The Pleiadians are Amongst Us

Recently, I wrote about the Pleiadian Humans who came here as Warrior-Colonists about 3,500 years ago.  Yes, there were 50,000 and they were from seven (7) different Human Planets.  They landed in the region we call Europe and we think of them as European Whites.  Yes, they evolved as different people with different European languages on seven different worlds; none of them – Earth.  This is where the German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian and Slav languages came from.  All other European languages, including English, have evolved here.

They came here to Earth because they and their Planets were at war with an invading race called the Reptilian Overlords.  The Reptilians had invaded two Human worlds and exterminated the Humans there; this was a war of no quarter.  Before landing the Warrior-Colonists, Pleiadian Space Forces had thoroughly destroyed four (4) large Reptilian Hives and numerous sub-Hives here on Earth.  The Warrior-Colonist were landed to complete any additional destruction of Reptilian forces here and to hold the planet if the Reptilians re-invaded.

Unbeknownst to the Pleiadian Space Forces, the Reptilians had a fifth (5th) major Hive under the ice in Antarctica which was not detected and not destroyed.  The Reptilians sent diplomatic signals and a truce was established for Planet Earth only.  You ask why a truce would apply?  Most of the population of “Humans” on Earth were slave races created by the Reptilian allies who called themselves the Annunaki.  The Pleiadians Space Forces did not know that a Reptilian Hive still survived and agreed to a truce for Earth only; the Warrior-Colonist were landed and appeared to thriving.

The slave races created by the Annunaki were a mix of Annunaki-Reptilian DNA genetically engineered into various indigenous Primate from all over Planet Earth.  The Annunaki came to Earth originally to mine gold and diamonds, but only came with about 400 males; they needed slave labor preform the mining and desired to have women as sexual companions.  Many of the Primates used to create Homo Sapiens did not survive the process and became extinct; this is what happened to the Neanderthals from what we call Europe.  It also explains why there was no indigenous population to contest the landings of the Pleiadian Warrior-Colonists.

Unfortunately for the Earth, the conditions of the Truce were to sever all communications between the Pleiadians Space Forces and the Warrior-Colonists; they were left to fend for themselves and soon turned to fighting amongst themselves and, eventually, conquering the known World; we call that the European Colonization.

The Pleiadian Space Forces did not know what to do with the millions, now billions, of slave populations created by the Annunaki-Reptilians and decided to collect data and study the problem before taking any action.  Meanwhile, the Reptilian Hidden Hive began expanding itself into the five original Hive locations again; Alsace-Lorraine in Europe, near Perth in Australia, south of the Pyramids in Egypt, in New Mexico, USA and Antarctica.

Ok.  There is a huge problem here.  When the Annunaki and Reptilians created these slave races, they included a kind of telepathy that is unique to the Reptilian Hive system; we call this “Mind Control” today.  So, as the Reptilian Hive expanded into all 5 Hives again, the Reptilians were able to use Mind Control on the slave races with greater and greater success. This was something the Pleiadians Space Forces were unaware about until recently, since the year 2000.

There have been dramatic developments in the wars between Pleiadian Humans and the Reptilians-Annunaki-Grey allies.  Without going into detail; the Pleiadian Humans defeated the Reptilians in several large Space engagements and learned how to defeat all Reptilians forces here on Earth in a stealthy way; they jammed the Hive Queens.  For more details, see my ebook Reptilian Wars – A 50,000 Year Update at

Now, we are finally free of the Reptilian Mind-Control or at least the Reptilian part of it.  I am going to digress a bit; think of the many wars that have been fought on Earth over the last 300 years.  There was the first world-wide war between France, Holland, Spain and England which included the American Revolution; lots of fighting in the Caribbean and India.  Then there was the Napoleonic Wars, the American Civil War, the War of 1870, the Spanish-American War, WW1 and WW2.  The odd thing is that most of the fighting and blood spilled came from Europeans or European Colonists.  The reason for this is that the Reptilians did not have a Mind-Control capability over the Pleiadian Human Warrior-Colonists and engineered ways to kill off as many of them as possible in wars and diseases.

