No One believes How Bad it will Be!!!

Dear Readers,

Please begin your preparations (if you haven’t started already). By this time next year (2021), basic food items will be 4-7 times higher in cost than now.

Start buying rice, pasta, dried potatoes, dried peas, and canned protein and veggies of all sorts. Store these in water-tight containers (air-tight is better). Make sure that they are stored above flood levels (yes, flooding will be a problem).

Why? The Grand Solar Minimum or not so Mini-Ice-Age is beginning to hit us hard. This one could be on a 2,000 year repeating cycle; that means it could last 400-800 years. Really? Yes, no shit!

OK. What does that mean? In Europe, all of the farm land North of the French and Italian borders will have growing seasons that are just too short. Yes, potatoes and cabbages can be grown, but corn, wheat and other grains not so much. Yes, the Ukraine will have shorter and shorter growing seasons and the cold/snow will come earlier and earlier (sooner). The same thing will happen to the grow areas in the United States; draw a line from Northern Arizona to Southern Virginia and anything North of that will be too cold. Yes, all of Canada will be too cold.

This will get worse and worse as we move into this new climate. It is not warming, it is getting much colder, quickly. So growing food in the Caucuses will not be an option. Where can Europe get food from? Simple, Syria. Why do you think Putin has his forces there? Hopefully, Northern Africa will become a new grain belt like it was during the Roman Empire. China is making moves to control that whole area; it will begin to have famine this winter.

On China, this is the worst year in more than 400 years for Typhoons and heavy rain. This is not accidental, it is the Jet Streams changing. Many of the 1000s of dams in China are collapsing/have collapsed and flood waters have ruined the crops (and the computer chips). The Chinese Infrastructure has also been destroyed; the food that they have will be much harder to distribute, especially to the countryside.

So… What I am saying is that much of the world will have to adapt and move its growing areas South (or North for the Southern Hemisphere). In the United States, the Desert Southwest will become well watered soon as the Jet Streams move South and carry moisture. This will also bring water to Northern Africa.

Wow. Food security will become a big problem for much of Europe. Yes and No. American farmers must move their operations into the Southern States. This way the Americans will still grow a lot of food. This strategy will not be so easy for Europe; will Europe re-colonize Northern Africa?

What else can be done? Technology may be the answer. Think of all the abandoned warehouses (and castles) in Europe. These can be transformed into vertical farming operations that grow many kinds of vegetables. Hay for the animals will have to be grown in the ground, but hay is a grass and will be able to be harvested until snowfall. Soybeans can be grown via vertical farming. So can potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbages, carrots and others. Mushrooms as well. Grains are going to be hit hard, but they are mostly sugar (or produce a lot of glucose). Many of us are moving away from grains in our Keto Diets. In these high-tech growing operations, fish farming is (or can be) built-in. Fish can eat soybeans and so can pigs.

Note: Much of the Ukraine has three meters of top soil. This could be a wonderful source of rich dirt to supply these vertical farming operations.

This is already beginning to happen in both Europe and the United States and is spreading around the world.

What else can be done? Simple, the temperature of the ground is 12° C (or 54° F) two meters (6 feet) down. This is true whether it is in the deepest winter or hottest summer. So, we must take a backhoe and dig down two meters, lay some plastic pipes (be able to put your fist into), cover them up, and hook them up to a fan. We must put enough of these buried pipes in the ground to pick up the heat from the ground and recirculate it in our buildings; taking our cold air and pumping it into the ground pipes. This one operation will provide a continuous baseline of 12°C/54°F; that is nearly the perfect temperature for growing plants and is a much more cost-effective start for heating to Human comfort zones. This is something that can be done in Canada or Russia for those who want to brave long, cold winters.

Then, there is the option of moving underground as well. In our past, we have had entire civilizations move underground to escape falling debris from asteroids or meteor showers. When rocks start falling from the sky, our roofs and vehicles are not make for that kind of punishment. Anything above ground will have to have strong steel coverings. Look up places like Cappadocia and its vast labyrinth of underground dwellings in Turkey. These ancient people dug these stone dwellings out by hand; something severe must have driven them to do so. Our Astronomers are telling us that we are moving into an area of increased meteor activities, what does that mean?

Because of our technologies, if we move quickly, we will be able to grow enough food to maintain our civilization (not so many as now).

So,,, ,whether we are using backhoes or something bigger, getting heat from or getting protection by going underground may be in our futures.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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More on Energy Vampires and Such…

I have written about Energy Vampires on this site before; us the search to find it. Here is some more. I will be repeating some of what I have shared again for the new readers.

This site is for Right-Spinners. We are of the Light and tend to think of ourSelves as “Light Workers.” As such, we are like “Lighthouses” that send their beams out into the Darkness; we can be seen a long ways off by the energy manipulators.

Who and what are these energy manipulators?

Energy Decoys

The lowest level I will call Energy Decoys. These people are quite strong Dark/Left-Spin beings who are on the path to become Energy Vampires. Unlike Vampires, they are able to passively collect our energy and hold it. They look a lot like Right-Spinners to us. If we ask ourSelves if they are “Right-Spinners?” We will get a Yes as they have a layer of Right-Spin energy around them. That is the wrong question; it should be “are they Energy Decoys?” They look like us but do not act like us. But, unlike Vampires, they do not suck our energy and drain us; it is more subtle. They tend to operate in a group and are associated with a Vampire that is apprenticing them to become a Vampire.

Energy Vampires

We tend to be unaware of Decoys as they collect our energy passively. That is not true of Vampires. Frequently, when we are with a group of others, a Vampire will get close and suck our energy. If they can, they will completely “drain” us and it will only take a moment. Many of us do not realize that these Vampires exist and do not understand what just happened. But it keeps on happening.

Vampires are very strong Dark/Left-Spinners. They suck our energy to get stronger and stronger. They actually are striving to become a Demon Holder (next advancement).

You mean there is a hierarchy of Dark ranks here on Earth? Among people? Yes, just like there is a hierarchy of “Church” ranks from Priest to Bishop and up to Pope. Unfortunately, the Church attracts and promotes these Dark Beings (like our existing Pope). Not all, but most senior religious leaders are Vampires. This also applies to Politicians and CEOs. These successful Vampire love to have strong Right-Spinners around to suck from.

Demon Holders

The most senior rank of Dark/Left-Spin people is that of Demon Holder. You can be a High Priestess of Darkness like Hillary, but you must be a Demon Holder first.

Demon Holders get promoted from the most successful Vampires. They are rewarded by carrying around one or more powerful Demons. These Demons are ancient Spiritual Beings that have developed kinetic powers and cannot “fly” around. The Demon Holder brings the Demon to its intended target and provides the Set up for the Demon to enter.

Wow, you mean that Demons can actually take over a Human? Yes, whenever you see a “truly” Evil Person, they have been taken over. To become a Demon Holder, you must allow yourSelf to be taken over by a Demon.

How do WE Protect ourSelves?

First. WE are all biological computers. Some of us can program ourSelves. Others must approach the programming/reprogramming with sacred geometry, ceremony, candles, essential oils, and such. Do whatever works for You. For those who can program themSelves, say the program and then say, “Install it and run it.”

Here are the two programs that I recommend that you install.

“My energy is my own. No one may take my energy without my permission.”

“My energy is my own. No one may give me any unwanted energy without my permission.”

The first one prevents Decoys and Vampires from stealing/sucking your energy.

The second will offer significant protection against Demons and the Spells of Dark Magicians (Dark Witches, Warlocks and Sorcerers).

