out so well, did it?

The Third Force has also been held up; it got it’s 20% on January 1st, but was sidelined as it was also co-equal with Darkness and Light. It, too, will be receiving additional 20% increments of power/powre in February, March, April, and May; 100% by May 1st.

This 3rd Force can be used in either direction; it can be Left-Spin or Right-Spin. Having said that, there is a huge imbalance in our world after Darkness being in-charge (80%) for 1000s of years; the 3rd Force will be Right-Spin for many 1000s of years to come.

OK. What the hell does this mean? This is technocrat gibberish.

2021 started out equal but will end very unequal. I have written about energy capsules. Each day, week, month, year, decade, century and millennium have their own different energies. For us, the important ones are the months and years. 2021 is the last transition year. 2022 is the beginning of Aquarian rule (rules) for the next 2,151 years; an Age.

With both Light and Spin (3rd Force) teaming up against it, Darkness has seen the last of its glory days for a while; a long while.

Just as they overplayed their hands on Gamestop, they will overplay their hands in many things. They think they can impose the Great Reset but they have literally run out of time and power. The world will have a ringside seat as they tie themselves into pretzels telling us how “wonderful” it will be to give them ALL of the power; you will very happy owning nothing and being totally dependent on their handouts. Never mind individual right; that passe. It’s the collective baby; we’ve all gotta be Safe and to do so, we have to give up everything (all of our Rights).

Not sure what the Plan is, but the Exposure of the Cabal is being displayed to all (who would look).

Be of good cheer. Not sure what is going to happen or when, but when you are in a fight and it is 9-to-1 against you, be prepared for a drubbing.

Happy Right-Spinning,


The Old World is Crumbling

The old political system and the old industrial technologies are falling off the cliff and they do not know it. It used to be that you had to have coal or fuel oil or natural gas to heat your home (or wherever). Now, you dig a trench grid in your back yard, lay some cheap plastic pipe (down 6 feet) and keep yourself warm in the coldest winter (or cool in the hottest summer) by pumping air through that grid. At 6 feet down (or roughly 2 meters), the air in that grid is a constant 54° F (12.22 ° C); you might have to wear a sweater, but it is a great temperature to start heating (or cooling) from another source.

This is not something new, but it has been suppressed in our consciousness. We always thought in terms of wood for the fire, then coal, then fuel oil and now, natural gas. Of course, there is also electricity, but that is expensive and increasingly unreliable. If we had to, a bicycle could be set up to pump the air. Most of us will stay connected to the Grid and continue to pay huge amounts for our heat, but the option is there and it is almost free.

I just put up a Post on my invention site,, discussing how we can modify radio waves (safe, very low power) to be kinetic and heat up the air. This could apply to houses, apartments, tents, sleeping bags, and vehicles. The batteries to run this Kinetic RF device can be solar charged, just like your phones.

There are many future changing technologies to explore and think about. I highly recommend it to all of you.

Disappointed, but …

Trump is gone, at least for now. Biden is the creature of the Deep State and he starts with almost no goodwill from the people.

OK. Why is this so? He and the Deep State stole the election and did not care if anyone saw; they wanted the raw power. The Great Reset/Great Tyranny will be set in motion almost immediately.

There’s a problem. People everywhere are rejecting the vaccines; they were all too rushed, no one knows whats in them, there is too much political push to force them and not very many “trust” the experts anymore.

His solution will be “National Lockdowns.” This is not going to fly; too many people know the tests are rigged and are mostly false positives. Too many people know that the number of people dead is the same as 2019, 2018, 2017, etc. The hospitals are empty of Covid patients and, finally, the successful treatments/cures are being reported (they can no longer help Trump).

Law Enforcement has realized that they have lost the support of the people; they went way too far in the force used against the people, EVERYWHERE. But think about it; they are there to enforce the law or force the obeying of the law. Trouble was, it was executive fiat or dictate that they were forcing, not the law. Never mind the right to work or worship or congregate.

The Deep State had their test run of the Reset and they were pleased with the results. Millions of people did what they were ordered to do; stay home, not earn money and not have a life. They actually think that they can make this the new “Normal.”

I point this out as it is fairly obvious to any thinking person. Remember there are two large classes of people; Left- and Right-Spinners. Left-Spinners are focused on fear, force and control; they want to be told what to do and they want to wear the masks, even when they don’t have to. Right-Spinners are oriented towards more freedom, truth, choices, self-reliance, self-responsibility and doing-the-Right(Light)-Thing; they take their masks off immediately or don’t wear them at all.

Unfortunately for the world, 95% of us (19 out of 20) are Left-Spinners. This is why the Oligarchs have been in control for 1000s of years. They treat us like sheeple and, mostly, we comply.

So, has something changed? If so, what?

For the past 10,800 years (the last five Ages), Darkness (Left is Dark) has had 80% of the power in our world. Think the 80/20 rule.

