Does Your EGO Lie to You? How can you Stop this?

Many of us seek truth from within and run afoul of our egos.  The Ego thinks it’s job is to help us Survive and frequently uses a strategy of maintaining the Status Quo, even if it is harming your success in terms of meeting new lovers, friends and getting more money.

Those of us who have experienced this, know that we can get good information about many things, but, for some reason, if it is about the opposite sex, sex or money, we tend to get lied to.  These are very important subjects for most of us and it is frustrating to be lied to continually and causes many of us to give up on the “internal” conversation altogether.

I, too, suffer from my Ego interfering and lying to me about women, sex and money.  My strategy for dealing with this is to stay away from the topics  where I cannot get good information; women, sex and money.

With Aqua energy finally taking over from Turquoise, this state of affairs is no longer acceptable.  I thought, “How can I get my Ego, which has significant energetic power that it takes from me, to stop messing with me?”  So…finally, I asked if there was some easy way to get my Ego out-of-the-way?  I got a big yes and proceeded to ask many more questions until I figured it out.

Here is the answer.  We all tend to think that money and success are of the head, not the heart.  After all, we are all told that “money is the root of all evil” from childhood on.  Consequently, we put the money conversation in our heads.  Big mistake; any conversation that we have internally with our head is a conversation with our Ego.  It is also a conversation with Demons, Devils, etc.  We think, if it is logical, it must be in our heads.

Here’s what I did to fix this problem.  I moved all internal conversations about money, wealth and success from my head to my heart.  This is a mental process and you may have to get some help from your Spirit Guide.  I, literally, uprooted the conversation in my head and replanted it in my heart.

I used this same approach for conversations about women, sex, inventions, body changes, health and youthfulness and moved them all to my heart.  It is working; I do not think or know that I am being lied to about these topics.

Why?  The heart is the seat of Light or Aqua, now.  In previous posts I have spoken about the heart and the inner heart as being two separate energy centers or chakras.  As part of this new process, I merged these two together; the color for this new merged heart is Aqua, at least for me.

By moving your conversations to your heart, you have, essentially, prevented your Ego from interfering with you; you have fired or discharged it.

Have fun with this,


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