If World Peace Breaks Out, what happens to our Governments?

All Governments are creatures of Darkness; they exist to manufacture “safety” and “fairness” issues so that they can take your freedoms away.  This is true for the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches; all are branches of the same tree.

What happened when the Berlin Wall came down and the bad, old Communists collapsed?  We took on the 4th largest Army in the world, but beating Iraq only took 100 days and round 2 only took 3 months of active fighting.  After Iraq, they had to come up with another enemy, but who was going to go up against our Army?  Enter the Twin Towers on 9/11.  What has never been explained was why Tower 7 collapsed in an apparent controlled demolition, very similar to the way the Twin Towers came down.  Tower 7 collapsed without being hit by an airplane.  Why is this never talked about?

For people who do not trust Governments, here is what was happening.  Many Citizens around the world were very happy that the Cold War was over and started to question why we were spending so much money on a huge military-industrial complex; after all, the Soviets collapsed in a very big, dramatic way and it was easy to see that they were never the threat they were supposed to be.  Obviously, Iraq was not a replacement fear for the Soviet Union.

The Oligarchy was in trouble.  China was not yet ready to become the new bad guy and a new enemy had to be found.  They had already trotted out the War on Drugs and that was, partially, a success allowing a thriving criminal empire on the sale and distribution of weed and other drugs, all controlled by the Oligarchy.

So… They had a model; declare a War on Terror.  This was not to be a war against another country that we could fight; we could defeat them too easily.  No, this was to be a war against Muslim Extremists from all over the world.  We would be fighting against irregulars, without uniforms who would use unconventional weapons and tactics.

They had to set the stage and blew up an Embassy and a warship.  They had already taken a Marine Barracks out in Lebanon.  What was the next step?

The Muslim World was already cooperating in a nice, controlled way; Muslim men saw that Western Culture was already invading their homelands and the Mullahs were pushing back.  Hollywood movies that showed free, successful and confident women had to be stopped; at least in Muslim countries.  Al Qaeda and the resurgence of Islam in many places in the world are all related to the pressure coming from the West to free the women of Islam from their oppressive cultures.  This, the men did not want; they demanded that their women stay put in the law and culture from 900 AD.

The US Government easily identified the 9/11 Bomb plot from the early 1990s and they knew about the plan to attack the Twin Towers; this attack was an ideal event to declare the War on Terror.  So… What did our Government do?  They wired the Twin Towers with explosions to ensure that both building came down, as they were supposed to do.  The Jihadist attackers originally planned on flying a plane into Tower 7, but that plane went down in Pennsylvania.  Oops!  That plane, the authorities told us, was bound for the White House.  Not!  That plane was supposed to fly into Tower 7, which was already wired with controlled demolition explosives.

Unfortunately, all three towers were rigged to begin the controlled demolitions together as all three airplanes were supposed to be flown into the towers around the same time.  So… All of us watched as the airplanes flew into the Twin Towers and they collapsed, but what, on Earth, made Tower 7 come down floor-by-floor?

So… After 9/11, what’s the first thing our Government did?  They passed the Patriot Act which took many freedoms away.  They also invaded Afghanistan and totally destroyed the Al Qaeda and Taliban forces within 3 months.  But that was too quick and too efficient so they had to come up with something or someone to fight.  We have been fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan for more than ten years and are coming home in 2014.

Ok.  What to do?  Bomb the Boston Marathon!  Hey, what the heck, it was time to scare everyone again and remind them that we were still at war with the terrorist, even homegrown terrorists.  What had our President done before the Boston Bombing?  He had tried to take everyone’s guns away and is trying to lock down the Internet; where everyone can get uncensored news.

I started by saying that all Governments are Dark, but must say that the US GOVERNMENT is among the Darkest on the Planet.  Once upon a time, we were the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, but that has been taken away, in pieces, over the past 40 years.  The number of takers now exceeds the number of makers in the US, but that is now changing.

Everything that is based on fear or safety or fairness in our world is DARK and will soon start to fade away in the new powre of Light-Turquoise.  Yes, that means Governments, all of them, at least the way they are now.  All Governments have been established and flourished under the dominion of Darkness.  The US Constitution did its best to limit the power of the Federal Government, but had been circumvented almost entirely by the 1970s; that is when the growth of big government really took off.

Watch what is happening with the Bird Flu.  My information is that it will target people who are oriented towards Darkness and carry them away in great numbers worldwide.  Continue to look for catastrophic changes related to a Pole Shift and associated Earth Changes in May.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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