No One believes How Bad it will Be!!!

Dear Readers,

Please begin your preparations (if you haven’t started already). By this time next year (2021), basic food items will be 4-7 times higher in cost than now.

Start buying rice, pasta, dried potatoes, dried peas, and canned protein and veggies of all sorts. Store these in water-tight containers (air-tight is better). Make sure that they are stored above flood levels (yes, flooding will be a problem).

Why? The Grand Solar Minimum or not so Mini-Ice-Age is beginning to hit us hard. This one could be on a 2,000 year repeating cycle; that means it could last 400-800 years. Really? Yes, no shit!

OK. What does that mean? In Europe, all of the farm land North of the French and Italian borders will have growing seasons that are just too short. Yes, potatoes and cabbages can be grown, but corn, wheat and other grains not so much. Yes, the Ukraine will have shorter and shorter growing seasons and the cold/snow will come earlier and earlier (sooner). The same thing will happen to the grow areas in the United States; draw a line from Northern Arizona to Southern Virginia and anything North of that will be too cold. Yes, all of Canada will be too cold.

This will get worse and worse as we move into this new climate. It is not warming, it is getting much colder, quickly. So growing food in the Caucuses will not be an option. Where can Europe get food from? Simple, Syria. Why do you think Putin has his forces there? Hopefully, Northern Africa will become a new grain belt like it was during the Roman Empire. China is making moves to control that whole area; it will begin to have famine this winter.

On China, this is the worst year in more than 400 years for Typhoons and heavy rain. This is not accidental, it is the Jet Streams changing. Many of the 1000s of dams in China are collapsing/have collapsed and flood waters have ruined the crops (and the computer chips). The Chinese Infrastructure has also been destroyed; the food that they have will be much harder to distribute, especially to the countryside.

So… What I am saying is that much of the world will have to adapt and move its growing areas South (or North for the Southern Hemisphere). In the United States, the Desert Southwest will become well watered soon as the Jet Streams move South and carry moisture. This will also bring water to Northern Africa.

Wow. Food security will become a big problem for much of Europe. Yes and No. American farmers must move their operations into the Southern States. This way the Americans will still grow a lot of food. This strategy will not be so easy for Europe; will Europe re-colonize Northern Africa?

What else can be done? Technology may be the answer. Think of all the abandoned warehouses (and castles) in Europe. These can be transformed into vertical farming operations that grow many kinds of vegetables. Hay for the animals will have to be grown in the ground, but hay is a grass and will be able to be harvested until snowfall. Soybeans can be grown via vertical farming. So can potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbages, carrots and others. Mushrooms as well. Grains are going to be hit hard, but they are mostly sugar (or produce a lot of glucose). Many of us are moving away from grains in our Keto Diets. In these high-tech growing operations, fish farming is (or can be) built-in. Fish can eat soybeans and so can pigs.

Note: Much of the Ukraine has three meters of top soil. This could be a wonderful source of rich dirt to supply these vertical farming operations.

This is already beginning to happen in both Europe and the United States and is spreading around the world.

What else can be done? Simple, the temperature of the ground is 12° C (or 54° F) two meters (6 feet) down. This is true whether it is in the deepest winter or hottest summer. So, we must take a backhoe and dig down two meters, lay some plastic pipes (be able to put your fist into), cover them up, and hook them up to a fan. We must put enough of these buried pipes in the ground to pick up the heat from the ground and recirculate it in our buildings; taking our cold air and pumping it into the ground pipes. This one operation will provide a continuous baseline of 12°C/54°F; that is nearly the perfect temperature for growing plants and is a much more cost-effective start for heating to Human comfort zones. This is something that can be done in Canada or Russia for those who want to brave long, cold winters.

Then, there is the option of moving underground as well. In our past, we have had entire civilizations move underground to escape falling debris from asteroids or meteor showers. When rocks start falling from the sky, our roofs and vehicles are not make for that kind of punishment. Anything above ground will have to have strong steel coverings. Look up places like Cappadocia and its vast labyrinth of underground dwellings in Turkey. These ancient people dug these stone dwellings out by hand; something severe must have driven them to do so. Our Astronomers are telling us that we are moving into an area of increased meteor activities, what does that mean?

Because of our technologies, if we move quickly, we will be able to grow enough food to maintain our civilization (not so many as now).

So,,, ,whether we are using backhoes or something bigger, getting heat from or getting protection by going underground may be in our futures.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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More on Energy Vampires and Such…

I have written about Energy Vampires on this site before; us the search to find it. Here is some more. I will be repeating some of what I have shared again for the new readers.

This site is for Right-Spinners. We are of the Light and tend to think of ourSelves as “Light Workers.” As such, we are like “Lighthouses” that send their beams out into the Darkness; we can be seen a long ways off by the energy manipulators.

Who and what are these energy manipulators?

Energy Decoys

The lowest level I will call Energy Decoys. These people are quite strong Dark/Left-Spin beings who are on the path to become Energy Vampires. Unlike Vampires, they are able to passively collect our energy and hold it. They look a lot like Right-Spinners to us. If we ask ourSelves if they are “Right-Spinners?” We will get a Yes as they have a layer of Right-Spin energy around them. That is the wrong question; it should be “are they Energy Decoys?” They look like us but do not act like us. But, unlike Vampires, they do not suck our energy and drain us; it is more subtle. They tend to operate in a group and are associated with a Vampire that is apprenticing them to become a Vampire.

Energy Vampires

We tend to be unaware of Decoys as they collect our energy passively. That is not true of Vampires. Frequently, when we are with a group of others, a Vampire will get close and suck our energy. If they can, they will completely “drain” us and it will only take a moment. Many of us do not realize that these Vampires exist and do not understand what just happened. But it keeps on happening.

Vampires are very strong Dark/Left-Spinners. They suck our energy to get stronger and stronger. They actually are striving to become a Demon Holder (next advancement).

You mean there is a hierarchy of Dark ranks here on Earth? Among people? Yes, just like there is a hierarchy of “Church” ranks from Priest to Bishop and up to Pope. Unfortunately, the Church attracts and promotes these Dark Beings (like our existing Pope). Not all, but most senior religious leaders are Vampires. This also applies to Politicians and CEOs. These successful Vampire love to have strong Right-Spinners around to suck from.

Demon Holders

The most senior rank of Dark/Left-Spin people is that of Demon Holder. You can be a High Priestess of Darkness like Hillary, but you must be a Demon Holder first.

Demon Holders get promoted from the most successful Vampires. They are rewarded by carrying around one or more powerful Demons. These Demons are ancient Spiritual Beings that have developed kinetic powers and cannot “fly” around. The Demon Holder brings the Demon to its intended target and provides the Set up for the Demon to enter.

Wow, you mean that Demons can actually take over a Human? Yes, whenever you see a “truly” Evil Person, they have been taken over. To become a Demon Holder, you must allow yourSelf to be taken over by a Demon.

How do WE Protect ourSelves?

First. WE are all biological computers. Some of us can program ourSelves. Others must approach the programming/reprogramming with sacred geometry, ceremony, candles, essential oils, and such. Do whatever works for You. For those who can program themSelves, say the program and then say, “Install it and run it.”

Here are the two programs that I recommend that you install.

“My energy is my own. No one may take my energy without my permission.”

“My energy is my own. No one may give me any unwanted energy without my permission.”

The first one prevents Decoys and Vampires from stealing/sucking your energy.

The second will offer significant protection against Demons and the Spells of Dark Magicians (Dark Witches, Warlocks and Sorcerers).

I know, this is fantasy or fiction, but then Energy Vampire exist, don’t they?

Next. After installing the two programs you must ask about the people around you. Remember, we are like Lighthouses and they are attracted by our energy. We can be seen a long ways off and they want what we have.

Yes, this is also about money. They can use our energy to advance along their paths for more money and power. Up until recently, Darkness had 80% of the power in our world. Advancing in Darkness was the chosen path for nearly everyone seeking power.

How many of you have realized that you were living with a Decoy or Vampire and threw them out? After a while, they could not hide who they were. Drawing your energy sexually is one of their favorites. Be very careful about who you go home with. She may be beautiful, but she may also be a Vampire (not blood, but energy).

It is not good enough to ask if “they” are like me. They steal/suck our energies and “look” a lot like US. The correct questions are: “Are they a Decoy, Vampire or Demon Holder?”

Yes, we tend to most interested in the Vampire question, but then the Decoys get a free ride. If we get a yes to Vampire, then the next question should be Demon Holder. Then, you know who and what you are dealing with.

My Experience with a Very Powerful Demon

I did not know about Decoys and Vampires at this time, yet.

A Decoy who I trusted introduced me to a Vampire/Demon Holder. I cam to trust him as well and started working on technologies with him. I spent time with him at his house. One afternoon in his living room, he pointed out that the light fixture with four light bulbs hanging from his ceiling was turning one way and then the other on its own. He said it was strange and maybe his house was “haunted.”

For whatever reason I was “prompted” to walk over and reach up with my finger. I do not know where the prompted came from, but maybe the fight that came was a SetUp.

When I touched the light fixture, it stopped and a Demon came down my arm. It was exalted and sang as it came, “I have eaten many like you and will eat you” and “You are mine.” This came through to me mentally.

I waited and watched. When it got to my elbow I, mentally, told it to Stop. I wasn’t sure what was happening and what to do about it, but it stopped. It was not happy and started telling me how very powerful it was and that I could not keep him from eating me for long. It even said that it would finish me off when I fell asleep.

Mistake. I knew then that I must take actions against it. How? What? From somewhere I knew what I had to do. I put a sphere of golden light around the Demon (in my arm). I made the sphere very strong. I, then, put 143 other golden sphere around the first sphere. I created a very strong holding tank for the Demon.

The Demon was not happy and told me that I could not hold the shield while I was asleep. I was not sure that was truth, but could I take a risk? I told the Demon that I would allow it to retreat back up my finger to the light fixture. It laughed at me and told me that “I was its meat.” It gave me a mental image of what it would do to me. It was planning on going up my arm, across my shoulder and into my spinal cord. Once there, it was going to move into my medulla and control me.

