Technology has Exploded into our Lives; it is not going to stop

Anyone who is 20 years old (or older) has experienced incredible changes in how we all live our lives. Everyone has a “cell” phone that is really a very powerful computer with all kinds of additional sensors to tell us the temperature, our location, whether we have communications or WiFi, and many other functions as the price of a stock or Bitcoin. Yes, we can buy those or order a pizza to be delivered.

Many of us still use our desktop computers, but mine is a mini PC that has a tiny footprint. I tend to do my banking on my desktop as I do not quite trust my mobile to be secure enough. Maybe that is because I broke into codes for a living back in the day.

If we go back just a few hundred years, our world had been using horses and sailing ships for 1000s of years. We transitioned to steam engines and got railroads and steamships and what we call the “Industrial Revolution.” One hundred years later we got the internal combustion engine (cars/trucks), the airplane, and electricity. Electrical power changed our world in so many ways that it is hard to imagine a world without electricity. Fifty years later, we got large mainframe computers, early network communications and sent men to the Moon.

So, here we are 50 years later. We have on-demand digitized wireless communications everywhere due to satellites and/or fiber. We have pocket-sized cell phones that are as or more powerful than our laptop computers/tablets, everyone has instant access to knowledge on the Internet. Our world has changed incredibly in the last 100 years.

To help you understand, as we were leaving the energy of Pisces, the energy of Aquarius extended out and overlapped; about 300 years ago Aquarian energy (call it “technology” or Majik) started impacting or changing us. Think steam engines.

So, as listed above, there have been many other technology-related changes since. We are now, actually in this Aquarian energy for the first time. If we have gotten all of this technological change just from approaching Aquarian energy, what is going to happen to us when we are fully exposed?

Technological change is not going to stop; it will actually increase. We are already seeing electric vehicles begin to take over. We are seeing 3D Printing begin to change how we make things everywhere. We are seeing Tiny/Mobile homes where a plot of land and a mortgage are not necessary. We are seeing many, many of us working from home (no more commuting or mass transit issues). Yes, we are driving less and ordering items delivered to our homes. These are incredible changes and many of them are related to the worldwide pandemic; where did that come from? We have NEVER had a worldwide pandemic before. We have NEVER had a massive breakdown in supply chains before. We have NEVER had a  massive breakdown in energy supplies before.

Could it be that all of the above is actually related to moving into this new energy?

We all think in terms of energy as coming from coal or oil or natural gas, but also hydro-dam, nuclear power, solar power, and wind turbines. The last four are relatively new “alternative” energy approaches that all have radioactive or sufficiency issues.

Could it be that new power generation technologies will be coming into the world soon?  Could it be that new water desalinization/treatment technologies will be coming into the world soon? What about Robots? Will they make our lives easier/better? People are fleeing the big cities in record numbers as they are too crowded, too restrictive, and too expensive. These cities will be going through a transformation that may take 10-20 years; they may survive or not.

Delivery services seem to be a growth industry everywhere. Social media has already exploded, but the Dark Censorship forces blight will not be supported in the new, more-freedom energies. Politics used to be all about labor versus capital but has shifted to Globalism versus Populism (Customs, Traditions, and Religions). One size fits all approaches like mask/jab mandates, supply chains across the world, and mass immigration are being increasingly resisted EVERYWHERE.

My point here is that our world will continue to go through massive changes as we move into these new energies. Yes, we are moving into a new Mini Ice Age. Yes, we will be forced to change how and where we grow crops. But, we will be discovering that we can change our world using these new, Majikal forces; Majik is just another word for technology.

Everyone will soon be discovering that they have additional powers/capabilities that we did not have in the old Age (Pisces) energy. It may come as new ways to use our existing technologies in new, different ways (like working from home) or be something brand new.

Those who have found this site and have put themSelves on to the NewBeing path will be getting far more energetic choices than the average/”normal” Human. Newmen/Newomen are the next step in evolution; they are beyond being Human. This will be particularly true for those who can put themSelves into the Hexahedron/Cube; they move from being Fire Beings to Earth Beings.

The changes that we have all lived through as nothing compared to the changes coming at us. Be positive. Be expectant. Lean forward in the fox hole. Good/Great things are coming.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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