The Bomb is NO More

Everyone is, now, scared to death that Putin or the Islamic Terrorists (pick your flavor) will get and use the A-Bomb.

I’ve said it before and will say it again; Spiritual Light has taken over. Light is freedom, truth, choice, doing the “Right” thing and change-for-the-better. Where does Dark Assholes running around with Nuclear Weapons fit in this scenario?

Yes, Nuclear weapons were allowed to be deployed and used on this planet back in the 1940s-1960s; two of them were dropped on the Japanese and a few more were used in testing as demonstrated by media coverage of large “mushroom” clouds. The world definitely knew that the Russians, the US and France had exploded a nuclear weapon.

As our World moved closer and closer to 2012 and the beginning of Photon Belt or Aquarian Energy, there was a lot of “spill-over” of that Energy which provided the creative forces for developing many of the technologies that we use today like the Internet, Smart Phones, laptop/pad computers, 3D Printing, satellite communications, WiFi, etc.

This creative force also took notice of the Dark, destructive forces in our world, especially nuclear weapons. This creative force took it upon itself to limit our laws of Physics and, essentially, turned off all nuclear weapons. THERE ARE NO NUCLEAR BOMBS THAT WORK ANYMORE. Not in Russia or China or France or Britain or Israel or India or Pakistan or the United States or, most especially, Iran.

All this talk of nuclear weapons is just brinksmanship because no one is sure that the other guy knows that they don’t work anymore. And they are correct; just look at how much Iran is spending on getting a bomb that doesn’t work.

What did the United States do when it realized that the Nukes were not working anymore? They shut down their huge nuclear infrastructure and moved rapidly to precision guided weapons; that is how we defeated Saddam Hussein, not with Nukes.

Does Putin have Nukes that work? No, he is all bluff, but Obama is a coward or wants Putin to succeed; anything to reduce the power and status of the US of A. OK. The Iranians are developing ICBMs that are targeted on Europe and the US, if not Nukes, what will they carry? Simple, biologic warfare. Make no mistake, Iran is an evil nation intent on spreading it’s poisonous Islamic ideology to the world.

So…this coming war will be a ground war with armies fighting armies. Fortunately, it will start out with the Shias fighting the Sunnis as is happening now in Iraq. Now that the fighting between them is out in the open, the US Military cannot be seen to take sides, even against ISIS as the West is starting to realize that Iran is worse. So…What happens when the Stone Age Islamic Terrorists are not able to buy or replace Western weapons? Sooner or later, they will run out of all the weapons Obama provided them with. Yes, I really do not like Obama; he is the Darkest of the Dark being on the planet. Evil does not begin to describe him.

But,…Light has taken over and will make itself felt very soon. That is not going to be seen as a ‘good’ thing by all of these Dark Assholes; their options will become more and more limited whether they are in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya or France, UK or Germany.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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  1. Edmund Leigh says:


    Hey I am not buying this one ! The laws of physics do not change. North Korea just tested one their atom bombs underground and by the seismic indications they work the way an atom bomb are supposed to work. Obozo is not evil; he is merely an incompetent moron. He is nominally a Christian if you call the Rev. Wright in Chicago a Christian minister.

    The good news though is that because America spends more on Weapons R & D research than the rest of the world we have the means to shoot down practically any missile from a rogue nation like North Korea or Iran. We have effective ship board anti-missile weapons stationed around North Korea to shoot any of North Korea attempts to destroy major cities in South Korea or even Japan. Because of President Reagan’s Peace Through Strength initiatives like S.D.I. we can pretty well handle any small nation nuclear threats. As far as the terrorist nation Iran we need a tight economy blockade and bring Iran to its knees economically. We can win that war without firing a shot. We have the means to do so.

    Also we have by far the best Air Force in the world and the F-35 Fighter Jet with its stealth capabilities is in full production and with many FMS sales to ensure peace thru strength around the world. Yes Obozo is a problem but then again he is the conservative best vote getter along with Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi. I am optimistic about the future after all we live in the best nation on earth………America.

    • Merln says:

      Just dig a big hole underground, put 20,000 tons of TNT in it and explode it. What do you get? A small mushroom cloud coming out of the ground and a significant seismic event. These “underground” tests of nuclear weapons are all BS; if they actually had one, they would show the world with an Airburst. Do you think North Korea, China, Pakistan, India, Israel or Iran give a damn about the Test Ban Treaty? If they had it, they would flaunt it.