I said, “you are a very powerful Demon with great respect among other Demons? “Yes”, it said and again told me that I was “its meat.” I asked it to leave once more and it refused.

I then put 144 golden tooth picks (that were also straws) into the ball of spheres. I asked one more time (three times) if it would leave. It answered, “No.”

I began “sucking” the awareness or, perhaps, its power, out of the Demon. I was doing to it what it had done to so many others. I was not keeping this energy and just released it into the air around me.

The balls of golden light were about the size of a basketball (larger than a soccer or foot ball). I shrunk the globes of light down to the size of a softball and asked again. “No.” I shrank the globes down to the size of a pool or billiard ball and asked again. “No.” I kept going until it was the size of a pea and asked again. “No.” So, I kept going until the Demon globe was the size of a grain of sand.

I thought that I might go down to a mote, but that may be too far. I wasn’t sure that it was my task to “kill” or “terminate” this Demon being. I asked my Spirit Guide if I should continue the reduction in power.

Got a big Stop. I had already reduced the power of the Demon down to the lowest rank of Demons (from the very highest). OK. Now, what was I supposed to do with it?

No reply. So I asked if I could hand it off to an Angel? I mean if there are Demons then there must be Angels. I got a Yes and handed the weakened Demon over to Michael. I slept well that night.

I realized that I was a powerful being in my own right and was put here for some reason greater than I knew. That realization put me on the path to this site – the Earth Being Transformation.

I share this story so you will know that you can fight back if/when you are attacked by a Demon. Not only that you can, but how.

Not all Demons will be as full of themselves or as over-confident as mine was. If they attack hard, counter-attack harder; there will be no meeting of the minds.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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End of the 4th Reich

Hello. I’ve been a bit quiet for a while. Yes, this is a Spiritual site, but I do get to comment on the demise of Darkness from time to time.

Let’s talk BREXIT. It is supposed to happen on October 31st, 2019. It looks like the Globalists are doing everything in their power to prevent the departure of Britain from the EU.

Let’s get back to my timetable; as of September 15th, Right-Spin had 30$ of the powre in our world (actually, our local Universe). On October 1st, it will go to 35% and on October 15th, 40%.

Now, remember, Light already has 40% and has been messing with Darkness for the past two and a half months (Darkness only has 20%). For whatever reason, Light was not able to use it’s powre against Darkness until it got to 40%. The same applies to Right-Spin’s 40%; it will not be usable against Darkness until after the 15th of October (say 10/19 or 10/22 as they are the next 14-Days/Creation Days).

You ask how Light has been messing with Darkness? Italy and Hungary. The departure of May and arrival of BoJo. The coming collapse of China. The increasing win-win-win by Trump in all areas, especially the US Economy. Then there was the G7 for another win.

What about my title? We all know that twice in the last century, Germany tried to conquer Europe; we call them the First and Second World Wars. Hitler called his Germany, the Third Reich. Starting with the ashes of that defeat Germany was allowed to rapidly develop while the rest of Europe was shackled by Socialism. This led to the development of the European Free Market which was free trading between European countries and became a free movement of people and goods.

Somehow, this European Customs Union morphed into the European Union which gradually seized control over the political processes of its member nations. Members of the EU Parliament cannot propose laws, can only vote on final acceptance. The bureaucrats make the rules upon rules upon rules independently. The EU has now set its sites on becoming an “Empire.”

What people do not realize is that the Germans have, finally, conquered Europe; it is called the European Union (EU). Germany is the most equal of equals. Britain is, now, about to escape the control/bondage of the EU. People question whether it will happen, or not. It is not a question of if, but, rather, when. Light and Right-Spin energies are both supporting the destruction of the EU, the Party of Davos and the Chicoms (all of the Globalists).

What is control/bondage? Just another form of Fear, Force and Control or Darkness. What was “normal” in the past is no longer being supported; Darkness only has 20% and, soon, both Light (40%) and Right-Spin (40%) will be able to mess with everything Darkness has built over the past thousands of years. Light will always tend to go after natural buildups of power and use earthquakes, ice ages (low solar radiation), tsunamis/floods and subsidences to oppose Dark powers. Right-Spin will be able to go after many of the man-made efforts like the United Nations, the EU, the Chinese Communist Part (CCP) and the Banksters/Deep State/Rothchilds.

Light workers will be supported by Light, but they are also the foundation of those who become Right-Spinners. The Light Forces will have 40% of the powre. But….the Right-Spinners will also have 40% of the powre.

Just a note to tell all of you that we are still on track for gigantic changes that are coming at us. Yes, we do, live in INTERESTING TIMES.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Even More on the Magnetic Reversal

Yes, everything I wrote about in my last post, More on Earth Changes, is still as described, but there is MORE. The Magnetosphere or the Magnetic Field of the Earth is growing weaker rapidly. The Magnetic Pole Shift could come as early as September, this year (2019).

What I did not realize is that the Magnetic Reversal, when it comes, will be even more complex for all of us.

In the Old Testament, there is a section, Joshua 10: 13, which describes Joshua and his army attacking Jericho. We all know about the ten times around and the trumpets blowing. Here is the important part: “So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the nation avenged itself on its enemies, as it is written in the Book of Jashar. The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day.”

I include this reference because it can be viewed as a historical fact, even though it is recorded in one of our Holy Books. What do we have going on here? The Sun stops, stands still. It must be late in the day, as they can see the Moon rising. The Moon, too, stops and stands still. But then, we are told that the Sun stopped in the middle of the sky (probably still late in the day). And, here is the kicker, the Sun and Moon, apparently did not seem to move for a “full” day.

What is being described here is the deceleration , stopping and acceleration of our Planet Earth’s shift in axis and orbital direction. This, too, comes with a Magnetic Reversal. So….Back in Joshua’s time, what, about 3300 years ago, they document the time it takes for a reversal in the orbit direction to occur. Prior to the Battle of Jericho, the Sun rose in the west and set in the East. After the Battle of Jericho, the Sun rose in the East and set in the West (our experience).

Now, we all know that our Planet orbits around the Sun. It orbits around its axis and in a path around the Sun in a Counter-Clockwise manner. All of the planets orbit around the Sun in a Counter-Clockwise manner. Will this still be true after the Magnetic Reversal?

No. The Earth will orbit around its axis and around the orbit of the Sun in a Clockwise manner. The Earth will experience this Magnetic Pole Shift on instructions from the Sun; they are in constant communications. The same thing will happen to our Moon and the other planets as well.

Think about it, we are revolving on our axis at about 25,000 miles or 40,000 kilometers per hour. Ok, that gives us 10 hours to decelerate, 2 hours for the core energies to stabilize and then, 10 hours (roughly) to accelerate in the opposite direction.

What about all of the water in our world? Will it slosh around in Giant Tsunamis that are miles high? Good news, sort of. Much of the stuff in my previous posts will be happening about the same time. This will, probably, be the trigger for the collapse of Central America/Western Caribbean and the Far East Island nations. It will also be the trigger for the Big or Gigantic Ones in California and Mexico. All of Baja California will be gone (sunk into the sea) and Mexico City will be totally destroyed. These events will be calming events on the large movements of water. You will not want to be vacationing at the seaside; try the Alpine regions. The Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean will move eastward with waves as high as the Great Pyramid of Giza.

There is still going to be a huge increase in volcanic activity and large or very large earthquakes. There is still going to be a Mini Ice Age and there is still going to be mass movement of people due to food shortages.

Are you tracking what is happening to the weather in Europe, the flooding throughout the Middle East in the dry deserts and the massive flooding in the primary growing regions of the United States. The Jet Streams are getting structurally loosened by the weakened magnetosphere; they are bringing the torrential rains and the massive snow and cold down, This is just the beginning and it will get worse in 2020-21 and again in 2024-25. Our ancestors built cities underground; why? Probably, to escape giant hail stones that killed everything, including our sheep, goats, cattle and horses, out in the open. Yes, our building and cars too. Even worse, US, too.

Lightening and Electric Storms will become very frightening as well; they will be incredible to behold and will last for hours.

‘We are going to have to move our food and pot growing indoors with very strong steel roofs; check out and others like them. Our homes must also have welded steel roofs with extended hang overs.

Go to I have some technologies that can be brought into the world now. These will help in the preservation of our civilization and technology.

We are living in “Interesting Times.”

Love, Light and Laughter,


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How the Shift Works

None of us alive have experienced a Shift of the Ages; moving from Pisces to Aquarius.

I initially thought it was a straightforward process; NOT!

When we entered into Aquarian energy back in December 2012, you know the end of the Mayan Calendar, it wasn’t Aquarian energy yet. We entered into a kind of neutral transition between the two Ages. This transition takes nine (9) years and will be completed on December 21, 2022. Counting the 9-year transition, each Age lasts for 2,160 years.

What happened in these last 9 years is unknown; these transitions include extended, negotiated agreements between Dark energies and Light. Of course, none of us know anything about those agreements. The one thing we know is that Aquarian energy will emerge as dominant after the transition. In Taurus, Aries, and Pisces, Darkness had 80% of the available power in our world/Solar System/Local Universe; this explains why Fear, Force, and Control have played such a dominant role in all of our remembered/recorded history. The Male dominated the past three Ages; thus his story (history). In Aquarius, the Female will dominate, Aquarian energies will support more Freedom, Truth/Integrity, Choice (Good ones), Self-Reliance/Responsibility, Individual Rights over Group/Collective Rights, and doing the Right things.

During this transition period, we have seen positive and negative swings back and forth; Covid was a huge negative happening, but it has allowed many of us to wake up to tyranny and be able to see the wrongness of many decisions our Elites have made for us. Think Climate Change and Global Warming. Think Globalism and Globalization. Think WEF/Davos/Bilderbergers/Rothschilds. Think killing coal, oil, nuclear power, and total dependence on natural gas (from Russia?).

Yes, we are all experiencing the war in Ukraine; it is horrible and Russia has become a Priya nation. But hey, worldwide sanctions are killing the Global World Order; that’s a good thing.

