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We are getting closer to joining the Federation of Planets and fielding our own Starships. Yes, the Federation of Planets and Starship Command are reality and the Star Trek show was based on that reality.

There are seven Pleiadian planets that are inhabited by “Humans” and they all orbit the same giant Sun, Alcyone, that our Sun orbits. So… you could say that we are all part of the same system. We, Earthlings, are not alone. We are being watched and protected by a Flotilla of Starships that is in orbit around our Sun out beyond Neptune.

Do the Pleiadians have a base closer?  Yes, they have several bases in what we call the Asteroid Belt and a large maintenance base on the Dark Side of the Moon.

Does NASA and our Government know about this? Yes, this is suppressed information; when we went to the Moon, we orbited it several times on each visit.  We have pictures of and collected communications from the Starfleet base on the Moon.  The Pleiadians did not interfere with our visits to the Moon or make any provocations until we tried to send weapons to the Moon; then, they intervened and hijacked the weapons enroute. They ensured that our visits to the Moon were peaceful; that applied to the Russian visit as well.

We are far-out on the fringes of the Alcyon system and have been subjected to varying degrees of Light and Darkness dominion (see the Michael Experiment). So…Even though many of the people of Earth are based on Pleiadian Warrior/Colonists that were “landed” in Europe 3,600 years ago, we are different as the energy of our planet, Earth, is very different. For more information, see Reptilian Wars.

Because of this difference, we, Earthlings, are a bit more creative and evolved in different ways from our Pleiadian forefathers.  Our technologies have taken us in different path and are of GREAT interest to the leaders of the seven worlds and to Starfleet Command.

Pleiadians live amongst us, go to our best Colleges and Universities and work alongside of us at our best technology companies, especially the computer, communications, cell phone and military ones. How do they do this? They look very much like us; all white European stock comes from the original 50,000 who landed here 3,600 years ago.

While the Pleiadians are harvesting our new, different technologies, they are far ahead of us in Space technologies and have been fighting for us against a common enemy for several thousand years. The Pleiadians have a firm set of rules when dealing with Federation Planets and those Planets not yet in the Federation, like Earth.

Our technologies can only be used to defend our Planet and only the Starfleet units here in our Solar System can use them. There is a detailed accounting system to credit Earth for technologies and natural resources taken, such as mining the Asteroid Belt.

But, like all militaries, there are transfers between Starfleet units and a lot of buzz is being generated about Earth-based technologies and our approach to new and different technologies. This buzz is creating a willingness to grant Earth a provisional status as a Federation Planet, but with strict Quarantine requirements.

The Federation of Planets is based on free and equitable trade and they want to start trading with us. They will provide us with the technology to build fast Starships for trading and are already interfacing with the US Military at Area 51 in the Nevada Desert.

Make no mistake, the Pleiadians will impose a peacefulness on our Interstellar Trade. Significant trade imbalances are not tolerated. Do they have things to trade with us that we want? Yes, many things.

This common enemy is called the Reptilian Overlords and they keep trying to invade and conquer this area of Space. There has been extensive combat between the Pleiadians and the Reptilians over our planet and the other seven.

Nibiru, the home planet of the Annunakis, is a mobile, scout-planet for the Reptilian Overlords. It has been in orbit around our sun, well out beyond Pluto for around 50,000 years. It is so far away from our Sun to make it easier to escape orbit when it goes mobile again.  Think about it, it is so cold on the surface of their world that no one could like on its surface.  Where do they live? In the interior of their world; Earth, too, is hollow and supports a great diversity of life.

The Annunaki were driven off by their Overlord Reptilian Masters after they arrived and were unable to take their stash of diamonds and gold with them. That is why Nibiru is still in orbit around our Sun. Their mobile planet technology requires natural diamonds and gold to function and they have used up their own resources.

