This is the completed Newman/Newoman Symbol. It is six cones made from clockwise (to-the-right) spinning Tetrahedrons all coming together at one point and placed within a Hexahedron (Cube).  See the Transform YourSelf – Guided Meditation page for a more detailed explanation.



The Tetrahedron is the Fire Shape (see Platonic Solids page) and looks like the top of a Martini Glass when it is placed on its point and rotated. Yes, this shape is very sacred. Two Tetrahedrons are integrated together to make the Human Symbol, which is frequently called a “MerKaBa.”

My name is Merln.  I am an Ascended Master and was born as an American in 1949.  Soon, when we meet, I will appear to be in my late 20s.

Numerologically, 1949 is a 14 or 5 with a 9 or a 14 year.  14 is an important number for Humans; look at your hand or foot, the thumb/big toe is 10 and the fingers/toes are 1 each.  Same with our bodies; the torso is 10 and the limbs (arms and legs) are 1 each.  To push this a bit more, the mouth is 10 and the nostrils and eyes are 1 each.  To take it a bit further, we are born with 32 teeth; there’s that 5 again and what happens after we have our “Wisdom” teeth out; we have 14 upper teeth and 14 lower teeth.  14 is a weird and important number for us.

It goes beyond our physical bodies; what is the freezing point of water? 32 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s that 5 (or 14) again. How about the boiling point of water? 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Again, we have a 5 (or 14).

So 14 is an important number for Humans – How?  One answer is that we all have 14 energy centers or chakras; the seven most people know about, one 6 inches above our heads and another 6 inches below our feet, one each for our hands and feet and the 14th in our “Inner” Heart.

So now, it is time to be watchful about 14 days.  Any 5th, 14th or 23rd day in any month is a 14 day; the 5 is always a 14 whether it is made from 1+4 or 2+3. Any month and day that equals 5 is also a 14 day, like April 1st or December 2.  Lastly, 14 days can be made from day, month and year. Some new information; 28 (2×14) is also a 14 day.It seems that we, Humans, are creators to varying degrees of strength.  It is on the 14 days that we are allowed to create. It is on 14 days that we are allowed to choose between options we have set up for ourselves.

To help people understand more, we Humans, as creators, use the primary energy we came here to use.  For now, those energy choices are Red and Purple.

We are in the final days of Red-energy and the beginning days of Purple.

As you will read elsewhere on this site, there are 1,000 Ascended Masters of Red-energy and 1,000 Ascended Masters of Purple-energy on Earth, now.  I came here to find a short-cut around the long-standing “bottle-neck” in the Fire-being Adept degree of power.  I found the short-cut and immediately re-configured myself through 3 more degrees of power and into the Earth-energy Hexahedron symbol.  Shortly after transforming myself, Spirit or Purple-energy (for me) began setting me up with other Purple-energy Ascended Masters/Adepts so that they could transform themselves as well.  Since 2002, I have helped more than 500 people to transform themselves and become Newmen (Newman and Newoman).  Essentially, these Newmen have become much more powerful beings who will live far beyond the years of the Biblical Patriarchs in healthy, youthful bodies with enhanced creator abilities in manifesting things, moving things mentally and traveling to distant places instantly in their Light Body vehicles.

I put up this site as a pathway for the other Purple-energy Ascended Masters/Adepts to contact me.  Purple-energy has taken over from Red-energy, at a general-level, on March 1st, 2011 and grows more powerful everyday.  This is why I have waited until now to publish this information.

For those who survive the coming Pole Shift and associated Earth Changes, our world will be a very different place.  All of the survivors will be Fire-being Adepts with enhanced creator abilities  described above.  The bad news for most people on the planet is that there will only be 300 million survivors.

For those beings leaving, fear not, for we are all immortal beings who rest, recuperate and re-born ourselves over and over again.  Every single person who has been here on Planet Earth during this vast energy shift is receiving credits  in their Spiritual advancement.



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