We are in the last year of the transition.  By January 30th, Darkness got 10% of the power. By February 28th, Darkness got 20%. That was all for Darkness. In March, April, May, and June, Light got 10% for each (40%). This will occur for July, August, September, and October for 80% of the powre.

So, now, on July 4th, Independence Day in the US, Light has twice the power of  Darkness. We are in the last half of the year as well. The Rules of Engagement (ROE) are, seemingly, that Light could not use its powre against Darkness until July; although it may have jumped the gun at the end of June (the Supreme Court wins).

My point is that the forces of Big Government, the Deep State, WEF/Davos/Bilderbergers/Rothchilds/Central Banksters, the EU, and the UN have all lost the War. They may still win a few battles, but 20% does not trump 40% or 60% or 80%; their losses will become larger and larger. Think about it; are Russia and China forces of Darkness? YES. Are they winning? Have they gotten any of their major objectives? No, some small ones maybe. Wait and see what will happen to these Dark countries. This will apply to Dark regions and states. Light has been blocked, limited, suppressed, and stomped on for the past 6,480 years (or more); being strong in Darkness will be an invitation for attack. US States that are very Dark include New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts. Rhode Island, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, and California; these all have significant pain coming. Through in Delaware. Maryland, and the District of Columbia (DC) as well. In Europe, London, Paris, Berlin, Minsk, and Moscow are all on the Dark Side of the Force.

Today, it was reported that the 3 Gorges Dam has three (3) major cracks; it will not be long. After major upheavals in China, massive earthquake activity will kick off a Cascadia Earthquake and Tsunami that will hit the US West Coast (Vancouver, Seatle, Portland, and San Francisco). That will trigger the “Big One” along the San Andreas and California will become the Isles of California. Washington State, Oregon, and California are among the Darkest Regions anywhere on Earth. Parts of New York and Illinois are not far behind.

Light will be fully empowered and moving against Darkness on New Year’s Day, 2023. We are moving into a several 100-year Mini Ice Age. We have food shortages that we can clearly see coming. We have energy shortages that we can clearly see coming too. This coming winter will be a bad one; very cold. How bad will things be in 2024, 2025, 2026, and out? Our growing seasons will shrink; learn how to grow food indoor or out.

We are already seeing mass migrations of people with the refugees from Ukraine. What will the coming cold and food shortage do? Will it be worse? The world that we all know so well is falling apart. Supply chains are broken, energy and food are getting very expensive; many of us may have to choose between being warm and eating. Buy those middle layers of warmth. Recommend Marino Wool. Don’t forget the socks and gloves. Buy extra blankets, quilts, and sleeping bags. Get that food that does not expire; rice, beans, pasta, lentles, split peas. Get a small, portable stove that burns wood. Find a place in the country; leave the cities soon. We are already seeing what happens when the trucks stop delivering. Cities are collective entities; they are hive-like and are very dark. Collective rights are wanning; become more self-reliant.

Be a survivor; prepare now. It is not a matter of “IF”, but “When” the Shit will hit the Fan (SHTF). It is coming. The Earth Changes have already begun and they will be worse coming.

Light, Love and Laughter,



Battle for the American Mind

Great new book that I can recommend. It’s actually at the top of the New York Times Bestseller List. Written by Pete Hegseth; a Fox News commentator and a former military officer.

Many people know that the Federal Reserve, the United States Central Bank, was formed about 100 years ago. The Progressives came to power under Woodrow Wilson. We call Progressives Woke today. Back then, they also saw a need to take over the education of our children. They were meticulous planners and set about taking over the Teaching Colleges/Universities, establishing a government monopoly for teaching, created a nationwide teachers union, established control over textbook content, and, even, created the Federal Government’s Department of Education.

This was a 100-year plan like slowly boiling something with a low heat source. All of our teachers have gone through THEIR schools. They controlled the accreditation of those schools. They controlled the curriculum of those schools. They realized that if they could control what is being taught and how it is taught, they could control the minds of the upcoming generations. They took God out of the schools and replaced Him/Her with secular experts. You know, follow the science……….

The idea was to train everyone to be a cog in a wheel/gear; you know, the worker bees. The Elites would send their children to the best colleges and universities and they would be the technocrat experts. This system of education teaches our children to never question the science. Smarter, more well-connected people would decide that for us.

The Brits have an interesting question: “What is an expert? An X is a has-been and a spurt is a drip under pressure.

Our problem is that the water is now boiling. Our young people have mostly been turned into woke idiots who cannot think for themselves. Social technologies make them eager to follow the trend, any trend.

Buy the book and read it. Take your kids out of the public school system and put them into schools that share your values or in a cooperative for homeschooling. Even, if necessary, start homeschooling.

So far, this is about the United States, but the Progressives have pushed this agenda into most countries of the world. People everywhere have been exposed to the poison being taught to our children. Because of the Pandemic Lockdowns; parents got to see what all the teachers were pushing. It did not matter whether you were in a low- or high-income region, the same ideologic shit was being pushed. This is why, suddenly, our world is full of wokeness. We wonder where this craziness has come from? It is what the Progressives (atheists, socialists, communists, Marxists) have had on a slow boil for the past century.

How bad is this? Perhaps, 90% of our kids have been ensnared by the Progressive World View. You know, what is a woman? It is OK for men to compete in women’s sports. It is OK for men to shower with women at school (because they identify as a woman). It is OK to start pushing transgenderism for 3 years olds. It is OK to have a teenager decide whether to change their gender with surgery. God and Faith and goodness and gratitude and trying to do the Right things have, somehow, been left behind/dropped.

I write about Light and Right-spin taking over from Darkness/Left-Spin. Yes, that is true; it is actually happening. But, OMG, Darkness has created a horrendous mess for us. Parents are waking up and trying to seize control over what is being taught to their children, but a lot of damage has been done. Everything they have been taught (since they were 5 years old) is a lie, but they believe it. It will be next to impossible to de- or re-program them.

We must try to save those we can. This entire generation (or two) of young people have gone down the Dark rabbit hole. They think everything that we know is wrong; their teachers told them so.

So, what is going to happen? Simple, their Woke worldview has already started to collapse. Disney and Netflix. Transgender athletes. Global Warming. Doing away with coal, oil, and nuclear. Embracing solar and wind as THE solution. But, they cannot replace hydrocarbons. Embracing electric cars even though the supply chain comes from 30 countries. They were all taught that globalism and Elite control by the WEF was good; trouble is that Globalism is dying/dead. They were all taught that we live on a peaceful planet and we can buy anything from anywhere; free trade is wonderful until it isn’t.

Unfortunately, many/most of these young people are running into a mental buzzsaw; they have spent all their lives believing just the opposite of what the world is teaching them. Yes, hopefully, when they go out into the real world, they will be awakened (Wake Up) and adjust their worldview. Do not count on it.

These young people are already starting to realize that they have been lied to all of their lives. There is already a backlash against the Progressives. Sure, many will hold to their beliefs even though gun control is dead, the abortion right is dead, and you can actually pray in school again. They are starting to experience the phrase, “Go Woke, Go Broke.” Woke companies, organizations, and colleges/universities are all being rejected by the people who are paying the bills; parents. These Wokesters have degrees in basket weaving and cannot pay back their student loans. They are all being told to get a certification (that proves they know something) or get a skill like electrical, plumbing, or welding.

Here’s a good question, “Is Light, when it takes over (soon), going to have much use for these Woke Babies? Not. Perhaps millions of these Woke Children will suffer from severe mental health issues; everything they thought was true is proven to be a lie. It is sad, but many of them will leave by suicide. They won’t be able to hold a job, pay down their student loans, afford a car, afford rent, or, even, afford food. Many of them are already living with their parents even though they are 40 years old. Are they having children? Can the parents retire or must the Woke child be thrown out? Maybe its for the best.

Dark/Left-Spin people are 85% of the world’s population. They will not be allowed to stay in a world that is 80% Light/Right-Spin. Like the Woke people above, they will not be able to cope in a world with so little fear, force, and control. If there are 7000 million people on Earth (not sure that’s true), nearly 6000 million (5950) will be leaving. Wow, that’s a huge number. I give you these numbers again to help with the large quantities of people leaving from all sources of death.

Fear not, man and womankind will survive and prosper. Our advanced technologies will continue, but we will do many things differently and, mostly, better. The world will be a much better, more positive place with more freedom, truth, integrity, good choices, and doing the Right things. After all of the departures, there may be 19 women for every man; wow, that will be different. In Aquarius, women rule.

The take-over of Light is accelerating; many changes coming. Tune into yourSelves (use the head nods and shakes); ask about extended lifetimes and younger, healthier appearing bodies. Ask about more stuff. Ask about more capabilities or powres. All this, and more, is coming.

Love, Light and Laughter,


The Energy Shift just moved into High Gear

I am an American. I have served in the US Military for 20 years; retired after 16 in the Air Force and 4 in the Navy (Vietnam era). Yes, I was in Intelligence and did not kill anyone (that I know of). I have been guided by Spirit for most of my life; I was sent there. Nothing/No thing happens by accident or happenstance or luck. Somehow, I have been allowed to bring insightful knowledge into the world and come up with a new path for Spiritual advancement; New Beings, Newomen, Newmen, Earth Beings (all more than “normal” Humans). If you found this site, you were sent; I do not do anything to promote this site using search engine optimization tools. There are more than 70,000 subscribers now so I must be doing something Right. This information is not for everyone; people are sent here only if they are ready to receive.

If you are concerned about shortages of food or energy, go to my other site at Revitae Technologies. All of these new technologies have been delayed; waiting on the new Aquarian energies. The wait is coming to an end.

