The New Financial System is Emerging

For those of us in the “First” World, we have had banks in our lives since we were born. That is not true for about 2 billion people, but they are now connected via mobile smart phones.

Just think, they can use their Facebook or Linkedin accounts to login into many, many things, even sites that transfer money or allow on on-line banking account from anywhere.

Then, there is Bitcoin and it’s huge revolution, block chaining. And it allows free P2P transfer of funds, anonymously, from anywhere (no currency controls possible).

Think about it, in the old Dark Financial System, the banks held your money, took out transaction fees, told the government what you had and how you were spending it and, it turns out, your money is really theirs (they can do what they want with it, including telling you they are taking it to keep their bank solvent). I know, the politicians had to go along with all of this, but everybody knows that politicians are easily bought.

Now, say you have a Chase account; you don’t have to live anywhere near a Chase branch, you can bank on the Internet, but you must use the Chase page or the Chase app on your phone. But, say, you have a brokerage account or two? You must login to those accounts to do anything. 

But wait, don’t I know about Apple Pay or Google Wallet? I can now link my credit cards with my bank accounts and do everything from one app.

That is my point. The financial system is very broken and is being gone around. People do not need a bank anymore. Walmart is now offering a checking account with a Visa Debit Card; just send your direct deposit to them. Google Wallet is now a place you can send your direct deposit to and it, too, offers a free debit card, but you can also use your iPhone or Android phone.  I know, there is also Apple Pay, but Apple is so DARK that I will not use it.

Here are some sites for you to consider:


KlickEx is a currency service that provides a peer-to-peer market for foreign exchange, eliminating the need to use a bank.


Google revamped ‘Wallet’ service, for example, allows consumers to effectively park their savings with Google instead of a bank.  So rather than holding your cash at some illiquid, poorly capitalized bank, consumers can choose one of the most profitable companies in the history of the world to be their direct financial counterparty.

Walmart, in partnership with American Express, is now offering a checking account, just like a bank, with a Bluebird card.

There are others, but this is enough to get you going.

This is just another example of Light taking over.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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