Happy New Year! 2015 is the Year

OK. Light has taken over on December 22nd. Majik has completed a major dump/download into the world on January 1st. Has this really happened? Are we going to start seeing changes that reduce the fear, force, control and resistance-to-change that I keep defining as the characteristics of Darkness?

The “Bad” Guys don’t  know it, but their days in “the Sun” are over. I haven’t asked questions about every world leader out there, but the United States is about to have a sudden change in leadership. It will start with the leader of the House of Representative; the Speaker of the House. Right now, it is John Boehner, who is a “mainstream” Republican which means he is a believer in “Big Government.”

I am not sure how it will happen, but, he will be replaced by someone with more, better Light credentials and that person will become the Speaker of the House.  This is important as the next bit gets very interesting; Vice President Biden will drop dead suddenly and Obama will have to nominate a new VP. But he has to get this nomination through a Republican controlled Senate; it is NOT going to be Hillary!

Ok, we have a new Speaker and have lost the VP, what dramatic thing could happen next? Obama dies suddenly of a heart-attack or stroke or something. Whoops! With the President and Vice President both dead, who is next in line to be President? No, it is not the Secretary of State, but it is the Speaker of the House. Why the Speaker? Because he or she most represents the people of the USA other than those who have stood for election. Representative must stand for election every two years.

OK. By taking out just two people, the forces of Light have dramatically changed the direction of the US. The Speaker of the House, whoever it is, will be a Republican and a Light Being. This Light Being will become the new, next President of the USA. The Dark antics of Obama will start fading into history quickly.

When is this going to happen? Obama will not be there to give the State of the Union address on January 20th. That’s less than three weeks.

Wow. I am climbing out on a limb. Here is another. This sudden shift on governing leaders is going to happen in many countries around the world. Light is not going to put up with leftover leaders from Darkness. Yes, the UN will start dissolving and the EU and the monstrous entity called the US GOVERNMENT.

Will everything collapse into chaos? No, but a lot of the insanity that we call government will stop and be replaced with Order. Light uses Order, not fear, force and control.

All right; Order. Will there be institutional changes made? Yes. There will be Constitutional Conventions convened in the US, Europe and other places. The questions is, who is going to represent us all at these conventions? It is going to be our Dark leaders? NO. Is is going to be Bureaucrats? NO. Is is going to Judges? NO. If any of the Dark beings become representatives, they will keep the Darkness going, or try to. Nope, no Dark beings allowed. Wait a second, they have all of the power, don’t they? Not any more.

The only answer that the forces of Light will allow is Light Beings. You know, all of us who have been trying to make changes-for-the-better, but were always shut down. To the world, we will be the least credentialed. Oh, we have degrees and experience, but we have stayed down-in-the-weeds so Darkness would not notice us and stomp on us. Very few of us are known to the world, but are well known to Light.

The Times, They are a Changin’ – Bob Dylan

Embrace the changes; its going to be fun for us.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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  1. Edmund Leigh says:

    Hey Merln you have an interesting web site & I agree with some of your insights or revelations. We have 7 B people on this planet & we cannot sustain this many people or more for the long haul. I am also a big fan of Western Christian Civilization which allows most of us to gain spiritual growth and intellectual knowledge. Now on your predictions for the House, Senate & White House………it ain’t gonna happen. I can sort of see Obozo resigning because he’s bored and nobody respects him & he wants to divorce his wife Michele so he can play the field and hang out with his homeboys in Hollywood. The White House gig has gotten old & he would rather be chilling with his home boys & out on the golf course. Who needs headaches like ISIS & ISIL & Lladimir Putin is a pain and even the Democrats despise him for being stupid.

    But speaking of stupid……VP Biden is too stupid to croak. He may resign because he has Alzheimers and can’t function but no he is not going to drop dead. Also Boehner has increased the Republican House seats to the highest number since 1928 ! 1928 !!
    So he isn’t going anywhere.

    My prediction is that Obozo will resign because he is bored & he would rather be on the golf course chilling. That is my prediction.

    • Merln says:

      Edmund, You comment was highly amusing; I hadn’t seen Obozo before. But, seriously, Obama is the strongest, Dark Adept on the Planet, We all know he was a Fulbright Scholar, which means he was foreign born. Anyone with a brain knows his birth certificate is an outrageous forgery. And yet, here is a man who never did anything great and gets elected and re-elected to the Presidency. He was appointed to the State Senate seat and then, the US Senate where he did nothing but run for President. And, best of all, he is a devout Muslim who really wants ISIS to succeed.

      Ok. How did he do it? Simple, he was the man picked by Darkness and he was going to win no matter what. The force of Darkness put all of their remaining power into Barack Obama with instructions to do as much damage as possible to the United States as he could before Light took over. Obozo is really the Anti-Light, some people may call him, the Anti-Christ (I have in an earlier Post).

