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If you were a “Seeker” in the past 50 years, you concerned yourself with “raising” your vibrations; that is how you became an “Ascended Master.” You figured out how to get your vibrations up and, then, jump to the next higher level to do it again, and again, and again, until you vibrated yourself out of this hard, physical, place into the softer layer above. Here, we are in the 9th layer, the hardest of the hard; there is the 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th layers above and so on to the zero (0) layer; there, we merge with the One.

The trouble with this paradigm is that no one would get past the 5th layer; it may be because we were doing it incorrectly and kept getting stuck on the Creation Number. So…Being an Ascended Master has been a very long exercise in frustration; we all keep hitting the “glass” ceiling.

Ok, now, there is a new paradigm. This is what I came here, to Earth, to find in this lifetime. I had hit the Glass Ceiling too many times and realized that there had to be another path upward. Sure enough, I vibrated myself to a high enough level that I could start following the insight path being laid out in front of me. I had to consciously choose not to vibrate myself out of the physical and I could not do this from the next higher layer.

So…I was lead to the “Platonic Solids.” Yes, Plato was an advanced Spiritual being and he was the vessel for channeling the information on these five (there is that Creation Number again) shapes. It is interesting to note that this information is there for both left- and right-spinners; the left-spinners think of the Platonic Solids as a mathematical concept while right-spinners know it is important Spiritually.

Now, many of us know about the Mer-Ka-Ba; it is two spinning Tetrahedrons merged together to form a six-pointed star. It is also called the Star of David when viewed two-dimensionally from the top/bottom. The Tetrahedron is the first of the Platonic Solids; it is composed of four (tetra) sides of equilateral triangles. It can best be described as a 3-sided TeePee with the 4th side on the bottom. Now, stand it on it’s point and spin it and you get the very sacred shape of  the top of a Martini Glass. Yes, Alcohol is a gift from Spirit, like Chocolate, Sugar, Tobacco and, yes, Weed. Note that you can spin it to the left, or right. The Tetrahedron is the Fire Being shape and we are all born as Fire Beings.

The next shape in the new path back to the One is the Hexahedron, or Earth Being symbol. The Hexahedron is a six-sided square, also called a cube. When I put myself into the Cube in 2002, I realized that I had found the (or one more) pathway back to the One. I rapidly put myself into the Octahedron (Air Being), Icosahedron (Water Being) and Dodecahedron (Spirit Being); I could do this as I was the pathfinder/pathbreaker. There is no resistance to the first one through, but everyone who follows me must go through all of the degrees of advancement in each shape. The Good News is that I made it through the “Glass Ceiling” and merged with the One while I was still in this Hard, Physical Body; I did not have to give up pleasure and pain or any of the gifts of Spirit like food, wine, touch, sex. I could, actually, remain here as a male; I did not have to make myself into a hermaphrodite or androgynous being.

Yes, that would make me a Spirit Being, but I am operating as an Earth Being. I am sitting here at my keyboard, banging out this post, just like the rest of you. Like all of you, who have transformed yourselves, I look Human, but am more; I am a Newman.

Yesterday, we all got new Templates. Yes, there is a Newman/Newoman Template. Yes, there is a new Fire Being and new Earth Being Template. Now, finally, we can begin to learn how to use our Newmen Powres. These powres are not like the powers that Dark Magic Adepts have used as they are based on Light Majik and do not have elements of fear, force and control. We will be able to manifest things more easily and quickly; we will be able to teleport things from stores or from in the/under the sea or from hidden/lost locations, we will be able to put our Light/Majik into organizations to help them do the “right” thing and we will be able to “Jump,” meaning to transport ourselves to any location on Earth instantaneously. Yes, we will be able to “influence” organizations by giving them more Light; this is not “forcing” them, it is giving them a clearer view when making a decision. Yes, they can choose to go to the left (spin) and that says a lot about the decision maker.

Note: Light uses Order; Darkness uses Chaos. Order is firm, but not based on fear, force and control; it is based on the “intelligent” or “most insightful” or “Right” thing to do in any situation.