OK. I have been writing about the energy shift happening as we move further away from Pisces energies. Wow, this past week we were treated to three amazing examples of what I am talking about; first, the dark forces trying to take guns (self-protection) away were stomped on. I know all of Europe, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia (and many other places) have severely limited possession of firearms; only the police and criminals have them. Are the police there when you are attacked? No, of course not, they are just a deterrent. How is that working out? Of course, we are all watching Ukraine fight for its life against Russia. Are the Ukrainians glad that they have huge supplies of guns and ammunition? Do most Europeans want guns again? We all need the means to defend ourselves when required. Having a knife or club is not going to do it. Second, the US Supreme Court struck down Roe vs. Wade which has become abortion on demand. Now,  the lives of children in the womb will be more protected. Instead of nine judges, the decision has been pushed down to the people (all 50 states). The world is running out of people as it is; we need more children, not less. Third, Darkness put a block in place decades ago. Somehow, there had to be a separation between Church/Faith and State. This was necessary for secularism to take over; other names include Deep State, Big Government regulations, the Welfare State, Globalism, WEF, etc. We used to take care of all of these in communities of faith. So, now, in the United States, we can pray again in schools and at football games. Wow, this is the biggest energy shift of the three; it is the beginning of the end of secularism in the public square.

Note: all of these happened in June. Darkness got its allotment of power in January and February; 20%. That’s all it is getting in Aquarius. Light started getting its allotment in March and will get 10% per month until the end of October (just before the Mid Term Elections). So, now, today, Light has 35% to Darks 20%. On June 30th, Light will have 40%; 5% on the 15th, and 5% more on the 30th. By November, Light will have 80% of the powre in our world.

So, with just over one-third of the powre, Light is showing us these amazing defeats of Darkness. Watch for it, this is just the beginning. The Left (Dark) will be losing to the Right (Light) massively. More and more are returning to traditional values, customs, religions, tribes, and regions and rejecting  Globalist imposed immigration and nonsensical, unworkable, bureaucratic governing; the EU. Open trade was good, but the EU was a replacement for the failure of communism; the EUSSR. It did not get far enough so they trotted out Global Warming (another replacement); how is that working out? Same for the United Nations; it just represents the Globalists and their corrupted officials.

Things are moving very quickly now. Many of us will not recognize our world by New Year’s Day, 2023. The great threats coming from Russia and China will be gone. Same for the rogue threats coming from Dark Forces in the United States. Not sure how, but they too will be defeated. Darkness will fight, but they cannot win against 40%, 60%, or 80%; they will be pushed back into a corner (20%). They have stomped on us; now it is their turn.

The new technologies in Revitae will not all come at once and we may have to wait until 2023, but much better tools for generating electricity at extremely low costs are coming. Not wind, solar, nuclear, but better. Also, not coal, oil or natural gas. Just imagine, being able to make food from natural gas; not just starches, but fats, and proteins as well. The old Dark Forces that would have stopped me have been greatly diminished.

We will all continue to use our traditional forms of energy (coal, oil, gas, and nuclear, along with solar, wind, and wave). Electric cars/trucks are coming, but their supply chains are much more complex than gasoline, petrol, and diesel vehicles. Global suppy chains are breaking down rapidly; it’s not just chips. Globalism is Darkness and it will no longer be supported.

Don’t worry about Global Warming or Climate Change; Carbon Dioxide is essential for plants. Start worrying about the coming Earth Changes. Not just worrying, but preparing mentally (and in every other way).

Love, Light and Laughter,


Russia is Losing, but so is Globalism

Depending on your news source, Russia is winning. Nonsense, it is mostly a standoff for now. The Russians already controlled much of the Donbas since 2014 and their annexation of Crimea. Yes, in the early days of the invasion, they captured a land bridge to Crimea and have been able to hold on to it.

But they failed stupendously in attacking Kiev/Kyiv (along with the Belarussians). Also, mostly failed in attacking Kharkiv; they are still there but are being pushed back to Russia.

Why is Russia losing? Their military is a hollowed-out force. Their officers are not well trained or battle-hardened. They do not have a Non-Commissioned Officer structure and their training is abysmal. Through in lack of food, fuel, and ammunition (logistics); an army fights on its stomach. It seems that the Russians are recruiting their retired military to fight; a pilot was captured after his plane was shot down; he was a retired Russian AF Colonel flying as a Contractor/Mercenary. That means that their pilots do not want to fly over Ukraine (too much fear) or they do not have enough trained pilots (or both). Russian fighter aircraft will not fly high in fear of being shot down by Ukrainian S-300s (Russian Air Defense systems) and when they fly low, they are being shot down by Manpads (Stingers, etc.) Modern air forces use standoff weapons (smart) from high-altitude precision strikes; the Russians have run out of these. They did not build so many of them as they did not have the chips due to sanctions from 2014. Their planes are using camping/hiking GPS units which are not accurate or robust enough for military use. This applies to their artillery and tanks; they are shipping 1000s of T-62s in to fight the Ukrainians. Why? Because they are so old that they do not have chips. They also have much less armor protection, require one more man, and smaller tank guns; this is not going to turn out well for Russian troops.

The Russians are using massive amounts of artillery shells. So much so that they are running out. Guess what, they are having massive problems making new ones. What are they doing? Pulling the shells out of long-term storage; they are firing shells made in the 1960s and 70s and many do not work anymore. Artillery is how the Russians fight; they do not care about destroying civilian infrastructure. Force people to leave as refugees; those who are left are fighters and can be hunted down and killed on sight.

Russia was never going to stop with Ukraine; Moldova, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia were on the target list. Now, add Finland and Sweden. This is why the US and NATO have pulled all the stops out to kill the Russian Army in Ukraine. NATO planners still think that Putin has Nukes and will use them; all the Nukes have expired. The Plutonium/Uranium has degraded so much that they will not work anymore. Think about it, making them all was hugely expensive in terms of communications, computers, and infrastructure. All of the infrastructures have decayed and Russia does not have the communications or computers now. Does anyone think that Putin would not have used one or more tactical nukes on the Ukrainians; by now? The world is laughing at him and his Army.

So what has changed? Two big things; unmanned drones are being used to attack, but more importantly to locate targets and provide precise target information for long-rang artillery strikes. That’s the other thing, the West is/has provided longer-range artillery to the Ukrainians; the Russians can shoot out 20-22 kilometers while the Ukrainians can shoot out 25 miles or 40 miles with rocket assistance. 10 miles is 16 kilometers; do the math. It has taken a while for the Ukrainians to get the new artillery systems, ammunition, and completed training, but these systems are being used against the Russians now. So, if the Ukrainians can hit targets with great precision out to 64 kilometers and the Russians can only hit massed area targets out 22, who is going to lose? The Ukrainians have started using these weapons to target the Russian ammunition depots and have destroyed 4-5 of them this past week. That is not just artillery shells, but also tank shells and all of the small arms stuff. Fuel depots are next. Also food and clothing warehouses. Time and technology have turned against the Russians.

The Ukrainians will recapture  Kherson first; they have almost done so already. This will allow them to send their forces to Crimea to stop Russian resupply. The Russians resupply primarily with railroads which are only coming from Crimea. Long-range artillery will be able to destroy this railroad resupply even before they take Crimea. When the Ukrainians take Kherson, that is the beginning of the end for Putin. When the Ukrainians take Crimea, that is the end of the Russian Black Sea Fleet; no more docking, supply, and repair facilities.

Putin will try for a cease-fire soon and the Globalists will all pile on demanding that Ukraine give up territory; this is absolutely necessary to stop (or turn back) the ongoing destruction of global supply chains for energy and food. Is it likely that Ukraine will stop after all the Russian destruction? Particularly if they have the military advantage? The Ukrainians know the Russians cannot win and why.

The big question is, will the Ukrainians stop after they have driven the Russians out? Will they attack and subjugate Belarus for their enabling attack on Kyiv? When the Russian Army collapses, what happens to Putin? Will Poland attack Kaliningrad? Lithuania? What is going to happen to Belarus? Will the Fins attack the Russians to regain lost territories? The Russian Federation will collapse and twenty ethnic regions will become independent states (sort of). At least more independent, but many will depend on the former Russian rail infrastructure. These regions are where the raw materials that the Russians exported come from; oil, gas, wood, metals, food, and more. With the drawdown of Russian troops in these areas, there is pent-up demand for more independence even now. None of these regions want to send their young men to Ukraine to be killed.

The old, very Dark, World Order (Globalist, Liberal, Colonial, UN, EU, etc.) is collapsing. It is being replaced by populists, traditionalists, and people who are religious and/or culturalists. Tribalism is coming back. People want to escape from the control of the liberal/left-leaning big cities that overpower the rural/country vote. See Britain (Brexit), France, Poland, Hungary, and more.

Texas, in the USA, was an independent country before it joined the United States. Its constitution allows it to form five (5) different states or, leave the US Union and become independent again. That may actually be happening; Texit. The US Southern Border is a disaster and many Texans think Biden is illegitimate as President and that Washington DC is too corrupt/can’t be fixed.

What will happen to the Russians in the Baltic States? Moldova? Kaliningrad? Will they be forced to return to Russia as refugees? What will happen to the Russians in Russia when all the suppressed peoples revolt? The Russian Army is a hodge-podge of these ethnic peoples; it will not be pretty.

Light/Right-Spin is taking/has taken over. The Dark Side of the Force is collapsing/fading away. This is the Darkness before the Dawn.

Love, Light and Laughter,


The Collectivists are getting Desparate

Recently, the WHO tried to get a Treaty where they ruled the world during a Pandemic. That only made sense to a Globalist and failed. But, hey, the Globalists are realizing that all of their efforts are failing. They are trying to cobble together a United States of Europe and drag the UK back into Europe; that too will fail.

What else, THEY realize that Russia is killing/has killed Globalism. They are now telling Ukraine that it MUST Accept a negotiated settlement where it gives up land/territory to Russia; this war in Ukraine must be stopped. It is destroying all of their plans. Is Ukraine going to stop fighting and give the Russian invaders any land? Likely NOT!!!!!

The financial world has watched China roll out its digital currency. What have they done with it? They shut down the entire Chinese economy with draconian Covid Lockdowns; no one could work to earn money and all the factories were shut down. No exports. The ports were all shut down. Worse, the imports of oil, coal, natural gas, food, fertilizer, and iron ore were shut down as well. So, what did the Chinese do? They created billions of Yuan by pressing a few buttons; massive inflation instantly. This new digital currency allowed the CCP (the Communists) to track every Yuan spent; who, what, where, when, and why. There is no possibility of privacy by anyone in China.