That has changed. We are in the last year of a Nine (9) year transition from Pisces to Aquarius. It started on December 22, 2012, and will be complete on December 22, 2021 (note that there are both Creation Years and add up to 5). 2012 was also the last year of the Mayan Calendar and was indicative of great change coming.

In 2021, Darkness has been reduced to 20%, but, during the transition, Light only has 40%. Up to the end of 2020, Darkness could use saved up/reserve power; it used it up stealing and covering up the fraudulent election. In 2022, Light will have a full 80% share of powre.

Think about that. Darkness cannot make headway anymore; its power is too low. It has shot its wad. Light has twice the powre now and four times the powre next year. Is it any wonder that Joe Biden is having a rocky start to his Presidency?

Things will go from bad to worse for the Deep State, the EU and the CCP. As the Chinese saying goes, “They have lost the Mandate of Heaven.”

The Davos crowd still thinks everything is the same. They are partially correct; the large majority of people are still sheeple, but the energy in the world has shifted.

Isn’t this wonderful news. There is hope for the future with the knowing that fear-based tyranny will not survive much longer.

There’s more good news. We, humans, are evolving. Some have called it moving into the 4th or 5th Dimension and others are focused on the increased vibrational rate and synchronicity.

I will describe it as completing our contract with our 3 Dimensional World. Think about it, we have height, depth and width, man, woman and child, freezing, boiling and steam and more.

But for most of us, we are stuck in a Binary World; just two choices like on-off, male-female, hot-cold, light-heavy, happy-sad, etc. We have made giant strides in technology using binary coding to build all of our programs.

This is too limiting to last. Think about our cars (trucks, trains and planes); they are have a forward gear, a reverse and a neutral (to get back and forth). What about electricity? We know about the positive and negative poles on a battery and the Earth itself (North and South). Is there a neutral there that we are missing?

My point is that our evolution had carried us to the space where we can “wrap” our minds around an inherent third piece of the puzzle. Most people were introduced to Algebraic concepts in early childhood; you know the X and Y grid; it is the basis for all of our databases (flat files). Some of us have been trying to add the Z into the mix; think Quantum Computers.

What if there is another major force being added to our world? We all know about the eons-long struggles between Darkness and Light or good and bad or good and evil. But like coding, this is too limited; there is a neutral position that we are missing.

I write extensively about Right- and Left-Spinners on this site. I even have a new path for getting back to the One, but it is only for Right-Spinners. What does that mean? Left-Spinners are also oriented on fear, force and control; they do not trust themselves (they want to be told what to do). As such, they cannot allow themselves to reconfigure their energy centers.

So, yes, we have the concept of being a Left-Spinner like a Tornado or Tropical Storm (Low Pressure – Counterclockwise) which causes lots of fear or of being a Right-Spinner like a beautiful sunny day with lots of blue sky (High Pressure – Clockwise). It is also true that most of the sheeple who are oriented towards Darkness are also Left-Spinners.

Essentially, this means that only one-in-twenty can enter this new path to become a New Being. Even more astonishing is that only one-in-twenty of these New Beings is a male. Females rule in Aquarius.

Getting to it. The new Third Force coming into the world is Right-Spin energy. For now, it is Right-Spin to balance out the excesses of 80% Darkness for 10,000 years. As things get balanced out, this new, third force will accommodate Dark/Left-Spin issues.

As of January 1st, 2021, this Right-Spin energy burst into the world. Do we know this energy? Yes, we use it everyday; we call it technology. Another name for it is Majik (not Magic – that is Dark). Think about it; we had horses and sailing ships for 1000s of years and then, about 300 years ago, the Industrial (Steam) Revolution hit us. That morphed into the Internal Combustion Revolution which brought use wonderful transportation on land, sea and air. And, now, we are in the Digital Revolution with smart phones, tablets and laptops all wired/wirelessed together. This is all what we call technology; to primitives it is Majik.

Wow, this Majik (Right-Spin) energy is here/working now? Yes, but at 50% until 2022. Think about how fast technology keeps changing and much our lives have changed in the last 20 years. More Majik is coming; a lot more.

So…..can everyone tap into this Majikal energy? Yes, but primarily as users. Just as you can get on an airplane and travel across the globe in a few hours; that is Majik. The people who can really tap into it are New Beings who have put themselves into the Cube (or on the path to it). Call these Majikal few, Majikans (not Magicians). Witches and Wizards (of the Light) will do.

Last thought for today, think of electricity coming from the wall socket as neutral. We use it for everything, but increasingly for data transmission, storage, and communications. What if electricity was also Left- and Right-Spin? How would that change the data in our storage devices?

Happy New Year and Amazing New Century,

Love, Light and Laughter,


More Right-Spin Stuff – What are Ritons?

Recently, I told you that Right-Spin energy is a new form of energy in our world (Universe). I know, it is hard to believe.

For many of us, we learned about Algebra in grade school and were introduced to the concept of the X and Y grid. This is critical in our world as every software program uses the X and Y grid (1s and 0s) to run our computers. We also learned about Z and thought it could be useful, but somehow, it is not being used by most.

