The Moon has already had a Pole Shift – See for Yourself – 5/28/11

This Solar Flare energy is not just hitting the Earth -it has caused the Moon to shift its (the Moon’s ) axis approximately 90 degrees.  The Moon looks like it on it’s side.

Why hasn’t this been the big NEWS on this planet?  Holy Shit, they are scared out of their friggin’ minds.

OK. So what does this mean?  I have already commented on the source of the energy to make the Earth shift her Pole; its going to be about 30 degrees or 1,800 Nautical Miles (6,000 feet).  The Solar Flare energy is also the source of energy for ALL of the Earth Changes.  It is also the source of energy for the Moon’s Polar Shift.

There is more to it than that.  Earlier, I asked Advanced Humans, Newmen and Newomen to Tune-in to the Solar Flare energy and Allow the re-programming to happen and Allow the powers to become.

Being a male, I am focused on the Sun and the Solar Flares coming directly from the Sun.  Just as the Earth has a female awareness, we call Gaia, the Sun has a male awareness, whose name is Sol.  I communicate with both of them.

Feminine energy has always come from the Moon;  All of you Newomen know this and may have been a bit puzzled.  So here is an update just for you Advanced Women and Newomen; you make up 90 percent, or more, of all the 300 million survivors.

Even though I was not focused on the Moon, it has been receiving a huge amount of Solar energy that it has converted to Feminine Newomen energy.  The signal that all was in readiness for women to tune-in and start drawing on the Moon’s Newoman energy was the Moon’s Polar Shift.

It is time for all of you Advanced Females to TUNE-IN to the Moon’s Energy and ALLOW. Have fun with it.

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