Are there more powres? Yes, many, but we will have to wait to see what they are. We are definitely moving into new, uncharted territory, but we are exploring as Newmen/Newomen.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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  1. Edmund Leigh says:

    I enjoy reading your articles. A lot I don’t understand and for this article I need to review my geometry to visualize the shapes you are describing. I got on your web site originally to research the Pleiadian beings. You claim to be a conduit and know quite a bit about them. From what I do know that these entities are related to us and wish for us to raise our abilities to be civilized so we can be accepted.

    We, the Northern European human types are part of their genetic family. Two of the Pleiadian traits are loyalty and patience. That we can intuitively understand. I feel this inheritance is ours to lose. That is, we are on track and unless we do something something super foolish like completely open our borders to people who cannot be civilized then we will make it to the next level. I am confident that we are on track to join our genetic kinsman in the forthcoming ages. Thanks for the information.

    • Merln says:

      Edmund, You are on the right track. There are three kinds of people here on Earth; the Big Foot/Yeti are the last remnants of Neanderthal primates who have evolved here, the Northern European stock which came here from the Pleiadian Worlds as warrior-colonists about 3,600 years ago and all of the rest which are Reptilian-Primate hybrids bred by the Annunaki as slaves/cannon fodder in their 45,000 year long civil war here. The Annunaki conducted this war on a global basis and captured, and genetically engineered primates from every area of our world. This applies to the people of India, China, Africa, the Americas, Australia and the Middle East.

      One of the major differences between the European/Pleiadian stock and the rest of the world is the presence of the “Civilization” or Consideration gene. This is not to say that the Reptilian-Primate social organization were not “Civilized”, but they did not have the “live and let live” part of it; just look at the Muslims, they can kill or enslave anyone who does not believe in their God (just the way they do). And yet, it is also OK to kill people who believe but differently; Shias and Sunnis.

      One piece of good news for our world is the fact that the Europeans expanded into and conquered the world and spread their genes into these other gene pools. Unfortunately, the Reptilian-Primates all have a “hive” mentality with significant “mind control” built into their DNA; that is why the world struggles so much with “Big” government and Lemmings going over the cliff.

      I know, I just offended the hell out of Billions of people, but those are the basic facts. So…Nearly all of us are Aliens, from some other place (at least, in part).

      This Hive Mentality and Mind Control DNA is an intractable problem. These are “enemy” traits to the victorious Pleiadians in overwatch on our planet and will not be allowed to leave the Planet. So… Until something is done about it, Earth is in quarantine. This is, in part, what the coming Earth Changes are all about.

      • Edmund Leigh says:


        Ok we went at it a different way with the Edward Teller Club here in Warner Robins, Ga.. Two Air Force Officers came to me in 2008 and said let’s study UFO’s and it is serious business. They are not weather balloons, the planet venus or swamp gas. So we formed a study group of about 15 Engineers who had scientific backgrounds and pursued this study from a scientific and objective view. Our conclusions after 8 years of study was this: The crash at Roswell New Mexico was not a weather balloon. The beings were from Zeti Reticula binary system. The beings appeared friendly but they turned out to be hostile. Human beings have been genitically engineered for 200,000 years. Human Groups are different not only in physical traits but also mental traits. IQ is real & very important. We compared the Finns which we regarded as the most civilized and smartest human group and contrasted them with the Tasmanians which had been isolated for 40,000 years and which appear to not even have had fire and found a huge chasm in abstract thinking ability.

        Just a cursory examination of the human groups will reveal that the people from Northern Europe such as the Scandanavians, the English, Scotts, Germans, French, Poles, Slavs, Russians and Spanish and even Italians and Greeks reveal that this human group with its Christian heritage have been on the forefront of inventions, rule of law, mathematics, literature, science, astronomy, rhetoric etc, etc. The Chineese also were inventors and had developed writing well but could not expand beyond their borders like the Europeans could. In short the Europeans were better at Pioneering Warrior & Civilization traits as shown in the colonization of North America, South America and Austrailia, New Zealand & Southern Africa.

