More Right-Spin Stuff – What are Ritons?

Recently, I told you that Right-Spin energy is a new form of energy in our world (Universe). I know, it is hard to believe.

For many of us, we learned about Algebra in grade school and were introduced to the concept of the X and Y grid. This is critical in our world as every software program uses the X and Y grid (1s and 0s) to run our computers. We also learned about Z and thought it could be useful, but somehow, it is not being used by most.

Actually, one development has started to use it, but it is a very primitive application. We call them Relational Databases and they are the foundation of many of our most successful businesses (think IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Twitter). They all use Relational Databases to store and access lots of data.

So, the X and Y grid is the basis for what is called “Flat” files in storing data. The flat file can be any sized square or rectangle from 1000 on each side to a million or more (limited only by computer memory). A Relational Database is a stack of flat files. This allows data to be stored in the X, Y, and Z structure. Z is a primitive vector that can be stored within the flat file squares above or below an existing flat-file square. With parallel computing, many huge stacks of flat files can be written to, read, and deleted; this is what we call our databases.

Why am I calling this a primitive approach to using the Z vector in Algebra? Simple, it is limited to using the stack of square flat files above and below it. It is still very useful, but the vector is too limited; that is why they have had to invent a different approach to do things; it is called Quantum Computing. Unfortunately, this is a “Dead End” as there are better ways to get to Vector Computing.

The only other application that has captured our imagination using vectors is flying; particularly fighter pilots who change vectors frequently. Still flying is almost brand new.

So, we Humans have arrived at a place where we are starting to employ the third plane mentally. We all live in a three-dimensional world, but mentally, Relational Databases are the only application using a limited form of the Z vector. If we are going to bring our computing, communications, and media to the next stage, we must figure out a way to do everything in 3D. We are doing more with 3D printing and virtual reality, but those are all based on Relational Databases or flat files. Yes, our computer programming (software) must go beyond binary code to trinary code using 3D registers.

These movements towards using the third dimension in how we think is critical. We are ready to allow a third force into our consciousness; that third force is Right-Spin energy. It is also called Majik. It is very like the Z vector in Algebra. It can go out any distance, then change direction, then branch into two or more directions with small or large distanced (or both). True vectors can jump and are very agile; the vectors in a Relational Database cannot do this.

OK. After 10,800 years we are back in an Age that is dominated by Light (the last one was Leo). Our world (Universe) was limited to the back and forth between Darkness and Light. Timing wise, we are in the last year of transition into Aquarius from Pisces; Darkness has been reduced to 20% and Light has been boosted to 80% (in 2022). We are also at a place where we are ready to grow and expand our consciousness. Readers of this site already know that we can reconfigure our energy centers and transform ourSelves into more advanced Fire Beings or into Earth Beings.

This new path has opened up a space for the new, third force/energy to come into existence. That happened on January 1, 2021

Alright, Right-Spin is Majik on the Earth plane; what about the Heavenly or Spiritual plane? Are there equivalents to Angels and Demons? Yes, it’s got to be something to do with Right, rite? Think Right On and you are close. The Third Force Heavenly being is called, “Riton.” Like Angel and Demon, the name is five characters (the Creation Number).

So, now, for those of you who have transformed yourSelves into a Vertical Master or higher, you are a Right-Spinner and can access this new Right-Spin force or powre. Those people who are of the Light and have not entered the New Being path still belong to Light and can call on the Angels for assistance. All those who have become Newomen or Newmen can now call on Ritons for anything. Remember, Ritons will help us do more and more amazing Majik. Ritons use the wonderful vector power that some of us glimpsed when we were children.

Love, Right/Light and Laughter,


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