      One of the things that distinguishes my site/writing from others is that I focus on the amount of Light and Darkness people have; good and evil are hard to define, we know it when we see it. Are you a Freedom lover and allow others to make their own choice? If yes, you are of the Light. If you are a user of fear, force and control, you are of the Darkness. There are a huge number of people who are GOOD, but, because they operate their lives out of fear, are on the Darkside.

      Back to Obozo; Light is not going to put up with him, or his lieutenants or his cronies in Hollywood or Wall Street. He, and all of his ilk will be going bye-bye very soon. It can’t happen fast enough.


      • Ed Leigh says:

        Merln……….Say I think your instincts are correct as far as what a fool Obozo is but as far as the metaphysical insight I have no way to see the dark or the light in that respect. What I do know is that I am a Ronald Reagan conservative and because George W. Bush was not watching the American ship we got hit by the worst recession in American history in 2008. The main cause of the massive economic downturn was loosening of banking standards to loan billions of dollars to poor people who didn’t have jobs and had bad credit. The politicians such as Massachusetts Barny Frank blackmailed the banking institutions to provide these loans otherwise they would deem them racist.

        With recession going full bore this opened the way for Obozo to get past Hillary Clinton in the primaries and then gain the 2008 election because the party in power during a recession always gets hammered. Also the press didn’t pursue Senator John Edwards when his mistress had a love child of his. Obozo is not qualified by any standard but it is more a function of low IQ types who now have the ability to vote in the politician who promises them the most welfare benefits.

        Oboza is incompetent but his birth certificate appears genuine. It may be fake. He spent a lot of time in Indonesia and was exposed to Islam there. But in Chicago he attended Jerimiah Wright nominally Christian church (i.e goddamn America) for 10 years so I have to assume that he was nominally a Christian or he wanted to give the impression that he was. I do not like the guy but I have to give him his due………..he is a slick politician and an agile opportunists. He smiles well & he can read a teleprompter fairly well. His mentor was a communist…..somebody known as Frank something. But he is basically a guy who was telegenic, slick, caught the right campaign and W. Bush wasn’t watching the economy well & so he got elected.

        In 2012 I thought Romney was going to win. And I think even Obozo thought he was headed for the exit but apparently we have too many ill informed voters and the clown got in again. But now we have 54 seats in the Senate and the largest majority of conservatives in the House & so we should be able to keep him from destroying this country for the next two years. Light and Dark forces ? The way I see it Conservative Common Sense vs irresponsible welfare socialism.

        Back to you ……..If you see this all as metaphysical light and dark well you maybe right but I just see it as responsible voters vs people who want more welfare & who vote for the highest bidder.

        • Merln says:

          Ed, we all have “Inner Beings”, even those of us who are oriented towards the Darkside. Our Inner Beings are waiting, patiently, for us to ask questions or make demands and listen for answers. One demand that is always answered is “Give me more Light.” We all have a choice, we can move towards the Light or away from it. We can move towards Freedom or Fear. You can find out how much Light you have by just asking. The trick is tuning into the answer; you can try muscle testing or a pendulum if you can’t discern your inner voice.

          Read Sitchin’s books on the Annunaki. They came here to Earth in search of gold and diamonds. They also brought a civil war between two royal brothers. They needed a lot of slave labor and cannon-fodder and took available primates running around and genetically engineered them by mixing their genes with Neanderthals, gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans and many others. The Annunaki are a lizard race that has evolved a Hive or Collective approach; what is good for the Hive is much more important than the individual. This is in the genes that they gave all of their slaves. Big Government and mind-control is in the genes of 50 percent of the people on the planet; they, actually, cannot help themselves. The other 50 percent are descendents of the Pleiadian Warrior-Colonists droppen here about 4,000 in Europe. This is why there is such a political divide or chasm in the US. This is why we have grid-lock; the European stock has “compromised” and Government keeps getting bigger and more intrusive. The other side has no compromise and keeps pushing the envelope. The US of A was founded based on the individual and natural rights while the Hive peoples are all about the Group or Groups.

          OK. If you believe that we are being hijacked by the collective thinkers, what are we to do? Fall back to the rule of law; with Obozo? Is it time for a 2nd American Revolution? What are we going to do with this huge MESS?

          On this blog, I take a bigger view. We have entered the Age of Aquarius, just like the song said. It is the Photon Belt and we will be in this area of intense Light for the next 2,158 years. OK. My Spirit Guide keeps telling me that Light has taken over and that big changes are coming. The collective approach is Darkness whether it is Communism, Socialism or just plain ol’ Big Government.

          On my Human side, I am very worried about our future, but on my Spirit-directed side, I know that everything will work out better than I could have imagined. Be true to yourself.

          With the advent of Light, most of that 50 percent will be leaving (dying) and getting reborn elsewhere (a different Planet). Re-read my Guided Meditation page on how to Transform Yourself; you may be ready.


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