Update on Creating Consciously

Creation Days are days that we are allowed to create (or be Creators). They are based on the number 14 or 5. Look at your hands, feet, torso/limbs, teeth (32 or 28), and the various states of water (Freezing 32, Boiling 212, and Steam 221). This is an extremely powerful number that almost none of us know what to do with.

There are many ways to come up with a 5 or 14. In the past, I have written about the 5th, 14th, and 23rd of every month. These are called Single Creation Days. The 28th of every month is also one of them (2×14). The next category is Double Creation Days; these are a combination of the month and day like April 1st (4/1) or December 20 (12/20). Double Creation Days are more powerful than Single Creation Days. The last category is Triple Creation Days; these are a combination of the month, day, and year like May 12, 2022 (5, 3, & 6). Triple Creation Days are the most powerful.

That is a recap. Here are some new insights. Many of you have already figured this out, but perhaps some have not. Take the last date. May is a 5 month. That means that every day in May is already a Creation Day. But October (10=2×5) is also a 5 month and every day in October is also a Creation Day. Isn’t it interesting that May is planting and October is the harvest?

OK. If we can double 14 to make 28 and double 5 to make 10, then we can multiply 5 times 2 (10), 3 (15), 4 (20), 5 (25), and 6 (30) every month to get four or five additional Single Creation Days.

One more insight. Take May 12, 2022; It is a 5 plus a 3 and 6 more. Yes, that is a Triple 14-day. But it is more. Take the 3 and add it to the three separate 2s in 2022; that is three more 14-days. So now, you have a Creation Day that is six times; an even more powerful Creation tool.  Using this approach, perhaps half (50%) of our days can be used as Conscious Creators. Most of us go through life creating without knowing that we are creating. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes bad, but we are doing it UN-consciously. That ol’ Negative Self-Talk can do real damage.

Now you know why positive thinking and affirmations work, but only on Creation Days.

Play with this, be creative. It will increase your power. If you are looking for more control in your life, this will help. Become a Conscious Creator.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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