      When is the last time the US or Russia or France tested a nuke in the open? Bikini Island, a long time ago. I know, we signed a Test Ban Treaty so that we, and everyone else, would have to announced our Nuclear Weapons status with an underground test; WTFO. This whole scenario is too fraught with deception and everyone buys into to BS.

      Do you really think that North Korea would not use a small nuke on South Korea, if they had one? The nut job running things would get instant “rock star” status in the world.

      I agree with you about our missile defense, but am not quite so sure about the F-35; one F-35 costs the same as an entire squadron (12) of A-10s. Let’s make more A-10s as they are our best fighter in support of ground troops; the Army and Marines love this Hog.

      • Edmund says:


        Good debate here ! I am just an observer on the Air Force Team. But they seem to know what they are doing. The trend in the Air Force is to go pilotless. The Global Hawk, The Reaper & The Predator are drones which can hang in the air for 24 – 36 hours. The pilots that operate these Drones are stationed in Nevada and rotate when they get tired. You always have fresh pilots at the controls. Also the AC 130 J are very deadly too. These are the Dragon Spear AC’s and have very accurate weapons such as the 105mm canon, 40mm Bofors and the 25mm Gatling gun to herd bad guys to the area of annililation.

        Again the U.S. spends billions on R & D to ensure the defense of America and its allies especially NATO which now includes the former Warsaw Pact countries and which should invite Ukraine and the Republic of Georgia.

        Suggest you check out the F-35 configurations. Also we have the CV-22 and MV-22 tilt rotors which after a difficult start has now demonstrated its exceptional capabilities. The F-35 Stealth fighter is now being sold to South Korea, Japan, Austrailia, UK, Turkey and Israel. More FMS orders will follow. What you will find will amaze you as far as the technology and capability. Again the policy as Ronald Reagan would say..”Peace Throught Strength”.

        The Ace that America has and you know this is the technology as well as I do is that we have recovered an immense amount of technology from crashed UFO’s such as fiber optics and lasers. Russia has their own UFO crashes but were not able to understand it as well as we have been able to do so. We have a much better capability to reverse engineer this advanced technology than our adversaries. It takes decades to decipher this technology but we have some of the best minds in Engineering and Science here in America and also adequate research funding to decipher the extraterrestrial technology.

        The Civilized nations of the world if they don’t succumb to Islamic terror are on the verge of interstellar flight in the decades to come. Much of this information comes from a book called The Day After Roswell by Lt Col Phillip Corso which was published in 1994.. It is somewhat technical but it is a great book to study to understand what goes on at the highest levels of intelligence at least back in the late fifties and early sixties. It is fascinating reading. Enjoy your interpretations of what is going on. Agree with most of what you written but you missed on the North Korea bomb capability. I am convince they have the means to explode a nuclear device and their aims are malevolent so we need a good defense to prevent their using it to destroy innocent people. Another good author who knows what he is talking about is Timothy Good who has been researching the UFO phenomena for nearly 50 years.


        • Merln says:

          Have it your way; you will anyway. Check out the Pages on my site; not just my blog. I know a lot about the layers that go very deep at Area 51. I also know that the Senate passed a Treaty (Secret) with the Grays and the interaction has been in Area 51 (“the Ranch”). I also know about all of the tunnels connecting the major AF Bases and the Hollow Earth. The first mission of the USS Nautilus was to enter and explore the Northern Opening to the Hollow Earth; they needed a nuclear power plant.

          And you are right, the Grays are not our friends; they and the Annunaki have been conquered by a race called the Reptilians. The Grays and the Annunaki both act as their scouts. Their warriors are much like the Raptors in “Jurassic Park.” The Grays got permission to “kidnap” Americans in the Secret Treaty as they were supposed to be trying to come up with a Human Hybrid. In reality, they were inserting a genetic “implant” into our people so that they could be mentally controlled/Mind Control. Many of our leaders, wherever there is European stock, are Implants as they have been guided into finance and politics.

          These Reptilians attacked the Pleiadian Worlds and forced the Pleiadians to defend themselves. Fortunately for us, they did a great job and, eventually, defeated the Reptilians in several pitched space battles. Star Wars and StarTrek are both based on a reality.

          Perhaps, you think I have gone off the deep end. Oh well.

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