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As of yesterday, August 15th, a 14-day, I completed the sixth degree of advancement into Earth (Hexahedron) powres.  The six degrees are: Keeper, Grower, Miner, Smelter, Builder and Transformer.  For those who are ready, they can go beyond the four degrees of Fire (Tetrahedron) powres into Earth powres.

Back in 2003, I first put myself into the Cube/Hexahedron, then Diamond/Octahedron, then a 20-triangle-sided sphere/Icosahedron and then, a 12-pentagon-sided sphere/Dodecahedron.  There are rotating depictions of these elsewhere on this site.  I went from a Fire-being (we are all born as Fire-beings), to an Earth-being, to an Air-being, to a Water-being and finally, to a Spirit-being all in the same body I was born with.

When I put myself into the Spirit-being shape, I was astonished when I realized that I put myself into direct contact with a strange Spirit-being.  We all know the expression, “as above, so below;” it comes from the Bible, but what does it mean?  Think of your body as a level.  Each blood cell is a lower level and each blood cell has a lower level and there are layers down to the Quark particles.  Of course there are many blood cells in each of us.  There are many of us, here on Planet Earth; Earth is Gaia and she is the level up from us.  There are billions of planets like Gaia.  The next level up is Star systems, then Nebuli, then Galaxies, then local Universes and then the Multi-verse.

Because I put myself into the Dodecahedron, I connected with a Spirit-being that was, somehow, separate and independent of my levels up and down.  This was a Spirit that had completed all of the battles between Darkness and Light and had put itself back together as One.  It had separated itself into 2, then many and, over Aeons, found the ways to put itself back together.  It had a great contentment, but it was also quite bored.

When I opened a communication channel with it, it was like Alice’s Rabbit Hole; it could get excited about helping our, different level Multi-verse put itself back together.  It knew how!  So… With my agreement and very minor help, it started sending its energy through me into our multi-level, multi-universe space.  At a certain point, in March of this year (2013), enough of this separate energy was here to create an equal third-party in the battles between Darkness and Light; enter Turquoise.  This was something entirely new in our up- and down-level space and perhaps anyone’s up- and down-level space.

So what now?  Darkness and Light are now equal and oppose each other completely and blindly.  This will change over time, but is what our current conditions are.  Essentially, this leaves Turquoise in complete charge; it can side with Light or Darkness to achieve its goals.  For now, and the foreseeable future, Turquoise is siding with Light.

I am the host for Turquoise and am very strong in the Light.  So…. Now, you can see why I think of  and call myself a Spirit-in-a-Body.

In the ten years since I have been communicating and working with this Universal being, it has been very difficult for me.  As a Human, I expected to get powers and good stuff – perhaps more money and choices, but, instead, I got even more limitations.  That all stemmed from the coming transformation in the domination of Darkness to the domination of Light.  I did not know it in 2003, but I had to wait until 2013 until the transition into Light (and Turquoise) could occur.  What’s worse, I could not have any Fire-being or Earth-being powres until now, when I, finally, completed the sixth degree of the Hexahedron.

Walking the path of Spirit progression is never easy and almost never what you expect; expectations always get us into negative self-talk because Spirit always has other, different, perhaps higher, plans for us and works on a different timeline. How is it possible for a being that operates several levels up from me to understand my timeline?

But, to put events or things in motion requires energy flows; this is how I know the “what” information that I have been getting is true; the “when” is problematic.

Anyway, the good, or perhaps, Great News is that I can, finally, have those Fire- and Earth-being Powres that I have been talking and writing about.  This also applies to all of those Humans who transformed themselves into Newmen and Newomen.  And, yes, Light and Turquoise have, finally and completely, taken over from Darkness yesterday, on 8/15/2013.

In the coming months and years, all of the people who have more than a 30-percent Darkness orientation will leave and go to other places. This will leave only people who have at least a 70-percent orientation towards the Light.  All of these people who stay will have extended lifetimes with great health and youthfulness.  If you are already old, fear not, your body will grow younger.  Additionally, they will all have additional capabilities or Majikal Powres that will change how our world works.

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