How to Protect YourSelf against Infectious Dis-ease

Bill Gates is supposed to have said that “30 million Americans will begin to die soon” of a Pandemic that will sweep across America.  Not sure what pandemic he is talking about, but it is most likely the new version of the Chinese Bird Flu that is killing very many in China.  Supposedly, it has entered the United States and has spread throughout the world.

In the 1850-80s, Pioneers migrated westward in Wagon Trains to populate our American West. How did they survive that journey of months going from contaminated water source to source without all dying of dysentery? The answer: they all started as Wagon Trains from one place; St Joseph, Missouri. When these pioneers purchased their wagons and draft animals, they also purchased one or more water barrels. The instructions that came with the water barrels were to put/place a silver dollar in the bottom of each water barrel and leave it there for the entire journey.

OK. What did this do, Chemically? We all know that water has oxygen in it (how else to fish live?). When high grade silver (coins, chains, crosses, etc.) is put into the water, the oxygen is attracted to the silver to make silver oxide (this is what is called Tarnish), but instead of being a dark surface blemish that must be cleaned with silver polish, it is suspended in the water.

This silver oxide is then available to our bodies to kill bacteria, viruses and parasites. It can be used as a liquid that you drink or sprayed on your skin topically. It is wonderful for attacking inflammation on our skin and in our bodies.

This is similar to colloidal silver that you can buy at the health food store, but this is pre-electricity and does not need electrolysis. It is all natural and the silver oxide molecules are very small and can get into the smallest cells.

Yes, this is useful against any bacteria, virus or parasite. Better yet, it is free; just place some high-grade silver into a container full of water and let is sit for 12-24 hours. I use a 1 quart (1 liter) glass jar with a silver dollar in the bottom. The silver water tastes a bit metallic and starts working immediately.

So…If you still believe in Doctors and anti-biotics (that don’t always work anymore), continue to trust that you will survive that trip to the hospital. More people die by malfeasance in hospitals than drunk driving and accidental shootings combined.

I believe in Silver Water and Apple Cider Vinegar and eliminating sugar in all of its forms over Doctors, Hospitals and Big Pharm/Monsanto. This is how I plan to defend mySelf against all dis-ease, sickness or other Darkness inspired actions.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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