Over the past 100 years, or so, Europe and much of world has experienced a collectivist philosophy and system of governance called Socialism or Communism or Fascism which was almost responsible to another bloodbath, but WW3 did not happen.  This is a direct result of Reptilian Mind-Control over our leaders in the Western World; yep, the Reptilians started kidnapping people and putting DNA implants in them.  This allowed the Reptilians to exercise nearly total Mind-Control over both the slave race and Pleiadian Human leaders.   Anyone who was implanted this way was instructed to go into politics, government and finances.  Unfortunately, most of our political leaders, everywhere on Earth, are implants who have been doing the work of the Hive – Big Government, Big Labor and the destruction of Freedom.

In 2000, when the Pleiadian Space Forces found out about the extent of the Mind-Control in the slave races, they started landing Pleiadian Human men and women here to collect genetic information on the people of Earth.  They are amongst us now and look exactly like anyone who is of white European heritage.  Their major issue is they cannot allow any Reptilian DNA-Primate Hybrids to leave Earth because of the susceptibility to Reptilian Mind-Control.  It turns out that the Reptilians had a plan to infiltrate Earth “Humans” onto other Human Planets to assist in the invasion and conquering.

Many of us are awaiting the arrival of Extra Terrestrials; many of us are them; they are here amongst us now; and have been protecting us for thousands of years.  We live in Interesting Times.

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  1. Suzi-Q says:

    Hi there great information!!! Very knowledgeable:) what you have explained fits perfectly to what I already had already worked out (plus more!) but I was really shocked to learn that a hive exists near Perth Australia!!!! Do you know whereabouts precisely? Perth and Western Australia have been my home for my entire 31 years of existence
    Also why not… Was Jesus Pleiadian? Did he actually exist and who was his father 🙂

    • Merln says:

      Yoo made me laugh out loud!!! Yes, the Hive still exists, but it is full of dead, dried out Dracos. I don’t believe that your government has found it yet. It is about 50 miles in diameter and extends down about 50 or 60 miles in the center. It was destroyed by “jamming” the Queen (she could not tell her poeple to eat). Its Westerm Edge is East of the city about 50 miles and is well concealed with electrical doorways that are all closed. There are air vents.
      Jesus was an Avatar, just like Buddah before him and Mohammed after him. Avatars are advanced Spiritual Beings that come into a life on a Planet to bring important Spiritual knowledge and understandings. Avatars are like other Humans; they are either Left- or Right-Spin. Jesus and Buddah were both Right-Spin while Momadded was, very Left=Spin. No, Jesus was not a Pleiadian; he was born here. Yes, he existed and left important information for us that still exists 2,000 years after his death. Yes, it has been corrupted by Dark Forces to control us. Constantine almost lost the battle with the other Legion General and decided to disband the Legions; he used Christianity to replace the control of the Legions. Religions control us. Not so much for Christians and Buddhists, but Musslims are even told to kill themselves to kill unbelievers.
      Who was the father of Jesus? Joseph was his father, but it gets more complicated. Mary and Joseph went into Egypt to escape the rath of Herod. Mary was the daughter of a Royal Blood Line and Joseph was too, but of a lesser line. They both went to the court of the Eqyptian Pharoe, Aknatin. He was the one who abandonned the old Gods and turned to Ra, the Sun God. Aknatin founded a Mystery School and Mary and Joseph were two of his most accomplished/gowerful followers. To graduate from his school, he had his student stand at the edge of a cliff 1,000 feet up; they were required to walk out into the open air, hover for a few second and walk back to the cliff. If they fell to their deaths, oh well, they were not ready. To be sure thay aall practised this on small buildings and smaller cliffs before hand. Mary and Joseph were both very powerful Adepts or magicians. They taought there seven children all about their Magical abilities. Jesus and his identical twin brother, Thomas were very Adept, but so was another sister. Doubting Thomas is his twin. Yes, the Book of Thomas has been actively suppressed because we are not supposed to know about an identical twin; who was it that died on the cross? And what about the legend that Christ died in India?

  2. beekeeping says:

    I love reading an article that will make men and women think.
    Also, many thanks for permitting me to comment!

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  7. Kasey Kadow says:

    Enjoyed studying this, very good stuff, thanks.

