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Newman and Newomen Powers

As of 8/11/2011, everyone of the 500 Humans who have transformed themselves into Newmen or Newomen will begin to receive the Powers they have been waiting for.  8/11/2011 is a month-day-year 14 day (8+11=19=10=1 and 2011=4; add them together = 5 or 14).

There are three kinds of Powers coming; enhanced Creation powers, Transform powers and Orbing powers.

Creation powers:  All Humans have the God-given power to create.  This site’s Home Page talks about using 14-days to create what we want for ourselves.  Whether we know it or not, we create on 14-days and we create good things for ourselves or bad things based on our thinking and mental attitude.  Once you have transformed yourself into a Newman or Newoman, you  have significantly enhanced Creation powers.  Not only are they more powerful as in audio gain or volume, but Newmen are no longer limited to 14-days and can create all-the-time.  Because Newmen and Newomen are always connected with their Higher Beings or Guides, we can only create what is best for us and those around us; no more negative creating.

Transforming powers: All Humans have the God-given power to transform.  We do it with our hands; its called manipulation or manufacturing or repairing.  Remember, the hand has a thumb and four fingers; there’s the number 14 again.  Again, Newmen and Newomen have enhanced transformational powers; they can repair or destroy electronics mentally; they can turn on or turn off electronic switches mentally; they can create or stop the detonation of explosives or primers in bullets; they can transform an LCD screen into an LED screen; they can turn “mouldy” bread into fresh bread or the reverse; they can repair cracked concrete or cause concrete to crack; they can restore a broken glass or bottle or smash them into many pieces.  Using glass as an example of a crystal, all metals are also crystalline structures.  Newmen and Newomen have the power to strengthen metals or have them fall apart as metallic grains.  Newmen and Newomen have the power to transform the air and water vapor around them into “shields” that take any forceful, unwanted energy and radiate it away; this includes explosives, bullets, knives, injection needles, gases, and yes, even poisons.  Snipers beware, the bullet you fire will return through your scope.

Orbing powers: All Humans and animals have the power of mobility; we use our muscles to walk and run or swim.  As Humans have advanced, they added paddling, sailing, motoring and jetting to their mobility powers.  Newmen and Newomen have a further advancement; they can Orb from one location to another mentally.   This Orbing is a mental transportation of the physical body and starts out with being able to Orb yourself only (with the clothes you are wearing).  It progresses with being able to take luggage and then another person and their luggage.  It eventually grows to being able to Orb and entire company of M1-A2 Abrams tanks with fuel, ammunition and food from one location to another.  Orbing means you do not need a car or truck to go for groceries; it means you do not need to travel by airplane or train for long distances; it means you do not have to go through customs and immigration; it means you can travel from living room to living room.  There are no locked rooms or locked vaults or jail cells for being that can Orb.  Have fun with Orbing; go to Paris or Tokyo or San Francisco for breakfast, lunch or diner.

Just in case you haven’t asked the question, out of the 500 Newmen/Newomen, there are only 9 Newmen including me; that means that there are 491 Newomen.  I guess that means that Newomen rule, at least most of the time.


We Are Energy Beings First – 6/8/11

Hello All,

This blog is a little different, but perhaps the most important post I have put up here.  We Humans/Newmans tend to think of ourselves as Physical beings; and we are.  BUT, WE ARE ALL ENERGETIC BEINGS FIRST!

When we start coming down with the Flu, we feel the scratching of a sore throat and we grab the medicine that worked that last time and try to head the flu off at the pass.  If it works, great; but if not, we take to our beds and go through all the aches and pains and feeling sick that we have brought on ourselves.

Most of us think of ourselves as a physical being named, in my case, Dave Maxwell, and we know all about our physical limitations, what we are allergic too, where our pain is, and what chronic issues we have.  We do not think or feel that we have much control over our bodies and any, little control, involves doing things like eating differently, exercising, meditating, going on vacations to reduce stress; somehow, it is always about DOING something different.  This tool is actually what we are supposed to be using as a Physical Body and most of us have our Internal Programming (yes, like a computer) set to a default setting where changes to our Physical Body can only be made by DOING.


For those of you who know how to connect with your Inner Beings, here is what I suggest you do; yes this is still a DO.  Ask your Inner Being if you can change from a default mode of DOING to a default mode of THINKING: by doing this one thing, you will have made yourself into an Advanced Being or, a much more Capable Being. Imagine, you can, now, get money without having to DO anything for it; you can go to a place by Orbing (you know, like Samantha) without having to get transportation to the airport, getting on the airplane and getting transportation again to your destination; THEY WILL HATE THIS, but you can skip Customs and Immigration.

By shifting to a THINKING mode, we are using our Energetic Bodies to control our Physical Bodies; not the reverse.

The World is Changing – Who Will Lead Us – Is there a Great Savior? 5/27/11

Most Humans are oriented towards DARKNESS; they are fearful, and want to be told what to do, where to go for safety are a quite willing to be controlled and, even, forced to do things.  They just extended the “Patriot” Act!!!!!

With the shift in energies towards Light (freedom, truth, choice, order, self-reliance, self-responsibility and change-for-the-better), most Humans will be very uncomfortable in this new energy.  That is one reason so many Humans are leaving to go ELSEWHERE – they cannot handle the Shift in Energies.

Those of us who are Left-Behind are all Advanced Humans, Newmen-in-waiting and Newmen.  Every single one will have Fire Powers at the Adept level or higher.  What does this mean?  These Adepts are “becoming” in the new energy of Aquarius and Purple and the new, Great Year; they will not be as limited as the Dark Adepts of the past. Everyone will be “connected” to their Inner Being or Guide and “know” what to do, when to do it and with whom, but this will all be voluntary, not based on fear, force or control.

Everyone will have lives in the thousands of years in healthy, youthful bodies.  Children will be few in numbers and will be treasured above everything else.  Work is a four-letter word; it will cease to be so hard.  Most labor will be using mental and physical powers, not muscles.  Money, or, a better word – Resources, will be far easier.  Everyone will find what they are supposed to be doing and have the resources to do it.

Kinda sounds like Heaven on Earth, doesn’t it?  Heaven is in the Spirit realm, but this new, Spirit-Guided world will be far different than the old.

So who is going to Lead us?  The answer is obvious; we are going to lead ourselves in partnership with Spirit.  For the cynical out there, the Newmen/Newomen are the most advanced beings, based on vibrational levels and they will be listened to.  But, as I said above, everyone here will be connected and guided by their Inner Beings.  So – if we are all guided by Spirit, the conflicts should be very minor.

Out of 300 million survivors, the vast majority of them are women and they will assume dominion over the running of the world.  Women become autonomous, heads of household, companies and what limited Government there is.  Men will have respected niche roles and be appreciated in their roles by women.  There is no Fear, Force or Control in this new World.  Women-on-women relationships will become the norm.  Women will be told when they can have a child by their Inner Beings and be guided to the right father or choice of fathers.  No Big Brother or Big Government watching and/or telling you what you may do.  No other Spirit-in-a-body (Human/Newman) telling you what you must do.

So, you ask yourself when this new, wonderful world is coming into being.  The answer will surprise you; it has been coming since about 1960 in the United States slowly.  It will now accelerate to 99% completion by December 21st, 2012 and the last 1% will be completed by December 21, 2016.