Actually, one development has started to use it, but it is a very primitive application. We call them Relational Databases and they are the foundation of many of our most successful businesses (think IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Twitter). They all use Relational Databases to store and access lots of data.

So, the X and Y grid is the basis for what is called “Flat” files in storing data. The flat file can be any sized square or rectangle from 1000 on each side to a million or more (limited only by computer memory). A Relational Database is a stack of flat files. This allows data to be stored in the X, Y, and Z structure. Z is a primitive vector that can be stored within the flat file squares above or below an existing flat-file square. With parallel computing, many huge stacks of flat files can be written to, read, and deleted; this is what we call our databases.

Why am I calling this a primitive approach to using the Z vector in Algebra? Simple, it is limited to using the stack of square flat files above and below it. It is still very useful, but the vector is too limited; that is why they have had to invent a different approach to do things; it is called Quantum Computing. Unfortunately, this is a “Dead End” as there are better ways to get to Vector Computing.

The only other application that has captured our imagination using vectors is flying; particularly fighter pilots who change vectors frequently. Still flying is almost brand new.

So, we Humans have arrived at a place where we are starting to employ the third plane mentally. We all live in a three-dimensional world, but mentally, Relational Databases are the only application using a limited form of the Z vector. If we are going to bring our computing, communications, and media to the next stage, we must figure out a way to do everything in 3D. We are doing more with 3D printing and virtual reality, but those are all based on Relational Databases or flat files. Yes, our computer programming (software) must go beyond binary code to trinary code using 3D registers.

These movements towards using the third dimension in how we think is critical. We are ready to allow a third force into our consciousness; that third force is Right-Spin energy. It is also called Majik. It is very like the Z vector in Algebra. It can go out any distance, then change direction, then branch into two or more directions with small or large distanced (or both). True vectors can jump and are very agile; the vectors in a Relational Database cannot do this.

OK. After 10,800 years we are back in an Age that is dominated by Light (the last one was Leo). Our world (Universe) was limited to the back and forth between Darkness and Light. Timing wise, we are in the last year of transition into Aquarius from Pisces; Darkness has been reduced to 20% and Light has been boosted to 80% (in 2022). We are also at a place where we are ready to grow and expand our consciousness. Readers of this site already know that we can reconfigure our energy centers and transform ourSelves into more advanced Fire Beings or into Earth Beings.

This new path has opened up a space for the new, third force/energy to come into existence. That happened on January 1, 2021

Alright, Right-Spin is Majik on the Earth plane; what about the Heavenly or Spiritual plane? Are there equivalents to Angels and Demons? Yes, it’s got to be something to do with Right, rite? Think Right On and you are close. The Third Force Heavenly being is called, “Riton.” Like Angel and Demon, the name is five characters (the Creation Number).

So, now, for those of you who have transformed yourSelves into a Vertical Master or higher, you are a Right-Spinner and can access this new Right-Spin force or powre. Those people who are of the Light and have not entered the New Being path still belong to Light and can call on the Angels for assistance. All those who have become Newomen or Newmen can now call on Ritons for anything. Remember, Ritons will help us do more and more amazing Majik. Ritons use the wonderful vector power that some of us glimpsed when we were children.

Love, Right/Light and Laughter,


More on Energy Vampires

I have written about Energy Vampire and how to prevent them from sucking your energies. If you are a Right-Spinner, you will know exactly what an Energy Vampire is; they have been sucking/draining your energy for most of your life.

Who are these Energy Vampires and what do they do with the stolen energy? Last part first; they convert the Right-Spin Majik into Left-Spin Magic and, then, they can use it to advance their agendas. That gets us into the first part; who they are.

Think Politicians, Judges, CEOs, $Billionaires; most of these have been Energy Vampires along the way to power. Not all, but most.

Remember, Darkness has had 80% of the power in our world for 10,800 years; a very long time. They were able to create mental programs to make enslaving us easier.

We have all heard about the notion of “Selling your Soul;” becoming an Energy Vampire is what they get for their souls. It starts out with being able to collect (passively suck) Right-Spin energy. These men and women are very Dark (at least 80%) and are able to collect Right-Spin energy surreptitiously. This allows them to look like they are Right-Spinners. I call these apprentice Vampires, Energy Decoys. They still use the Right-Spin Majik and change it into Magic. All of the Decoys are connected/apprenticed to an Energy Vampire. They all look and feel like Light Beings or Right-Spinners, but alarm bells go off when you get to know them; they don’t think or act like Light Warriors.

Energy Decoys get into a relationship with Right-Spinners and collect what they want, especially through sex. After they have collected enough energy, they become Energy Vampires and get their own set of Decoys.