The Japanese are doing the same thing. Reread my post on deflation; the Japanese are pushing their economy into deflation ahead of everyone else. Both China and Japan will be a step ahead of the US and Europe. Will it make a difference? Not really; the US Dollar will be the only currency that will be exchanged everywhere. The US has very fortunate geography; large oceans on both sides, a huge road/river system, good rain. large crop areas, a consumption economy, and we make most of what we need. Until recently, we were energy independent, but will be again soon. No other country has these attributes/pluses. BTW, the US Military is the most formidable and we do not have to worry about being invaded by Canada or Mexico (except for the migrants, but they are cheap labor). The US will be the most desirable place to live and will attract all (most) of the available capital in the world. Same for the smartest people.

What the Chinese have done is what the Deep State is going to try to do in the USA and the EU. They will demand that we must all turn in our currency notes (our money). They will also demand that we turn in our silver and gold. It may also get to turning in our title deeds as well. It is all about seizing control of all of us with no possibility of dissent or resistance. Whatever you do, DO NOT surrender your bills/notes/currency in either fiat paper money, coins, or valuable metals. Or Bitcoins; they will be worth $100,000 soon. The Deep State is trying to get everyone to sell them. Why? To buy them up cheap. Hold on to them; the stupid people will surrender them all; the bills you hold on to will become scarce and thus, more valuable. People will realize that the only way to have any privacy will be to use the old currency. You cannot put it in the banks, they will send it in for destruction. Coins of all kinds will become incredibly valuable. Bartering will make a huge comeback; you must develop a worthwhile skill or start hoarding things that will be difficult to find/buy (or both).

Remember, we are in an energy shift. The Dark Forces (Deep State/Globalists) are losing; they only have 20% of the power now. The Forces of Light have 80% of the power. So, worry not, it is just too late for the Dark Forces; they will fail. Think WHO Treaty. Think about the rapid decline of the Biden administration and the destruction of the Democrat Party in the upcoming Mid Terms. They will try to steal the election again, but will not be able to do so. And yes, the Russians are losing in Ukraine; they have run out of smart missiles (no chips) and also artillery shells. A mysterious explosion destroyed their ability to make the explosive needed for their shells and they are running out. The chip shortage has stopped the manufacturing/repair of tanks, armored personnel carriers, and modern artillery pieces. Their main artillery shoots 20 kilometers while the new Ukrainian artillery shoots 25 miles; it is just a matter of time before the Russians break and run back to Russia. The Ukrainians will take back everything including Crimea. What will happen when the Ukrainians invade Russia? Will they seize the gas and oil pipelines as reparations?  How about the Russian wheat and other exports? Russia will be destroyed as a country soon. Will Finland be seizing its lost territories back? How far will the Fins go before they stop? Will Belarus survive? Or will it be divided between Lithuania and Poland? What will happen to Kaliningrad? Will the million Russians there be forced to flee to Russia, or what is left of it? That is what the Russians did to the Germans who lived there in World War 2.

Eventually, Ukrainians and Russian refugees will be welcomed in Europe and everywhere. The Globalist world encouraged us all to have far fewer children and most places are in demographic decline. Most places will need these women and children to keep civilization alive. The deal will be for complete assimilation; language, culture, and citizenship. The Russian language and culture will be terminated largely.

The 3-Gorges Dam will fail soon. It was Hubris to build in the first place. Its collapse will destroy China as we know it and the destruction will spread far and wide.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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The Collectivists are Losing!

I write about Left- and Right-Spinners. Other terms also apply; Left-Spinners are of the Left-leaning politically. They are also on the Dark Side of the Energy (frequently, very Dark). Most people tend to think that Communism and Socialism are on the Left; both of these ISMs tend to push the rights of the many over any individual rights. That is collectivism over individualism. Another term for that is Hive Primacy. Still yet another term is Globalist or One Worlder or Deep Stater.

Think about it, cities aggregate people; they pile them on top of each other. Cities are hives for humans. The politics of cities trend toward the Left or the collective; we have all seen the primacy of labor unions, teacher unions, and government worker unions with corrupt rules and regulations that can be fixed or bought off.

We are all seeing a mass exodus from cities everywhere. Why is that? To control us, the Left brought Covid, lockdowns, masks, and vaccinations. They also let the criminals run wild while at the same time imprisoning us in our homes. Now, they want to take our cars away; just more control. Darkness or the Left is all about fear, force, and control; same for collectivism. If you are Free and can act freely, then you are not under their collective control.

One of the reasons they keep trying to destroy the United States from within is to dismantle the Constitution. Why? Because it is all about protecting individual rights; the Bill of Rights. That is why they are so intent on censoring any information that conflicts with their narrative (1st Amendment – Freedom of Speech). Same for the 2nd Amendment; they want to take our guns away; how can you protect yourself without weapons? Can the police stop someone from harming or killing you? No, but you can if you have a gun. Countries that have taken guns away from their people know that only criminals have guns; they don’t much care about laws. Google the American Bill of Rights; it is an interesting read. It is a foretaste of what is coming.

The Globalist world is collapsing. The supply chains have already collapsed from Covid lockdowns. Companies could not make products that depended on parts (chips) made in far-flung places. Just in time logistics used to work, but not anymore. Whatever faults the Russians have, they set in motion the destruction of the Globalist World Order; now everyone is thinking about defending their country, customs, and traditions. They are also worried about food and energy shortages. They are also watching the impossible solutions (for everyone) that the EU/ECB are trying; the EU will splinter or shatter soon. Inflation will get worse and worse; it will get so bad that no one will be able to afford the minimum essentials. Demand will collapse; inflation will turn into deflation and deflation will turn into depression. All of that digital money will vanish with the collapse of the derivatives and markets. Cash will be king and worth far more due to scarcity. Get your cash out of banks; they are no longer safe. Get the 20s, 10s, and 5s, not 50s or 100s; they will make you a target. Get common coins; they too will appreciate in value many times. Yes, get silver and gold coins as well; focus on the smaller sizes like dimes, quarters, and ⅒ once Gold.

I think most of us can see that our world is changing. We are all resisting tyranny more; we all got to see what it was. No more masks, lockdowns, or jabs, certainly not mandatory by Government edict. This is all part of a pattern; we have left 1000s of years where Darkness (the collective) was in charge. If you left the herd, flock, or school, it was dangerous or fatal.

We are moving/moved into energy where individual rights have primacy. Look up (in the night sky) and watch the Great Alignment of the Planets; that is a huge sign from heaven. We are in Aquarius, 2022 is the shift year. The energies are shifting; for some reason, more and more of us are rejecting the edicts of the bureaucracies (Left or Dark or collective) and seeking our own truths. Forced immigration (on us) is being resisted everywhere; how do you deal with foreign customs and traditions that do not harmonize? Islam is very Dark; Allah is also Baal and Maloch.

Aquarian energies will be dominated by the female; not the male. The symbol of Aquarius is a woman at the top of a mountain with a water jug. Think of the mountain as being a cone with the apex point up.  The water poured from the jug can do down the mountain in any direction; each droplet can find its own way. That represents a major shift in energy; we do not have to follow the herd anymore. The new energy supports each of us in going our own way; within order, not force, control, or chaos. We do not have to belong to the “right” club, school, or elite group; credentials will be less and less important. Apprenticeships will be making a comeback; we must still know things. Certifications will replace college degrees for most. This new energy will support more freedom, truth, integrity, good choices, self-reliance, self-responsibilities, doing-the-right thing, and individualism/individual rights. Collectivism has gone from 80% of the power to 20%; they have lost. Lies, corruption, theft, taxes, and redistribution will still exist but will fade significantly. Giving to each other will become much more important. Self-reliance and responsibility will also become more important. The new energy will support makers or givers over the takers (all 5-letter words).

Yes, stock up on long-lasting food, candles, fire-making tools, warm clothes, and bedding. Get your camping gear ready, you may have to Bug out; think about it, plan for it, and test it. Remember to bring fishing gear. In a Depression, it is much easier to survive in the country. It is much easier to gain the trust of people who can help you (as long as you can help them).

If you make yourSelf into a New Being, you will have additional powres/capabilities that most others don’t. New Beings will be getting those powres during the rest of the year. When you can do something new or different, ask yourSelf about it/them. Use your head nods and shakes to get information about anything.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Deflation Coming

What is Deflation? It is where/when all the easy cash is, suddenly, gone. No One has any money. No one has credit. This is what the Great Depression of 1929 (and the 1930s) was all about. Not only did money dry up, but the jobs as well. Note, the world was in this depression for about 10-12 years and only pulled out of it during the significant arms build-up (for World War II). Europe was already fighting in 1939.

People were able to get credit, but only if you were a local who was trusted; strangers tended to be unwelcome. People tended to move out into the countryside to survive. Everyone left the big cities (just like now) with high costs and taxes. Everywhere people grew “Victory” gardens just to feed themselves (and their families/fellow survivors).

Wait, you say. The issue is Inflation, not deflation. Yes, we are all experiencing higher costs of food, gasoline/petrol, heating fuel, and everything else. With the war in Ukraine, there is likely to be food shortages which will push the cost of food even higher. How are the Central Banks going to handle our situation? Simple, raise interest rates, right?

What will that do? It will put us in a recession and force the closure of many companies (no credit for loans). This will force layoffs. People will run out of money to buy anything but essentials (food, shelter, heat, and minimum transportation). Demand for everything will collapse; no one has any money. The cost of everything will come down; they will be giving it away almost for free. Interest rates will drop to near zero. This will last for years. Everyone will have to dig deep into themselves for inspiration/endurance; life will not be easy.

This is how to cure Inflation; too much money chasing too few goods. Raise interest rates to cut the supply of money. If this is not done well, inflation turns to deflation on a dime. Options for getting out of deflation take time; it’s a very different mindset and most of us a struggling to survive.