I know, this is fantasy or fiction, but then Energy Vampire exist, don’t they?

Next. After installing the two programs you must ask about the people around you. Remember, we are like Lighthouses and they are attracted by our energy. We can be seen a long ways off and they want what we have.

Yes, this is also about money. They can use our energy to advance along their paths for more money and power. Up until recently, Darkness had 80% of the power in our world. Advancing in Darkness was the chosen path for nearly everyone seeking power.

How many of you have realized that you were living with a Decoy or Vampire and threw them out? After a while, they could not hide who they were. Drawing your energy sexually is one of their favorites. Be very careful about who you go home with. She may be beautiful, but she may also be a Vampire (not blood, but energy).

It is not good enough to ask if “they” are like me. They steal/suck our energies and “look” a lot like US. The correct questions are: “Are they a Decoy, Vampire or Demon Holder?”

Yes, we tend to most interested in the Vampire question, but then the Decoys get a free ride. If we get a yes to Vampire, then the next question should be Demon Holder. Then, you know who and what you are dealing with.

My Experience with a Very Powerful Demon

I did not know about Decoys and Vampires at this time, yet.

A Decoy who I trusted introduced me to a Vampire/Demon Holder. I cam to trust him as well and started working on technologies with him. I spent time with him at his house. One afternoon in his living room, he pointed out that the light fixture with four light bulbs hanging from his ceiling was turning one way and then the other on its own. He said it was strange and maybe his house was “haunted.”

For whatever reason I was “prompted” to walk over and reach up with my finger. I do not know where the prompted came from, but maybe the fight that came was a SetUp.

When I touched the light fixture, it stopped and a Demon came down my arm. It was exalted and sang as it came, “I have eaten many like you and will eat you” and “You are mine.” This came through to me mentally.

I waited and watched. When it got to my elbow I, mentally, told it to Stop. I wasn’t sure what was happening and what to do about it, but it stopped. It was not happy and started telling me how very powerful it was and that I could not keep him from eating me for long. It even said that it would finish me off when I fell asleep.

Mistake. I knew then that I must take actions against it. How? What? From somewhere I knew what I had to do. I put a sphere of golden light around the Demon (in my arm). I made the sphere very strong. I, then, put 143 other golden sphere around the first sphere. I created a very strong holding tank for the Demon.

The Demon was not happy and told me that I could not hold the shield while I was asleep. I was not sure that was truth, but could I take a risk? I told the Demon that I would allow it to retreat back up my finger to the light fixture. It laughed at me and told me that “I was its meat.” It gave me a mental image of what it would do to me. It was planning on going up my arm, across my shoulder and into my spinal cord. Once there, it was going to move into my medulla and control me.

I said, “you are a very powerful Demon with great respect among other Demons? “Yes”, it said and again told me that I was “its meat.” I asked it to leave once more and it refused.

I then put 144 golden tooth picks (that were also straws) into the ball of spheres. I asked one more time (three times) if it would leave. It answered, “No.”

I began “sucking” the awareness or, perhaps, its power, out of the Demon. I was doing to it what it had done to so many others. I was not keeping this energy and just released it into the air around me.

The balls of golden light were about the size of a basketball (larger than a soccer or foot ball). I shrunk the globes of light down to the size of a softball and asked again. “No.” I shrank the globes down to the size of a pool or billiard ball and asked again. “No.” I kept going until it was the size of a pea and asked again. “No.” So, I kept going until the Demon globe was the size of a grain of sand.

I thought that I might go down to a mote, but that may be too far. I wasn’t sure that it was my task to “kill” or “terminate” this Demon being. I asked my Spirit Guide if I should continue the reduction in power.

Got a big Stop. I had already reduced the power of the Demon down to the lowest rank of Demons (from the very highest). OK. Now, what was I supposed to do with it?

No reply. So I asked if I could hand it off to an Angel? I mean if there are Demons then there must be Angels. I got a Yes and handed the weakened Demon over to Michael. I slept well that night.

I realized that I was a powerful being in my own right and was put here for some reason greater than I knew. That realization put me on the path to this site – the Earth Being Transformation.

I share this story so you will know that you can fight back if/when you are attacked by a Demon. Not only that you can, but how.

Not all Demons will be as full of themselves or as over-confident as mine was. If they attack hard, counter-attack harder; there will be no meeting of the minds.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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End of the 4th Reich

Hello. I’ve been a bit quiet for a while. Yes, this is a Spiritual site, but I do get to comment on the demise of Darkness from time to time.

Let’s talk BREXIT. It is supposed to happen on October 31st, 2019. It looks like the Globalists are doing everything in their power to prevent the departure of Britain from the EU.

Let’s get back to my timetable; as of September 15th, Right-Spin had 30$ of the powre in our world (actually, our local Universe). On October 1st, it will go to 35% and on October 15th, 40%.

Now, remember, Light already has 40% and has been messing with Darkness for the past two and a half months (Darkness only has 20%). For whatever reason, Light was not able to use it’s powre against Darkness until it got to 40%. The same applies to Right-Spin’s 40%; it will not be usable against Darkness until after the 15th of October (say 10/19 or 10/22 as they are the next 14-Days/Creation Days).

You ask how Light has been messing with Darkness? Italy and Hungary. The departure of May and arrival of BoJo. The coming collapse of China. The increasing win-win-win by Trump in all areas, especially the US Economy. Then there was the G7 for another win.

What about my title? We all know that twice in the last century, Germany tried to conquer Europe; we call them the First and Second World Wars. Hitler called his Germany, the Third Reich. Starting with the ashes of that defeat Germany was allowed to rapidly develop while the rest of Europe was shackled by Socialism. This led to the development of the European Free Market which was free trading between European countries and became a free movement of people and goods.

Somehow, this European Customs Union morphed into the European Union which gradually seized control over the political processes of its member nations. Members of the EU Parliament cannot propose laws, can only vote on final acceptance. The bureaucrats make the rules upon rules upon rules independently. The EU has now set its sites on becoming an “Empire.”

What people do not realize is that the Germans have, finally, conquered Europe; it is called the European Union (EU). Germany is the most equal of equals. Britain is, now, about to escape the control/bondage of the EU. People question whether it will happen, or not. It is not a question of if, but, rather, when. Light and Right-Spin energies are both supporting the destruction of the EU, the Party of Davos and the Chicoms (all of the Globalists).

What is control/bondage? Just another form of Fear, Force and Control or Darkness. What was “normal” in the past is no longer being supported; Darkness only has 20% and, soon, both Light (40%) and Right-Spin (40%) will be able to mess with everything Darkness has built over the past thousands of years. Light will always tend to go after natural buildups of power and use earthquakes, ice ages (low solar radiation), tsunamis/floods and subsidences to oppose Dark powers. Right-Spin will be able to go after many of the man-made efforts like the United Nations, the EU, the Chinese Communist Part (CCP) and the Banksters/Deep State/Rothchilds.

Light workers will be supported by Light, but they are also the foundation of those who become Right-Spinners. The Light Forces will have 40% of the powre. But….the Right-Spinners will also have 40% of the powre.

Just a note to tell all of you that we are still on track for gigantic changes that are coming at us. Yes, we do, live in INTERESTING TIMES.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Even More on the Magnetic Reversal

Yes, everything I wrote about in my last post, More on Earth Changes, is still as described, but there is MORE. The Magnetosphere or the Magnetic Field of the Earth is growing weaker rapidly. The Magnetic Pole Shift could come as early as September, this year (2019).

What I did not realize is that the Magnetic Reversal, when it comes, will be even more complex for all of us.

