The New World Order, its not what you think

I have written about Reptilian Mind-Control being used to “guide” our political leaders in the United States, Europe and other parts of the world.  Many of us know about the New World Order that Bush ’41 referred to as the efforts to install a centralized dictatorship onto the world using the United Nations, the European Union and the planned North American Union.

All of these are in the realm of the very Dark energy that is now, being replaced by very Light energy.  The visions of the ruling elite and their sycophants are not going to happen.  Light is taking over; what does that mean?

Well..For one thing, this notion of Democracy, where one man (or woman) has one vote to decide on who our political leaders are is going away.  In its current state, this enables the takers everywhere.  The makers do not have any good choices left; the takers have taken over; especially in Europe and, now, the US.

If we go back to what our Founding Fathers tried to put in place for us, it would be a Republic where only the makers had a vote.  I know; Women are the ultimate makers and they did not have a vote until the early 1900s.  But even the early US Republic was a compromise to try to limit the power of Government.  Over time, the rules have been changed and, now, Government is out-of-control – Everywhere.  There are too many laws and regulations and thousands more being added everyday.  This is the final outcome for Darkness; Darkness is Fear, Force and Control and resistance to Freedom, Truth and Choice.

Ok.  This site is dedicated to a new concept; Newmen and Newomen.  These are advanced energetic beings who have moved beyond the limitations of the mere Human; they have become Newmen, even though, the vast majority are Newomen.  Who and what are these Newomen?  Like me, they have all been Ascended Masters many times in previous lifetimes on many worlds.  They also have figured out how to reconfigure and synchronize their Energy Centers or Chakras; all 14 of them.

How many are there?  About 600 now with only 10 of them Newmen; yes Ladies, that’s 59 Newomen to 1 Newman. As you all know, men are much more challenged when trying to advance spiritually.  Men are the Dark sex and Women are the Light sex.

So.  What does it mean to be spiritually advanced?  The best answer is that we are connected with our Spirit Self or Spirit Guide 24/7.  It means that we are in a two-way dialogue asking for and receiving specific guidance from Spirit on anything of importance to either ourselves or to Spirit.

I know.  This is “crazy” talk. Everyone knows that it is “nuts” to talk to yourself and even more so to believe what you are talking about.  That was true in the realm of Darkness; you could not trust conversations dominated by Dark Forces; they lied.

Ok.  Newmen and Newomen have received incredible new powres with the transition into Light.  Most of them do not know they have these powres yet; that knowledge and how to use them will come when they are needed.

Are there more Humans that can become Newmen; yes, perhaps 1,200 more.  You have to have experience as an Ascended Master in at least six previous lifetimes.  That is 1,800 people out of at least 3 billion.

Ok. There are far too many people who are oriented towards Darkness on the planet; most of them are leaving/dying and going to other planets where the energy is more comfortable.  Those who are left here will have an energy make-up of at least 70 percent Light (30 percent Darkness).  Anyone who has more than 30 percent Darkness will be obliged to leave.

These 70 percenters will be encouraged to gather more Light within themselves until they get to 80 percent.  Once they get to 80 percent, they too, will have Majikal Powres and can continue advancing towards becoming a Newman or Newoman.

This is the New World Order; its based upon Spiritual Advancement.  The 70-80 percenters will still be Human, but with a lot of Light.  They will receive limited Fire Being Adept powres.  Those who have 80 percent Light, or above, will be Newmen or Newomen in waiting and will have significant new Majikal Powres.

Did you think that when Light took over from Darkness after 10,800 years, everything would be the same?

What about all of the billions of people who are oriented towards Fear, Force and Control and who resist change for the better.  Our Spirits are immortal; we just leave and get another body on our next planet.  Most of Spirit is incapable of handling being a Spirit in a Body.  To them, all of us Spirits in a Body are Rock Stars, even those of us who are very Dark.