        The Semetics of the Arabian Penisula inspired by Mohammed of the 7th century and with their ideas of conquest laid down in the Koran offered another type of “civilization” and I use this term loosely. Their civilization was to conquer others and impose their set of rules by force. Either to convert the infidel or kill them and take their daughters and wives as concubines. Some Christians and Jews were tolerated but put in a class of people known as Dhimmi. They are subject to extra taxes and are in 2nd class. As long as the Dhimmi remain docile and subservient to the Islamic overlords they are tolerated. Islam is an antithesis of Christianity. Christianity is a superior creed when it protects itself with a strong defense and maintains its superior math and science culture. When Christianity becomes infected with pacifism and cultural Marxism it will decay and die. Presently there are forces of the liberal elite that want to destroy Christianity from within. As a fervent Protestant Christianity we are trying to reverse this trend & I am happy to say we are making good progress. The liberal elite retards should be scared of us because we will win in the long run.

        That should be enough for now to understand our little group of explorers. I see several overlapping beliefs that coincide with ours but much of what you say is still open for debate. I am in the listening mode trying to understand some of your communication and therefore will not challenge it for now. But I think overall we are on the same side. God Bless.

        In summary we are spiritual beings going through a physical experience. We have had many, many incarnations and we develop our soul growth and I feel we are on the right path to complete self awareness. Do you concur with some or most of the above ?

        Your Friend,


        • Merln says:

          In a word, YES. Islam is all about Darkness (fear, force, control and resistance-to-change), but there are many Dark forces like the misguided Liberal Elites. In fact, approximately 95 percent of the Earth’s population are oriented towards Darkness as it was the dominant force here for the past several thousand years.

          As I have said, Light has now, taken over. But that is just in it’s early stages and hasn’t become that visible to the world yet. Look back to the 2014 elections in the US; Darkness (the Dems) got badly beaten. Darkness is also collective thinking or Big Government thinking or Socialist/Communist thinking. If you are looking for a handout, then you are Dark.

          Another term for Dark is Left-Spin. Just as there must be blue skies and beautiful days (High Pressure systems or Right-Spin), there must also be snow storms or Hurricanes or Tropical Storms or Thunder Storms as they bring rain (Low Pressure systems or Left-Spin). Right-Spin is always higher in vibration. Got to have both, but we have way too many Left-Spinners here now.

          We are now in Aquarius energy. We are in the Photon Belt and it is very Right-Spin energy. What is Right-Spin energy? Freedom, truth, choice, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility, self-motivation and allowing yourself to guided to do the Right thing.

          Unfortunately, our President is a devout Muslim and is doing everything he can to give Iran the bomb and to allow ISIS (he calls it ISIL) to establish their Caliphate. I am a retired AF Intelligence Officer; I was mostly SIGINT and worked for DIRNSA as an intern, but was also heavy into Imagery and MASINT. I was the Collection Manager for USSPACECOM/NORAD/ADCOM when SpaceCom was stood up. I was also the 7th AF Collection Manager in Korea for a year. I spent my last 5 years on active duty at AF/IN in the Pentagon.

          So…We are sorta coming from the same place, but I have also transformed myself Spiritually and have access to the Akashic Records by just asking questions. The information access is very like the Internet; you must ask the correct question or you must use the correct key word.

          Keep on doing what you are doing; it’s the Right thing to do. If you want to contact me via email, it is merln@outlook.com

          Cheers, Merln

          • Edmund Leigh says:


            You are in my Palm Pilot. Continue to look forward to your insights & observations. I think you are onto something just like what our Study Group is pursueing. We are after the truth and want to know what is headed our way as far as future events so we can prepare & hopefully survive. What we were told is that this conflict with ISIS or ISIL or whatever you call these cretins will be a war of civilizations and will last a hundred years. Either Islam or Western Christian Civilization will make & my plans are to ensure that our group makes it thru the coming strife with a Victory over the cretins who are allied with the liberal elite manipulators. I am convinced that God helps those who help themselves. I am convinced we are on the same side. God Bless.


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