This is likely to happen in 2022. When everybody has no money, the prices of everything will come down. Essentials will always be in demand. Will our phones and internet and gaming be essential? Interesting!

A depression is coming. Food shortages are coming. Staying warm in winter will be more difficult. Getting around will be more difficult. What else?  We are, just now, entering a long mini ice age (which could last 100s of years); much shorter growing seasons (more food shortages and heating costs). Changing rain/snow patterns, jet streams, and more floods/flooding. This also means more cosmic rays which brings more volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and what could be called Earth Changes. The large eruptions could actually make the Earth colder with all the dust blocking the sun. GLOBAL WARMING is Not the Issue.

This is all closely related to the shift of energy happening; the Shift of the Ages.; The old Dark energies are being ended. The old ways are going away. The old world is going away. Yes, it will be that big.

We will be experiencing earthquakes above 10-12 on the Richter scale with aftershocks of 8-9. Not everywhere, but in many places. There will be giant tsunamis and land subsiding into the sea. This has happened before; we are finding underwater cities in many places.

Is all of this going to happen in 2022? Some, but not all. Most of it will happen in the next 5-10 years.

Learn how to be an electrician, to solder, a plumber, a welder, or an engine mechanic; you will always be welcome and well-fed. Add blacksmith and farrier to that; horses are likely to make a comeback. Add making cloth and leather for shoes and saddles. Modern high-tech skills will still be important, but the need will be fewer. Learn how to fix/repair phones, tablets, and laptops (see Add memory devices. Yes, solar, flowing water, and wind generation of electricity will be in great demand. Build hardcopy and digital libraries of how to do stuff; you can carry a lot in your phone. Get the tools you need and guard them well. Make yourself more valuable/valued than you are.

One of the best things you can do is to put yourSelf on the New Being path; see the Guided Meditation.

Love, Light and Laughter,


New Being Manifesto

Hello Fellow New Beings. This is an important one. I originally posted the Newman Manifesto back on February 22, 2013. Here is that post:

“As the first Newman on the Planet, I realized that I needed to identify a demarcation between Newmen and Newomen and the rest of Humanity on Earth. Humans have done well here. Hybrid-Humans have done well here. Until now, the collective laws and regulations have served everyone well under the concept of equality, meaning that all men (and women) were equal and had equal rights and opportunities.

In the coming days, as Light takes over from Darkness, Newomen (and the few Newmen) will begin to receive extraordinary new capabilities or Powres that will set them apart from the rest of Humanity. This is what this Manifesto is about. Newomen and men are advanced spiritual beings in a body; they have figured out how to transform themselves into Higher Level Beings. They have taken the next step in evolution. They are no longer Human, but above Humans in the eternal order of progression

I declare that Newmen and Newomen are above Humans as Humans are above the rest of the Animal Kingdom. Newmen and Newomen have more awareness; a much bigger piece of Spirit within themselves and are connected with their Spirit Selves much more effectively. As humans are above their dogs, cats, and horses, Newmen are above Humans.

This Manifesto is needed to declare that Human Laws, Regulations, and threats/applications of Force do not apply to Newomen or men. Newomen and men will be guided to develop new laws that apply to them and all lesser beings here. You, humans, are no longer in charge; you are being left behind in an evolutionary shift. Fear not, for many of you, there will be a bridge to cross over the divide. Up to 500 million of you will be receiving Fire Being Powres of Adept, Master, and Mahatma degrees.

Your forms of representative government and your courts are out-of-control; dysfunctional and not capable of being fixed. It is time for a new model; one that Spirit guides through those more closely connected.

Merln, the Majikan, and an Earth Being”

I have made some editorial changes, but it communicates that situation well. Back then, I thought the transition into Aquarian energies was coming much faster, I did not realize that we had to go through a 9-year buffer/transition period. None of us had guidebooks on how Ages are shifted. We have completed that transition and are in a 10th-year change-over. At the start of 2022, both Darkness and Light were reset to zero. As Darkness was to be the new minority power, it went first. It got 10 percent of the power for January and February; its allotment of power is 20%. This will be unchanged for the next 2,150 years and, perhaps, far longer. Light started getting its allotment of power in March (10% per month). By the end of October, Light will have its full allotment of 80%.

This is a radical change in our world. Darkness has had 80% of the power for the past 10,800 years or for all of our recorded/remembered history. That is why everything is built on a basis of fear, force, and control. That is why there is so much corruption, dishonesty/lying, stealing, taxes, redistribution, and wars. Any system that lasts for that long has significant momentum; 85% of Humans on Earth are oriented (or strongly oriented) toward Darkness. These people are going to be very unhappy with the shift in their fortunes.

The world has been prepared for this massive shift; think of all the movies and television shows that feature people with uncommon capabilities or powers. Some call them Gifted while others call them Mutants. One of the common themes is a conflict between these new beings and “normal” people. The “normal” people are the vast majority; they make the laws and enforce them (that means they use force to coerce desired behavior). Some call this ruling through the barrel of a gun.

In the middle ages, Lords and Ladies were treated by the legal system differently from the common people; they had to be judged by their Peers (other Lords and Ladies). This legal distinction exists even today, but Peers mostly include everybody.

In this New Being Manifesto, I am declaring Newmen and Newomen to be higher level beings than Humans. Essentially, we are like the Lords and ladies of old and can only be judged/controlled by our Peers. To be a Peer, you must advance through the various Fire Being degrees; they are Adept, Vertical Master, Horizontal Master, and Mahatma. Each of these has four sub degrees. Humans have been using Adept powers for 1000s of years; we call them Magic and they were based on Dark Power. With the coming of Light as the primary power, a new way/path has been opened. This path opens up access to all of the Fire being powres.

Once you have achieved the four parts of Mahatma, you can transition into an Earth being. There are six degrees as an Earth Being; the bottom of the cube is the Keeper, the left side of the cube is the Grower, the back side of the cube is the Miner, the right side of the cube is the Smelter, the front side of the cube is the Builder, and the top side of the cube is the Transformer. Each of these degrees have nine sub-degrees that must be achieved before advancing to the next higher degree. Earth Beings have much more awareness, higher vibrations, and are in tune with the Universe more closely.

Humans tend to think that we are all the same, but we all know that Elites rule the world. Most of us do not realize that Elite Families have been ruling for 1000s of years. Most of us do not realize that those Elites have been using Magic to acquire wealth and power. Yes, the Dark forces have been using Adept powers even though they tell us there is no such thing as Magic. Accordingly, there is a hidden hierarchy among Humans; those who have advanced into Adept learned how to use that 80% Dark power that was available to them for so many 1000s of years.

That has changed. Those Dark Elites still have access to Dark powers, but only at 20% and only as Adepts. They are wondering/panicking about why their careful plans are not working. To be a billionaire, you are using Magic or Majik. They are being opposed by New Beings (of the Light) who have 80% of the new power. For whatever reason, the New Being path has also opened up more degrees of powre/advancement. The same hidden hierarchy exists, but it is very different.

This is an important distinction between Dark Magic and Light Majik; again, Darkness is focused on fear, force, and control while Light uses more freedom, choice (good), truth/integrity, and doing the right/light thing. Dark Magic is more about force and control; spells to compel; negative energy. Light Majik is much more positive with better choices.

As powerful as the Dark Elites have been over the centuries, they have only been able to rise to Adepts. Obama is a good example; he came from nowhere and became President overnight. New Beings can get to Adept and beyond very quickly. Each additional degree of power is about ten times more powerful than the lower degree; there is a significant hierarchy of power. An Earth Being is many times more powerful than a Fire Being; they will have more powres that are more powerful.

This manifesto is important. New Beings (both Fire and Earth Beings) will have so much more powre over our world that “normal” people will look to be powerless. Many of us think of Humans as sheeple. New Beings are powerful beings. Human laws/regulations do not apply. New Beings are not under the jurisdiction of Humans or Human States or Human Organizations.

When Humans try to interfere with New Beings, like being arrested by law enforcement, there can be no resisting arrest and any force can be applied to resolve the issue. One of the powres that many New Beings will have can turn whatever force is being applied back on the attacker; it is called a Boomerang Spell. This applies to any attempt to restrain, harm, or kill a New Being; the bullet goes back to the shooter and, even, up the chain of command depending on the situation. These are Mental Powres, not physical. Bombs, bullets, knives, poison, or injections are not needed to get someone’s attention and, they will not work on New Beings.

We are just now entering into a very different world. Many of the things we do, the institutions we have, and the organization we have will be changed. Not sure what our governments will be, but New Beings will play a prominent role.

New Beings are all of the Light. None of us are oriented toward fear, force, or control. All of us are at least 80% oriented towards the light (more freedom, choice, truth, love, and doing good things for both individuals and groups). None of us have Demonic voices telling us what to do. We do not lie, cheat, steal, or bear false witness. We cannot be corrupted and stay as .New Beings. We can/will right wrongs; we have the powre to bring order. Chaos and compulsion/mandates are Dark (and negative); Order is Light (and positive).

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Changes Start Today

Today, Light/Right-Spin has 30% of the Powre in our world/Solar System/local Universe; Darkness only 20% (and that is fixed).

This means that New Beings/Newomen/Newmen can start to receive their powers; the power rollout has begun. Sometime in the next three months, everyone who has put themSelf into the Hexahedron/Cube will get new powers or capabilities. As an example, most will be getting the ability to teleport things to you, like cash, coins, or food (to include bottles or cans). Those New Beings still in the Fire Being degrees, you will be getting your powers in September. Many more capabilities are coming; be a little more patient.

To give you a timeline, Light/Right-Spin will be fully powred up on October 30th, this year. So, everyone will have all of their powers by then. OK. What does that mean? It means that you will have the powers and be able to use them.

Don’t try to become the richest person on Earth, it doesn’t work that way. Just ask for more cash, coins, and food; Spirit will provide more. Please remember that Spirit already knows what you have, but now, you will have a greater priority when you ask for more. We have all been held back by Darkness (all of our lives); that has changed.

