Your MerKaBa


Before you can become an Adept, you must activate or turn-on your MerKaBa or Light Body. If you search on Merkaba, you will find several sites that provide information on how to activate your traveling vehicle.

Ask yourself if you are strong in Purple-energy?  If you get a yes, that means you can just say, “turn on my Light Body.”   Your intent is enough.

For those of you who do not have at least 80% Purple-energy, use the breathing techniques offered by Drunvelo and the Flower of Life group.  It works, that is how I originally turned my Light Body on back in 2001.  Many of you will get to 80% or more by turning-on your MerKaBa; you have to intend to, and take action to move towards the Light, in this case, Purple.




MerKaBa or Light Body

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