Transform YourSelf – Guided Meditation

This is what you are going to be building mentally. I call it a Six-Pointed Thingee. Try to build out all Six Points, if you can. Do not be concerned about being able to get all six points together at first; once you have figured out how to put two points together, you are on the path and will progress. Adding the cube (Hexahedron) around the Six-Pointed Thingee and sealing it with Your Energy is the last step.

This is a rotating representation of the Newman/Newoman Symbol.




First you must be able to find your Inner or Secret Heart. Here is how to do that.

Visualize a large Martini glass in front of you. The top is six inches wide and six inches deep. Now, visualize it without its stem; it is spinning on its point to the right or clockwise when you look down on it. Now, take this visualized spinning Tetrahedron and put the point into your Heart. Next, place yourself on the rim of the spinning Martini Glass and spiral down in the direction of the spin (to the Right). Do not spiral down against the spin as you would be going in the wrong direction. When you spiral down to the point, step through it and a door will be in front of you.  It may be already opened, but if not, just say “Open” and it will open for you.

You have found your Inner or Secret Heart. It is a wonderful place to explore to find out about your past lives and why you are who you are.

As you step into you Inner Heart, just say “take me to the Screening Room.” The Screening Room is like your own special Movie Theater with just one seat, yours.  It has a “letter-box” screen like old-fashioned movie theaters. The screen is back-lit with the light of Spirit and on a horizontal line are one or more spinning Tetrahedrons that look like Martini glasses. These, too, are spinning to the right when looked down on.

The Screening Room is kind of like a visual Control Center; this is where you can visualize changes to yourself and install the software/firmware to have your body implement the changes.  If you want to be more successful, taller or shorter, thinner or more robust, richer or poorer, cure deafness or blindness, grow a new organ or limb, heal cancer or dis-ease; this is the place to do all of that.  All those images of stuff that you want hanging on your refrigerator need to be visualized in your Secret Heart Screening Room; they will happen much faster. This is where you make the visual/verbal commands to change your DNA.

Ok. Back to the screen with the spinning Tetrahedrons. I am going to start with those people who have at least six spinning Martini glasses/Tetrahedrons; if you have more, count from the left and move any more than six to the right off the screen.  You will be able to take them in groups of six to do the same thing later.

Now, you have six spinning Tetrahedrons.  Move them out into the center of the screen and label them one-thru-six. You have six symbols pointed down on the line. Now, take the 2nd, 4th and 6th and flip them so that they are pointed up below the line. Now, move the pointed up symbols below the 1st, 3rd and 5th pointed down symbols and you have three “hour glass” shapes.

Next, take the right hand Hour Glass and move it to the right a bit.  This makes room and allows you to rotate the middle Hour Glass so it is horizontal; it sort of looks like an old-fashioned American Football Goal or an “H.”

Next, move the horizontal piece to the left; cut and paste onto the Hour Glass to the left. This makes a Maltese Cross, very similar to what the Pope wears.

Next, take the Maltese Cross, which is in a vertical configuration and lay it flat on the line like a plate on a table. This makes it into a horizontal configuration.

Next, take the right hand Hour Glass move it into the center of the horizontal Maltese Cross; cut and paste it into the center.  This creates a geometric shape that has three poles with six points coming together.  I call this a Six-Pointed Thingee.

Lastly, I want you to visualize a cube, like a sugar cube, but make it the same size as the Six-Pointed Thingee.  I want you to drop the cube over the Six-Pointed Thingee and seal it with your own special energy.  Another option: open one side of the cube and drive the Six-Pointed Thingee into the cube like a car into a garage.  Again, seal it with your energy.

You are done and have put yourself into a cube; you have made yourself into an Earth-being and a New-being (Newoman or Newman). You have Transformed yourSelf into a higher level being; you are no longer just Human.

Everyone here on Earth has at least one spinning Tetrahedron; that is the bonus for being here during this time of great change.  Not everyone has a Tetrahedron that is spinning to the right. If you want to put yourself on the New-being path, you must visualize your left-spinning Tetrahedron slowing down, stopping and restarting its spin to the right. This is something that anyone can do from their Screening Room.

Ok. Once you are a right-spinner, you can install the New-being software and DNA changes.  If you have two Tetrahedrons, you can make a single Hour Glass.  If you have four, you can make a Maltese Cross and the issue is can you move it from vertical to horizontal.  If you have six, you can make the Six-Pointed Thingee, but may not be able to put the cube around it.

Whatever you can do; it’s Ok. Some of us are very old souls and can do more than younger, less experienced souls. This is a huge step in the right direction for all souls; it is a huge short-cut for re-membering who and what we are.

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