In the Old Testament, there is a section, Joshua 10: 13, which describes Joshua and his army attacking Jericho. We all know about the ten times around and the trumpets blowing. Here is the important part: “So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the nation avenged itself on its enemies, as it is written in the Book of Jashar. The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day.”

I include this reference because it can be viewed as a historical fact, even though it is recorded in one of our Holy Books. What do we have going on here? The Sun stops, stands still. It must be late in the day, as they can see the Moon rising. The Moon, too, stops and stands still. But then, we are told that the Sun stopped in the middle of the sky (probably still late in the day). And, here is the kicker, the Sun and Moon, apparently did not seem to move for a “full” day.

What is being described here is the deceleration , stopping and acceleration of our Planet Earth’s shift in axis and orbital direction. This, too, comes with a Magnetic Reversal. So….Back in Joshua’s time, what, about 3300 years ago, they document the time it takes for a reversal in the orbit direction to occur. Prior to the Battle of Jericho, the Sun rose in the west and set in the East. After the Battle of Jericho, the Sun rose in the East and set in the West (our experience).

Now, we all know that our Planet orbits around the Sun. It orbits around its axis and in a path around the Sun in a Counter-Clockwise manner. All of the planets orbit around the Sun in a Counter-Clockwise manner. Will this still be true after the Magnetic Reversal?

No. The Earth will orbit around its axis and around the orbit of the Sun in a Clockwise manner. The Earth will experience this Magnetic Pole Shift on instructions from the Sun; they are in constant communications. The same thing will happen to our Moon and the other planets as well.

Think about it, we are revolving on our axis at about 25,000 miles or 40,000 kilometers per hour. Ok, that gives us 10 hours to decelerate, 2 hours for the core energies to stabilize and then, 10 hours (roughly) to accelerate in the opposite direction.

What about all of the water in our world? Will it slosh around in Giant Tsunamis that are miles high? Good news, sort of. Much of the stuff in my previous posts will be happening about the same time. This will, probably, be the trigger for the collapse of Central America/Western Caribbean and the Far East Island nations. It will also be the trigger for the Big or Gigantic Ones in California and Mexico. All of Baja California will be gone (sunk into the sea) and Mexico City will be totally destroyed. These events will be calming events on the large movements of water. You will not want to be vacationing at the seaside; try the Alpine regions. The Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean will move eastward with waves as high as the Great Pyramid of Giza.

There is still going to be a huge increase in volcanic activity and large or very large earthquakes. There is still going to be a Mini Ice Age and there is still going to be mass movement of people due to food shortages.

Are you tracking what is happening to the weather in Europe, the flooding throughout the Middle East in the dry deserts and the massive flooding in the primary growing regions of the United States. The Jet Streams are getting structurally loosened by the weakened magnetosphere; they are bringing the torrential rains and the massive snow and cold down, This is just the beginning and it will get worse in 2020-21 and again in 2024-25. Our ancestors built cities underground; why? Probably, to escape giant hail stones that killed everything, including our sheep, goats, cattle and horses, out in the open. Yes, our building and cars too. Even worse, US, too.

Lightening and Electric Storms will become very frightening as well; they will be incredible to behold and will last for hours.

‘We are going to have to move our food and pot growing indoors with very strong steel roofs; check out and others like them. Our homes must also have welded steel roofs with extended hang overs.

Go to I have some technologies that can be brought into the world now. These will help in the preservation of our civilization and technology.

We are living in “Interesting Times.”

Love, Light and Laughter,


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The Old World Order is COLLAPSING !!!

Hello Fellow Right-spinners,

There are more than 89,000 subscribers now, but many, many more multi-level shares (think vector branching),

The old ways of doing things are rapidly falling apart. The finances of the world are failing. The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has, somehow, lost $80 Trillion in Derivatives (actually, it is more like $200-300 Trillion). The Chinese Property Market was claimed to be $62 Trillion a year ago; with Shadow Banking it was more like $180-200 Trillion.  Today, it is only 10% of that, not lost derivatives; it is just lost digits that have vanished into thin air. But, hey, that is how our money is created by the Central Bankers/Banksters; what is a few Trillion here or there? The US Fed is raising interest rates steeply and the rest of the world is trying to lower them (Japan, China, India, and the EU/Euro). WTF? All the money will be heading to the USA. This situation cannot last the way it is for very long; everywhere inflation is wreaking havoc and the system appears to breaking down.

This is exactly what is supposed to be happening as we enter the new Aquarian energies. Our notions of employment, education, medicine, pharmaceuticals, a sane judiciary, police, energy prices, food prices, shelter prices, etc., are all falling apart Everything that has been “normal” for the past 30 or 40 years is busting apart wide open.

What about trade? China is totally dependent on exports for survival; guess what? So is the rest of the world whether it be raw materials, food, and/or manufactured goods. Yes, Europe has a mostly export economy. Yes, Germany is being de-industrialized. Demographically, most of Europe, Russia, China, Japan, and most of South Asia are aging rapidly; in 20 years, we will have one-third of the people we have now. There are exceptions; USA Boomers had kids. Add in Mexico and New Zealand.

What is going to happen to most $Billionaires when everyone wakes up to the crash in China’s Property Market/Economy and Derivatives Everywhere? They are going to be wiped out overnight. Oh yes, they will still own $Billions in shares, but nearly all of that is pledged against their derivative losses. Most $Billionaires are very strong in Darkness/Left-spin so it makes sense that Light/Right-spin energies will be hunting for them. The WEF will lose its influence overnight as well; all that wealth will be disappearing with a mouse click.

Where in the world do the $Billionaires (and all corrupters) store their money? Simple, only one place, the Cayman Islands. Do you think that Light/Right-spin knows this? Expect many/all of these accounts to be “hacked” and moved to safety for better use later. Just think, all of that ill-gotten wealth just disappearing; poof!

We are talking about the sudden disappearance of 100s of $Trillions; get ready.

What is this going to do to our governments? They are all corrupt and have had their hands out. They too have been stashing it in the Caymans (also buying big estates which can be seized).

So….., like everything else, our governments will be going through massive changes. We have concentrated our representatives in capital cities; which breeds corruption.  Cities are also forms of Hives which all have centralized control. All of a sudden, people are asking why the rural vote is so totally disenfranchised by the urban vote; how did that happen? Darkness!!! We have all seen how collective rights have been used to suppress individual rights; especially during Covid lockdowns, masks, and passports; they even denied us the opportunity to work. The Elites are already getting Covid 2.0 ready; they think we will all go along and do it their way again. NOT, we are in the new energies. They are already talking about Vaccine Amnesties? NOT. What will happen when all of the Evil that they have done gets out? It is already being leaked out in bits and pieces; hence the cries for amnesty. People will not need guns to hunt these disgusting people.

What do you all think about the Swamp Turmoil in Washington DC? McCarthy will get in, but as a figurehead who will not last long. This is also the end of the Deep State/Swamp EVERYWHERE; it is no longer supported by the new energies. Keep watching what the US Supreme Court is doing; it will be amazing.

Same for Brazil; the old corrupt regimes cannot survive in the new energies.

Same for Russia, China, and Iran.

People have no idea how many changes are coming; they will be coming fast and furious. Get ready physically and mentally.

Good news. If you are strong in the Light/Right-spin, you will be fine. Soon we will be getting additional capabilities/powres that will enable us to weather this and thrive. Keep your head up and converse within on what is coming and how you should adjust.  Tune into your head nods and shakes at a minimum.

