Important Physics Updates

Don’t worry, I am not going to hit you with a bunch of equations. In my Inventions site,, I have a New Physics section. This information is like all of my writings; short, conceptual and easy to understand.

Please start out with the Corner Discussion, This is a new Spiritual baseline for understanding our world and how it all works. Then, go to the The Corner Discussion: Implications! page. They are both short reads.

I, then, expand on two of James Clark Maxwell’s famous equations talking about the underlying concepts. See Maxwell’s Equations – More on Curls. What I am doing is adding the math structures for understanding and controling hot/cold and gravity/magnetism. This will be important for how we make things using the Atomic Structure (neutrons, protons and electrons) and all things chemical.

Having added two more equations to Maxwell’s original four, I describe what Gravitrons, Magnetrons, Infratrons and Frigitrons are and what their positive, negative and neutral structures are. See What is a Magnetron? Gravitron? Infratron? Frigitron?

Finally, I get into a discussion of how these new physics concepts impact the Atomic Structure and how they are forces that create fields (yes, force fields) and I discuss what the Aether is and how we can use it more effectively. See What is a Field?

I keep writing about how we have all moved into a new Age, the Aquarian Age, and how Right-Spin energy has taken over. The real effective date is January 1, 2020; Right-Spinners and Light Workers (who don’t know they are Right-Spinners) will have 80% of the powre in our world. The world, it is changing; this is why.

Everything in both Hexahedron1 and RevitaeTechnologies are all about Right-Spin energy. So… with the change in energies, we are also having an update/upgrade to some basic science information.

For those of you who have not visited the Revitae Technologies site before, please have a look around. Yes, it is technology, but is described in an easy to understand way. Enjoy!


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