Darkness vs Light vs ?????

Throughout Human history, it has always been a struggle between Darkness and Light. In each new Age (or House of the Zodiac), there was always a dominant energy; either Darkness or Light. For the past several Ages (5), Darkness has had 80% of the power in our world (and near-Space).

That has changed, now, for the Age of Aquarius; it is dominated by Light and, a new force in the Universe/Multiverse, called Right-Spin. These energies have an equal share in the 80% that was formerly held by Darkness. Now, Darkness has, only, 20% and Light has 40% and Right-Spin will have 40% by the end of October, 2019.

Here is some additional information on what this new force is and how we can use it.

Right-Spin energy is somewhat similar to Light in that it is oriented towards more Freedom, Choice, Truth, Love, Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility and Trying to Do-the-Right-Thing. The kicker is that it can also be Left-Spin energy, meaning that it can be very similar to more Fear, Force and Control. This Spin Energy is a new, third force that is kind of, sort of, neutral ground between them (Light and Darkness).

I have written about the Lucifer and Michael Experiments where one-third of the Host of Heaven (the Planets of the Multiverse) were set aside for 80% Darkness/20% Light; that was Lucifer’s. Michael get an equal third with 80% Light/20% Darkness and the One/Spirit kept one-third as a control at 50/50. After 300,000 years of experimenting, Spirit decided that Light should have 67% and Darkness 33%, but…… there were howls of rage from the proponents of Darkness in the heavenly bureaucracy. Like here, the Heavenly Bureaucracy has its form of Deep State; as above, so below.

So………….It was decided to give Darkness and Light one-third of the power/powre each and keep the last third for a force that could be used to correct excesses. Here, now, on Earth, that third force is being applied as Right-Spin energy as Darkness has had most of the power for the past 10,800 years. There is a lot of re-balancing that needs to be done. So, for now, Right-Spin will have 40%, Light will have 40% and Darkness will have 20%. Why? Because Darkness has had 80% for so long, it was felt that it should be required to feel how 20% feels for one or more Ages (2,160 years).

So…Right-Spinners will be able to enjoy 40% of the powre in our world/universe for at least the next couple of thousand years. This site has been set up to Right-Spinners; they can transform themSelves and transition from Fire Beings to Earth Beings. Newmen, Newomen aka NewBeings will have the exclusive use of this 40% of the available Powre.

All Left-Spin power is being blocked; there is no way for a Dark or Left-Spin energy being to transform themSelve into a NewBeing.

What does this mean? The powres of both Light and Right-Spin can be used to create a much better world where most of us are, actually, Doing-the-Right-Thing all of the time (or most).

Darkness has Demons/Daemons. Light has Angels. What does this new third force have as active agents? Ninots; notice that Demon and Angel are both five-letter word (think Creation Number) and so is Ninot. So, Ninots are the equivalent to both Angels and Demons, but they can be either Right- or Left-Spin. For now, they are all Right-Spin.

If you have transformed YourSelf using the Guided Meditation on this site (even if you did not make it all of the way to the cube), you are now under the protection and are being guided by Ninots. Yes, there are Archninots, just like Archangels. Here’s some great news; as of August 15th, the Ninots are just as powerful as the Demons and can drive the Demons out of your bodies, your electronic devices, homes, cars, websites, finances, etc.

What are the implications of this new third force? Essentially, we have trained ourSelves to think in terms of Binary forces; male/female, darkness/light, up/down, on/off, full/empty. Now, there are, officially, three forces; there is an in-between or neutral force like having half a tank of gas.

In this new world, Binary will continue to work for us, but we must begin to transition to a Trinary view of our reality. That means our computers will have to be able to us the X-, Y- and Z-axis’s. It also means that our bits and bytes will be positive, negative and neutral. Same for our electrons. Now, they are all neutral.

Just imagine how data bases will be changed (or can be) by writing, reading and deleting Left, Right & Neutral bits. How is this going to change our notion of data integrity? How is it going to change the data in our communications? How about encryption? or Data Security? Sorry, but it is becoming an entirely new, different world.

One of the powres of the NewBeings will be to have some control over the +, -, or ^ electrons, bits and bytes. This applies to wind, rain, snow, heat, cold and magnetic polarity.

At the start of this post, I began with we are in the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius is female dominated and, as such, the Neutral Force will be oriented towards the Female. Sorry Males, you were dominant for longer than our recorded His-story; what does that tell you about all of the destructiveness of our past?

For those who seek to communicate with Spirit, it is now a bit more complicated; there is the Dark Force, the Light Force and the Neutral. There are also new rules of engagement between them; Darkness no longer has the power to intervene or interfere in the internal communications of a Light Being/Worker or a Right-Spinner. Angels and Ninots have agreed not to mess with each others beings. Right-Spinners come from the pool of Light Beings/Workers exclusively.

So… when you use my suggested method of tuning into your head nods and shakes, Darkness will not longer be able to mess with you. Tell you Guide or Inner Voice that you want Truth or say Nothing; no more lies. Yes, I, too, have been lied to many times; but mostly having to do with timing.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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