A different approach to your cavities and gum problems


Readers of this blog/site already know that I have different sources of knowledge that I share from time-to-time.

Like many of us, I have had more than my share of dental problems. At times, it seemed like I was being “singled out” by someone.

Good news. The changing energies that I write about have given me a new approach to dental issues; all of them.

OK. First, you must be able to “talk” to your Spirit Guide, Angels or Inner Being/Self. This is easier than most of you realize. Whenever something happens that you approve or disapprove of, or someone says something that you like or dislike, all of us “Nod” or “Shake” our heads. We all do this unconsciously.

Your head was just nodding up and down; that was a Yes.  The shaking back and forth is a No.

So, now you ask your Guide if you can talk or converse using Nods and Shakes. You will get a significant Nod; your Inner Being, Angels or Spirit Guide or God wants to talk to you. He/She wants to help you to be all that you can be.

Once you start talking, you can find out about many things in your life. You can ask about stuff coming your way; is it negativve? If so, you can ask if you can delete it. If not, you may be able to make it milder or delay it. If it is positive, having a “heads up” on goodness coming is always welcome. Your positive energy may have been blocked for a while; ask when it will be turned on (again).

You can use this conversation for all sorts of things; sex, money, health, investing, finding a partner, taking a job, moving to another location/city. Just about anything that you can think of. And yes, you can ask if someone new (0r old) in your life is an energy sucker/vampire. Search on vampire (at the upper right on this site)  to find out how to keep them at bay.

Alright, I opened with a new approach to fix all/many o the things wrong in your mouth. When I asked if my saliva was strong enough to do its job? I got a No. Wow, why not? It was too weak from all of the toxims in our food/world. I asked what the strength of my saliva was on a scale of 1-9; the answer was 2. I thought, wow, no wonder I am having dental problems. Just like asking about negative stuff (SetUps) coming, I asked if I could bump the strength of my saliva up? Answer, Yes. I bumped my saliva strength up to 7 (or more). After you are finished bumping your strength up (in any area of concern), say “Apply.” It is just like a computer program, if you do not hit the Apply button, the change is not made.

We all know, at some level, that we are creators and that we should be able to fix things that are wrong in our lives, but how? Start “talking” to yourSelf and ask quesstions about what is wrong. Find out if you can fix them with a simple focused conversation. Apply your changes and see if things gets better. If not, go back and ask if there is another issue that you did not address. Are you being blocked or limited in some way? If so, is there a time limit or date that you will be released. Find out if you agreed to the block or limit; if not, can you end the block/limit now or soon?

Remember, we are nearly out of the transition period from Pisces to Aquarius; that has a big part to play in how we can use our Light/Right-Spin powres. Making these changes can only be done if we have enough powre to make them. Do not give up, try and try again. We are all getting more powerful and able to make these and other changes; we will be in Aquarius energy fully on January 1st, 2022; that is not very long to wait.

If you can make the changes now, do it.

Be Happy.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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