Gradual Body Changes

For those of you who know you are oriented towards the Light (and Turquoise), you are going through a series of gradual body changes.  You are slowly getting younger looking.  You skin is getting firmer and smoother. If you have joint pain, it is gradually going away.  Soon, your grey hair will start to change back to your normal hair color and your abdomen will, finally, get lean and mean (without having to do anything unusual).  This applies to arms, backs, butts and thighs as well.

If you have dental issues, you will soon be able to manifest a new set of pearly white teeth.  If you have diabetes, that will clear up.  You can help it along by taking a tablespoon of olive oil everyday and drinking at least one cup of dried red pepper tea (the hot stuff).

If you have heart disease or are really sick with a form of cancer or some other fatal disease, now is the time to ask your Spirit Guide if you have a choice.  If you have a choice, you can stay here and repair your body (and make it younger and healthy) or you can leave (die) and be born again here on Earth sometime in the next 20 years.

For people who have lost limbs, sight or hearing; those can be repaired and enhanced in a process similar to manifesting new teeth.

I know this sounds a bit out-there, but what is happening in our world is the return of White (Light-Turquoise) Majik.  This is, literally, like the Majik being portrayed in the Harry Potter films except we all have our Majik Wands in our arms and hands.

The good news is that Dark Magic has been diminished to only one-third of the available Majikal-Magical power so we will not have to worry about Lord Baltimore and his ilk.

What does this mean?  If we can manifest changes in our bodies like a new set of teeth and youthfulness, it means we are able to use power to change our realities in ways we have all thought as impossible.  Get ready to break through many of those “impossible” limitations we have placed on ourselves.

How about manifesting a wonderful meal, perfectly prepared with an equally wonderful wine.  How about being able to fly, but without the “broom”???  How about being able to fix things that are broken whether it is the smart phone, the car or a piece of porcelain or pottery.  How about recharging batteries mentally.  These and many other Majikal Powres will soon be the norm for people who are strong in the Light or Turquoise or both.

The Earth will not be your fathers planet; it will be totally different and much, much better.  Get ready for a wild ride.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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