  8. There is certainly a great deal to learn about this subject.I love all the points you’ve made.

  9. Rhys says:

    This is amazing! Truly great stuff…thank you merln for what you share but I must ask you since I have looked into videos and information regarding atlantis and Lemuria and was wondering how this ties up to what you have already said. Im going mad (In a good way!) over making history in my head aha starting with Lemuria to Atlantis,

    Have you seen Spirit sciences “Human History” video?! Its really interesting and could add up more history of what you said from even FURTHER down the line of history!

    What do you make of Lemurians being female and living on this planet before many and thus now the equivalent of todays females? (Mixed with loads of peoples DNA now tho)
    And Jews apparently arrived to Atlantis and then Martians who were like you said fighters, fighting the Reptiles and failed on Mars, seeking shelter and not getting on with the other two races!

    Then after the sinking of Atlantis what do you know or think happened next? Because from spirit sciences account the world effectively started again for the races on earth which then starts us at apparent “Cave man period” which might be false and people have to learn things again while with problems of the reptiles looming over earth. Not to mention with what you have said the Annukai manipulating as well and creating new races with a mix of DNA.

    I know this is clunky to read and a bit loose but I cant express myself that great and would love to just dive deeper into this mystery. Any reply would be appreciated! 🙂

    • Merln says:

      Lemuria existed before Atlantis; it was in what we now call the Northern Pacific. It too, like Atlantis, sank into the sea. Have not seen the Human History video, but will. We are in a new energy now, Aquarius, which is Female dominated. One of the things that means is that fewer males will be born; males will only be 5% (1-in-20). Far less war and killing, but with a lot of order (not fear, force or control).

      This is how Lemuria was, many more women than men. Females ruled and were dominant in all things. Men had to band together to be heard, even a little bit. Women tend to be the bearers/keepers of civilization. With so many women, many of our conventions on partners and naming will come into question.

      On the Jews. Abraham was the High Priest to the Annunaki, En-Lil (otherwise known as Jehovah). His Royal Brother, En-Ki is the YHWH from the old testament. The Covenant was made between Abraham and En-Lil; in return for collecting diamonds and hording them, En-Lil would return the Jews to their Administrative Rule and Kingship upon his return to Earth.

      The Annunaki, even though they had a mobile planet, Nibiru (which we call Planet X out beyond Pluto), were conquered by the Reptilians and had their DNA enhanced. The Annuanki are reptilian or Lizard People and were made “scouts” for the their Reptilian Overlords which are also called Dracos.

      The Annunaki found our Solar System, parked their planet in an orbit beyond Neptune and turned their attention on Mars first. They found that the Martians were formidable foes and eventually left Mars for an easier time here on Earth. Note: we, Humans, are on Mars now (since the early 1970s) and are having a very hard time establishing our colonies on Mars. We are not welcome there.

      Being good scouts, the Annunaki sent a ship to their Dracos Overlords about this wonderful new planet, our Earth. Eventually, after about 50,000 years, the Dracos arrived and sent their Annunaki allies back to Nibiru to begin scouting again. It that 50,000 years, the two brothers had a civil war here. Yes, they found lots of gold and diamonds, but never got around to sending it back to their home planet because they were too busy fighting each other here. They used their genetic technology to bread many races here as “canon fodder” in their wars.

      When the Dracos arrived, En-Lil and his contingent were sent back to Nibiru, without the gold and diamonds. En-Ki, who lost the civil war could not return without facing certain death, stayed here on Earth, but moved down into the Hollow Earth (see Journey to the Center of the Earth). Search Hollow Earth on YouTube.

      En-Ki is still alive and calls himself Zorra, the Father God. He is down there in the Hollow Earth with the Lost Tribes of Israel (lots of Jewish Warriors). He has been interfering in our politics for 1,000s of years. The Covenant is the reason that the Jews have been in control of the diamond industry for 1,000s of years; natural diamonds are the only fuel that can make Nibiru mobile again.

