What is a Right – Spinner?

This blog is for Right-Spinners. There are two kinds of energies and two kinds of people in this Universe/Multi-verse; Left-Spinners and Right-Spinners.  Everyone has both kinds of energy. Everyone is a mix, but one is always dominant. We choose over our lifetimes, sometimes very many, what Spin we are to be in each lifetime. Over time, we move in the direction of being a Right-Spinner or a Left-.

Everyone is either a Left-Spinner or a Right-; there are only two choices.  Once we make that choice, we are born with a hard-wired set of properties. Left-Spinners are oriented towards using Fear, Force and Control. Lying, cheating, stealing, corrupting, bribing are all normal operating characteristics of Left-Spinners.  They always resist doing the Right-Thing.  Right-Spinners are oriented towards more Freedom, Truth, Choice, Integrity, Creativeness, Self-Reliance and Self-Responsibility. They are always trying to do-the-right-thing.

Right-Spinners have their primary energy force which spins Clockwise (when looked down upon); clockwise on a clock rotates to the right, hence Right-Spinners. Right-Spinners are like High Pressure Weather Systems; like a Bermuda High. They are characterized by blue skies, wispy clouds and lots of sunshine. Right-Spinners are definitely higher in vibrations than Left-Spinners.

Left-Spinners have their primary energy force which spins Counter-Clockwise, like a clock spinning backwards or to the Left. Left-Spinners are like Low Pressure Weather Systems. Think Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, Gales, Tornadoes, Thunder Storms and the like. Left-Spinner energy is characterized by lots of wind and dark clouds and lots of rain, hail, sleet or snow. Left-Spinners are definitely lower in vibration that Right-Spinners.

We must have both kinds of energy; we need wind and rain, but, we also need sunshine. Civilization and Technology are advanced by Right-Spinners, but the Left-Spinners are always there running our politics with lies, fraud, corruption and buying votes. Unfortunately, there are far more Left-Spinners on Earth, now, than Right-Spinners.

For the past four Houses of the Zodiac; Pisces, Taurus, Aries and Gemini, the energy in our world has been dominated by Left-Spin energy. Each of these past Ages has been dominated by Male energy which is follow-the-leader and rule by fear, force and control.  Left-Spin energy has had 80% of the energy in our world for the past 8,640 years (4 x 2,160). Remember, we get to choose which energy we will be born with; it is far easier to go with the dominant energy.  Now, 95% of Earth’s people are Left-Spinners; that is 19 out-of 20 that are at least 51% Left-Spin.

Alright, about 10% of us tend to be in the middle and move between 59% Left-Spin and 59% Right-Spin. We want to be fearful and worry about a lot of things and, yet, we want our freedom to do our own thing. We all have something called “Free Will” and our primary use of this choice is whether we will move in the direction of Fear or Freedom. Being in middle, it is fairly easy to move in either direction in bounds of 5% or more.

 But…, what happens when you move above 60% in either direction? It become harder to move back and requires significant action/effort to do so.  The higher you go in either Left- or Right-Spin, the more difficult it become to move back to the center or middle ground.

The politicians would have us all believe that there are more than 7 billion people on Earth; that is 7,000 million. If you subtract the 5% that are Right-Spinners and the 10% who are in the Middle (and can move towards the Right), that leaves 85% who are Left-Spinners and cannot move towards the Right. 85% x 7,000 equals 5,950 million people who cannot stay here; they must leave (die) and be reborn on a different planet that will accept strong Left-Spinners. Earth is transitioning to 80% Right-Spin powre now and the Left-Spinners will not be allowed to stay (and mess things up).

OK. That is approximately 1,050 million people or around 1 billion people who will be allowed to stay here on Planet Earth. If anyone in the middle moves towards the Left and into 60% or more, they will be asked to leave (die). There will still be a lot of us and our civilization will continue, but with a lot less people.

When is this big die-off going to happen?  On January 1, 2019, Aquarian Right-Spin energy will have completed its transition to 80% of the powre and be at full strength. Whenever there is a transfer of power/powre from Left-Spin to Right-Spin, or vice versa, there is always a big die-off and massive catastrophic Earth Changes; this time will be no different. Look for the majority of the deaths and catastrophes to be over by December 2022; that will be an 80% solution. The final 20% may take as few as 5 years or as long as 20 years. It will not be a joyous time to be alive.

The billion of so people who are being allowed to stay will survive and prosper during the calamities. The strong Left-Spinners can run and hide, but they are no longer welcome and will not be allowed to stay; they have a ticket to ride. Fear not, death is but a change of clothes and a nap until your next life somewhere.

Spirit tells me that the world’s population is closer to 3.5 billion, but that still leaves 500 million survivors. Remember, we are moving into a new energy, Aquarius, which is dominated by the Female and supports Going-your-Own-Way (no more credentials or following the herd). Of the survivors, 19 out-of 20 will be female; women will rule.

Everyone will be receiving new Majikal Powres, even those in the middle. Majik is Right-Spin and Magic is Left-Spin. The stronger Right-Spinners will get these new powres soon, not sure of the timing. The middle will probably have to wait until 2023 sometime for theirs.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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