Meanwhile, the Pleiadians arrived and defeated the Reptilian Overlords here on Earth. As part of that effort, the Pleiadians have isolated the Annunaki and prevented any further contact with Earth. What to do with the Annunaki world has been a big issue for the Federation of Planets; it is an enemy world that has been conquered by the Overlord Reptilians. Having said that, they are reptilian, they are shape-shifters and they spread their DNA around many of the peoples of Earth; the Blackman, the Redman, the Brownman and the Yellowman. All were created as slaves by mixing the Annunaki genes with primates that were evolving here on Earth. The Annunaki were the ancient Gods or India, Sumer, Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Norse, the Aztec, Mayan and Incan and the Jews.  En-Lil was Jehovah and En-Ki was Yahweh to the Jews and the famous “Covenant” was made between Abraham and En-Lil before he returned to Nibiru. Abraham was the High Priest to Jehovah/En-Lil.

En-Ki is still here. He lives in the Hollow Earth with members of the Lost Tribes. He calls himself, Zorra, the Father God now, today. How is this possible, you ask?  Being a mobile planet, Nibiru does not orbit a Sun normally; with no orbit to define time, the Annunaki evolved a very long life span of 50-60,000 of our years. It was easy to think of them as Gods as they had advanced technologies and lived, seemingly, forever.

There are many implications that flow from this information. The Annunaki would like to return to Earth to pick up their diamond and gold hoards. The Annunaki are not our friends or allies; they created millions of slaves as cannon-fodder for their 30,000 year civil war between En-Lil and En-Ki. We have moved on and do need them anymore. What are the Pleiadians going to do about Nibiru? What are they going to do about the millions of mixed-gene Annunaki-Primate people?

Our world is evolving whether we like it or not. Events from outside our Solar System are driving this evolution. Ready or not, we will be joining the Federation of Planets, provisionally, soon. What does that mean for our Governments, our Religions, our Technology and our view of Ourselves? BTW, All Federation of PLanet leaders are Spiritually Advanced Females; men have a primary role in their militaries, but have no political power.

Talk about changes that are coming!?!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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  1. tony says:

    How can i tell if i am an annunaki-primate slave human or not ???
    i know i look Italian but i don’t know if i’m 100% European or not.
    If i am 100% European then i’m a pleadian warrior colonist ??
    What are they going to do with all the primate people on earth ???
    But you say that the pleadians are from primates too.

    I thought pleadians had mind powers and immortality, telepathy and shapeshifting
    so why don’t the earth European whites have those powers ????

    So do the earth annuanki-primate slave humans have a soul like the pleadians do ??? Do both the pleadians and the earth slave humans have souls ??

    so the yellow, red , brown and black people will be wiped out or kept out of space??
    if i’m 100% European that means i’m a pleadian too ???
    Merln are you a 100% European decent ?? Are you pleadian too ???



    • Merln says:

      We all have an internal communication with our Spirit Guides, even Reptilian-Primates. We all nod out heads when we see something good or something that we want and we all shake our heads sideways when we see or don’t want something bad. For most of us, this is totally unconscious, but it is our Spirit Guide telling what to do if we tap into it. Ask you Spirit Guide if you should start a two-way conversation; you will probably get a head nod or two and it may even be vigorous. That is the best way to find out if you have any primary, active Reptilian genes. You can also do another form of muscle testing using your thumb and forefinger to get answers.

      The Annunaki are shape-shifter, but the Pleiadians are not. The Pleiadians do have mental powers as they have tapped into their knowing more than we have. The European stock, here on Earth, have this power as well, but it has been actively suppressed; we call it fortune telling or the second sight. This, too, is related to our Primate genes and is spread to the Reptilian-Primates here in the form of Dark Magic, like Voodoo.

      Some Pleiadians and some Humans have a gift of telepathy, but it is not a common power.

      What are the Pleiadians going to do about all of the billions of Reptilian-Primate slave beings here on Earth? That is the question; they will be quarantined or restricted to Earth (not be allowed to leave) at a minimum. The Reptilian genes will not be allowed to infect the general Pleiadian populations. Are there more drastic actions that can take place? Sure. At one point the Pleiadians were considering dropping a big rock on us. But, our planet is going through a major, Spiritual shift and the Pleiadians have been told, through their Spiritual-based leadership, to leave us alone and that everything would work out for the best.

