What about RF or WiFi Energy Sickness?

As I have been writing about sugar and inflammation issues, I thought I would wade into the radio frequency (RF) and Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) issues related to our health, vision, hearing, brain, tumors, etc.

I ask my Spirit Guide (and keep asking) if I am safe from all of this electronic noise; I keep getting told to be unconcerned. I never sleep with my electronic devices; no phones, no tablets and no watches.

I almost never put my phone up to my ear to answer a call; I always put the call on speaker and turn the sound down as appropriate.

We have gone from Morse Code, to teletypes, to early CRTs and Mainframes to PCs, phones, laptops, phones, smart phones, tablets and smart watches; all in 50 years.

We have gone from 3G to 4G and have gotten more and more bandwidth speed for our devices.  The world is moving into the 5G era and it is causing some controversy.

OK. I ask if 5G is dangerous for Humans and I get a resounding YES! Then, I ask if it is dangerous to me; No.

Why not? Does this have something to do with being a Right-Spinner vs a Left-Spinner? Yes.

On August 15th, this month, Right-Spin energy took over as the dominant Powre in our Local Universe (yes, that includes Earth). For all of the people who are staying here on Earth; those with 59% or less Left-Spin energy (that means 41% or more Right-Spin energy), there are adjustments being made using the new, dominant energy.  Shields are being created to protect us from RF/WiFi/5G energies.

OK. How many of us are staying? 14 percent. If you believe the authorities, there are 7 billion of us on Earth; that is 7,000 million. 14% of that is 980 million and half of that is still nearly 500 million people.

Our civilization, minus the fear, force and control, will survive and flourish. We will still have instant communications and smart phones and texting and emails; just as we have today.

Our banking systems will have to go through many changes; bitcoin and the blockchain will be leading the charge. Paypal will survive; it is outside of the grip of the US GOVERNMENT.

Many of the Social Media giants are already starting to over-reach and crumble. Most of them are very Dark and the energy that they have been feeding on is going, going, gone.

Oddly enough, Google and YouTube are Right-Spin companies being run by very Left-Spin people, but that will change. Facebook and Instagram are thoroughly Left-Spin and will not survive.

The United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU) and the US GOVERNMENT (not the United States of America) will all collapse sometime in 2019-2020.

Over the next four months, the forcefulness of Right-Spin powre will continue to grow. In January, it will be operating at full powre. Despite operating with limited forcefulness, we can expect a huge downturn in the world’s financial markets in late October and significant defeats for the Lefties (Darkies) in politics in November. Whether you believe it or not, Trump is an Agent of Change for Right-Spin energy; he is not going away.

You have been born in “Interesting Times.” Is it a blessing or a curse? You will have to decide.

Love, Light and Laughter


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