Earth Changes and Pole Shift Update for 2011

I shared this in an email with a newly configured Newman and thought I should add it to the Blog here on Hexahedron1.  The information that I am getting from my conversations with my Inner Being or Guide or Spirit Self or Holy Ghost are telling me that most of the massive Earth Changes will be completed in 2011, not 2012.

This is in response to a question as to whether I would publish an Earth Changes Map.

There are several Earth Changes related maps showing the Mississippi Sea and the subsidence in California, Oregon, Washington and Arizona.  A few show a significant subsidence in South Florida including the Keys.  No, I have not created a maps based on my visions.  Will I? Am getting a “no” internally.  Am also getting that Long Island will be largely gone east of a line from Block Island south; yes, the Hamptons will be gone, too.

On the Pole Shift:

In June, July, August, September, October, November and December of this Year (2011), there will be significant Solar Flares several times per month. The North Pole has already “wandered” 3 degrees eastward and that has not alarmed anyone as the Pole has been “wandering” for decades. In June, the Pole will “wander” another 3-4 degrees eastward due to several Solar Flares.  In July, more Solar Flare activity will drive the Pole eastward 4-5 degrees; this will start to alarm the authorities. In August, more Solar Flare activity will drive the Pole eastward 5-7 degrees.  In September, we will get a Solar Tsunami Flare and the Pole will shift 12-15 degrees, suddenly.  This will make the Euro-Asian landmass the most Northerly landmass on Earth. Europe will be in the sub-Arctic zone; the UK and Ireland will still be warmed by the Gulf Stream, but they will have colder winters.

When the Pole shifts suddenly, the entire Arctic Ocean will shift into what is now Eastern-Central Russia and it will collapse beneath the sudden weight.  The Russian Ocean will connect to the Black Sea making Europe an island-continent.  The Mississippi Sea will be created during this sudden Pole Shift as will the Isles of California et al (much of Oregon, Washington State and Idaho will subside beneath the waves), and South Florida, Cuba, Haiti/DR, Jamaica, Caymans and Puerto Rico.  All of North Africa sinks to the Atlas Mtns; all of the Sahara Desert.  Most of China, Japan, Philippines, Borneo, Indonesia, Bangladesh, coastal India, coastal Pakistan, coastal Iran.  This all happens in September 2011.

There are several Tsunami Flares coming in September and still more in October, November and December.  In October, the Amazon River will become the Amazon Sea.  There will be more destruction in China and Japan.  What is left of Africa will be broken into three large islands with significant salt water seas between them. In November, Iceland will sink beneath the waves, as will the entire Saudi Arabian Peninsula, Jordan, southern Iraq, southern Syria (Damascus will become a seaport), all of Israel, southern Lebanon.  The Caspian Sea will link up with the Persian Gulf and Teheran will cease to exist; Iran will cease to be a threat to the world. In December, the destruction of China and Japan and the Koreas and the Far Eastern Russia will be complete with some islands sticking up from current higher elevations. All of the cities in these places will be utterly destroyed. Madagascar and Sri Lanka will both sink. Taiwan, Okinawa, Iwo Jima, Guam and Micronesia will all be spared.

We have seven months of massive Earth upheavals coming that are all being driven by massive Solar Flares that activate our tectonic plates. Everywhere on Earth is going to experience earthquakes, tsunamis/tidal waves, volcanoes reawakened and new.  Mexico City will experience a 14+ earthquake that lasts for 5-6 minutes; same with China, Japan, the Philippines, but multiple times.  In the US, the New Madrid fault will experience a 16+ that will cause the western side of the Mississippi River to subside.  This will cause the Gulf of Mexico to flow into the exposed fault and cause a subsidence on the eastern side of the river. Austin and Dallas will be seaports.  Biloxi, Mississippi will be the eastern end of the Mississippi Sea; Houston, Memphis, New Orleans and most cites along the Mississippi River will be gone.  St Louis and Phoenix will be seaports.

There are several safe zones in the US; Kansas, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Eastern Arizona/New Mexico, Northern Florida/South-west Georgia, Tennessee. While much of Europe will not experience major changes, it will be an area of extreme seismic and volcanic activity; not a safe zone.  Other safe zones include most of Central and Eastern Canada;  and Australia.  Everywhere else will experience massive shifting of the Earth, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and coastal subsidences.

When we get to 2012, all of these changes will be completed, but that is when the dis-eases will hit the survivors hard.  By the end of 2012, there will be 300 million people left mostly in the US, Canada and Australia. Canada will become part of the US; as will Mexico.  This means that 6.7 billion people are leaving to return to Spirit. When the Pole Shift happens, Canada will have a climate similar to the US now and the US will have the equator running through it and have a Tropical climate.  No more Hurricanes or Tornadoes; they shift towards the new Africa. Australia also moves closer to the Equator and becomes warmer.

Most of the surviving Europeans and South Americans come to the US and Canada, but about a third go to Australia.  For some reason, the US Virgin Islands is also a safe zone or I would not be here. There are practically no survivors from Africa, the Middle-East, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan or China; that is most of the people on the planet.

There will be more severe Solar Flares in 2012, but I am not getting the information now.  In October or November, I will be able to add more for the first half of 2012. My impression is that the “Earth Changes” in 2012 are going to be “finishing” changes and will not be as threatening to the survivors.

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  1. RM says:

    So, the dates you mentioned have come and passed and nothing of what you said has happened. can you explain? Thanks

    • Dave says:

      Ok. It’s December 29th and nothing that I wrote about happened in 2011. I was prompted by my Spirit Guide to put this web site up earlier this year. I was told to put this information out to the world as it would be important for those who found their way to my site.

