Who are the Dark Peoples?

I write about the forces of Light taking over; it is happening right now. Every day, Light is growing in strength.

The information that I keep getting from Spirit is that most people, here on Earth, are oriented towards Darkness or Fear, Force and Control. Now, when I say oriented, I mean that they have at least 51% Darkness in their makeup (that also means that they have 49% Light.)

You ask, Why? and How Many? and Who?

For the past 6,480 years (during all of the Taurus, Aries and Pisces Ages), Darkness has had 80% of the power in the World. Accordingly, most people chose to come here, when/before they were born, using the dominant power.  That is just common sense, most of us will choose the path of least resistance. Today, we are in the Aquarian Age where Light has 67% of the powre.

So…Today, 95% of the people on our Planet are oriented towards Darkness. If there are 7 billion people here, that means that 6,650,000,000 are oriented towards Darkness (that also means that there are only 350, 000,000 that are oriented towards the Light).

This is a huge problem for billions of people here on Earth. The dominant powre is transitioning from Darkness to Light.  What is Light? It is a force that is oriented towards Freedom, Choice, Truth, Love, Integrity, Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility and change-for-the-better. Light is also Technology or Majik and our advances have all come from increasing levels of Light coming into our world.

The point is that Light is a force; a very powreful Force that has no use for most of these Dark People. The only Dark People who will be allowed to stay are those with 59% or less Darkness; that means that only people with at least 41% Light will be allowed to stay. Say that number is 20% of the 7 billion or 1.4 billion.

That is still a lot of people who are oriented towards Darkness, but they can choose to move towards the Light and because they have at least 41% Light, it is achievable. Essentially, this billion or so people will be on probation; it they move towards Darkness, they will not be allowed to stay.

Wow; that is 5.6 billion people who are leaving (dying). Who are these people?

That is a bit complex; all of them are Left-Spinners who have at least a 60% orientation towards Fear, Force and Control. Many of them believe in Allah as their God; Allah is another name for Darkness on this Planet.

The vast majority of them are what can be described as Reptilian-Primates which are vast slave armies bred by the Annunaki to fight in their 35,000 year Civil War. See my eBook, Reptilian Wars: A 50,000 Year Update.

The biggest issue with these Peoples is that the Annunaki put Mind Control and a Collective or Hive mentality into the DNA of these slave beings. These are very Dark traits that will not be tolerated by Light.

There are always exceptions to any rule, but these Peoples can be described as Black, Asian, Jewish, Arab, Persian, Indian (India) and Indigenous Tribes.

I know, this seems incredible. What have these people done to deserve this? It is not a question of being Good or Bad or Good or Evil; there is no moral judgement here.  It is only about how much Light they have in their energetic makeup.

OK. I’ve written about the Great Return and the Darkest-of-the-Dark programs running; these are the mechanism that Light will use to force a large-scale Return to Spirit. When we die, we just return to Spirit and await a rebirth on this or other planets.

Now, you have some idea of what I mean when I say large-scale departures; but hey, there will still be around 1.4 billion of us here and Western Civilization and Technology will abide.

It is not going to be pretty, but Earth will get through these next three years.

Women are taking over the running of the World; 80% of more of the 1.4 billion will be women (that means 280 million or fewer men). We Guys will have to figure out our roles as we go.

I want to say that I am wrong in this Prophecy, but am being told by Spirit that this is the norm when Light takes over from Darkness or vice versa. There will be a lot of really great people who will have to leave because they came here with an orientation towards Fear and took the path of least resistance.

Folks, this is a basic form of physics that no one has prepared us for. There is Left-Spin and Right-Spin forces in everything and everyone and our physicists are just now beginning to figure this out.

Most people reading this are Right-Spinners and will survive this great purge; trust in your Selves and the Guidance that you are receiving.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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