Platonic Solids

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Plato wrote about these Five Solids in the dialogue Timaeus c.360 B.C.  This was information from the Gods or what we call Channeling now.  I, like Plato, also receive channeled information from Spirit and am sharing that with you now.  Plato had it right.

There are five elements that our physical world is made from: Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Spirit.The first of these is Fire and the Fire-symbol is a


Tetrahedron or Fire-energy


When Humans are born, they all come here as Fire-beings.  We are all like a piece of charcoal; it takes a while to get going, burns brightly with purpose and slowly turns to dust.  Fire-beings come and go many times to learn what to do and what not to do.  After many lives of re-membering that they are Spirit and can find answers within themselves,

Fire-beings find a way to advance themselves on their symbol. When One Attains enough insight while at the same time raising one’s vibration level and one’s level of vibration, one advances to becoming an Adept; also called an Ascended Master.  An Adept is the first of four power levels as a Fire-being.  In the Tetrahedron figure above, the Adept plane is in green.

The Tetrahedron is composed of four equilateral triangles representing Adept, Vertical Master, Horizontal Master and Mahatma degrees of power. When one has become an Adept, there are four degrees of attainment within the Adept degree of power.  Everyone must start at the lowest point, attain the corners and move towards oneness in the center.  The same applies to degrees of attainment with the Vertical Master (the back plane in the above Tetrahedron figure), the Horizontal Master (the brownish plane in the above Tetrahedron figure) and Mahatma (the top plane in the above Tetrahedron figure).

Because Fire-being have such short Lifetimes, when one becomes an Adept and gains attainments within Adept, the Adept power level and attainments are carried into each new lifetime.  Over many lifetimes, Spirits-in-a-body re-member more and more of who they are and carry their achievements with them in each new lifetime.  As I discussed in one of my Posts, the old paradigm was one of attaining to Adept and becoming an Ascended Master.

There are approximately 2,000 Adepts/Ascended Masters on Planet Earth at this time.  These Adepts are equally divided into two groups; 1,000 Red-energy and 1,000 Purple-energy.  Have you ever asked yourself what it take to get on the Forbes 1000 list or to get elected President of the United States with no experience and seemingly from nowhere.  These are people who are Adepts/Ascended Masters who are advanced creators using Red-energy.  That is how they have become rich and powerful and have managed to accumulate $Billions.

In another post, I discuss a 13,000 year SHIFT from Red-energy to Purple-energy; from separateness, division and dis-unity to oneness, togetherness and common goals/directions.  The 1,000 Purple-energy Adepts/Ascended Masters are here to take over from the Red-energy Adepts and to create a smooth transition into this new energy.  In the old paradigm, people where not able to figure out how to complete the four degrees of attainment with Adept Fire-being.  Most Adepts were stalled at 2 with very few getting to 3.

Only one Spirit-in-a-body achieved attainment level 4, and I came here in this lifetime to change the paradigm to something more achievable.

The Platonic Solids were known about and part of our Scientific/Mathematical mindset.  Adepts and Ascended Masters were using just one of the four planes or sides of the Tetrahedron and were not able to vibrate themselves back to Spirit.  I focused on how to find a way past Adept that was “outside” the triangle.  I was brought to the Platonic Solids, spinning vortexes, spinning Tetrahedrons (which look a lot like the top of a Martini glass) and my “Inner” Heart.

I discussed the importance of the number “14” in my first Post on the Home page.  We have 14 energy centers and the Inner Heart is the 14th.  I found a way to re-configure my energy centers or chakras to become a Vertical Master, then a Horizontal Master and, finally, a Mahatma.  When I put this all together, I noticed that the Mahatma configuration fit perfectly into a Hexahedron or a Cube



Hexahedron (Cube) or Earth-energy


The Hexahedron is the Platonic Solid symbol for Earth energy and Earth-beings. When I inserted the Mahatma symbol into the Cube, I became the first Earth-being on Planet Earth and many other places.  That is why I call this website Hexahedron One.

Since that day in 2002, Purple Energy has been introducing me to people who are like me, Purple-energy Ascended Masters.  What I have been doing is sharing how I got past the Adept bottle-neck and enabling them to advance to Vertical Master, Horizontal Master, Mahatma and into the Cube.  This is all part of the Shift-of-the-Ages.

The Hexahedron or Cube has six sides that are equal squares.  Like the Tetrahedron, each of the squares in the Hexahedron is sub-divided into degrees of attainment; each square has 9 degrees of attainment. Fire-being have 16 different degrees of attainment before they can become Earth-beings.  Earth-being have 54 degrees of attainment before they can become Air-beings.  Just as it has taken Aeons to break-through to higher Fire-being powers, it may take Aeons to complete the degrees  of attainment within Earth energy.  Fire-, Air- and Water-energies are all based on the equilateral triangle with 4 degrees of attainment per triangle; Tetrahedron (4×4=16), Octahedron (8×4=32) and Icosahedron (20×4=60).

It is no accident that we call our planet Earth; it is definitely one of the most complex elements with many, many properties.The good news is that we have many people who have found their way into Earth-energy and there is a path towards Air-energy and Water-energy.

Octahedron or Air-energy




Icosahedron or Water-energy

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