The World is Changing – Who Will Lead Us – Is there a Great Savior? 5/27/11

Most Humans are oriented towards DARKNESS; they are fearful, and want to be told what to do, where to go for safety are a quite willing to be controlled and, even, forced to do things.  They just extended the “Patriot” Act!!!!!

With the shift in energies towards Light (freedom, truth, choice, order, self-reliance, self-responsibility and change-for-the-better), most Humans will be very uncomfortable in this new energy.  That is one reason so many Humans are leaving to go ELSEWHERE – they cannot handle the Shift in Energies.

Those of us who are Left-Behind are all Advanced Humans, Newmen-in-waiting and Newmen.  Every single one will have Fire Powers at the Adept level or higher.  What does this mean?  These Adepts are “becoming” in the new energy of Aquarius and Purple and the new, Great Year; they will not be as limited as the Dark Adepts of the past. Everyone will be “connected” to their Inner Being or Guide and “know” what to do, when to do it and with whom, but this will all be voluntary, not based on fear, force or control.

Everyone will have lives in the thousands of years in healthy, youthful bodies.  Children will be few in numbers and will be treasured above everything else.  Work is a four-letter word; it will cease to be so hard.  Most labor will be using mental and physical powers, not muscles.  Money, or, a better word – Resources, will be far easier.  Everyone will find what they are supposed to be doing and have the resources to do it.

Kinda sounds like Heaven on Earth, doesn’t it?  Heaven is in the Spirit realm, but this new, Spirit-Guided world will be far different than the old.

So who is going to Lead us?  The answer is obvious; we are going to lead ourselves in partnership with Spirit.  For the cynical out there, the Newmen/Newomen are the most advanced beings, based on vibrational levels and they will be listened to.  But, as I said above, everyone here will be connected and guided by their Inner Beings.  So – if we are all guided by Spirit, the conflicts should be very minor.

Out of 300 million survivors, the vast majority of them are women and they will assume dominion over the running of the world.  Women become autonomous, heads of household, companies and what limited Government there is.  Men will have respected niche roles and be appreciated in their roles by women.  There is no Fear, Force or Control in this new World.  Women-on-women relationships will become the norm.  Women will be told when they can have a child by their Inner Beings and be guided to the right father or choice of fathers.  No Big Brother or Big Government watching and/or telling you what you may do.  No other Spirit-in-a-body (Human/Newman) telling you what you must do.

So, you ask yourself when this new, wonderful world is coming into being.  The answer will surprise you; it has been coming since about 1960 in the United States slowly.  It will now accelerate to 99% completion by December 21st, 2012 and the last 1% will be completed by December 21, 2016.

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