Majik or Magic? What’s the difference?

THEY, the Elites, have been telling us for 100s of years that there is no such thing as Magic; it is just sleight of hand. Yet, they have been using it to create wealth and power for 1000s of years. For at least the last three ages (Pisces, Aries, and Taurus), the Elite males have had 80% of the power in our world. You had to follow the herd, flock, or school or it was probably fatal not to do so. That is 6,480 years, or more likely, 10,800 years; longer than our recorded history.

For THEM, Magic was a way to tap into that 80% power. It was an energy that supported more fear, force, and control. That’s what THEY used it for; to control us. The same families have ruled us down through the ages. They intermarried and comingled their finances, but used their Magic to rule us. We were/are considered to be sheeple and were used as “cannon fodder” mostly. But now, there are too many of us (worthless mouths) and they have come up with a Pandemic to kill off many millions of us. Covid was planned for 20 years. So were the vaccinations; they will kill far more than Covid. All of our wars have been preplanned as well. Don’t you realize that the food and energy shortages we are about to experience have also been preplanned? Is it an accident that many food processing plants have been destroyed recently? The stupidity of depending on wind and solar instead of nuclear or the dependable gasoline, diesel, and natural gas; was that somehow, an accident, or was it preplanned?

These Elite Monsters have been in charge for so long that they know it is THEY who make the decisions. It is not just arrogance; they know that THEY have the power.

That has changed! THEY have had this dominant power for 1000s of years and, naturally, assumed it would continue on for 1000s more years in the future. THEY have actually set up things so THEY can rule the entire planet (the UN, the EU, the CCP, the WEF, Davos, and the Deep State).

Unexpectedly, the new Age that we are moving into (Aquarius) is very different from the last 3-5 ages; it is female dominant and no longer supports more fear, force, and control. Instead, it supports more freedom, truth, choice, integrity, and doing the right things. No longer will being part of the in-crowd or group be the key to success. Following the herd, flock, or school will not be supported; you will be able to follow your own way/path.

This site has been developed for this transition; it is all about Right-Spinners (or clockwise vortexes).

THEY are Left-Spinners. THEY use Magic which is a left-spin (or counter-clockwise) vortex. It used to be 80% of the power, but, now, it is only 20%. Their Magic is now, only 1/5th of the power. Oh, shit, oh, dear. THEY do not realize that THEY have lost their power; nothing is going according to their extensive planning. Look at Liz Truss. How about Sweden? How about Italy? Before that, what about Hungary and Poland? What about the collapse of Russia’s Army? Will Putin last much longer?

So Magic is Left-Spin and is all about more fear, force, and control. Another way to view it is as Chaos. It used to be 80% of the power but is now 20%.

If Right-Spin is now 80% of the power (and it is), how do you spell Right-Spin Magic? No, Magic is the Left-Spin spelling. It is spelled MAJIK. Same pronunciation, but a very different spelling; it is all about Order (not or opposite of Chaos). Again, more freedom, choice (good), truth, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility, and doing many more right things.

Right-Spinners will be able to use Majik to tap into the 80% powre in the new year; 2023. Again, it is focused on more Order, not Chaos. It is about more freedom, not more fear, force, and control. Wow, fear is going to drop down to a significant minority consideration!!!

Stop. Go back and reread the above. Everything has changed. THEY are no longer in charge. THEY no longer rule us. Everything that THEY have set up to control us is failing/collapsing. Yes, big government, big business, big education, big pharm/medicine, EVERYTHING.

What next? Not sure. WE must invent it. It will be based on Order, not Chaos. There will be much better choices, more freedom, more truth (much less corruption), and more along these lines. Oh yes, there will be far less fear, force, and control.

Love, Light and Laughter,




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