Big Changes are Habbening

The Molachers/Deep Staters/EUers/Davos Elites are all beginning to lose. They have had most of the power in our world for 1000s of years and were confident that they would prevail in any fight. Not true anymore; Light/Right-Spin forces are taking over or, have taken over.

We just watched Europe return to a desire for social, economic and cultural nationalism over the opposite focused Globalists with their uncontrolled Islamic migrations. It not only happened in Europe, but in India, Australia, Brazil (and much of South America). Of course, 2016 kicked it off with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump.

The Deep State tried to move all of the wealth (financial and manufacturing) from the United States and Europe to their client – China. Trump is reversing that rapidly in the US. Companies/Factories are leaving China at a dramatic rate and are going to Vietnam or back to the USA (Not Mexico). Big China Tech has been stopped in its track. Even though they got big by stealing technology and having subsidized, low cost products, the requirement to spy for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) finally brought enough attention on what they were doing.

We are seeing the dismantling of China, which is so very Dark/Left-Spin. China’s approach has been to sell subsidized products low, steal everyone’s ideas/technologies and suppress their own people. China has been part of the Deep State since entering the WTO. What the hell, they were the last remnant of Communism on the planet and the Deep State loved Communism even more than Islam.

What just habbened? One of China’s Regional Banks just failed and was bailed out by the CCP/Government. The problem is that there are three (3) more biggish banks about to go bust (knife edge) and another four (4) more banks that are likely to go bust in the next 14 days. What the CCP is desperate to avoid is a classic bank run. The bank runs will happen; this is Light/Right-Spin taking control. China will be ruined, shortly, and it could not happen to a better location anywhere. China will, very rapidly, degenerate into fiefdoms of War Lords. Never mind the One Belt – One Road and China 2025; not going to be.

When China goes, what happens to Europe? Not good. The EU Deep Staters have been China’s biggest supplier of funding; they will be the most exposed to massive Chinese defaults. Bye Bye Deutsche Bank, many other European Banks and the European Central Bank. Think about withdrawing all of your money from the banks and keeping it in cash or other valuables.

It will be tough for the United States as well, but not nearly so. Trump has been very busy creating/restoring a non-Central Bank economy. The Fed and Wall Street will be hit hard (the Deep Staters), but Trump has another plan for Main Street. Somehow, Trump has seized $25 Trillion from the rogue CIA and another $300 Trillion from the Deep State/Rothschild; he (and the US) will be able to ride out the turmoil. Remember, the US National Debt is $23 Trillion. Trump will not be bailing out the big Investor Banks or Banksters; just the depositors.

This will be the end of the Central Bank Debt-based system/economy in the United States, Europe, China and the rest of the world. People have been talking about/wishing for a Global Currency Reset (GCR) to occur for decades; it is in motion. The final piece is the meltdown of China and the destruction of the Central Bank in China, Europe and the US. The US Treasury Note will be based on Gold (and? Natural Gas/Oil) and will be devalued at least 10:1, but could be much higher. Gold will go to $10,000 per ounce and, perhaps, much higher.

So…All of these changes are happening on the people to people level. This is wonderful and will bring joy to many. Be aware. There are many more Earth Changes coming; there must be a balancing of forces between Darkness/Left-Spin and Light/Right-Spin. The audit is nearing completion and the energetic accounts WILL be BALANCED.

Look for China to dissolve in June. Look for Phase One; the Trigger Events to happen shortly thereafter. China’s islands and artificial reefs will collapse into the sea with parts of Indonesia as a preview of what is to come for China itself.

For tuned in Right-Spinners, the Naples area is in great danger from Vesuvius; make plans to move away soon.

Be Blessed by Spirit,

Love, Light and Laughter,


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