      There is a huge amount of activity in Antarctica now and over the past 10 years. Why, they found and are exploiting an intact Dracos base where all of the Dracos were already dead. This base is a Hive and is 50 miles wide and 50 miles deep (tapered to a point). It extends into the Hollow Earth at its deepest point. We have US Marines in combat with the Dinosaurs and En-Ki’s troops for control of the Inner Earth. Note: the USS Nautilus, our first nuclear submarine, explored the Inner Earth oceans through the Norther Entrance. We have probably been back many times and are now sending support troops and supplies. No Fake News media types allowed.

      The Martians have never come to Earth. It was the Pleaidians from 7 Human Inhabited planets that sent 50,000 warrior/colonists to what we call Europe about 3,600 years ago. This includes Europe, Scandinavia, the UK, Eastern Europe and Russia. All other peoples carry Annunaki genes for living in a Hive and for Mind Control. Like all genes, some are active and some are recessive.

      Oh, bye-the-way, there are four more Hives, just like the one in Antarctica; near Cairo, Egypt, in the Alsace-Lorraine region in Europe, near Perth, Australia and in Central New Mexico, USA. All of the Dracos have been killed by the Pleaidians without a shot being fired; they “jammed” the Queens and no one got the required signal to eat. They all starved to death.

      Enough for now,


  10. I was more than happy to seek out this net-site.I needed to thanks for your time for this wonderful read!! I undoubtedly having fun with every little little bit of it and I’ve you bookmarked to take a look at new stuff you blog post.

  11. I think it is a mistake to think we are no longer under control of the Anunnaki reptilian race. Look around. They are everywhere. They are currently in control, tho it is tenuous, of USA. I’m grateful for Pleiadian influence.
    Exposing the madness is how we win.

    • Merln says:

      En-Ki is still alive and ruling a portion of the Earth right now. He calls himself Zorra and is the ruler of the Hollow Earth. He still has around 100 of his Anunnaki followers still with him. He brought three of the missing Tribes of Israel down there with him. The Annunaki live for around 60,000 of our years as there planet, normally does not orbit a Sun. Of course, many of the Annunaki have had children with their Jewish followers so there are quite a few Nefelim or Demi-Gods running around down there. Yes, He has sent many of his followers up here to the surface to keep track of our technologies and to try to influence our politics.
      When the Reptilian Overlords arrived on Earth, about 5,000 years ago, they ended the 35,000 year civil war between En-Ki and En-Lil and through the Annunaki off Planet Earth. En-Lil went home to Nubiru with about 200 followers, but En-Ki faced death if he returned and opted to move into the Hollow Earth. One of the nuclear-powered submarine, Nautilus’ first missions was to enter the Hollow Earth through the Northern polar entrance. See that entrance via the Mir Space Station photo on YouTube. Yes, the Nautilus was the first nuclear-powered submarine and it could go into the Hollow Earth Seas/Oceans and come back safely.
      The Pleiadians know about En-Ki and his activities from the Hollow Earth. They have a base on the Dark Side of the Moon and interdiction space craft to keep the Annunaki from returning to Earth. They are also in continual warfare with the Reptilian Overlords and their allies, which includes the Annunaki and the Greys.
      The Pleiadians took out 4 out of the 5 hives of the Reptilian Overlords about 4,000 years ago and landed 50,000 of their warrior-colonists in the European region. Why there? Because the Annunaki had nearly wiped out the Neanderthal people hunting for their women to father administrative slaves. So…we have lots of Pleiadians running around here as well. If you come from European stock, you are a Pleiadian. All of the other peoples of Earth are Reptilian-Primates that were bred as canon fodder in the lengthy civil war; blacks, browns, reds, yellows and mixes.
      The Reptilian Overlords expanded back into the 5 Hives and were not taken out by the Pleiadians until 2011; they jammed the Queens who were unable to tell their people to eat. That is how much centralized control the Queens had.
      The Intelligence services of the world are busy exploiting whatever they can in the Antarctic Hive now; other Hives to go are near Perth, Australia, Cairo, Egypt, French-German border and central New Mexico, USA.
      Yes, millions of Reptilian Overlord forces were killed without the knowledge or participation of the Earth’s Military Forces, including the US.

  12. Gre says:

    This is amazing information, I was wondering, did the Paldians use Hilter to exterminate Jews to rid the planet of reptilian designed races who were providing the reptilians with resources?

