5-Letter “Spell-ing” Words of Powre

The Following is a list of Right-Spin Powre Words. 5-letter words are the most powerful words in our language; 5 is a symbol that is equated with the Creation Number – 14.


                       5-Letter “Spell” Words


Aback Abode About Abort Above Abuse
Abuts Acorn Actor Adapt Added Adept
Admit Adult Affix Afoul After Again
Agent Agile Aging Agony Agree Ahead
Aided Alarm Alert Align Allow  Alloy
Aloft Aloha Alone Along Alouf Aloud
Alter Amass Amend Amigo Amiss Amity
Among Amour Ample Amuse Angel Anger
Angle Angry Angst Annoy Antsi Anvil
Apple Apply Arbor Armed Armor Array
Arrow Atone Audio Audit Auger Avail
Avast Avert Avoid Awake Await Award
Aware Awarn Awash Awful Awoke Bacon
Badge Baker Bakes Beams Began Begat
Begin Begun Being Below Bends Biter
Bleak Bless Blind Blink Bliss Block
Blood Blush Board Books Boxed Break
Brand Brave Bribe Brief Bring Buyer
Cargo Carry Catch Cater Caulk Cause
Cease Ceded Chaos Charm Chase Cheat
Cheer Chief Child Clean Clear Close
Coach Coate Comes Could Count Court
Craft Crank Cured Cures Curse Dance
Death Earth Empty Enemy Enjoy Enter
Envoy Equal Equip Erase Erect Evade
Every Expel Happy Heart Ideas Labor
Learn Level Lever Light Likes Maker
Makes Spell Taken Taker Takes Thank
Think Trust Truth


The words that are Bolded are even more powerful/powreful than the unbolded words listed.