Not sure how, but our governments will become more decentralized in the future. The Hive will be rejected. Cultural centers will replace cities as our civilization builders; not sure what that means yet. But, they will NOT be our governing centers; they will be much more local.

Remember, millions of us will be getting significant new capabilities/powres. What we do with them will be part of the massive changes coming.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Merry Merry Christmas and a Blessing-filled New Year!!!!

Jesus Christ was sent to us from Spirit. He was real and his message has lasted down through an Age. It may have been corrupted along the way, but the essence of what He wanted us to know is there. Christmas time is still a Majikal time of year with carols, yule logs, Christmas Trees, and Midnight Mass. The music composed in His name is incredible and wonderful; it is a shame that we only hear them once a year.

This is the first Christmas in the new Aquarian Age. What an amazing time to be alive.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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More on Energy Vampires – What’s their new Strategy?

If you are strong in the Light, you know what Energy Vampires are. You may think of them as Energy Suckers, but they are the same people who suck most of your energy in a brief encounter. You learn to avoid these people as much as possible.

Search on Energy Vampires on this site and you will get two programs that you can install in your body to stop this suckcing. You may have to add the following: My energy is my own, No one (inculding Cloaked beings) may take my energy without my permission. The other program is: My energy is my own. No one (including Cloaked beings) may give me any unwanted energy without my permission.

For those of you who think this is just Hocus Pocus or nonsense, think about this. These energy sucker people walk up to us and drain us without touching us; this is an energetic transfer.  If they can do, so can we; we are putting up an energetic wall or block.

In the past, I have always asked if a new person in the group of people is an Energy Vampire; that is much better than asking if they are strong in the Light (they can become strong in the Light by sucking someone’s Light).

OK. What’s new? The Dark Assholes know that their time with 80% of the power has come to an END. Many of them have not figured out that they only have 20% now, but all of them have noticed a big change in what they could do and how they did it.

The Energy Vampires have gone underground. They will not overtly suck energy anymore; that is just too noticable. Their new strategy is an old one; get into a relationship with a strong Light Being and suck as much as they can, especially during sex.

But that old strategy has become more complex. More and more of us are asking if they are Energy Vampires. Their solution is to put up a spell that I call “Cloaking.” When they Cloak themselves, they do not look like Energy Vampires anymore; they look like strong Light Beings. It makes getting into a safe sucking relationship with Light Beings much easier.

I have been fooled by this new strategy several times in the past three months. I thought that I had met some other strong Right-Spinners, but after the first meeting, they avoided me totally instead of connecting with me. I thought that was a bit odd. That was all it took; I started asking if they had a “shield” up and my Guide said NO, but yes, sort of. Then the word “CLOAK” entered my mind. (a 5-letter power word)

Immediately, I asked if all of these new “Light Beings” were cloaked. All of the odd ones were Energy Vampires who had Cloaked themselves.

So……, the new main question to ask yourSelf is are they Cloaked? Ifs not just are they strong in the LIght, or Energy Vampires; those questions have been covered over by being Cloaked. So……if your lover is draining your energy, he/she is a Cloaked Energy Vampire. Just so you understand, over a long period of time, the Energy Vampire will suck all of our vitality; this will make us sick and we will die of cancer and other bad deaths. Essentially, the Energy Vampire will intentionally kill us while being married to us or in some other long-term relationship.

Here’s what you can do about it. Remember, we have 80% of the powre now. You can now use the command to drain all of the energy out of that person. When anyone is attacked, it is permissable to run a counterattack, even for Light Beings/Right-spinners. You choose how hard you want to counterattack.

OK. Here is what else you can do now. You probably already have a “Shield” up; if not put one up. This Shield can be made much stronger using the new energies. Program your  shield to prevent Energy Vampires/Suckers from hiding behind their Cloaks. Be sure to program your Shield to keep insects (mosquitoes, roaches, ants, termites, etc.) out of your living area. Include rats and mice as well. Shield your house/apartment/cabin, your vehicles, and all of your bank, credit card, and other accounts. If water leaking is an issue, you can shield against that as well. In the new year, you can also shield against cold temperatures; everything in your shield will be termperature controlled (the way you like it) and the rain/snow/storm can be kept out even if you are sitting on your porch/deck (outside, but within your shield). You can adjust the size of your shield to include your entire yards if desired. No more snow shoveling. What I am saying is that you will not need heat or air conditioning in the future. This applies to Verticle Masters, Horizontal Masters, Mahatmas (Fire Beings) as well as all Earth Beings.

Your Shield can also prevent any unwanted persons from coming into your space; that include thieves, Swat Teams, and anyone do not like.

Remember, there are around 50 million of us that will have these powres. That is a small percentage of the total population; at least for now. It is OK to share our powres with our communities; reach out to those you like and respect. Weed out the Dark Assholes vigorously; especially the Cloaked ones.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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A Gift for the World – A new Heating Device

Benjamin Franklin was a very famous man during his lifetime. One of the incredible things he did was to give one of his inventions to the world. Most of us do not know this. In his time, most buildings were made from wood and one of the most dangerous aspects of wood buildings was being destroyed by fire from lightning strikes. He invented a “Lightning Rod”; it was an iron rod grounded in the earth and extended up to the top of the building. It caught all of the lightning bolts and grounded their destructive power. We use this invention in every home/building today and don’t even know it. Lightning bolts burning down building became a thing of the past.

My gift is not so dramatic, but it could be as useful. I have come up with a new device for producing heat. It is based on the ubiquitous microwave overn. A microwave oven uses frequencies to heat up water; it uses a lot of power and traveling wave tubes to vibrate water in food or drinks to get hot. My gift will be doing something similar, but with air.

This device will target nitrogen which is a component of the air that we all breath; it is 70% of the air.

This device is a cube (Hexahedron). It has four fixed sides; top, bottom, and upright sides 1 and 3. Sides 2 and 4 have a pivot in the center that allows them to open and close slightly. The intent is to make the air (really the Nitrogen) hot by hitting it with signals (frequencies) from transmitters in the top, bottom, and two sides. These signals are all very low power and employ different frequencies and timing to excite the Nitrogen to get hot. This makes the air hot in turn.

As the air gets hot, the hot air pushes against the air intake side; closing it. Simultaneously, it pushes the air exit side open to allow the hot air to escape. When the hot air is going/gone, the cold air intake side opens and the cycle begins again. It is a very simple concept and requires a relatively simple microchip to provide the correct timing and sequencing of the frequencies. This microchip will also be used as a thermostat; the hot air produced can be set as low as 120℉ and as high as 150℉. Either way, the heating cube will not get too hot to be a fire danger, but it should be used away from combustables (on a trivit or ceramic holder) for safety. It should be operated on the floor; that is where the cold air is.

This is not a microwave oven, the frequencies used are all very low power; their combination and sequencing make the Nitrogen hot (but not too hot). This is an astounding claim; this device can be powered using wall sockets, but it is designed to use commercial batteries as its primary DC power source (just like your phones and PCs). With three 9-volt or 4 AA batteries, this heating device will run continuously for 3-4 months. If it runs out, put more batteries in. The batteries will only kick in after a power outage.

This device will come in two sizes; a 12-inch cube and an 18-inch cube. The 12-inch device will heat an average room with a 100 square foot space. The 18-inch cube will heat an entire small apartment with the interior doors open. This will be a great heating device for sheds, barns, cabins, boats, and tents. There is no carbon being comusted. This is a zero emissions device. There are no issues with Carbon Monoxide or Carbon Dioxide.