All of those Dark Assholes at WEF Davos, the UN, the EU, the WHO, the WTO, the World Bank, the IMF, the CCP, the Deep State, etc., have now been given the short straw. They had all of the power to make $Billions and accumulate lots of power in their containers; think their swimming pools. Claim a nearby lake as yours now; don’t make it too big as you may not be ready for that yet. Fresh water is great for storing power/powre, but you must make sure that your container is sealed and not a sieve. Darkness has made most of our containers so they cannot hold water/powre; a good way to keep us powerless. Now, it is our turn. Select a local Dark asshole who has done you a dis-service and put holes in his/her container. As the power leaks or drains out, so does their wealth. Most of us do not see the world this way.

Some Billionaires are Right-Spinners, even if they are well disguised. Musk, Trump, Branson, Dyson are all in this category, but there are others (not many).

Even better, claim their container and make it yours. You will have to drain it as you do not want to mess with Dark Power, but hey, they are now powerless. The Billionaires have more than one container.

The Great Lakes are already taken.

As you can see, there is Magic/Majik in our world, but most of us do not know how to use it. We, Right-Spinner can begin to use Majik now. Remember words like Spell, Money, Coins, Powre/Power, Block, Limit, Break, Bring, Shoot, Start, Begin, Close are all 5-letter power words. Google 5-letterwords to wrap your mind around how many power words we can use. Remember to say, “Apply” as it is the most powerful power word; it sets intent and focus. The negative use of a word as in “unblock” is still a power word, but to be clear use block not or limit not. The 5-letter words tie in directly with the 5 or 14 Creation Number; read more about that on my Home Page and a few of my Posts. Today is 5-30-2022; every day in May is a 5 day, 30 is six times 5,  30 is a 3 and that can be added to 2 three more times. So, today is a 10 times Creation Day; it doesn’t get much more powerful than that. We are allowed to Create on Creation Days. If you haven’t been allowed to Create (blocked by Darkness), you can start now; your blocks are gone (not).

Last point, as a Right-Spinner, you can now block Darkness from your internal conversations; we have more power/powre than Darkness. It is now time to tune into your head nods and shakes; the information you get will be better. This is important to find out if you can do what you intend. Do you have more whatever coming your way? You can wait to see it, or can ask about it. I know, so many lies, but try again.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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Demonic Assault

A few days ago, I wrote about Energy Suckers. Reread that. These Energy Vampires are very dark beings, they target those of us who are strong in the light. We are like Light Houses in the dark; they can see us from a good distance. What do they do with this stolen energy?

Simple, they feed it to their Demons. At first, their Demons are weak, but over time, they attract more and more powerful Demons. These Demons bring them wealth and power. What kind of power? $Billionaire power, political power, bureaucratic power, CEO power, you know, get out of jail free power. Think Hillary Clinton and Joe/Hunter Biden and all the Russian Collusion Hoaxers.

Say there are 1000 billionaires, only 5 or 10 of them are being aided by Angels; all the rest are supporting and being supported by Demons. Everyone at Davos and the WEF, are Demon Carriers. How does this work? These Human beings are already oriented toward Darkness; I call them Left-Spinners. We are all a combination of Light/Right-Spin or Dark/Left-Spin energies. We just left the Age of Pisces (almost) which was dominated by Darkness/Left-Spin. We are in transition from Dark domination to Light domination this year; right now, Darkness has 20% and at the end of May, Light will have 30%. At the end of October, it will be Darkness 20% and Light 80%.

To help you understand, Darkness has been the dominant power (80/20) for more than 10,000 years. Before we are born we have a choice as to whether to be oriented toward Darkness, Neutral, or Light. Most choose the easiest path with the most power; 85% of us on Earth chose Darkness, 10% chose Neutral where you can sit on the fence, and only 5% chose Light. Now, you know why everything is so fear, force and control-based. Ok, that has meant that the Demons have been in charge for a very long time. I mean EVERYWHERE. All of our leaders whether they were political or religious or financial were mostly being guided by Demons; yes 20% were being guided by Angels, but Darkness had a vast amount of the power.

As long as the Demons had all of this power, they were content to keep us fat, dumb, and happy; they worked with the Elites to control all the sheeple. But, wait a minute, didn’t I just write that THEY are losing their power this year? Yes. Remember, they have had 80% of the power for 1000s of years and thought it would never end. It started changing at the end of 2012; you know, the end of the Mayan Calendar. That was the end of Pisces where we all get the word school from. Just look at all of the changes in our world since 2012? Brexit, Trump, Modi, the rise of the populists in Europe, and, even, the collapse of Globalism. Putin and Biden are both, obviously being guided by Demons; together they seem to want us in World War III. Don’t worry, it is not going to happen; Light has more power now.

When an Age ends (Pisces), there is a 10-year period of transition. Actually, it is nine years and the 10th year is the change-over year (2022). We enter Aquarius, officially, on December 22, 2022 (12/22/2022); have fun with all the 5s in that date.

Why are we suddenly becoming aware that we are under Demonic Attack? We have Russia attacking Ukraine thinking it will all be over in four or five days without enough food and fuel (crazy). We have the European Union trying to force countries to give up their sovereignties in the face of ongoing sovereignty issues. We have the UN trying to seize dictatorial power. We have the WHO also trying to seize dictatorial power. We have the Billionaires in Davos trying to seize dictatorial power. What is going on? Simple, the Demons have suddenly realized that they have lost (or are losing) their power over the world. Holy Shit! They have had to come out in the open to push their agenda hard; can’t have the sheeple get out of control.

All the politicians who have pushed masks, lockdowns, and mandatory vaccines are all Demonic guided. The Vatican and Islam are Demon-guided as well; especially the Popes and Cardinals. Look at the mess the Demons have made with “Carbon Zero;” they shut down coal, oil, and nuclear power, and left us dependent on natural gas (from Russia). Meanwhile, they forced us on unreliable wind and solar energies even when we did not have the electrical battery storage technologies. Not only will we be cold next winter, but we will be hungry. Stock up on food, but keep a low profile. These were insanities that were all focused on more control; Darkness is always more fear, force, and control.

We just were exposed to Demons shooting a bunch of kids and having the Police stand down to watch it. All of these mass shootings, all over the world, are the work of the Demons. Where did our Woke World come from? Where did BLM come from? Where did Men competing with Women come from? Where did thinking you can change your gender come from? Where did defunding the Police come from? Where did the thought that you could steal a National Election come from? Where did the thought that you could invade another country and kill/dislocate millions come from?

Fortunately, this is the Darkness before the Dawn. The Demons (and their hosts) are, just now, beginning to realize that the power they have had (over us) is ending/has ended. If there are Demons (and there are), then there are also Angels. OK. All of you Light Being out there, open up yourself to the Angels and Angelic guidance. Envoke the Light and declare that “I am guided by the Light or Angels.”

You can make yourSelf much stronger in the Light by putting yourSelf into the Cube; transforming yourSelf into the Hexahedron.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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We Create our 3D World

I believe that we all live in some kind of a flat Earth bubble. I also believe that we have been to the Moon and sent remote-controlled craft like Voyager to gather information about other planets. How can this be?

When coming into our Solar System (our Sun’s name is Solar, but we tend to shorten it to Sol), the planets look spherical or globular as we have been taught. So, from a distance, we see the Moon as a sphere and can easily think about the far side of the Moon even though we cannot see it. For any Space-based race coming here, we look like a spherical, globular, blue Planet like we have all seen images of.

Look up the Van Allen belt; it is the upper limit of our Flat Earth construct. Whoa, how can we be a round, rotating ball and a large flat plain at the same time?

From the outside, we look like that rotating blue ball, but as you get closer, the perspective changes to the flat plain. Think of it as morphing. Here is what is going on. We are a planet with awareness being present; not just Humans, but Dolphins, Whales, Horses, Dogs, Cats, and others. Our entire planet is aware; we call her Gaia.

Once you have awareness, a physical arrangement must be created for all the awareness to play with. There are six main forces that govern our 3D world. They all come together in a corner; there are three 90° angles representing three flat planes. Look at any corner in a room whether it be on the ceiling or floor; the right wall will always be the forces of heat and cold, the left wall will always be the forces of darkness and light, and the horizontal plane (floor or ceiling or anywhere in between) will always be gravity and magnetism. Heat, Darkness, and Gravity always flow away from the corner point and Cold, Light, and Magnetism always flow toward the corner. This is a structure that Gaia has created for us. That corner can be anywhere or in anything. Other planets may have similar (or different) structures depending on the advancement of the aware beings. Many planets that are not inhabited by aware beings do not have such 3D structures; just spinning or not spinning balls like our Moon. Most of the planets in our system do not have awareness structures; an exception is Mars (yes, it is inhabited and no, we are not welcome there). The Martians moved to their lower plane or their “hollow” Mars. They drove the Annunaki away from Mars and toward Earth; they will fight us as the sons of the Annunaki.

All of our satellites and the International Space Station are within the bounds of this 3D construct. When we try to circumnavigate Antarctica, it cannot be done. Why? Because the flat top surface has connecting holes with a flat bottom surface; the two primary entrances to the “hollow” Earth are the North and South Pole, but there are several deep passages in every continent. Why do you think there is so much activity in Antarctica? We are collectively exploring the other flat plane side. Yes, there are people down there. And, yes, dinosaurs as well. The oceans down there are all freshwater. Yes, there is a Sun hanging in the sky down there; that is actually where Gaia lives. There is no Moon or other planets down there.

Anytime we wish to visit another planet, we need to have permission to land; just like landing a plane. All planets have some level of awareness. We could be very welcome or unwelcome. If we land without permission, we could well get sick after a short time. How does one get permission? A Spiritually advanced being must connect with the Planetary Goddess and ask. Yes, any of you who have put yourSelf into the Cube/Hexahedron could do so; you have shifted from Fire to Earth Being.