Wow, there is a hierarchy of Darkness in our world! Yes. Why doesn’t anyone know about this? Simple, Right-Spin energy is only available from Right-Spinners who are 5% of the population (1 in 20). The Left-Spinners (and their energies) are left alone. Unless you are a Right-Spinner and have encountered Energy Vampires (and Decoys), you have no idea what is going on Energetically. The Left-Spinners will not believe you when you tell them, and even if they did, it would somehow be “OK.”

Another term for Majik is Technology. As we all got closer to the shift to Aquarius, Majik has been ramping up (over the past 300 years). This explains why we have experienced such rapid technological changes over the past 100 years. Think the age of Steam to the age of Internal Combustion to the age of digitized computers/networks/phones.

This is already different information for most of you. Now, I will get into how Energy Vampires advance to greater power. Remember the selling of the soul part? Darkness has demons but must use people to move them around.

When an Energy Vampire becomes powerful enough, he/she becomes a Demon Holder/Carrier. I know you do not believe me; this cannot be real. Alright, one million dollars is 1000 times 1,000 dollars; that is an incredible feat for most of us. One billion dollars is 1000 times 1,000,000 dollars; that is an inconceivable feat. It used to be that amassing $Millions was difficult, but now, amassing $Billions or 100s of $Billions is getting commonplace.

The vast majority of our leaders in every field are Demon Holders and have demons help them in their agendas. Remember, Darkness has been ruling forever. How did Obama get to be President from nowhere? How did Biden steal the election? Yes, I am focusing on the Left (Left is also Dark), but there are plenty of RINOs as well. They too are Demon Holders.

Take the richest men (and women) in the world; 99% of them are Demon Holders. Politicians too. Soros, Gates, Bezos, Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schummer, McConnel, Pense, Roberts, Merkel, and many more are good examples.

Trump is an agent of Light; that is why they have resisted him with such ferocity.

So, it is not always a case of these beings being Evil unless you call corruption and lies and stealing evil. But, be sure in the knowing that all of these got to where they are by being Energy Decoys, Vampires and, now, Demon Holders.

There is good news. The energies have shifted; Darkness only has 20% now and the Left-Spinners cannot use Fear, Force and Control to get to their Left-Spin powers. Light will be able to use half of it’s powre (40%) this year and will be able to use full powre in 2022 and beyond. Right-Spin powre is ramping up now and can be used by a small number of New Beings soon.

OK. What is happening to the Energy Decoy, Vampire and Demon Holder programs? Simple, they are dissolving/fading/dissipating. Why? Because they do not have the power to take the Right-Spin energy anymore. It must be given. Their entire chain of command is collapsing.

What does this mean? All that accumulated power and wealth is based on stolen energies that are also fading away. This applies to their good health and youthfulness as well. Their Position Power is also fading.

Just when it looks like they have won the battle and will impose the “Great Reset” on us, their power base/structure is collapsing. This will apply to the United Nations, the European Union, and the Chinese Communist Party (it has already begun).

So….we will get the last laugh, after all.

Love, Light and Laughter,


In the Home Stretch

On December 22, a week ago, we entered the last year of the Transition from Pisces to Aquarius. While Darkness had 80% of the power, it stored up lots of reserves for this time; the hand-off of powre.

Sure enough, 2020 has been a very Dark year. It started off with the Worldwide Pandemic orchestrated by the World Health Organization and the Chinese Communist Party. This was not an accident of nature; it was pre-planned in every detail. The Antifa/BLM riots, making people prisoners in their homes/lockdowns, the economic hardships and the stolen elections.

The good news is that Darkness has used up all of its reserves.

Yes, the new strain bullshit is a trial balloon for more lockdowns, but the masses are saying NO. The tests have told millions of us that we had the dreaded COVID-19, but none of us died. The tests are 99% false positives as they cycle down looking for virus activity 40 times or more. Normally, for Flu tests, they only go down 7 cycles; this is pre-planned fraud. Yes, people have died, but no more than in “normal” years with “normal” Flu.

This has all been about imposing Tyranny and forcing people to give up their rights to work, worship and their pursuit of happiness. This was all a lead-in for the Great Reset where more of the same (and worse) would be imposed.

As we get closer to the end of 2020 what is happening? Finally, it looks like Brexit has happened; at least the beginning. The European Union is hanging together by a thread; Italy looks to be leaving soon, and the Netherlands and Denmark, and Hungary and Poland, and more.

My point is that Darkness has used up its reserves. It now, only has 20% of the power and cannot maintain this level of effort/success. The effort to make 2021 worse than 2020 is failing already. The vaccines are becoming a total flop; no one in their right mind would put that into their bodies. Did you read about the 35,000 US Military people who died testing an Anthrax vaccine? What about the lies on Hurd Immunity; just to get more people to take the vaccines. Their plan, for some reason, is falling apart.

There are many reasons for this failure, but the primary one is that the power of Darkness has been greatly diminished. No one knows what Trump will do, but it does not matter too much. If Biden and the Deep State get back in power; it will not go well for them. They are all on the Dark Side of the Force and, now, they are marching up a steep hill against the wind.