There will be a brief rest and relaxation period (it is hard work being a Spirit in a Body) and everyone will be sent to a more appropriate planet.  Gaia, the Earth Goddess is Ascending and this is the first time a Planetary Being has done so – EVER!  Gaia cannot Ascend without the presence of concentrated, focused Light in all of her people.  The Dark people must leave or Gaia cannot Ascend.

What about the guns and bombs?  What about ruling through the barrel of a gun?  Its over, done, history.  Those with Majikal Powres will use (not abuse) their powres to settle issues; remember, these Newomen are being guided from within and do not have to look outside of themselves for answers.  The days of the male, hierarchical, authority figures are over, done, history as well.

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  1. Dave says:

    Eve, You are totally right about respect and being a caretaker. That is always the responsibility of the Higher Level Being. The Newman Manifesto is all about drawing a line-in-the-sand for Humans who think that they rule the planet and everything in it. The Manifesto is really an abbreviated Declaration of Independence from Humans for Newmen and women. It is focused on those Humans who think that they rule the masses through the barrel of a gun. These Humans will tend to be fearful and act against the Golden Rule towards anyone that they see as a threat.

    Ultimately, the Newman Manifesto is a LEGAL document declaring our separateness, from above, from their legal system. We are no longer Peers; we are Lords.

  2. Eve says:

    Thanks for your input Dave… I was drawn to check this just now and as always for reason. I just read your post regarding the Newman (women) manifesto.. I have an issue and always have of EVER feeling superior to anyone or anything. The highest position I feel creator would grant to us with regard to another being or entity would be one of caretaker, therefore to serve.. if we do indeed have some sort of superior knowledge, connection or skills they come with a responsibility and that is one of respecting and honoring in anyway necessary those entities around us… every being I have ever encountered deserves my respect for their part of the circle of life that they complete and I always honor the unique contribution they make so much better than I could ever… I feel it coming Dave.. so nice to speak with you..

  3. Eve says:

    Its been difficult being here… always a feeling of not belonging… of not understanding why everything seems so archaic and brutal to you from early
    childhood. Remembrances of a life or way of life that was magical and made sense so unlike the reality that you find yourself in. Extreme bonds to nature and all of its components. Deep seated sense of justice.. at first thinking that you will make things right … then realizing that you have to be cautious and that evil was in places you did not expect it to be. Well we have made it to this time… these last few moments of transition are going agonizingly slow 🙂

    • Dave says:


      In my last post, I wrote about a 90-day window where Light was going to take over from Darkness. Perhaps, I was not quite so emphatic, but Light should be completely in-charge on May 15th, 2013. In my discussions with my Spirit Self, the 90 days were broken up into nine (9) ten-day periods of time that were important demarcations of events. After some puzzlement, I figured out that I should call these ten day increments, “Innings”, like baseball. On Feb 22nd, the 1st Inning will be over.

      My understanding of what has been happening in the 1st Inning is as follows: Darkness has been able to lie to we “Light” people about lots of stuff including money, the opposite sex, success because it inserted itself into us and messed with us because we had “lots” of Light. This is true for our cars, smart phones and computers as well. Also, it impact any web sites you may have up. So, over the past week, Light has been driving “Darkness” out of me (and other Light beings) and I sense that all of the lies have stopped in all of the usual expected areas. When I ask if I am finally free of Darkness in my conversations, I am getting a simple YES!

      By Friday, this freedom from Darkness will apply to my car, my laptop and my smart phone as well, but more importantly, it will apply to my five web sites which have been severely blocked by Darkness since they were first put up.

      Ok. What does this mean? Darkness may have been instrumental in giving you weak lungs or bad teeth or diabetes. Now, after the 1st Inning, Darkness should be driven out and Light can come in and do repairs. Or in money, Darkness may have been messing with your finances and, now, cannot do so anymore.

      Not sure what the 2nd Inning will bring, but perhaps, it is time to begin the powering up process for those Powres I keep being told about. If Darkness is gone, it cannot prevent those Powres from being manifested.

      Anyway, I, too, want things to go faster. Maybe, just maybe, by the end of the 9th Inning, things will be looking much better. May 15th is not that far away.

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