Volcanic Activity to Rapidly Increase – 5 Fold

We have all started seeing the increased Volcanic activity in Central America and Indonesia.  What a lot of people do not know is that Mount Vesuvius is getting ready to explode like it did when Pompeii was covered in a Pyroclastic Flow.  Same thing for Mexico City; it’s new volcano  has been growing very quickly and is also getting ready to explode.

This is just the beginning.  The large “Calving” of the Ice in Antarctica has been caused by several large undersea volcanoes exploding under the ice.  This has NO-THING to do with Global Warming; that is a bullshit, political movement. We  have already entered into the new Global Minimum; yes, a new Mini-Ice Age. It is snowing in places all over the Northern Hemisphere where no snow has fallen in recorded history; yes, in June, July and August.  Start building up your grain and other food storage now.

There is a huge increase going on in undersea volcanoes right now, but this is not being reported in our “controlled” news media.  More new volcanoes are coming in both the undersea and on land. Look for new volcanoes coming to the surface in Russia.

When the magma starts flowing more freely, there will be more and bigger Earthquakes.  In the Pacific Northwest (of the US), the Cascade Volcanoes are already getting bigger and more dangerous.  They will all become active with many eruptions in the coming years.  This includes Mount Ranier.

The “Big One” for California is coming; sooner than anyone really imagines. Right-Spinners, it is time to start planning your exit from the Central Valley (and Silicon Valley/Sacramento) and the LA Basin. Yes, Texas, and surrounding States, is/are a good place to move to. California is getting ready to transition into the Isles of California.

To our Canadian readers. Apply for immigration visas or Green Cards now. Most, if not all, of the crops will be destroyed by snow and unseasonable cold. Canada will be in a perpetual state of Winter soon.  As will the Northern States in the US. Plan you move south now; don’t wait to become a refugee fleeing the cold.

OK. What about Yellowstone? Is that Super Volcano going to erupt and destroy the US of A? My information is no, not for a very long time.

What people do not understand is that the United States is a recent creation by Light/Right-Spin, even though the Left-Spinners seem so very much in charge.  That is changing rapidly; look for many thousands of the Darkest Left-Spinners to be indicted for Child Sex and Trafficking charges.  Hillary, Bill and Obama  as well as many Congressmen, Senators and Shadow Government operatives will be among them; how the Great and Powerful have fallen. Right-Spin energies are taking over.

Look for a financial Tsunami to hit Wall Street around Halloween; it will be the beginning of a decades long, worldwide depression. It will also be the end for the European Union and the United Nations; they are both very Left-Spin and are no longer being supported by the new energy.

This is not a rosy view of the future; there will be mass starvation, increased volcanic/earthquake activity, more and larger Tsunamis, and large-scale deaths from dis-ease and political/religious turmoil.

BUT……..How else is Light/Right-Spin going to get rid of so many Dark/Left-Spinners. Remember, they are 95% of the population and Right-Spin energy is going to be a new broom that sweeps clean.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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