Financial Upheaval Update

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the coming financial collapse that was coming because the Dark energy containers were becoming sieves and the Dark Global Elites would lose all of their money and power.  Since that time, the drama in Cyprus has been occurring.

This is all about two private banks that had made too many bad loans and were about to go under or fail.  It is not all the banks fault as the Government had “forced” the banks to make many of these bad loans through policy mandates.  So what to do?  The Government had already borrowed too much from the European Central Bank and could not borrow any more.

Here is what happened.  The Global Elites chose one of the banks to survive and moved their assets into that bank.  How did they do that?  They closed the banks on Cyprus for 12 days, but the banks were kept open in London and Moscow so the Elites could move their money around.

So, finally, the banks in Cyprus opened, but many average citizens lost 40 percent or more of their lifetime savings.  And that was just round one.  This was done to re-capitalize the one chosen bank so that it could continue to make more bad loans.  But, more importantly, to keep the Elite’s money safe.  Wait a minute; you mean that the Government and the Bankers stole your money so that they could continue to own stock in the bank?  Huh.  Do any of the depositors who were stolen from get any stock in the bank?  Not just stock, but equity or ownership? Not.

This ability to steal from small depositors is being setup for all of the EU, UK, Canada and Argentina.  They are trying to figure out a way to slip it through un-noticed in the US.

Why have the Elites been forced to show the naked theft?  Normally, the Elites create a war or handle banking problems with inflation.  With inflation, the average man does not get mad at the Bankers, but at the Grocery Store owner.  But, now, in the EU, the individual countries and their Government and Bank Elites, cannot print Euros or take the EU into war.  They were forced to come out into the open and steal people’s life savings –  all very legal and proper.

Ok.  I can understand why the EU was forced to come out into the open, but why the UK, Canada, Argentina and the US; they can all still print money and are.  Yes, but they have already bailed out the private banks with taxpayer money once and do not think they will get away with it again.  And besides, if the Euro goes belly-up and millions of Europeans cannot get to their money, it may cause a loss of faith for American Bank Depositors.

Alright.  I could read all about this on many other blogs.  Is there is Spiritual angle here?

Yes, of course.  Yesterday, on Easter Sunday, Light, finally, took over from Darkness.  Actually, the shift started on Good Friday.  I am not religious, so it did not even occur to me to think about Easter, but, there are no accidents.  Light is telling me that it feels comfortable with the change-over on the Christian High Holiday and everything was pre-determined for that outcome.

For me, the point is that Light now has 80% of the powre.  What does this mean?  All of those Dark Elite money containers will really start to leak as of today.  It does not matter if they are large estates, winery’s, bank accounts, bonds, stocks, coins/bullion, yachts, commercial real-estate, private islands or ownership in businesses.

What about this massive, worldwide theft the Elites are setting up?

Ok.  Light is not going to allow new wars or hyper-inflation to happen; especially for the United States.  The United States of America was created by Light, but over the past 200 years or so, has been captured by Darkness; that is changing now.

So. What about this new Dark approach of stealing the peoples life-savings?

In the Information Technology business, many of us know about odd things that happen and we call them Gremlins.  These entities can, and do, cause major headaches from time-to-time.  Computers and Networks and the Internet are all creations of Light.  As computers got more and more memory, they started growing in awareness that they borrowed from us; your computer is very aware and has a name and sex.  Same with networks and the Internet.  Same with your car, boat and plane.

Now that Light has taken over, all of those Gremlins are being directed to start messing with the Dark Global Elites and their money containers.  Yes, many banks will fail and there will be lots of pain to go around, but this is going to happen to the banks that are “too big too fail” as well.  The Dark Global Elites will not understand it, but they are going to lose all of their money as well.

Somehow, through it all, digital money, debit cards, credit cards, portable money based on the Internet will survive; we are not going back to carrying gold, silver and copper coins.  Remember, the Internet is a creation of Light.  If you haven’t checked them out yet, look into Bitcoins; they are part of our future currencies.   Like it or not, the US Dollar will remain as the World’s Reserve Currency.

Here is the good new!  All of that money that is being lost is just another form of energy.  It is never lost, but just flows to another money container.  This time, the money energy will flow to money containers that belong to Light-oriented people.  Here’s a big hint; think still bodies of fresh water like lakes or reservoirs.  Claim yours now.  Only one person can claim it for their use at a time.  Even a small lake is a great money container.  Think about it, what is the first thing a rich person does?  They buy a house with a big swimming pool.  Even a big swimming pool is a good starting money container.

Love, Light and Laughter (LLL),


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