Finally, 2020 is Here!

On this site, I have been writing about the coming of a new Age where Right-Spin Energy is the dominant energy in our world (and Local Universe).

Today, January 1st, 2020, it has happened. Now, Right-Spin/Light energy is at 80% powre and will be at that powre for the next 2,152 years (at a minimum). What does this mean?

Right-Spin energy is oriented towards more freedom, truth, integrity, choices, options, self-responsibility, self-reliance and, generally, doing-the-Right-thing. This is the dominant energy now and it will begin to change our world dramatically.

For the past 10,800 years (5 Houses of the Zodiac or Ages), Left-Spin Energy has had 80% of the power. It is characterized as Fear, Force, Control and resisting Doing-the-Right-thing. Now, it is limited to just 20%.

Now, you can see why our world is so oriented towards Fear, Force and Control. Now, you can see how the elites were able to exercise so much control over us. Now you can see why all of our institutions and organizations and laws are so full of Fear.

So. What now? We are in THE Shift of the Ages. We have left the domination of Fear and are NOW in the domination of Non-Fear (Freedom, Choice, Truth and Love).

What is going to Change? Everything!

Our Governments, our Norms, our Customs, our Traditions. Yes, business, medical, courts, police, education, and the militaries of the world.

Everyone will become better people; those who cannot become better will be leaving (dying) because they will not be allowed to stay.

Let’s talk about that a bit. Say we have 7 billion people on Earth now; that is 7,000 million. Everyone is a combination of Left- or Dark and Right-Spin or Light energies. As we have been dominated by Left-Spin energies for so long, a strong majority of people here are oriented towards following the herd/flock/school and obeying out of fear.

Say 10% are strong Right-Spinners (60% and up). That is 700 million. All right, what about the people in the middle (between 59% Dark/Left and 59% Light/Right)? They are about 20% or 1,400 million.

That leaves roughly 5 billion people who are 60% or more Left-Spin/Dark. These people will not be allowed to stay. They will depart (die) and will be reborn on a planet that is ruled by Left/Dark or they will come back in the middle somewhere. None of us just disappear. All of us are immortal Spiritual Beings who keep getting reborn over and over again until we figure out how to go Home.

All of these people (7 out of 10) will be leaving Earth for some other planet in the Multi-verse for their future journeys. How? Disease, War, Famine, the coming Mini Ice Age, Disruptions in the Earth and the coming Magnetic Pole Reversal/Orbital Reversal. All of these fit into Earth Changes.

That leaves us with about 2 billion people; most of whom are in the middle. All of these people will be granted much longer and healthier and younger looking lives to allow them to advance in their percentage of Light/Right-Spin energies.

The people who have the most Right-Spin energy will receive longer, healthier and younger-looking bodies for much longer. They will also receive several additional major capabilities or Powres related to Visioneering, Teleporting and Jumping. There will be 10-15 minor powres that everyone will be getting. Some will start out with one or two, but will get more as they advance.

Reread that. We are moving into an Age (2,160 years) where Majikal Powres will be the Norm. All of the survivors will have at least one of the minor powres. Those who have major Powres will also have many/most of the minor powres.

We will no longer do things like we have done for 1,000s of years. We will no longer farm or fish or make things the same way; we will do them all with Majikal Powres that will make them different and easier. We will still have houses and food and transportation and jobs, but everything is changing.

Remember, this new energy is all about more Freedom, Truth, Integrity, Choices, Options, SELF-RELICANCE, SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, and Doing-the-Right THING. Individual Rights will trump Collective Rights, which tend to be Fear-based. Those who have more Right-Spin Powre will have greater Majikal Powres and will tend to be the leaders in this new society.

Timeline? Starting now, today. This is 80% of the available energy; it will be making changes everyday and should start to become visible within 90 days. By the end of 2020, these changes will be visible for everyone.

As we move into 2024, the Mini Ice Age will be at it’s worst stage and will hold for decades. The other Earth Changes will all hit at about that time as well. Most of the people leaving will be gone by then as well. Traditionally, food security would be an issue by then, but many of us will be using our Majikal Powres to provide food, shelter and electrical power for everyone who needs it.

Begin thinking about moving south soon. Canada and the Northern USA will be too cold generally. In Europe, head for Southern Spain, Italy, Corsica or Sicily. Northern Africa will be sinking beneath the waves. Kenya will be a good survivor location. In Australia, move to the tropical zone; Southern and Central Australia will be too cold. In South America, the Northern States will be the most welcoming. Most of Cental America will be sunk beneath the waves. Much of Asia will be sinking or experience great damage from earthquakes and tsunamis.

This is the SHIFT of the AGES that many of us have been told about all of our lives. It is the Shift from Fear to Freedom! And from Bad to Good! And from Lies to Truth! And from Dependence to Independence!

We are in the Age of Aquarius now. The symbol is a Woman standing at the top of a mountain with a water jug. She pours the water down the mountain and each droplet of water can find it’s own way. The key points are this energy is dominated by women and follow the leader (or herd or flock or school) is no longer supported.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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