Great Year – 25,920 Years

The Great Year is the time it takes for our Solar System to complete an orbit of a dark star our astronomers cannot locate.  This dark star is a collapsed dark sun that does not emit anything.  The Precision of the Equinox theory is a nice try, but does not account for the 25,920 years it takes to complete a Great Year.

The Great Year begins anew with Aquarius.  We are in the last 500 days of Pisces and will enter Aquarius on December 21st, 2012.  Yes, the Mayans had it right as well, we will leave time as we know it.  They divided the Great Year into 5 ages of 5,184 years each whereas we, Western Civilization, divide it into 12 ages (Houses of the Zodiac) of 2,160 years each.

By New Years Day on 2013, we will have entered a new Great Year cycle and the energy of Aquarius.  This means several things of great importance.  First, our astronomers “discovered” that we were moving towards a vast belt of intense light back in 1950.  They called it the “Photon Belt”; Google it.  This was, oddly enough, in a vertical configuration or 90 degrees to the path of our orbit. This is also the House of Aquarius and is 2,160 years wide.

Fast forward to 2011; we have been in the spill-over light from this Aquarian “Photon Belt” since 1960.  The “Photon Belt” and the light-energy we have been passing through is higher vibration energy and is directly responsible for the explosion in technologies here on Planet Earth.  There was refrigerators, freezers, dish washers, mainframe computers, networks, Jet Planes, satellites, Moon Landings, digital communications, data bases, Personal Computers, the Internet, Laptop computers, cell phones and, now, smart phones and smart pads.  This energy is Aquarian energy and can be characterized as water being poured on the uppermost point of a mountain so that each droplet can find it’s own way down; there is no school of fish to follow (Pisces) or flock of sheep to follow (Aries) or heard of cattle to follow (Taurus).  The days of male-dominated, hierarchical organizations, institutions, structures based on follow-the-leader, authority figures, titles, credentials, seeking permission, seeking answers from others is over.  Aquarian-energy can be described as finding your own way, following your inner guidance and not considering outside, authority figure consideration.

Pisces, Aries and Taurus are all great examples of three ages where the dominant energy was one of fear, force and control along with no-change; these are attributes of Darkness.  That energy was embedded in an even stronger energy, called Red-energy, that we have been immersed in for 12,919 years.  Red-energy is characterized as the energy of division, dis-unity, separateness, tribal strife, religious strife, sexual repression and war-in-general.

Both of these energies are being replaced by Aquarian Light – freedom, truth, order, choice, integrity, doing-the-right-thing and advancing civilization and Purple Light – oneness, unity, togetherness, doing-the-right-thing and advancing civilization.  That replacement became significant, for the first time, on March 1st, 2011.  This is why the peoples of the Earth are all demanding that their corrupt, fear-imposed leaders step-down to be replaced by free and fair elections.  This is also why the era of big government intruding into our lives is coming to an end.

The vast majority of the people here, are oriented towards fear, force, control, no-change and divide and conquer; attributes of Dark and Red energies.  To these, the transition to Light and Purple energies will be one of seeming chaos as everything they have known as the way to be dissolves around them.

Whenever there is a 13,000 year shift, it can be called a Shift of the Ages; we have been through 6 houses (ages) of the Zodiac since the last one.  In the last Shift of the Ages, the last Ice-age ended with a minor Pole Shift.  We are, again, having a minor Pole Shift this time.  Our technology and civilization will be tested, but will survive.  The next 18 months are going to be a time of trial for all of us.  Those who survive the trying times ahead will become new, humans or newmen.

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