    • Merln says:

      The Annunaki were here as scouts for the Reptilian Overlords. Yes, the two Royal Brothers, En-Lil and En-Ki, battled each other for 35,000 years here on Earth (the Annunaki tend to live for more than 50,000 of our years). This is one of the reasons they were considered “Gods.” They also had the technology that we had in the 1950s; we have surpassed them in technology today.

      These two armies we made from people who were a combination of Annunaki and Primate genes; Black people are a combination of Lizard and Gorilla genes, Arabs are a combo of Lizard/Chimpanzee, Jews are a combo of Lizard/Neanderthal, Asians are a combo of Lizard/Orangatang, etc. All of the people of the Earth, except the Europeans, are a combination of Annunaki and Primate genes. The Europeans are all descended from 50,000 Warrior/Colonists from seven (7) different Pleiadian Human-inhabited Planets who landed about 3,600 years ago.

      There is still a small group of Annunakis who live on Earth; they live in the Hollow Earth and their leader is Zorra, who calls himself, “the Father God.” When the Annunaki were tossed off the planet by their Overlord Reptilians, En-Ki and his followers had to stay here or be killed for rebellion when he/they returned to Nibiru. Yes, Zorra is En-Ki and he is reaching the end of his very long life.

      BTW, the NASA Pluto mission is really headed for Planet X or, it’s real name, Nibiru – the home planet of the Annunaki. How do they live on such a cold surface you ask? They don’t, they live in the interior of their planet like En-Ki is living in the interior of ours.

      To the Pleiadians, anyone with Reptilian/Lizard genes is an enemy and will not be allowed to leave Earth; they have long been tempted to drop a big space rock down on us, but haven’t because of all the European (Pleiadian) descendants. Yes, they are here, among us, learning from us and hoping that a Higher Level Being will intervene to take their tough problem away.

      That is exactly what is happening as the Light takes over from Darkness; all of the Reptilian/Primate gene pools are on the Dark side of the equation and will be forced to leave (die). It may not be pretty, but it will solve the Pleiadian problem.

    • greg says:

      Thank you for your explanation, it’s fascinating. I also wondered if any of the races here on earth are mixed with yeti or Bigfoot genetics, I also follow the work of Lou Baldwin and in his book Mars and the battle for planet man he talks about planetary battles in the solar system, he also states that The Neanderthal and primate races here originally were from Mars. Is that something you also find? Also was Hitler aware he was working for the Paladins, there are some lost writings of him that indicate he was answering to them but you never know what’s true.

      • Merln says:

        The Yeti and Bigfoot and any of the other big, hairy people are all the remnants of the Neanderthal who went underground to avoid being captured by the Annunaki. They still live underground; that is why we do not see them so often. The Neanderthals were the most advanced Primates that developed here on Earth. The Annunaki tried Mars first, but colonizing it was too difficult. Phobos is not a moon, it is the Annunaki space station that was in orbit around Earth, when they were here.

        This is a bit controversial, but there are two kinds of Jews; the Sephardim and others who are direct descendents of Abraham (who was the father of the Jews and Arabs) and the Ashkenazi who are descended from a kingdom in the Caucasus where the King converted to Judaism and mandated that all of his people do so as well. The direct descendents of Abraham do not recognize the Jewishness of the Ashkenazi as they are all just converts. Hitler’s Grandmother was a Sephardic Jewess who may have passed a negative bias on to her Grandson; Hitler referred to the “Jewish Problem” and went after the Ashkenazi Jews of Northern Europe.

        Even today, there are Jewish Synagogues where the Ashkenazi are not welcome to attend.

        There is a Pleiadian Sun called Taygeta which has the Home World of all Germans; this is where all the Germanic peoples of Earth came from. Did the Germanic Pleiadians help their brethren with technology in the run-up to World War II? Not officially, but the answer is probable.

        When the US Navy confronted the German Secret Base in Antarctica, New Swabia, in 1947, the US was routed by Disk Saucers that came up out of the ocean and had beam weapons. The New Swabians are still there under the ice, but they have used their Flying Saucers to establish a base on the far side of the Moon. Are the New Swabians working with the German Pleiadians? Most assuredly. The Pleiadians have enforced a very strong rule that the New Swabians cannot used the space craft technology to conquer the Earth; the New Swabians have been integrated into the Pleiadian Forces in over-watch on Planet Earth.