Think about the Moon. No awareness except visitors. No air. No water. No life as we know it. There is no need for a 3D construct as we have. When we build Moon bases, we must bring everything with us; air, water, food, fuel and recycle/reuse all of it. Same for asteroid bases. Have we done so? Yes, Space Forces have been active on the Moon and in our System since 1960 along with the Pleiadeans for 1000s of years. Whether it was the Annunaki or the Pleiadeans or others, when they landed on Earth, they came down to the Flat Earth construct we all know. Special permissions are required to access the lower plane or inner/hollow Earth.

Love, Light and Laughter,


The Great Awakening

People read/follow this site because much of the information is not available elsewhere. Yesterday, I told you about two major options that most of us are clueless about; neutral leaning negative, and neutral leaning positive.  But, anyone who knows what a compass is, already knows that we can go in four primary directions: North, South, East, and West. What on Earth made us believe that it is just Positive and Negative?

But hey, that is what we are taught. That’s what our science believes and teaches us, even for “scientists” and “engineers.” Add in “PhDs.”

Many of us have been told to “follow” the science recently; take the jabs and boosters. Don’t worry, it is safe. We all know (of) people who have had very adverse responses or died. And yet, nearly every country in the world tried to make taking the jab mandatory after they told us, “it is your body, so it is your choice” for decades.

Sorry, to me, Covid has been an attempt to kill millions of us. How is it possible to get 192 countries to agree to anything? Yes, I know, FEAR and Propaganda. I have been OK with this mass mind control effort as I have been told many times that we are passing through a great die-off as part of this energy shift; too many left-spinners. If we have 7 billion people, nearly 6 billion will be leaving.

Did I believe in getting any of the shots, jabs, or boosters? Hell no. Eventually, I did get Omicron in January and was sick for a week, but now I’m immune. Do I trust the “Government” or the “Media”? Again, Hell no. The hysteria and lies coming from our ruling class were just too over the top. Masks and 6-feet separation will protect you from something as small as a virus? Pure lies and propaganda, but some still adhere even when they are driving alone in their cars. Too many of us are just too stupid or believe in authority figures (left-spin).

I have written about moving into a new Age, Aquarius. This is a very different energy than what we have known over the past 10,000 years; male-dominated, follow the leader, must be connected/part of the club, must have the correct credentials/secret handshake. This old energy was based entirely on fear, force, and control; if you did not do as you were told, you were thrown out of the tribe (a likely fatal fate). Unfortunately for the world, this fear-based energy was the dominant energy (80%); freedom, truth, and good choices were only 20%.

This year (2022) is the transition year between this new age and the past. By the end of the year, freedom, truth, and good choices will be the dominant energy (80%), and fear, force, and control will be 20%. Women will be dominant and everyone will be able to go their own way (within reason); no more following the herd, flock, or school.


What I am saying is that it will become increasingly difficult to lie, deceive, hoodwink, program, or get people to believe false things.

Just think, they tried to force us to get the jabs, but as many as 50% of us refused. They were going to keep us in lockdown; that did not work. They were going to keep forcing us to wear masks; not. THEY did not understand why their Great Reset did not work; it always worked in the past. It’s all about the energetic shift.

Their Great Reset was all about a world being told what to do by the ELITES. We all know them as the Ruling Class or Uniparty. Their world is collapsing around them; massive supply chain problems, not enough food, not enough fuel, not enough spare parts, not enough chips, and not enough time (for just in time) solutions. Even worse, we are questioning them and their technocrats; we do not believe them anymore. Is this some kind of Universal accident? Was Covid? Ourworld is being massively changed by some gigantic force. Welcome to Aquarius!!!

I have a recommendation for you. If you are following me, you know that this energy shift is “red pilling” many of us. It is happening all over the planet politically; the Globalists and Big Government types are losing. What most of us believed, we are now questioning.

I recommend that each of you begin to question one of the core beliefs we all have; are we a spinning sphere/globe of a planet? Is the Sun the center of our system? I have visited the hollow earth in meditations, but that could be my childhood programming. I am questioning many things now.

Here is a link worth exploring: Please do not just dismiss this request. As I told you yesterday, the neutral leaning negative and positive (90 and 270 degrees or East and West) are how the Universe works. It makes sense and so does an analysis of the Flat Earth stuff. If you go up high, you can see far beyond what the curvature of the Earth should allow/provide. Look out the window of your next flight and ask yourSelf if you should be able to see that far?

Yours Thoughtfully,

Love, Light and Laughter,



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What are Shades of Gray/Grey?

We all know about Good and Evil. We understand on and off. We use 0s and 1s (zeros and ones) in software on our computers, tablets, and phones. And yet, we all know that there are shades of grey; not everything is black or white.

When we have a rheostat light switch, it allows us to go between fully on or off; that is a kind of neutral. We all know what neutral is when we drive,  even using automatic shifting, we must go through neutral to transition between moving forward or reverse.

So, yes, we know what neutral is, but binary software code only has Ones or Zeros and electrons only flow from positive to negative. Is there a way to understand neutrality in those instances?

Yes. I’m going to hit you with a new idea. Just as there are two primary poles; North (0/360° or positive) and South (180° or negative), there are two neutrals; 90° and 270°. East/90° is a neutral leaning Negative (toward 180°) and West is a neutral leaning Positive (toward 360°). So, there are two primary Shades of Grey; not just one.

When we talk about electrons spinning counterclockwise or clockwise, we are actually describing what electrons do at 90° and 270°. At the North pole or 360° or Positive, they spin upwards and downwards at Negative or 180°. Wow, our binary world of hot and cold, male and female, on and off, salt and pepper, black and white, and positive and negative has just gotten more complex. We have all known about shades of grey, but we did not know two neutrals were part of that concept. This is just a new tool to help us describe our world.

Now, we can expand our binary 1s and 0s code to four different options; 1s, 0s, ^s, and *s. Each of these states has its own properties and our future apps should be able to represent them all. I just kicked off a new revolution in computing and in physics.

This is important Spiritually; it is how the Universe works. Think about it, you can put yourSelf in a positive or negative state at will; you can do positive affirmations or slip back into that negative self-talk. Now, you have two more options; you can hang out around Neutral leaning negative or positive. It may be easier for many of us to hang out at neutral. You have free will, just tell yourSelf you want to go to 270 and get used to moving beyond. It is always Your CHOICE.

Play with this. I think you will like the results.

Thoughtfully Yours,

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Do you know what Energy Suckers are?

I have written about these people before; use the search on this site to look up Energy Vampires. There are enough new subscribers that I wanted to revisit this topic.

Of all the people in the world, only 5 percent are right-spinners, one in twenty. We have the best energy; it is much higher in frequency. The next group are the people in the middle; they are people who are not quite higher than 60% right-spin or left-. I tend to think of these people as those who can move easily between fear, force, and control or more freedom, truth, and choice (Left-Spin or Right-). As soon as these people move higher than 59%, one way or the other, it gets much harder to go back. That leaves 85% of us that are 60% or higher in left-spin energy. These people make our world so oriented toward fear, force, and control.

Just think, out of 7 billion people, there are 350 million Right-Spinners and 700 million in the middle. That leaves about 6 billion people who are oriented toward Darkness/Left-Spin. Now, do you see how screwed up our planet is?

All those Left-Spinners are like an army; most of them are low in rank like privates and corporals. But there are officers as well. By the time they have advanced to 80%, they are officers. What does that mean? They get an additional power to help them advance higher in rank more quickly. They become energy suckers or vampires.

If you are a Right-Spinner, you know exactly what I am talking about. These Vampires will get close to you or touch you and drain you of your energy. They love to have sex with us as that tends to be supercharged energy. Many of our spouses are Energy Vampires who get very nasty when we figure out what’s going on and cut them off. Many of us wonder where all that hostility/hate comes from, particularly in divorce.

Why the dark assholes have this power is unknown. They suck our energy and convert it, somehow, to the energy that they can use for their agendas; whatever that is. Obviously, it helps them get higher in the Dark Ranks. They have equivalent ranks to 4-Star General. George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden, and Xi Jinping are all good examples. The more they suck, the more money and power they get.

We, Right-Spinners, are the only place they can get this energy. Many of us eventually figure out what is going on and we stop them from sucking more. But most of us think this a one-off situation; we have no idea that there are more than a billion of them.

Here is a little program that you can install to protect yourSelf.

“My energy is my own. No one may take my energy without my permission.” Then say, “Apply.”

“My energy is my own. No one may give me any unwanted energy (spells) without my permission.” Then say, “Apply.”

This will piss them off, but they are like a burglar and just go to the next target that is unprotected; there are millions of us.

This post may be a shock to you. These Energy Vampires are not in the consciousness of our world; we know they exist, but not to the degree.

OK. Now you know how to protect yourSelf. Great, but there is more.

Now, you must start to ask questions about the people around you. The first question is, is this person an Energy Vampire? It could be your mother or father, or brother/sister or aunt/uncle or someone new. This is especially important if they meet you in church or a bar; we tend to be like Lighthouses on a dark night. They can see us shining our Light from a long way off; we are easy to target. You meet that person and go home with them. Are you feeling lucky? Maybe not.

They may have just sucked someone dry and they look just like a Right-Spinner to us; they can pass the test and we think they are Right-Spinners. OK. If something does not feel right, even a little bit, ask if they are a hidden Energy Vampire. If you feel drained, ask. If you get a yes to either of these questions, run the other way. If you are married to one of them, they are slowly killing you by disease; literally draining your life force.

We call them narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths; they are all Energy Vampires. Put your Shields up and run as fast as you can the other way.

Last suggestion/recommendation. Right-spin energy has just taken over. Now, and more as we move closer to 2023, we will have the powre/power in our world (80%). What does that mean? You will be able to manifest whatever you want by using this energy. You cannot be trapped anymore. You do not have to stay with anyone you want to get away from. It may be difficult at first, but the Universe will provide for you; just ask for help.

Soon, it will become impossible for any of THEM to suck our energy; we will be too powerful or strong.  I have another little program in place; anyone who tries to suck my energy(or puts a spell on me) gets a boomerang effect; all of their accumulated energy gets drained like water from a tub. They go back to buck private. If they are trying to do harm to me, it happens to them. Remember to say, “Apply.”

Think how unhappy THEY will be.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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