This new heating device is an invention of the new Agurian energies; so there is some Majik in the mix. This heating device will be created and stored in a form similar to digital storage. This storage vault will be accessible by everyone who has been able to put themSelves into the Hexahedron (Cube) or transformed themSelves into Earth Beings.  See Transform YourSelf – Guided Meditation

Effective on January 1st, 2023, Earth Beings will be able to replicate these devices and teleport/transport them to a mental destination. Yes, we will not need a factory, warehouses, or a fleet of trucks. It may take a while for all of the Earth Beings to figure everything out, but it should not take long.

We are all experiencing an energy crises and are looking for some other way to heat our spaces. This is a gift from Spirit to all of us. Welcome to the new Majikal Age.

All Earth Beings will be getting Majikal powres in the new year; some will get more than others, but all will be able to teleport things and replicate things stored in this new format. What kinds of things? Think food, water, fuel, seeds, feed, tools, stacks of dry wood, tents/building materials, these heating devices and other new inventions. Add in frozen food and vehicles/tractors/boats, Our world will soon be a very different place.

Advanced Fire Beings on the New Being path will also be getting wonderful new powres like starting fires mentally, germinating plants, purifying water, and finding water for a well. Many more powres will be discovered along the way. All beings on the New Path will be able to erect shields that prevent unwanted people, animals or natural occurances (storms, floods, locusts, etc.). For the bandits of the future, it will be more difficult. Many of these shields will be the “Return to Sender” type that has a bullet (or any projectile) fired come back on the person pulling the trigger, even remotely.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Merry Christmas as the Old fades away

I am Spiritual, not Religious. I grew up celebrating the arrival of winter at Christmastime; it has always been a magical time of year. We celebrate the arrival of Christ (New Testament) in our world and the positivity of three months of winter beginning (and coming to an end).

We all struggle with the concept of Darkness and Light, Good and Evil, Left or Right, Man or Woman, or other binaries. The not-so-simple conclusion is that they are all bell curves’ there is always a neutral. But what does that mean? There is always a middle ground. Instead of a bell curve, think of a circle where the two binaries are at the North and South Poles (0/360° and 180°). Most of us can accept the notion of polar opposites, but what about the neutrals? At 90°, we have a neutral that leans toward the negative (180°, Dark, Left, Male, etc.). Equally, at 270°. we have a neutral that leans toward the positive (0/360°, Light, Right, Female, etc.). Other binaries are on/off, hot/cold, moist/dry, running/still, awake/asleep, and many more.

That is different information, but most can wrap their minds around it. Here’s some more; the North spins upward, the East spin leftward/Westward, the South spins downward, and the West spins to the right/Eastward. Wow, there are two different neutrals and they are equal (but, different) with the two poles. Isn’t it interesting that all four points spin differently? What does that do to our notion of electron spins? Think about it, when we travel, we chose which direction we go in. When we go East or West, we are choosing a neutral direction; what does that mean?

The point that I am making is that Neutral has become more important than the binary poles. We are all seeing that in the shifting ascension of women as our leaders and the breakdown of what it means to be male or female; many old protocols are being discarded as they are no longer supported by the new energies.

I really wanted to foot stomp that there are two Neutrals, not just one. Yes, I know, we only think we have one neutral in our cars, but that neutral is either leaning toward drive or reverse. So…. has our world become more complex? Or, are we noticing more?

Moving forward the binaries are shifting to the East/West Poles; this is a gigantic change for Humanity. Now, everything is a shade of Grey/Gray and we can drop/stop many of the programs we run in our lives, cultures, religions, politics, regions, and nations. etc. The big shift from 80% to 20% from Left- to Right-spin is still happening, but the polar shift is as well. It is going to take all of us a while to wrap our brains around that!!!

I’ll give you one more brain teaser. When the spin shifts from upward, to Westward/counterclockwise,), to downward, to Eastward/clockwise, it must go through a zero spin point. Could that be Zero Point Energy (ZPE)? If so, there are four of them at 45°,135°, 225°, and 315°). Do all of these have the same properties? Unlikely. Wow, the compass points just got a whole lot more interesting!

Again, Merry Christmas and a Blessing-filled New Year!!!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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It’s been a while. This is a Status Update

First off, there are more than 87,000 subscribers to this website. Having said that, there are more than 5 million people who have put themSelves into the Cube/Hexahedron. They are all Earth Beings and got there via the New Being Path (Newomen/Newman). These Earth Beings are all on Earth. There are many more on other nearby planets; this Spiritual knowledge has been shared and has taken on a life of its own.

What about those of us who are still Fire Beings, but on the New Beings path.  There are around 50 million Mahatmas, 150 million Horizontal Masters, and 300 million Vertical Masters. So…..on a planet of approximately 8,000 million, we are a more highly advanced/higher vibratioin group of around 500 million (1 in 16).

I have written about 85% of the population (17 out of 20) having to leave because they had too much Darkness in their makeup. Light is taking over and will not tolerate so many strong in Darkness.  Good news,because so many of us have increased our vibrations and awareness, clemancy has been provided for those in the lower spectrum of Darkness. Formerly, 5% (1 in 20) were strong in the Light or Right-Spin and 10% (2 in 20) were in the middle (between 59% Dark and 59% Light). That 3 in 20 were going to be allowed to stay on Earth and continue their development.

Because of our success in building out our group, now, those people who are in the group of 60 to 69% Darkness will be allowed to stay (as long as they continue to move towards the Light). That allows an additional 20% (4 in 20) to stay. If you believe that we have 8 Billion people (I don’t), that means that 7 in 20 will be allowed to stay (not die). That is still a huge reduction in the Earth’s population, but the loss of people will go from 85% to 65%; now, it is only 2 out of 3 that will be leaving.

The Elites have been pushing their own agenda and have been working hard to get the planet down to 500 million as slaves to them; the Central Banks, our degraded education system, Covid, vaccines, masks, lockdowns, passports are all part of a coordinated bioweapon. You must also thhrow in the Green movement and Global Warming; as we are seeing now, this was always meant to kill many of us by freezing or starving to death.

What they did not realize is that a Shift of the Ages interferred with their plots. It is they who will be leaving along with all of thier followers. The poeple in the 60-69% group of Darkness are all good people who were oriented towards being fearful and being OK with being forced and liking to be controlled; most of these people are the salt of the Earth types. The fear, force, and control will drop to only 20% of the powre in the world. They will be able to feel and respond the 80% more freedom, truth/integrity, good choices, self-reliance/responsibility, and doing the right things.

Who knows. After we move into Aquarius in January, many of the people in the group from 50% to 69% will move quickly towards the Light. If that happens, some or all of the Dark people in the 70-79% may be given another chance. We all have choices; many have already been made, but others can still be made.

Note: The Dark Assholes in the 80% and higher will definitely be removed from Earth. We are all immortal Spiritual Beings and cannot die; we go back to Spirit and rest/recuperate before, eventually, coming back as a physical being on one of the millions of planets. There is Karma; I would not want to be one of these Dark Assholes. There next lives could be a real struggle.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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The Dark Side got caught Stealing Elections

We all watched the elections in Brazil. The guy who “won” was in jail for massive corruption. A corrupt member of the Supreme Court decided to let him out of jail; you know, Get Out of Jail Free card. This allowed him to run for President again.

What else? The Biden administration sent many of its operatives down to Brazil to work with the socialist/communist party, like the Democrats in the US. They were actually sent to set up the structure to steal the election, just like they did in 2020 against Trump.