        The Pleiadians Forces, we could call them Starfleet Command, have a large flotilla of fighting spaceships in orbit on the far side of Saturn with a unit on the Dark Side of the Moon. Remember back, when we landed on the Moon, we orbited it several times; how come we have never seen photographs of the other, unseen side of the Moon? Do our governments know about the New Swabian base? Yes, they have a giant Swastika announcing their location.

        The Germans are difficult, even for the Pleiadians, but their technology has also been essential in the on-going wars with the Overlord Reptilians. That is another story; read my ebook, Reptilian Wars, A 50,000 Year Update.


        • Greg says:

          Thank you, I have read and reread your book, it’s amazing, but it left me with more questions that I have posted here. Regarding the yeti and neadethals, they must have advanced technology, as they vanish into thin air when humans want try to get close to them in the forests. Also are the neadethals a small race like today’s museums portray or are they varied in size?

          • Merln says:

            The Neanderthals were nearly wiped out by the Annunaki; their females were captured for their eggs to make test-tube babies and the males were put into the mines as slave labor. The survivors moved deep into caves and focused their intent to develop their “majik” as an imperative for survival. When they want to, they can make themselves invisible to the eye and, more recently, to IR (InfraRed). We only see them when they think we cannot or by seeming accident (there are no accidents).

            All of the Yeti and Big Foot survivors are large in stature; females are about six feet tall and males can be eight or nine feet tall. Females can weigh in at 5-600 pounds and males at 800 pounds. Their favorite food sources are deer, moose and elk. When they can, they really like buffalo as well.

            They do not trust us, especially as our technologies became like the technologies that the Annunaki used to hunt them.

            The Yeti, Big Foot, Neanderthal race is the only race of beings, on land, that evolved entirely on Planet Earth; All Humans are either a mix of Annunaki genes with Primates or came here as the European White Race from seven different Pleiadian Human Planets (50,000 Warrior-Colonists about 3,600 years ago).

            The Reptilian Overlords were destroyed in their Hives in 2011. This was allowed to happen as they were interlopers and did not get the permission of the Planetary Goddess or Planetary Prince to remain here. The only reason the Annunaki were allowed to stay so long was that they mixed their genes with so many of the Primates here. Before we go to Mars or the Moon, we, too, must ask for and receive permission to stay. If permission is not received, our Astronauts will start to get sick after the first year.

            Getting permission is not difficult if your motives are peaceful and, in harmony with the rest of nature. But…….if your intentions are to kill and exploit, permission is not going to happen.


          • Greg says:

            Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions! This info really helps me understand the world around me more and more. So what races are currently on Mars? It appears the planet was destroyed by war at one time, can Humans live on the surface?

          • Merln says:

            We have a hollow space in the center of our planet; search “Hollow” Earth on YouTube. Journey to the Center of the Earth is not science fiction. Our Planetary Goddess, Gaia, lives in the center of the Inner Sun hanging in the center of the Hollow Earth. I have been there in a meditative state.

            Mars also has a hollow space within; that is where the Martians have moved to for survival. Yes, Mars in inhabited by beings, but they are different than we are. Before we can even think about establishing a colony on Mars, we will need to get approval from the Martians and the Planetary Goddess of Mars; whether we know it or not, those are the rules.

            Mars was the first target of the Annunaki and they were driven off by the Martians and the Martian Planetary Goddess. When they came to Earth, they made sure that they mixed their DNA with many Primates here so that they could stay; they actually learned their lesson.

            Can Humans live on the surface of Mars? Yes, but with great difficulty; most of the water is in the inner seas of the Hollow Mars. It gets back to asking permission to use their resources, doesn’t it?

            Just so you know, the Moon is also Hollow and has a lot of liquid water there as well. All Planets are hollow spheres and any comet, asteroid or moon that is spherical is also hollow. Some have very thin walls, like a ball,and others have walls that are 800-1000 miles thick like Earth.

