More on the Ego and How to Discharge it

As I wrote a few days ago. you can move all of your conversations to your Heart and get better answers, more truth.  But, as I found out when I did that, my Ego just moved into my Heart and I found that my Heart was now telling me lies.

This was absolutely intolerable to me.  I got angry and started shouting and screamed with rage, but that did not do any good at all.

So… After calming down, I thought that there must be a mechanism for asking or telling my Ego that it’s service were no longer wanted or needed.

Inspiration or Intuition came to the rescue, or maybe, I just told myself the answer because I asked the right question, the right way, at the right time.

Here’s what I did and it seems to have worked.  I asked my inner voice who was deceiving me if it was my Ego.  I got a no, that it was Aqua Energy.  I asked, “Is this truth?”  Apparently, this is a critical question for Ego.  Ego told me that it was not truth.  I, then, asked if it was Ego that I was talking to and got a Yes.

I then said that we were not working well together and seemed to be opponents much of the time. Ego agreed.  I, then, said “Thank You for your Services” and “I know that you have tried your best in a difficult assignment” and, then. “Your services are no longer required.”  Lastly, I said, “Go, …Go, …Go” and, Ego just faded away.  I actually felt it fade away.

It is absolutely critical that you thank these entities for their service; for whether you liked their service or not, they have been doing a job for you and you instructed them on how to do it before you were born.

Again, thank them for their service to you and dismiss them from your service.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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