To put this in perspective, Light, effectively, has 80% of the powre now; Darkness had to use up its reserves by December 22nd. What does that mean? Moving forward for the next 2,150 years (at least), Light will be in charge. Yes, that means more choices (not less), more freedom (not less), more truth (not less) and a lot more movement in directions like those.

What else? Yes, more good news. Right-Spin energy is now, officially, part of the energy mix. It is no longer just Darkness and Light, but a new, equally powerful force that is characterized as being Right-Spin and Left-Spin. For now, the Left-Spinners have no way to access their Spin Powre; 100% can be used by Right-Spinners.

So, who are these Right-Spinners? We are only 1-in-20 in the population now, but that will eventually shift to 19-in-20; more and more will choose to arrive here as Right-Spinners (before birth). It is a simple dynamic, being a Right-Spinner now means that you can access the dominant powre.

What is this Right-Spin powre? Let’s call it Magic, but that is the old Dark spelling. It is Majik. During the 1000s of years of Darkness, the Dark Lords used magic extensively; they just told everyone that it did not exist. Do you really think you can become a $Billionaire without using some form of Magic/Majik? They invented the Stock Market and Derivatives to allow them to give themselves great wealth openly.

Right-Spinner people will be getting Majikal powres. Some will only have minor powres like being able to start a fire mentally or being able to move things around mentally. We have had people able to do these things forever and called them witches or warlocks. Many of them used Dark power, but the healers all used Majik.

To become a New Being and get on the path to becoming an Earth Being – Hexahedron, you must be a Right-Spinner. But, you must also be strong enough to do so. Many Right-Spinners will have hidden their powres or not developed them. That will change. Majik will be embraced and Majikal beings (all Right-Spinners) will be sought out. As Right-Spinners use their Majik, they will get stronger and can progress as New Beings.

What can these Majikal beings do? Look up Manifesting; essentially being able to create things mentally. This is something the Dark Lords used very effectively, but also hid from the rest of us. On the Home page of this site, read about Creation Days or 5/14 Days; for Fire Beings, those are the days we are allowed to create or manifest. Today, 12/29 is such a day.

Healers will become more powreful in ways that are new and different. Technology is just another word for Majik; more good stuff is coming. People will be able to envision and create things with more ease, be able to teleport things, be able to replicate things (in 3D), be able to fix/repair things (mentally). Some will be able to make things smaller or larger and/or heavier or lighter. Some will be able to charge batteries mentally and very quickly. Others will have the ability to stop and start electrical current flow (again mentally). To take this to its logical end, a bullet can be prevented from firing and a bomb/missile can be prevented from exploding or being guided. These gifted beings will be able to travel small or great distances mentally – Jumping. Many Right-Spinners will be able to tap into the energies around them and detect coming danger hours in advance.

Wrap your minds around these new capabilities for Humans (and Newmen). This is all based on the new ascendancy of Light and the emergence of Right-Spin energies into the Universe(s). Can you envision great changes coming for Humanity? For the better? Much better? Think how we grow and distribute food. How we make and distribute things/stuff. How we catch fish and share it. How we make our livings. Many changes are coming.

Darkness has had its day. They do not realize it yet, but their days of glory and riches and fear/force/control/power are over.

2021 is a “5” Year. That means that every day in the year is a creation day. It is also the first year that Right-Spin powre can be used effectively. Be joyous in your creating and uses of Majik.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Merry Christmas!


This is a happy, joyous time of year for many. Enjoy it. Embrace it.

I have written extensively about the transition from Darkness to Light. What we are all experiencing now is the last gasp of Darkness; it has taken all of its reserve power and put it into Brexit, the stolen US Elections and propping up the Chinese Communists. Right now, it looks kind of grim for the world. We are all hearing about the coming “Global Reset” where the elites, finally, take over completely, and we will all be happy not owning anything.

We started a nine-year transition in December 2012; I know, this is only eight years. Yesterday, we entered the last year of transition; the big shift in power/powre happened then. Darkness has been able to use its stored-up/reserve power to create the illusion of success.

What is the old adage? “It is the Darkest just before the Dawn.” Rest easy, the Dawn has just started; Light can use its 80% powre now and Darkness only has a 20% share (from now on); no more reserves.

This site brought a new way or path back to Spirit into the world; many of you have transformed yourSelves into New Beings (Newomen and men). Everything in Spirit runs on cycles. Do you really think the planet conjunction is just an accident? Some are calling it the Christmas Star and others are calling it the Star of Bethlehem. The reports say the last time it happened was 400 years ago, but 800 years ago at night. Do the math, 5 cycles ago is 2,000 years in the time of Christ.

I am not religious, but know that Christ was an Avatar who came here with important knowledge to share with the world; we still remember him and his message all this time later. That is not an accident; there are no accidents.

The birth of Right-Spin energies into our Universe(s) has had to wait on this Shift of the Ages (Pisces to Aquarius). The shift still has a year to go, but Light (and Right-Spin) are moving against Darkness with full powre as of yesterday.