            BTW, the Asteroid Belt was once part of our Planet when we were called Tiamut. Because of this, the Asteroid Belt belongs to Earth. The Pleiadians are acutely aware of this and have a strict accounting of the resources that they have used versus the security value that they have provided. Any metals that they have not needed to use are being held in Trust for us including much gold, silver, platinum, etc. The odd thing is that we, eventually, have to agree to their accounting.


        • Greg says:

          Again thank you regarding Mars, also what do the Annuakia look like? Are they reptilian in form and facial features? Any similar features to man?

          • Merln says:

            They are shape shifters and can look big or small, reptilian or manlike, male or female, black or white. In their “normal” shape, they are bipeds with five claws, including an articulated thumb/toe claw, and a reptilian face and head; they can be called “lizard” people. That is the shape that they are in when they are asleep; they can only maintain other “shape-shifter” shapes when they are conscious and using their power to do so.

            Unlike reptiles, the Annunaki evolved to have breasts and carry their young within a womb; very much like Humans. Female Annunaki carried the first Annunaki-Primate test tube babies to fruition; they were like Mules and could not reproduce. Later, the Annunaki figured out how to mix their genes with Primates so that the offspring could reproduce themselves; that was Adam and Eve in the Garden.

            You could be standing next to an Annunaki and never know that it was not Human, but they need to rest as shape-shifting draws a lot of energy from them; they can only handle a few hours of shape-shifting at a time.

            There are a small group of Annunaki who still live on Earth. They live in the “Hollow” Earth and are led by En-Ki, who now calls himself Zorra or the “Father God.” The Inner Earth Annunaki are faithfully served by the lost Tribes of Israel; most of the Tribes followed Abraham and served En-Lil, but three of the twelve chose En-Ki and still serve him today.

            The Annunaki developed/evolved Magical Powers at the Adept degree of Fire Being, but have not figured out how to make themselves invisible or learned how to “jump.” Those are powres that Newmen and Newomen will be getting soon; the Newman/Newoman Path goes well beyond the Adept degrees and into the six degrees of Earth Being. See my Transform Yourself – A Guided Meditation Page.

    • Crystal says:

      Totally opposite the palladians first tried to strike a deal with the US when Roosevelt was in office and tried to get him to stop developing further technology because they knew that we were going to destroy Earth with all of the Wars and weapons including the atomic bomb leading up to nuclear weapons later and made a deal with Hitler before World War II broke out and promise to give him advanced technology if he would leave all of the Jewish Hebrews alone which Hitler did so until obviously when World War II finally broke out and the plebeians had already given him some technology so they had pretty much gotten screwed over by Hitler because he broke their treaty and the u.s. win even agree to a treaty in the first place after Hitler started World War 2 the greys she started working with him and had their own technology Trade Agreement going on since then

  13. Edmund Pendleton Leigh says:

    This I think is what I have been looking for. An way to explain where the European people’s physical, mental & social attributes like eye color, skin color, high IQ, lactose tolerance, desire for less government, ability to be pioneers & explorers, scientists & engineers. Will continue to check this out & verify. But this goes a long way to explain our knack for Christian Western Civilization traits while other people do no seem ready for it.

    Merry Christmas on Christmas Eve 2014 !

  14. James David Eka says:

    I really really really really really LIKE this page…

  15. david hubbard says:

    there here amongst us i agree we do live in interesting times , curious to know that when theirs observations made of the pleiadians they say blond hair blue eyes but not green ,yet in the account of Travis Walton he mentions the green eyes

    • Merln says:

      The Pleiadians are the ancestors of the European peoples to include the Slavs, the Germans, the Norse, the French, the Italians, the Dutch and the Spanish. This also includes the English who are a mix of several of the above. Pleiadian men and women look very much like Europeans and peoples of European descent in North America and Australia/New Zealand. Yes, they do have green eyes and blue and grey and hazel. Yes, they tend to be tall, but can be as short as 5’6″. 50,000 warrior-colonists from seven different Pleiadian Human worlds were landed here about 3,600 years ago as part of an ongoing war with the Reptilians. See my Reptilian Wars: A 50,000 Year Update Kindle ebook in this site’s links.

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