      Everything has awareness, even rocks, plants, water, air, fire, land, bacteria and, yes, cats, dogs, dolphins, whales, sharks, crocodiles, etc. Yes, Reptilian-Primate beings have a “soul” and a path back to the One; everything and everyone here is just slowed down energy from the One.

      Yes. I do have some Jewish heritage on my mothers side; the Jews are a mix of Annunaki and Neanderthal. I have transformed myself into a Newman and, by doing that, have deactivated any Reptilian genes that I may have inherited.

      If you are 100% European stock, then you are a Pleiadian. The Pleiadians put 50,000 warrior-colonist down into what we call Europe and Russia about 3,600 years ago; the colonists came from seven (7) different Human inhabited planets. One is the home of the Germans, one is the home of the Slaves, one is the home of the Italians, one is the home of the Spanish, one is the home of the French and two were colonized by the previous five. English developed here on Earth.

      Europe had been the home of the Neanderthal, but the Annunaki had wiped them out or driven them underground in their zeal for intelligent slaves. They survive today as Yeti or Bigfoot or Abominable Snowmen.

      I do not know what is going to happen to all of the Reptilian-Primates here on Earth. I have been getting consistent information on Catastrophic Changes that are going to happen to our planet. I have also been getting consistent information on a shift from dominant Dark Power to dominant Light Powre. Perhaps as much as 100% of the Reptilian-Primates are significantly oriented towards Darkness (from their Reptilian genes). Perhaps, they will not be allowed to stay when Light takes over. So….It may not be up to the Pleiadians.

  2. tony says:

    Merln, I use to think that all white people that you speak of had MORE reptilian DNA in them.
    That the white race are the reptilians !!!!! I think the reptilians are of good intent.
    Somehow there is a connection between reptilians and whites !!!!

    • Merln says:

      The Pleiadians evolved from Primates on their own seven Human-inhabited planets. Their evolution was not impacted/hijacked by the introduction of Reptilian genes as happened here on Earth. The Annunaki are Reptilian, but, perhaps, not as bad as the Raptor-like, Overlord Reptilians. Throughout most of our “Human” history, the Annunaki were the Gods and they demanded that we build all kinds of stone structures to worship THEM.

      Are there Annunaki genes in the European/Pleiadian/White population? Hell Yes. The White population has mixed with every other population on Earth because of the Primate connection. When the Germans talked about the Master Race and Gene Purity, they were trying to weed out the Annunaki genes as much as possible.

      For today and moving forward, the critical question is whether you, anyone, has primary, active, dominant Annunaki genes? If so, you, anyone, will be quarantined and not allowed to leave the Planet, even after we begin to Trade with the other Seven Pleiadian Planets which they call their Federation of Planets.

      The Pleiadians consider anyone who has these primary, active, dominant genes to be an ENEMY Being. Draw whatever conclusions you want based on that information.

      As to the Reptilians being of Good Intent, BS. Every plague that has happened in Europe has been brought to the Pleiadian Warrior-Colonists from the Reptilians; they were using biological warfare long before we thought of it.

      The Annunaki Home Planet, Nibiru, is, and has been, in orbit around our Sun well out beyond Pluto. We’ve got a NASA mission going out to have a close look see now; it just finished photographing Pluto. The Pleiadian Starfleet Command has quarantined Nibiru as well; every time the Annunaki try to come to Earth again, their vessels are destroyed by the Pleiadians. There is a small group of Annunaki who are still here, but they live in the Hollow Earth and their leader, En-Ki, now calls himself Zorra, the Father God.

      BTW, how the hell do the Annunaki survive living on their planet so far out from the Sun? It is REALLY cold. Answer: they all live in their Hollow Nibiru (or Hollow Planet) space. Yes, each large spherical body, even Moons, have a hollow space with an internal “Sun”.

  3. WOW. Great post Merln. Can’t wait. I want the changes now.

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