Energy Centers/Chakras – What they mean?

On this site, I write about the five Platonic Solids and what they mean; the Tetrahedron is the Fire-being shape, the Hexahedron is the Earth-being shape, the Octahedron is the Air-being shape, the Icosahedron is the Water-being shape and the Dodecahedron in the Spirit-being shape.

We are all born here as Fire-beings and our MerKaBas are made up of two phase-shifted Tetrahedrons. For those of you who have transformed yourselves into Newmen/Newomen, you have put yourself on a path of becoming an Earth-being and higher levels of attainment. This is also a path to becoming a 4th Dimensional being and higher.

OK. What does this have to do with Chakras or Energy Centers? When we are born, we are actually in our Heart Chakra; that is where the processing center is. That is where decisions are made; not the brain.

As you become an Earth-being (see my Transform Yourself – Guided Meditation page), you transport yourself into your Throat Chakra. As you become an Air-being, your home is your Third-Eye. As you become a Water-being, your home is your Crown Chakra. Whoa, we’ve run out of Chakras. Not true, we all have a connection Chakra with our Spirit Guide; it is 6 inches above our Crown Chakra and it the location we move to when we become a Spirit-being; this allows us to be with Spirit and still be here in the PHYSICAL where all the fun is.

This is an insight that I have had for a while and wanted to share.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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