I know, it has been a depressing time for most of us. We have watched the Deep State corruption appear to win. We may have to wait until 2021 to see the reversal, but maybe this coming week.

My point is that Darkness is in a world of hurt; not only does Light have 80% of the powre, but Right-Spin has 99%. It is important to understand the difference between Light and Right-Spin; Light is all about looking at things from a planetary perspective and Right-Spin is focused on woman and her creations. The coming Mini Ice Age is in Light’s domain. The coming collapse of China into the sea is in Light’s domain. The vast removal of the Dark-oriented populations are in Light’s domain. All of that falls into the Eons long war between Darkness and Light.

Let’s look at China. It is incredibly Dark; it is not just the CCP, but slave labor camps, the daily surveillance/spying on its people, and the poisoning/polluting of the land. The Chinese people have fully participated in these actions; they got the government that they asked for/deserved.

So, look at what is happening to China; massive continuing floods that should have stopped six months ago, the destruction of most of its food by flooding, Typhoons and Locusts, the destruction of its factories and economy. It is cold in China now and politically, the Chinese are not using Australian coal; impact? Millions of Chinese are freezing in their homes. All of these are the work of Light because China was so very Dark. What happens next? The Giant Dam is going to break and the Darkness of China will wash away (or begin to).

What is Right-Spin energy and how will it serve mankind? It is best to think of Right-Spin as a form of Majik which can be used to make our lives better. You say, there is no such thing as Majik. Look around, do you have a life supported by electrical power with refrigeration, wonderful mobility with cars, trucks and airplanes, heated homes with a push of a button and amazing technologies like your phones and computers? Guess what? All of that technology was Right-Spin energy slowly entering our world over the last 300 years.

What we think of as Technology is a force for good; it makes our lives easier and better. We all know that technology keeps changing faster and faster and everyone is now looking for the next great transformative tech whether it is tunneling through the ground or pushing us into space.

Now, today, Right-Spin energy is fully powred (powered). What does that mean? Advanced new technologies that the world has not been ready for can now come into the world. Take a look at my Technology (Right-Spin) site at for an idea of what is to come/coming.

This site is all about New Beings and transforming yourSelves. So, now you are a Newoman or man and have transformed yourSelf into a higher level Fire Being or put yourSelf into the Cube/Earth Being degrees. What does that mean?

Remember cycles? Everything had to wait until now to powre up Right-Spinners. In order to transform yourSelf into a New Being, you had to enter your Inner/Secret Heart as a Right-Spinner; Left-Spinners were excluded (they have to find/figure out how to do it differently for themSelves). That is why we have 99% of the Spin Powre; had to allow 1% for the Left-Spinners, but they may never figure it out.

Now, New Beings (who are all Right-Spinners) can begin to receive Right-Spin energies to use in their Majik. Not sure how this is happening as it is the first time anywhere. Be watchful, thankful, forgiving of yourSelf and love everything you can. Powres are coming. Majik is coming. It will be amazing over the next year for all of us.

This energy is here already, and we all use it in many ways. We just do not call it Majik. But that Majik is generic and is intended for everyone. It is part of the rise in the vibrations of the Earth which is being driven by the rise in the vibrations of many Humans here.

But now, those who have found and decided to walk this new path, have more choices available to them. You will have powres coming that are associated with your degree of attainment. These powres will include many small powres like being able to start a fire mentally, speed up the heating of water or sharpen a knife/ax, again mentally. Programming anything will be much easier. All the Fire Being and Earth Being powres will include the ability to recharge batteries mentally by tapping into the Earth’s fields. There are many more, but one more notable powre is the cleaning or purifying of water, again mentally.

Vertical Masters will be healers and be able to move energy to and from the body(ies) and the Earth. They will be able to manifest, but on steroids; it is called Visioneering. They will all be able to see more clearly what is ahead. When I say healing, it is not just people, but animals and the land, water and air.

Horizontal Masters will have all of these powres, but more. They will be able to fetch things from a distance; teleporting. Say a part is critically needed, and it is available in a warehouse 100 or 1000 miles away. Or say, food is running short, but it is available elsewhere. Horizontal Masters will have this ability to bring things mentally.

Mahatmas are the most powreful of the Fire Beings. They will have Visioneering and Teleporting, but at a much greater level. They will also have the ability to Replicate things like coffee and food or seeds or bullets. Many other things limited by imagination only. Mahatmas are the first New Beings that are able to Jump; move themSelves over great distances mentally, effortlessly.

After Mahatma, you are an Earth Being and have all the Mahatma powres, but with greater strength and reach. In addition to Replicating and Jumping, Earth Beings will be able to mentally control the flow of electrons; turn devices on or off or stop the ignition (firing) of a bullet. This applies to extinguishing fires, even out-of-control forest fires.

