Climate Change & the Mini Ice Age

Mars was once a “blue” planet very much like the Earth. It had an abundance of water, air and greenery.

What happened? The Earth was experiencing a prolonged multi-thousand year Ice Age. During that time, most of the land anywhere near the poles were covered in ice miles thick. The ocean was approximately 500 feet lower from a shoreline perspective. The Sahara Desert was a land of “milk and honey” and home to several lost civilizations (think Atlantis). It had great rivers and was the major ‘bread basket” on the planet. Same for other great deserts on Earth.

Everything goes in cycles. For whatever reason, a decision within Spirit (or God) was made to increase the amount of Solar radiation being outputed from our Sun, Sol (Solar). What happened? Simple, the ice sheets on Earth started melting and the mythical lands that many us know about started getting flooded out. It took 1,000 years to fully transition.

Mars got too hot and was slowly turned into a desert planet. The water and much of the oxygen went down into its interior, hollow space which can be accessed via the ice covered polar regions. This is just like Earth, the Moon and even, our Sun. All planet-like spheres are hollow (just like a tennis ball) and have interior worlds within. Some have thicker shells than others, but all have significant hollow spaces that support some kind of life. Yes, the Marians live in their Interior. And yes, we may not be welcome there. This is also true for the planet that we call “Planet X.” It’s ancient name is Nebaru and is the home world of the Annunaki. It is in orbit way out beyond Pluto and is far too cold on it’s surface to support life.

The Earth became what we know now. We still have glaciers and lots of ice at the poles, but we have been allowed to evolve into the civilizations that we are.

My point here is that we, beings on Earth, do not control (or even impact) the climate of our Planet. It is solely about the amount of Solar Radiation coming from our Sun, Sol. For those of you who have bought into the Carbon Dioxide scam, begin reading about the various Solar Minimums that we have experienced in the past thousand years or so.

Europe experienced a Grand Solar Minimum from about 1650 to 1715. Winters came early (as early as August) and flooding and snowfalls kept the harvests below the level to feed the people. Mass starvation and diseses occurred; think several iterations of the Black Death. What happened? There was not enough food for the rats in the wild and they moved in with people (and brought their fleas with them).

We are about to enter into a Mini Ice Age again. According to my Internal Guidance, it will last for about 180 years. That means that food growing must be moved south into Syria and Northern Africa in Europe and into the Southern US and Mexico in North America. The deserts of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Sonora will become lands of “Milk and Honey” when the Jet Stream changes have all completed.

Problem. Not only are we going into another Mini Ice Age, we are completing a Great Year cycle (25,920 years). We have been in Darkness for the past 10,800 years (Darkness has 80% of the power) and a rebalancing must occur. In the next 5-9 years, there will be many Earth Changes to include massive EarthQuakes, Tsunamis, Volcanic Eruptions, Land Subsidances (Sinkings) and even a Magnetic Polar Shift. The giant Three Gorges Dam in China will fail (and many other Dams). All of these will be related to the changes being made on our Sun.

The Magnetic Pole Shift will actually entail the slowing, stopping and changing orbit direction. The Sun will rise in the West and set in the East. It has happened in our recorded history (see Walls of Jericho). This, again, is not controlled by the Earth. This will happen because of a major pole shift within the Sun. It is not only Earth that will change it’s orbital direction, but all of the planets and their moons. This will be a minutely choreographed dance and all of the planets (moons) will stay in their orbital paths and planes. The biggest disturbance will be in the adjuestments made by the Asteroid Belt.

So, it is not only about the Mini Ice Age. We are all living in Interesting Times. Much of North Africa (and the rest of Africa) will not be available for food growing due to Earth Changes happening there. Good news, much of Australia’s deserts will become well watered and able to grow much more food.

Getting back to my point earlier, none of these things have anything to due with Humans and what we have done here. We are like a Knat on an Elephant. It is all about the amount of energy coming from our Sun. Perhaps, equally, it is also about the amount of various radiations that we are receiving (call them Gama or Cosmic). They impact Earth Movements.

Again, everything is cyclic and we are all along for the ride. Having said that, we do have choices. We do not have to live next to the ocean/sea/lake, but living on a mountain has it’s dangers. High ground will save us from floods, most of the time. But, it is going to be a crap shoot for all of us.

Many of us will not make it and will pass. What does that mean? Our real Spirit Beings will go back to Spirit and rest/wait for another body on some other (of millions) planet. There are Nine (9) local Universes. We, on Earth, are on the outer edge of the the Milky Way in the 9th Universe. The great Central Sun is in the center of the 5th Universe.

What your spin is MATTERS. Many of us were born here when Darkness/Left-Spin ruled (before 2012). As such, being oriented towards Darkness or Left-Spin had many social, economic and cultural advantages. That is why 95% of us on Earth are oriented towards Darkness or Left-Spin energies (all about Fear, Force and Control).

Think about it, how else could the Elites and their controlled Governments/Media pull this Pandemic Fear Porn off. Instead of quarentining the sick, they convinced us to lockdown the entire world; it is all about controlling us and having us hand over total power to them.

This is their swan song. Light/Right-Spin energies have taken over and we are going through a massive Re-Boot that is deleting the old Dark/Left-Spin programs. Just imagine, how could such a massive, worldwide event take place without the support of the incoming Energies; we are in a transition. TO A MUCH BETTER PLACE.

OK. The people strong in the Light/Right-Spin are about five (5) percent. The people in the middle (59% Light/Right-Spin to 59% Dark/Left-Spin) are about ten (10) percent. That is 3 out of 20 people that get to stay to experience our new Golden Age. There will still be millions of us, but not billions.

It will not be easy, but it is going to happen. We cannot do anything to stop it. It will be like Winter coming; you prepare as much as you can.

Fear not, we are ALL Immortal Beings and will be reborn again on some Planet somewhere. The same is true for all life here to include our pets and the other being we share this place with. ALL of us have Awareness, even the blade of grass or the cold stone; this is what makes us Immortal.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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