      So…… when I ask my Spirit Guide what happened???? Will there be a Pole Shift and Earth Changes and huge attrition of People on Earth? The answer I keep getting is YES!!!

      Will it happen in 2012? Most likely. 2012 is a Five year or more specifically, a 14-Year. What this means is that everyday of the year is a creation day for Humans.

      My Spirit Guide has explained to me that I was supposed to get the word out, even if it did not happen in 2011. People needed to be warned about these catastrophic events to seek their own answers as to where to be and when to move and to start putting their affairs in order, if they wanted to.

      My site is not visited by many Internet visitors; it was never supposed to be a popular site. It was put up for those who Spirit wanted to send people to. So sorry if my timeline did not happen; that just means that billions of people got more time to do whatever they are doing and want to keep doing.

      Gaia, our Planetary Goddess, is in the process of Ascending along with a small percentage of Humans/Newmans on the planet. We are all going together and have to reach a certain vibratory pitch. The trouble with this vibratory requirement is that we have far too many low-vibration people on the planet with us; they continue to hold us back like sand bags around the gondola of a hot-air-balloon. They hold us down and we cannot ascend.

      Gaia is part of this ascension project and has given all of the low-vibration beings on Earth a punched ticket to another lifetime on a different, lower-vibration planet somewhere else in the Multi-verse. We are about to enter a much higher vibration reality when we enter Aquarius on December 22, 2012. All of the very low-vibration beings, you know, the darkest of the dark, like Putin, Chavas, the Iranian President and Obama will be leaving soon and the planet will be lighter. In all, 6.7 billion out of 7.0 billion will be leaving. Are you one of the 300 million people who get to stay?

      LLL, Dave

  2. Marina says:

    You have really interesting blog, keep up posting such informative posts!

  3. Dee Berry says:

    Hi Dave,
    I used to live in the virgin islands and I moved back to the states but we just had a 5.9 earthquake here on the east shore and I am thinking with all of these nuclear power plants around I need to move me and my family back there. What do you think about the Virgin Islands as a safe zone as far a resources and personal safty away from the rising water??

    Thank you,

    • Dave says:


      Yes. The Virgin Islands is a safe zone. Spirit moved me down here from Florida nearly five years ago. The new US VI will be composed of St John, St Thomas, Water Island, St Croix, Culebra and Vieques.

      The entire Pacific Ring of Fire is going to light up with sound and fury on September 25th; China, Korea, Far East Russia, Japan, the Philippines, Borneo and Indonesia will all be tossed about severely and sink into the sea. Same with the west coast of the US and Baja California. On October 17th, we will have a 30 degree Pole Shift and central Russia will be the new North Pole suddenly and will be covered by the Arctic Ocean. This Pole Shift will cause much of Africa to subside into the ocean as well as large parts of the Middle East, India, Central America and the Amazon River Basin – it becomes the Amazon Sea. A lot of stuff is happening on these two dates and bad things can happen in the same area on the two dates. South Florida and the entire western Caribbean will subside on one of these dates to include Cuba, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

      These events are being caused by a Brown Dwarf Star that is passing close to the Earth; this star is named Ketoid and is part of our Solar System. Other names include Planet X, the Planet of the Crossing, the Destroyer, Typhon and the Dragon. It is on an orbit similar to comets and is being called the Comet Elenin or Elenid. it is not a comet; it is about four times bigger than Jupiter; it will have a flaming trail of fire and fill 1/5th of our sky. Do not confuse this dwarf star with the Anunaki planet called Nibiru; that planet is parked in an orbit out beyond Pluto.

      Our leaders know about this dwarf star and have prepared their underground shelters; they think that Ketoid is going to bring destruction to the Earth and are not sure if they will survive in their underground holes. What they do NOT know is that protective Crystal Grid structures have been put up around the Earth, the Moon and around both the Earth and the Moon. These Crystal Grids (go to to read about them) are magnetic in nature and powered up by the recent Sun Flare activity from our Sun – Sol.

      We are all going to see Ketoid as it passes. The Crystal Grids have been put in place by Spirit to minimize the impact of Ketoid’s Passing on the Changes Happening on Earth NOW. Ketoid is an arrogant starlet who revels in destroying stuff. particularly our Earth, as such, he will be affronted that Earth has protective shields. These are new and he has not encountered them before. As Ketoid passes at its closest points, it will send bolts of magnetic, electric and infrared energy towards our protective shields to bring them down. The Crystal Grid will absorb the bolt energy, add energy to them and send them back at Ketoid. These will not damage Ketoid, but spur him on to send more Bolts; it should be quite a fireworks spectacle. These exchanges of energy will deplete Ketoid’s Positive Polarity at a critical time. Normally, when Ketoid passes through the Solar System, it approaches the Sun and is repelled by the Sun’s much larger Positive Polarity back out to it’s 36,000 year orbit into the cold darkness of Space. This time, Ketoid will deplete enough of its Positive Polarity to become neutral or slightly Negative in polarity.

      Surprise, surprise; Ketoid will be attracted into the Sun instead of being repelled. Bye bye Ketoid. Bye bye Destroyer, Typhon, Dragon etc. But what about us? There will be fewer than 500 million of us left primarily in the US, Australia and parts of Europe. All this before Thanks Giving – this year!

      Fear not; our civilization will survive and the Changes that have been occurring will continue. We are transitioning from Dark and Red to Purple and Light and the 6th Race of Man to the 7th. Be safe Newmen and Newomen and those in waiting.

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