Other Earth Being powres include Fixing or Repairing things, making things heavier or lighter, making things bigger or smaller, and Transforming things into different or better things. Some Earth Beings will be able to make themSelves very large or small, invisible/undetectable, be able to fly or hover in the air. Believe it or not, some will have their own, better than the original, Iron Man suits.

All New Beings will be able to draw on these new Right-Spin energies to make these and many other Majiks.

What about “normal” Humans? Will they get any Majikal powres? Yes, life will tend to get easier and less stressful for everyone. People will be able to grasp and adopt new, better ways with less resistance. Many normal people will get some lesser powres of the New Beings over time. All of us have entered a New Age dominated by Light and Right-Spin energies; the times of Fear, Force and Control is over.

Majik and Majikans have returned to our world. Rejoice, be excited and thankful.

Again, Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year. 2021 is a Creation Year (adds up to 5); it will be a year of great change for the better.

Love, Light and Laughter,


More on Embedded Inflammation

First off. 2021 is a “5” Year or Creation Year. It completes the Transition from Pisces to Aquarius. It is a year of significant changes.

OK. Back to topic. Previously, I wrote about Acute and Chronic or Embedded Inflammation and reported on switches in our wrists and ankles that allow us to release Embedded Inflammation which is what is a root cause for many or most of our dis-eases. This includes all forms of diabetes and cancer. Yes, the sugar (from carbohydrates) is dark energy and is the backbone of both dis-eases. High blood sugar and insulin resistance are the main issues of diabetes and cancer cell eat 10 times more sugar than “normal” cells. Stop eating sugar and switch to Keto. Starve these dis-eases (and others) of the sugar they need to survive.

I will get off my soapbox. Back to topic.

In India, they have been following a Healing Philosophy called Ayurvedic for 1000s of years. If you go to Amazon and search for copper water bottles, you will note that they all say “Ayurvedic” on them. The Indians (from India) have been drinking water like this for, again, 1000s of years. Go order a copper water bottle or canteen.

I grew up in a house that had copper pipes that carried our water. Today, copper is still being used, but mostly has been replaced by PCV plastic pipes. That is a shame as the copper ions gave use significant health benefits with our water.

Think about it, Humans have been carrying around copper and silver coins for 1000s of years. Do you think it might be because they could be used to heal or prevent dis-ease? I have written about putting silver coins or jewelry in water overnight; the oxygen in the water forms silver-oxide molecules that are suspended in the water. This is good for eliminating Acute Inflammation or infection and can be drunk or sprayed on.

Isn’t odd that coins are disappearing? Not just gold coins, but silver and, even, copper. Do you think maybe the elites want us all to just die (except for enough servants that do not have to be healthy).

Water likes copper and takes copper ions into its structure. Not sure how that works, but Ayurvedic healing has used copper for ever. Embedded inflammation does not like copper water and visibly dissolves after being sprayed with it (for skin conditions). It works similarly internally; it dissolves Embedded or Chronic Inflammation on contact. This is not something taught in Medical Schools. Wow. The Big Pharma interests will hate this. They do not want this information getting around.

Woah, is this dangerous? No, remember, copper pipes have been part of our plumbing for at least 100 years and most of us have drunk 1000s of gallons of water from them. Don’t listen to the Fear-Mongers; they do not know what they are talking about.

Again, buy a pure copper water bottle or canteen and begin using it. You will like the results. Even better, put copper pipes back into your plumbing for drinking and cooking water.

Back to Inflammation.

Today, I was draining negative energy from a chronic skin condition in my arm. Used the wrist switch and sprayed with copper water. Was amazed at how many shades of red-brow-black energy were being released and couldn’t help mySelf; I asked Spirit if there was more than two types of inflammation? This being a Spiritual website, I thought I could report on this.

There are nine (9) different types of Inflammation. That would tend to explain why inflammation is so prominent in the list of causes for dis-ease. Of the nine, three can be attacked by the silver solution, three can be attacked by copper water and three can be attacked by both silver and copper. Get your copper and silver coins while you can and keep one of each with you. I have a silver dime and a copper penny in my Bug Out bag.

For those wondering, yes, I am an advanced Earth Being. I put mySelf into the cube and went to the highest level, Transformer. But I have been a Light Warrior for most of my life and Darkness has attacked me (back). So yes, I have issues that I am using the Energy Release switches and the copper/silver water on. All of my issues are improving as a result.

Note: I have been on a Ketogenic Diet (Keto) of 70% Fat, 25% Protein and only 5% Carbs (mostly veg) for 30 months. Once a week or 10 days, we go off the diet and have high carb meals with bread, pasta, potato, rice and a desert; last night mashed potatoes, garlic bread and Crème Brulé. But we go back and this helps remove stubborn fat deposits. This and the supplements we take are also significant aides in how well I am and how well I feel.

Love, Light and Laughter,


2021? What does it bring?

I wrote this in reply to a comment left on the coming destruction likely to be visited upon us. I am not sure whether everyone gets my comment replies or not so am including it as a post.

