Do you get a Creative Completion Signal from your Creative Self?

I am a creative person who gets high-definition, color mental images of inventions that I am working on.  I can render them and raster them, assemble and disassemble them, rotate them or view them from different angles (even internally),  label the pieces, get the dimensions of the pieces, get what the pieces are made of and, when everything is correct, my image “lights” up like a Christmas Tree.

I was shown this mental image factory after I had already started a two-way dialog with my “Creative” Self.  I had already been getting a signal that one of my projects was complete; it was kind of a ding and I had to be paying attention.  One day, I asked mySelf if it wanted to have a two-way conversation with me.  I got a very clear, but quiet answer, “Yes.”

That eventually lead to the mental image that lights up.

Recently, I have been asking creative people that I know like painters and potters and clothing designers if they got a signal from their Creative Selves when their creation was complete.  All of them have told me that when they get a “Ding,” they know that it is finished.  Isn’t this a wonderful piece of knowledge?

But, it got me wondering.  What if most creative people thought that the “Ding” was just part of being creative and had nothing to do with a gift from God or a special communications with Spirit.  That is why I am writing this.

If you a lucky enough to be receiving creative guidance from someone or something internally, try embracing it and asking if it wants to have a dialogue with you about other things like maybe money, success, sex, health, youthfulness, body changes or, even, powers/powres that are coming with the new energies.

I know this can be considered to be “talking” to yourself and you may be considered to be eccentric or even a bit crazy, especially if you begin to believe what you are being told.

For you newbees at this, take heart, until recently, Darkness was very much in charge of the world and even, internal conversations with Spirit.  Yes, Darkness loved to insert itself into these internal conversations and mess with us especially about money, success and sex.  Over the next 30 days, Darkness’ ability to lie to us, especially if we are of the Light, will be greatly curtailed.

So start talking to your Creative Self or Inner Self or Spirit Guide or even, Jesus Christ or whoever you feel comfortable with.  Light-Turquoise has taken over; Darkness only has one-third of the power and cannot mess with you like it could only last year.

In my evolution, I started out using a pendulum, then dowsing rods, then muscle testing using my thumb and forefinger.  Eventually, I tuned into that small still voice within.  Guess what?  You can do it too.  The Inner Voice is waiting patiently within each of us; just start talking and asking.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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