“Hidden” Secrets being Revealed

Do you notice that the Internet has become the news outlet for all of the young people? They do not watch or trust the media outlets, even the cable media outlets like Fox.

Do you notice that Politicians and the Political Class are not trusted?  Do you notice that Political Outsiders are doing well and Political Insiders not so well? Liar is the new four-letter word and it is being applied to our “leaders” and sticking to them like glue; no more “Teflon.” Even our military leaders.

Do you notice that things that were supposed to be hidden from view are, persistently, being revealed even by the lapdog media?

Do you notice that “disruptive” technologies are being embraced? Despite the power of big oil and big government? It is hard to believe that anyone can now buy an efficient, desirable, electric car. How about the privatization of Space? How about the access to the Internet via satellites from nearly anywhere on Earth? How about that huge bandwidth that you have at home and work?

What about social media?  It has been used to bring down Dictators, but how about greedy, unethical charges from airlines, Internet Service Providers, Utilities, and, yes, our Government? The powers-that-be are very fearful of this development and have looked for ways to pull the plug on the Internet.

Not going to happen; the Internet is a creature of Light; yes, it has it’s Dark side, but hey, Darkness still has 33% of the powre in this world.  Just like sunshine and rain, we all need to have Light and Darkness so that we can choose.

Light is now enabling Social Media to become more powreful as an instrument(s) to influence how our businesses and government works. Just imagine, having to post legislation or trade deals on the Internet for 14 days before it can be voted on. Just imagine, being able to say a collective “NO” to our elected representatives. Just imagine, vetoing the insider/lobbyist interests with all the hidden money and jobs. All of this from your laptop or smartphone anywhere, even in your underwear.

This hasn’t happened yet, but is coming. 2016 will be the first year that Light will be fully in-charge. Many wonderful changes are coming.

Equally, many really Dark Assholes will be leaving. When that happens, it will leave Earth a much better place.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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