Unfortunately, Yes. Or fortunate, depending on where you are looking. The world has been ruled by the oligarchs or elites for 1000s of years. They are still talking about the Great Reset; this will give them total domination over everyone on the planet or, so they believe.
So, if you are leaving a comment on this site, you have seen the spinning cube with the six-pointed thingy inside. There are more than 50K subscribers now. I am going to be conservative in my estimate; say 30,000 of them have put themselves into the Cube. Say there another 70,000 who have “cubed” themSelves and gone on about their business.
That means there are about 100,000 New Beings walking around on our planet. Actually, it could be 300 or 500 thousand, but 100 is a nice round number.
So what is a New Being? Or Newoman/Newman? One thing they are not is a continuation of the man and woman that has been living on this planet for the past several 1000 years. Many of them are still Fire Beings, but a good chunk of them are Earth Beings.
What does that mean? Answer: They have reconfigured their energy centers to become a more advanced being. It really does not matter whether they are Vertical Masters, or more, they have chosen to travel on this new path to reconnect with the One. Now…..they are on the pathway and will advance over time and lives.
This new path is a better, more logical and more accessible way than the old, no-longer-supported Ascended Master pathway. Darkness had found a way to block that path anyway. If you go back and read the Guided Meditation again, the only way anyone can become a New Being is if they are a strong Right-Spinner; they must enter their Inner or Secret Heart spiraling down to the right. If you are a Left-Spinner, the if-then-else instruction spits you out; you cannot become a New Being. They must find their own way forward, but that will always be using fear, not love of yourSelf.
Here is where I am going. Humankind has evolved to become something better than we were. I am not sure how else, but for those who have shifted their Tetrahedron around, they are New Beings. Remember, your MerKaBa is two Tetrahedrons integrated to form the six-pointed star. Many of us learned about spinning it up and synchronizing it to allow us to do more. The Tetrahedron is the Fire Being shape. By shifting it around in this new way, you become a more advanced Fire Being who can advance to Earth Being or Air, Water and Spirit.
The Left-Spinners, aka, the Davos Crowd, the Deep State, the Banksters, the Master of the Universe or the elites/oligarchs (throw in the UN, the EU and the CCP), keep planning for everything to be the same, but with them in greater charge/control. The Great Reset is supposed to be bringing this to our world. Finally, they hope to have their Prison Planet.
What they do not realize is that the “ground” has shifted; their operating foundation has crumbled. There are too many of us Awakened. There are too many of us who have escaped their Matrix (Red-Pilled).
I did not expect things to be this messy now with the Left-Spinners running around agog at their blatant theft of power, but maybe, we all have to see what the Prison Planet really looks like.

I have confidence that the 1000s of New Beings will have additional capabilities/powres that will enable them to successfully rebel.

Above was focused on Human/Newman kind. That is the focus of this new Right-Spin powre and has nothing to do with the eons old war between Darkness and Light. Right=Spin powre is something brand new. So is Left-Spin power, but they don’t have a way to access it (Not yet, maybe never). So, Spin Powre/power is allocated to 99% Right-Spin and 1% Left-Spin.
Some are saying that Aquarius begins now, in 2020 or a year from now. Not true, it began in December 2012 at the end of the Mayan Calendar.
Not having lived through an age change and not being smart enough to ask the right questions, I thought the transition between ages was a quick transfer of power/powre. Everything between Darkness and Light has been diplomatically negotiated and fought over for millions of years; the transition is no different. It is taking 9 years to complete. That seems a long time to we Humans, but it not even a blink to Spirit. By New Year’s Eve in 2021, the transition will be completed. Light will have 80% of the powre in our world. This is not a squishy, soft boundary; it is hard as nails and Light will use it to stomp on everything and everyone who was of “Darkness.” There is going to be a major cleanup of the many Dark Projects over the past 10,800 years. Yes, lots of Earth Changes, Sloshing Water and Sinking Lands.
My point in writing this is to tell you all that 2021, and moving into 2022, will bring new powres into the world. All New Beings will have majikal powers that are akin to being Wizards and Witches like Merlin of old.
Try to wrap your mind around this concept. Imagine that you will be able to Manifest anything that you want (with much greater powre and success). You will be able to teleport things around. You will be able to replicate things. Some will be able to make things bigger/smaller or heavier/lighter. Some will be able to fix/repair broken things or majikally tap into the ground for electrical power or make metals stronger or sharper. Some will be able to Jump and move large heavy objects as if they were weightless.
Say our world is going to be living through a massive SHTF decade or two. Say millions of people will die. Say there will not be enough food or water or safety. Is it going to be the end of the World? No. New Beings will be there to transport and replicate food and the means for clean water and shelter. Wherever New Beings are, there will be safety.
Right-Spin powre, new to the world, will bring many new, Majikal ways of doing everything into our world. Growing crops and catching fish or getting food for your table will all extend from where it is today (which is already amazing), to something even more amazing. We will, however, be going through a bumpy patch or two.

Love, Light and Laughter,