It worked. They used the same playbook and stole the Brazilian Presidential election. Whew! Now, they have to hold on during the outrage. Millions of people in Brazil are out in the streets protesting this fraudulent election and demanding the military audit it. Why not rely on their Supreme Court; it is packed with 9 out of 11 communist/socialist judges who approved letting Lula get out of prison without serving his term. They vacated his conviction so that he could run. The Brazilian people have no trust in that court.

So, Brazil is on the edge of a civil war. The military must step in and they are. Shortly, they will announce that the election was fraudulent with proof of how it was stolen. This proof will implicate the Biden administration’s help in the steal. Lula will be put back in prison for a long time and the Supreme Court will be emptied and reconstituted for its role in the coup.

Yesterday, the US had an election; it too was stolen using the same playbook. Instead of focusing on a President, the Dems focused on Senators. Whew. They too must hang on during the outrage. This time, everyone was looking at the voting machine servers (and recording them remotely). They have forensic records on how votes were added (and taken away from) for the Dems. It will take a few days, but these files and videos will be coming out after the Brazilian announcements. This will trigger a massive uprising in the United States. There may actually be vigilante killings of corrupt election officials. Everyone was patient, but unbelieving after the 2020 steal; Americans are patient and tend to believe that the truth will come out.

But, they did it again. The permanent political party or the Uniparty in Washington DC has been desperate to take everyone’s guns away. If this theft is not addressed appropriately, there may be an uprising against our tyrannical system of government; this was another coup, just like in 2020 and after 2016.

I am not advocating for a civil war or revolution; I am just observing that the pot is boiling and could, very well, start overflowing. How does a democracy work when no one trusts its elections? This is especially true if one party has been stealing elections for 50 or 60 years.

Remember the playbook will be exposed; the Brazilians will expose it to the world. It will become easy for everyone to see it in their own elections. In the US, it takes until January 20th for the newly elected to take their seats; all hell is going to be released until then.

On Energy, on October 30th, Light got 80% (and Darkness still has only 20%). Darkness was still able to steal this election, but not so successfully as in 2020. Darkness had control over the development of voting machines and urban counties. Even before the lawsuits and exposures, the Dems lost the House, but more Republican/Right wins will be coming in both the House and Senate. The steal will not be allowed to succeed.

Now, Light has most of the powre and will expose the Darkness/Dem(on) steals everywhere. Light, like our world, is in transition; on January 1st, 2023, Light will become a more complex force, Right-Spin. Darkness will become Left-Spin. Both of these have a mechanism for working with shades of grey; there are two neutrals, one leans towards the Left-Spin pole and the other toward the Right-Spin pole.

So, this is the high watermark for Darkness. After this, they will only have one-quarter of the power they used to have. Oh shit, oh dear. Our world is changing for the better, even with all of the Earth Changes that are coming.

Love, Light and Laughter,



Are you an INFJ Personality? Maybe a Sigma as well?

I have just discovered that I am what people call a Myers-Brigg INFJ personality. I am also a Sigma male. Please look up INFJ as we can be either male/female.

I googled it today and found these sites. Very helpful.

This site is all about sharing spiritual insights. I will not (really cannot) use it for anything else. Everything on this site is free and always will be (except for some recommended books on Amazon). I will never exploit your trust, not even for ‘good” causes.
If any of you know about a website that allows we INFJ Personalities to connect with each other, please send me an email at: [email protected] We have such incredibly high standards, we all need help. If many of you are INFJs, we all have the gift/curse of few real friends. Maybe we can befriend each other. I tend to think that Right-Spinners (5% of the population) correlates well with 2% INFJ (2% Female/1% Male).
Anyone who Groks being a Right-Spinner may also be an INFJ or Sigma personality.
Love, Light and Laughter,


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Think about the Future that You WANT

For many of us (or most), we tend to think about how we have been attacked/hurt in the past. We tend to hold grudges. We tend to feel guilty. We tend to worry about a lot of things that we have no control over.

We MUST STOP doing these things as they just take your vibrations and lower/diminish them. When our vibrations are low enough, we are no longer energetic beings; we become part of matter (slowed-down energy). Essentially, we lose our capability to create. It forces us to make things happen by using physical forces like working harder/longer and focusing on the negative even more.

Depending on how long you have been in this lost vibration loop, you may have dug yourself a deep hole that must be filled in before the positive things in life can flow to you again.

First off, please see yourself as successful in one, or all areas. No negative self-talk; clean on that. Give yourSelf an MBO (Most Benevolent Outcome) for whatever you are envisioning for YourSelf. OK, you have started creating a better future for yourself.

We are going to use Majik next. Say “start, raise, vibes. and, apply” Note: all 5-letter command phrases. You can keep raising your vibrations until you get told no more. OK. For those who have a hole to fill in, use these, “start, raise, plus+, vibes, inbox, and apply.”

These are very specific instructions for shift-ing from Negative Setup to Positive ones. You must stop going down those remembrances of past pain/chaos whether it was physical, mental, emotional, or financial. CLEAN on them. The trick here is to see (envision) yourSelf the way you want your life to be. Once you start doing that, positive energy will begin to flow into your life. You can start small, as proof, or just go all the way. It is easy, now to raise your vibrations and fill your negative energy holes; yes you can have more than one. If you have been beating yourself up (negative self-talk) for years, you probably have one for relationships, success, and money. You may even have one for frequent failures or “I can’t do anything right.”

Whatever we think or say, especially to ourselves, becomes a directive to our Creative Selves. Our subconscious uses whatever power/powre we have to make that happen. What we think is what we get. What we say is what we get. Stop putting yourself down.

Instead, use this post to lift yourself UP.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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The Collapses will Accelerate

We are in the last quarter of 2022. Darkness/Left-Spin only has 20% of the power while Light/Right-Spin has 70% now, but will have 80% from the end of October until the new year.

On January 1st, 2023, we will formally enter Aquarius energies; that means the 80% will be fully enabled. Even though right-spinners are only 5% of the population (1 in 20), we will have 80% of the powre in our world (Universe). This is a world-changing event (or series of); it is imperative that you begin to think about how to make the world a better place. From all of your experiences, how would you change anything/everything?

Yes, the old world is being destroyed; we are watching the old economies slide into ruin. We are watching the EU collapse. Russia and China too. We are watching the rise (and fall) of India. We have watched the rise of Woke-ism and its fall! Russia is failing everywhere; its collapse will bring huge changes to the world.

Before we are born, we are allowed to choose whether we will come here as a Left- or Right-spinner. As Left-spinners have had 80% of the power for at least 10,000 years, most have come here as Left-Spinners. It makes a lot of sense, why struggle if you do not have to? So, 85% (17 out of 20) are Left-Spinners. That leaves 2 out of 20 (10%) that are in the middle and can go back and forth quickly and easily. You can be a Left-spinner and still be a wonderful person, but you are oriented toward Fear, Force, and Control; you give your power to Darkness.

In January, Right-Spin energies take over. Right-spinners only had 20% forever; they have been stomped on for a long time. Guess what will happen to the Left-spinners? Yes, THEY will be STOMPED on. It will not be restrained at all.

Essentially, all of the Left-Spinners will be leaving/dying; they will no longer be welcome on Planet Earth. Yes, new Left-Spinners will be allowed to be born, but around 5%. If you believe the media, we have around 8 billion people; I think it’s around 4 billion, but it matters not. 17 out of 20 (85%) will be leaving from the many ways death comes.

I know, how could God do such a thing? We all have choices and in this case, all of these people bet on the wrong horse; they must now pay up. Light/Right-spin will have 1000s of years of pent-up anger and its release will be devastating to those on the receiving end.

