What are the “Crystal Grids” and What Do They Do? 6/2/11

Many New Agers have been reading and following Kryon (www.kryon.com) and the Crimson Circle (www.crimsoncircle.com); there is lots of good information in these two sites.  Kryon, of Magnetic Service, and his team, came here to put up something he calls “the Crystal Grid”; it is a three-layered energetic shield that surrounds the Earth, surrounds the Moon and, a larger one that surrounds both the Earth and the Moon.

These Crystal Grids were completed and made strong on March 1st, 2011.  For any of you who are concerned about Comets or Asteroids hitting the Earth or the Moon; DO NOT BE CONCERNED.  With the Crystal Grids in place, the energy of any incoming space object will be absorbed and used to bounce the object away from Earth.  Same with any glancing blow.

This applies to any Space-based Alien Races that mean harm to the inhabitants of Planet Earth (Earth1) like the Greys and Reptilians.  They use big space rocks to destroy the planet defenses and civilizations of Planets that they want for themselves.

This Crystal Grid defensive shield also applies to Nibiru, the Home Planet of the Annunaki.  Nibiru was placed in a “holding” orbit in our Solar System well out beyond Pluto; it is no longer a 30 degree retrograde, 3,600 year elliptical orbit.  It is the Planet that Astronomers are calling Planet “X”. Nibiru is a mobile Planet; it uses natural Diamonds as fuel to move around.

It’s problem is that it used up all of the Diamonds it has and it is trying to get a huge stock-pile of Diamonds that have been gathered, here on Earth, for it’s use.  Jehovah, of the Old Testament, was really En-Lil of the Annunaki and Abraham made a “covenant” with En-Lil to supply many diamonds to the Annunaki when they returned.  The Annunaki return was disrupted by the ongoing events here on Earth.

So, the Chosen People, the Jews, are sitting on at least three large stockpiles of Diamonds waiting to fulfill their part of the Covenant.  The Chosen People have controlled the diamond trade for thousands of years.  When you buy that diamond for your sweetie or yourself, it is really an irradiated sapphire or an artificial diamond.  All the spectroscopes were removed from the Jewelry business in the 1970s so it is very difficult to tell what stone you are wearing.  Of course, if it is GIA certified, then it is genuine? Sure.  Sapphires are very hard and will scratch glass; they also sparkle like a diamond when cut like a diamond.

There is a rather large problem with this whole idea of giving the Annunaki these three hoards of Diamonds; they have not asked Gaia if she will allow it.  They just assumed that they could make this deal and proceeded to put the biggest con ever into operation for thousands of years.  Some will call this “Hate” speech, but it is just a different historical perspective.  Go out to eBay and buy yourself a spectrometer with instructions on how to tell the difference between diamonds and sapphires based on their light-refractions.  Go ahead and test your Diamonds.  You can also tell the difference between any other gem stones using this old, suppressed technology.  So why is this technology suppressed?

Anyway, I digress, Gaia has had several run-ins with Nibiru in the past and hasn’t come out on the winning side; Nibiru is about four-times larger than Earth and had four large moons, two of which were used to smack Tiamut.  According to Sumerian Clay Tablets and Zecharia Sitchin, Gaia/Earth was a planet twice as large as now, called Tiamut.  In a prolonged encounter with Nibiru, she was split into two halves; one became Gaia/Earth and the other become the “asteroid belt.”  Not much love lost between Gaia and Nibiru; Nibiru is male and essentially “raped” Tiamut and nearly killed her.  There is no way on Earth, that Gaia will allow her Diamonds to be sent to Nibiru.  Besides, Nibiru is not coming through again anytime soon; all that effort, thousands of years, for naught.  This information may explain why the Jews have had so many bad things happen to them.; Gaia has not been their friend.

I am NOT anti-Jewish; my Great-Grandmother was a practicing Jew, my Grandmother, her daughter, was a non-practicing Jew, my Mother, her daughter, is a non-practicing Jew; that makes me a Jew, by maternal decent, but I, too, am non-practicing.  This obsession with Diamonds for the Anunaki must stop and besides, we may want to use those Diamonds as fuel for ourselves.

As I said recently, what is happening on Earth right now, is far too important to allow any, ANY, event to interfere with it.

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  1. mink hat says:

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  2. Dave says:

    Many people have been seeing 11:11 on their clocks for many years; 11:11:11:11:11 happened yesterday. Those who have visited this site will understand the significance of the number 5. If any of you Google 11:11, you will read about an energy portal opening up that will bring energy into our world that increases the “collective” energies of the Human Race.

    This happened yesterday and will continue until the end of the year (2011). These energies will, essentially, cut people off from their source of fear and free them to make an about-face to face (and focus on) freedom, choice and truth; all names for LIGHT! It is hoped that several million people will be able to make this “about-face” in the next six weeks. This is a decision that all of us have the free-will to make.

    In answer to the question above, the Crystal Grids were put here to create a space for the 11:11 energy to be. There are three Crystal Grids: one surrounds the Earth, one surrounds the Moon and the third surrounds both the Earth and the Moon. These were put in place for several reasons; one, to protect the Earth from any attempted interference from outside in the form of comets or asteroids; throwing space rocks is a way to create large disruptions on a planet, two, to prevent Ketoid, the blue-dwarf sun in 3,600-year orbit from interfering in the energy shift, and three, to create a container for this higher vibration energy to grow and become.

    Ketoid did not interfere and will soon become a second, or binary sun in our skies. Ketoid will have the outer planets in orbit around him; Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, Nibiru and the other small planetary objects. Am not sure where Ketoid will be exactly, but have the impression that our “day” will be extended and “night” will only be 2-3 hours.

    So what? What changes can we expect?

    First off, we are still moving into the very bright Light of Aquarius on December 21st, 2012. Those 6.5 billion people who are still facing towards “Darkness” and Fear will be unable to stand this bright Light; they will be like “vampires” exposed to sunlight and MUST leave. Everyday, this spill-over Aquarian Light is getting stronger and creating “uncomfortableness” to billions of people still oriented towards Fear, Force and Control.

    Secondly, technology is always based on the degree of attainment in the “collective” vibrations. We Humans have only made the change from Horse and Buggy to Jet Planes and Quill to Internet and Signal Fire to iPhone because our “collective” vibrations have increased. There is more freedom and choice in the world now; at least in comparison to 100 years ago.

    Sorry to say, but all of these people who are still oriented towards Darkness are also low-vibration beings who are keeping our collective vibration lower than it could be. When all, or most of these people leave, (die or return to Spirit), the collective vibration will be much higher and incredible new technologies will be released into our world; these include cheap, abundant electricity everywhere and the return of Majikal powers (note I did not write Magical). We are about to enter a new Golden Age.

    Love, Light and Laughter, (LLL)


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