What do you know about Maxwell’s Equations?

Maxwell was 24 years old when he published his Equations in their first version in 1855.  Maxwell has been called the third most important Physicist ever, behind Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

How the Hell does a 24-year-old know about Light, Electricity and Magnetism enough to publish a set of equations that are the foundation of our electrical world and are still a mystery, in-part.

Simple, it was “channeled” information; just like Beethoven, who wrote his first symphony at age 5. Today, we look at child prodigies and many of us think “Old Soul”, meaning they had experience that they were able to tap into from one or more previous lives.

It also means that they were able to tap into Knowledge from Spirit; some call this the Akashic Records and others call it a Knowing. All creative people get their creativity from within; it is something that they bring out of themselves and give to the world.

Do you know a Creative person?  Have fun with this; ask any Creative person if they get some sort of signal when the creation that they are working on is finished or complete. In my case, the visualization that I am working on “Lights Up”, like a Christmas Tree and then, I know that I can move on to the next project.

This is true whether it is a piece of Art, or writing a book, or a song, or a symphony, or a new invention. We all get our inspiration (in-Spirit-ation) from our Inner Being or Spirit Guide conversations. Frequently, we see something that “sets us off” in a new direction; this is called a SetUp. There are no accidents or luck or happenstance; everything is a SetUp whether it is something good or something bad.

I use Maxwell’s Equations in my Inventing, but there are six different Speeds of the Aether.  What we call the Speed of Light (186,000 feet/second/second) is really the Speed of Heat (Light was generated using incandescent light bulbs). There is also the Speed of Cold, the Speed of Gravity, the Speed of Magnetism, the Speed of Darkness and the Speed of Light; all of these are faster than the Speed of Heat.

This is “channeled” information, like all of my Inventions. Once validated, this information takes our concepts of Relativity and Quantum Physics and knocks them off their pedestals; they are too limited as they all talk about the Speed of Light as a Constant.

Oh My! Can a ship powered by the Speed of Magnetism be six times faster than the Speed of Heat? Can the Speed of Light (not Heat) be used to multiply the Speed of Magnetism?  Can the Speed of Cold be used to multiply both the Speed of Light (not Heat) and the Speed of Magnetism?

If yes, this means that future ships can go much faster than just the Speed of Heat. What other properties, besides speed, can we “figure” out; perhaps a combination of these properties can be used to fold time or fold space or both.

James Clark Maxwell is a distant cousin of mine in my Maxwell and Stevenson DNA, but I have been a late starter. Check out my Invention site at www.revitaetechnologies.com.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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  1. WOW! You mean there are speeds faster than Light? Are you referring to Jumping? Is Jumping faster than Light?

    • Merln says:

      Good question! Jumping is folding space and is instantaneous whether you are using Heat particles (the slowest) or Magnetic particles (six times faster). Cold, Light and Magnetic particles are within the “dominion” of Womankind (and Mankind). Hot/Heat, Darkness and Gravity were meant to be “Constants” and outside the advanced use by us.

      But… Just look at what we have done about Heat and using it to make wonderful alloys like bronze, brass, iron, aluminum and many kinds of steel. Where would we be now without copper to run electricity? All are based on using Heat particles and their Constant properties.

      Think about Darkness; what happens when the light switch is turned off? It gets Dark very quickly, doesn’t it?

      What about Gravity? What goes up must come down. We can only change the Gravity Constant when we become quite advanced and we are getting close.

      I have posted a discussion on the three planes that come together in a corner, any corner. The plane on the right is always Cold particles flowing towards the zero point and Heat particles flowing away. The plane on the left is always Light particles flowing towards the zero point and Dark particles flowing away. And…The horizontal plane (either floor or ceiling) is always Magnetic particles flowing towards the zero point and Gravity particles flowing away.

      These are all 90 degree or Right angles. Time and Space are similar. We have dominion over Space; we move. Time is another Constant. Instead of being another 90 degree angle, Time/Space is a 45 degree angle. To do anything like folding space (Jumping) or folding time (time travel), we must first understand how we interface with 90 degree properties/particles and then, figure out how 45 degree particles operate.


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