How is such a thing possible now? With our technology? With our civilization? Look at the food crisis coming. Look at the inflation? Look at the energy crises? Are we heading into a very cold, long winter? The Mini Ice Age (Eddy Minimum); look it up. What happens if the winter lasts until mid-April? Oh, Shit What happens if it snows in Mid-September? Oh, Shit, Shit, Shit.

Even worse, the harvest this year is much lower than in the past. Ukraine and Russia cannot get their harvest out to the world. Next year will be worse; still no fertilizers and much shorter growing seasons. The last time this happened in Europe was 1650-1715 (>1775). Look up the year with no summer. Farmers had to shift to growing cabbages and potatoes; wheat and corn tended to disappear except in regions closer to the equator. Agriculture is a high-tech industry and requires fertilizers; that supply chain is now broken. We must go back to using manure for survival.

During the last Mini Ice Age (the Maunder Minimum), Europe experienced three bouts of the Black Death (Bubonic Plague); it got so cold out in the fields that the rats moved in with people.

Just think, how many 100s of millions have been forced to take the jabs and boosters, even if they were OK with it? Spike proteins and Graphene were in all of them; these are fatal. Look it up; there are ways of minimizing their impacts. Some may be able to reverse their impacts, but not many. None of this has been accidental, coincidence, or happenstance, or luck; it is all meant to be. It is all part of this massive energy shift between Left- and Right-spin.

Sorry, but this winter will be just the beginning. The next ten years will see the collapse of everything that we have come to think of as normal. If you are a Right-spinner, you will survive well; you will have additional powres that you will be able to use. You and others like you will be leaders to help many others survive. It is going to be a struggle.

After all the struggle, the 500 million (give or take) survivors will enter a new Golden Age ruled by Order, not Chaos. Ruled by more freedom, good choices, truth, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility, and doing the right things. There will be far more thinkers. There will be far more makers (and far fewer takers). People will be smarter; less stupid.

Guilt is something you can clean. Worry is something you can clean. Think (negative self-talk) is something you can clean. CLEAN is a powreful Majik command word. APPLY is a powreful command word. Guilt, Worry, and Think are also powreful command words. The idea is to move your FOCUS (5-LTR) from Chaos to Order. This is Majik 101. EQUAL is also a powreful command word.

Love, Light and Laughter,



Majik or Magic? What’s the difference?

THEY, the Elites, have been telling us for 100s of years that there is no such thing as Magic; it is just sleight of hand. Yet, they have been using it to create wealth and power for 1000s of years. For at least the last three ages (Pisces, Aries, and Taurus), the Elite males have had 80% of the power in our world. You had to follow the herd, flock, or school or it was probably fatal not to do so. That is 6,480 years, or more likely, 10,800 years; longer than our recorded history.

For THEM, Magic was a way to tap into that 80% power. It was an energy that supported more fear, force, and control. That’s what THEY used it for; to control us. The same families have ruled us down through the ages. They intermarried and comingled their finances, but used their Magic to rule us. We were/are considered to be sheeple and were used as “cannon fodder” mostly. But now, there are too many of us (worthless mouths) and they have come up with a Pandemic to kill off many millions of us. Covid was planned for 20 years. So were the vaccinations; they will kill far more than Covid. All of our wars have been preplanned as well. Don’t you realize that the food and energy shortages we are about to experience have also been preplanned? Is it an accident that many food processing plants have been destroyed recently? The stupidity of depending on wind and solar instead of nuclear or the dependable gasoline, diesel, and natural gas; was that somehow, an accident, or was it preplanned?

These Elite Monsters have been in charge for so long that they know it is THEY who make the decisions. It is not just arrogance; they know that THEY have the power.

That has changed! THEY have had this dominant power for 1000s of years and, naturally, assumed it would continue on for 1000s more years in the future. THEY have actually set up things so THEY can rule the entire planet (the UN, the EU, the CCP, the WEF, Davos, and the Deep State).

Unexpectedly, the new Age that we are moving into (Aquarius) is very different from the last 3-5 ages; it is female dominant and no longer supports more fear, force, and control. Instead, it supports more freedom, truth, choice, integrity, and doing the right things. No longer will being part of the in-crowd or group be the key to success. Following the herd, flock, or school will not be supported; you will be able to follow your own way/path.

This site has been developed for this transition; it is all about Right-Spinners (or clockwise vortexes).

THEY are Left-Spinners. THEY use Magic which is a left-spin (or counter-clockwise) vortex. It used to be 80% of the power, but, now, it is only 20%. Their Magic is now, only 1/5th of the power. Oh, shit, oh, dear. THEY do not realize that THEY have lost their power; nothing is going according to their extensive planning. Look at Liz Truss. How about Sweden? How about Italy? Before that, what about Hungary and Poland? What about the collapse of Russia’s Army? Will Putin last much longer?

So Magic is Left-Spin and is all about more fear, force, and control. Another way to view it is as Chaos. It used to be 80% of the power but is now 20%.

If Right-Spin is now 80% of the power (and it is), how do you spell Right-Spin Magic? No, Magic is the Left-Spin spelling. It is spelled MAJIK. Same pronunciation, but a very different spelling; it is all about Order (not or opposite of Chaos). Again, more freedom, choice (good), truth, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility, and doing many more right things.

Right-Spinners will be able to use Majik to tap into the 80% powre in the new year; 2023. Again, it is focused on more Order, not Chaos. It is about more freedom, not more fear, force, and control. Wow, fear is going to drop down to a significant minority consideration!!!

Stop. Go back and reread the above. Everything has changed. THEY are no longer in charge. THEY no longer rule us. Everything that THEY have set up to control us is failing/collapsing. Yes, big government, big business, big education, big pharm/medicine, EVERYTHING.

What next? Not sure. WE must invent it. It will be based on Order, not Chaos. There will be much better choices, more freedom, more truth (much less corruption), and more along these lines. Oh yes, there will be far less fear, force, and control.

Love, Light and Laughter,




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The European Union is collapsing

Germany, which has had the most influence in the EU, is nearly a failed state. Italy will soon elect a government hostile to Brussels. The EU is forcing Hungary and Poland to withhold their money into the central pot; that will break everything apart. Greece cannot do anything but default, like Sri Lanka, but the Germans will be holding the bag. Spain and Portugal have been along for the ride, but are not happy with where Germany, France, and the Netherlands are taking them. Farmers are rebelling everywhere; what happens when there is no food?

Britain has left and is doing better in every respect than its EU neighbors. It has issues but is rapidly rebuilding its worldwide ties of empire.

Germany wants to seize greater control over the EU by eliminating the national veto. Is that likely to happen? Would everyone really shoot themselves in the foot like that?

Some people have looked at the EU as the 4th Reich for Germany. Germany was the largest economy and most wealthy country in Europe. But now, Germany’s economy/industry is collapsing from a lack of Russian natural gas. Germany can either make a deal with the Russians or see its industrial capacity destroyed. If it makes a deal, that will be the end of Germany’s leadership in the EU. Poland already distrusts the Germans over the tank deal. No one will trust the Germans after they succumb to the Russians. The Germans have announced they are re-arming; does that seem trust-building to its neighbors?

Will Europeans sit and watch the Germans re-arm and get themselves out of a depression militarily? Not likely, we have seen the Germans do this twice in the last 100 years. Germany will be forced to be broken up into at least four pieces; the Poles, the Czechs, the Austrians, and the Danes. France may get a piece as well. You say, not possible, Germany is too strong/powerful. People do not understand; Germany is totally dependent on Russian gas for its entire industrial base. It’s not just Germany, much of Europe is also incredibly dependent. Factories throughout Europe are already beginning to shut down over energy costs; this will accelerate in the coming winter.

What happens when millions of people cannot afford food and fuel to heat their homes? What I am suggesting here is that Europe will be having another depression like the 1920s and 30s. The Euro is already very close to collapse and it will become worthless soon. What then? Will the Mark be worth a lot? Not likely. The Swiss Franc and the British Pound will be the only currency worth anything in Europe. Yes, add the US Dollar to that. Yes, gold and silver will be good to have. Start dumping your currencies and buy them. Develop your skills/talents for bartering. Hoard food. Prepare, it is going to be a long hard winter.

Buy indoor tents, gas bottles, water containers, and sleeping bags now. You may need to camp out in your home/apartment for survival. Oh yes, buy lots of candles for light and heat.

I am not just writing this because I am a survivalist, but we are going through what some call a “Shift of the Ages.” We are moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. It is also a shift from Darkness to Light; everything that we expected to be normal from our past is changing. We have all experienced the Covid masks, lockdowns, and mandatory jabs/boosters; that was just the beginning. Next, we are experiencing supply-chain shortages in many things. We are beginning to experience high costs of food and energy; this will become worse.

We are about to enter into a time when the winters will be much colder and last deep into spring. The winters will come again in September. The rivers of Europe are drying up. They will freeze over. What is that going to do to the movement of food, fuel, and other goods? Farmers will be forced to plant potatoes and cabbages due to the shortened growing seasons. This happened in Europe back about 350 years ago; it is called the Mini Ice Age or the Maunder Minimum (1650-1715 (perhaps 1775)). We are about to enter the Eddy Minimum and it could last for 200, 400, or even, 800 years.

The shift in energies will hit us all hard; there is no way to avoid it. We must all change how we have looked at our lives over the past 30 or 40 years, we have lived in great abundance. That is no longer possible; at least for a while. Put on your Survival Mindset and share it.

I live in the Caribbean where it is warm even in the coldest winters. We have enough rain and it is fairly easy to grow food. We also have lots of fish. Yes, we have tropical storms and hurricanes, but they tend to come once every 5 years.

With this new Aquarian energy, advanced new technologies will be coming. It will take a while for this to happen. It will be tough at first, but this is the dawning of a new Golden Age.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Darkness/Chaos is in Retreat

Today, Russia started losing the war in Ukraine. Russia has long been a state within the orbit of Darkness. Its collapse, again, will be very rapid.

Germany has killed itself with a self-inflicted wound; too much dependence on Russian Gas. They had plenty of nuclear electricity but fell for the anti-nuclear efforts from Russia to sell more gas. I am not saying that nuclear power is the answer but it was better than Russian gas. France is reopening all of its nuclear power plants; that is a no-brainer after all the Greenie Insanities. Italy will withdraw from the EU rapidly; they will just say no to Brussels and the Germans. With the Brits gone, Italy leaving and the Germans collapsing economically, the EU will not be able to hold itself together; Spain and Portugal will leave with Italy. Greece will default. The Germans will be left holding an empty bag.

The farmers in Holland, Belgium, France, Poland, Italy, and more are forcing their governments to push back against the World Economic Forum (WEF). The WEFers have suffered a great defeat. Liz Truss has sacked/fired all of the WEFers in the British Government; another huge defeat. The Centralists/Globalists almost got there, but everything is falling apart. Why? The approaching energy shifts as we move into Aquarian energy (January 2023). Far less fear, force, and control. Far more freedom, good choices, truth, integrity, and doing the right things.

Even King Charles had to abandon the WEF; he was forced to Constitutionally. The Globalist world is collapsing everywhere; it required the free flow of goods, services, food, and energy. All of those have dropped away everywhere; shortages are the new rule.

The Dark side does not understand what is happening. They have had most of the power in our world for more than 10,000 years and expected it to continue. That ratio has flipped; Darkness only has 20% now and Light will have 80% by November (officially for January).

Just imagine, everything that we know (from our past) has been designed by Darkness for more control using more and more fear and force. More chaos has been the result. Everything from government, the courts, the police, the military, education, business, medicine, and pharmaceuticals is so very Dark and must be changed.

In our future, more Order (much less chaos) will be the rule. Women will be in charge; we are already seeing that. Everyone will be able to pursue their wants without staying in the school, flock, or herd. Credentials will no longer be required, at least not the same ones. There will be much more freedom and good choice within the new Order. We all expect our politicians, judges, and bureaucrats to be corrupt, stealers, and liars. Same for our business and military leaders, but less so. This too will change; the new energies will no longer support these kinds of people in leadership roles.

How is all of this going to happen? Simple, the Light/Right-spinners  (remember they have 80% of the power) will be taking over. Right-spinners are only one in 20 of us (5%) and 19 out of 20 of them are women. Men are only 5% of the 5%. Yes, like Hen’s teeth.

This small group of people will have Majikal powres far beyond the powers of today’s “normal” men. The rule through a barrel of a gun (or knife, sword, poison, injection, etc.) will no longer be supported. I know, hard to believe.

Here’s more. Many millions of us will be leaving (dying) to be born again on some other planet (not Earth). The WEFers tried to get us all to accept the poisoned jabs/boosters; that is somehow part of the plan in shifting over to the new energies. The survivors will all receive long healthy lives and young-looking bodies; think 300-500 years. This is so that they can make advancements toward the Light.

With everyone living such long lives, having children will be rare. Children will be treasured and everyone involved in raising them will be blessed.

Everyone will have some form of Majikal powers; some will have much more powre than others. We will grow our food differently. We will catch fish differently. We will get our meat differently. We will move things around differently. We will mine metals differently. We will build things differently. We will heal differently. We will make money differently. Many things will change. Some of the good things will stay, but most will be gone.

This is the true dawning of the Age of Aquarius (which will last for at least 2,150 years). Probably more.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Climate Change? Yes, but it is getting much colder

Europe is going to get the brunt of Climate Change this year. It could be that large snowfall will happen before October. What that means is the Mini Ice Age is starting this year.

Russia has cut off gas supplies. Now, everyone will be scrambling for ways to heat and cook during a long, cold winter; do not expect things to warm up until late April. Buy several large propane bottles. Think about inflatable tents; one within another for your living room. Buy winter sleeping bags. Buy big folding water containers; your water will be cut off for fear of freezing pipes. Buy a portable toilet container; a bucket you can sit on. Yes, buy beans and rice and other stuff in large quantities. It is going to be a long, cold winter.

It is not all doom and glume, we are entering Aquarian Energy in January. What that means is the Light/Right-spinners will have 80% of the powre in the Universe. How bad can things get when we have that kind of powre?

Visit my technology site ( to see the kinds of new technologies coming into the world (all need the new Aquarian Energies). All of these technologies have been blocked by the Dark side, but those blocks are falling/fading away now. So, there will be new ways of generating large amounts of electricity at very low costs. Yes, better than nuclear and far better than coal, natural gas, oil, wind, or solar.

I am not sure how long it will be before these technologies can be brought into the world. That is why I am telling you to prepare. Perhaps, many people will freeze to death this winter; they will if they are not prepared.

In Europe, the great rivers are drying up. In Saudi Arabia, there are several great rivers flowing in the desert. Yes, climate change is happening.  Did you know that 2,000 years ago, North Africa was the grain-growing “breadbasket” for Rome; it is coming back to that again.

With this shift of the Ages between Pisces and Aquarius many changes are coming. Everything from the past will be changed, sometimes massively.

Look forward to what is coming.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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